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Ability First
Martial Arts Program For Children And Adults With Developmental And Physical Disabilities
Allen, Frank Tai Chi Master B.P. Chan Dies at 80: Remembered For his Humbleness and Knowledge
Allen, Frank When Boxing Was a Martial Art
Allen, Frank & Kealy, Sally Sonen Clarity and Balance: The Way of Tao & Zen (Part II)
Alpanseque, Emilio "Sword Spirit, Poem Tunes" - Jackie Chan Performs Martial Arts Live!
Alpanseque, Emilio How Good Is Your Philatelic Kung Fu?
Alpanseque, Emilio Interview with Colvin Wang: A World Wushu Triple-Medalist Reveals His Secrets For Success
Alpanseque, Emilio Wu Di's JIANG HU: A Comedic Martial Arts Underworld
An, Tianrong Wushu Needs Name Rectification
An, Tianrong Competitive Wushu
An, Tianrong & Cheng, Aiping Traditional Wushu and Competition Wushu
Arsenault, Marc The WildAid Tiger Champion Contender Kyle Loehr
Balfour, Grant
Fred Lit-Yu: Snow Wolf and American Wuxia
Balfour, Grant Leo Howard Kicks It
Balint, Sandra Incorporating Tai Chi Pivoting Technique as a Fall Prevention Method
Balint, Sandra Thirteen Years of Tai Chi Study
Bannon, David, Ph.D. The Dawn Of China - The Shang Dynasty
Bannon, David, Ph.D. Loving Beauty, Sex & Spies in Ancient China
Bartholomew, Josh IWF World Championships, Notes from Macau, 2003
Berry, Dale Chen Kuan Tai: From Chinese Boxing to the Chinese Box-office
Berwick, Stephan The Chinese Straight Sword & Chen Taijiquan
Black, Art Tsui Hark's Latest Hong Kong Action Thriller TIME AND TIDE
Browning, Samuel Spotting False Martial Arts Claims: Lessons from the David Bannon Case
Brundage, Gregory A Visit to Chin Wu Athletic Association Headquarters in Shanghai
Brundage, Gregory In the Shoes of the Masters: Search for the Ultimate Kung Fu Shoe in China
Brundage, Gregory Kung Fu in Kabul: Part 1: Kung Fu Masters, Job Creation, Refugees and the Free Press
Brundage, Gregory Kung Fu in Kabul: Part 2: Grandmaster Abdul “Rahim Kung Fu” and a Refugee Camp
Brundage, Gregory Kung Fu in Kabul: Part 3: Abbas Alizada: The Afghan Bruce Lee
Brundage, Gregory Kung Fu in Kabul: Part 4: Grandmaster Sayed Rahman Youresh, Abdullah Big Waziri and more
Brundage, Gregory Rebuilding the Northern Shaolin Temple: Part 3
Brundage, Gregory Rebuilding the Northern Shaolin Temple: Part 4: Chinese New Year of the Dragon
Brundage, Gregory Rebuilding the Northern Shaolin Temple: Part 6: Chinese New Year of the Snake
Brundage, Gregory Rebuilding the Northern Shaolin Temple: Part 7: Reconstruction SURGE and Other Changes in Panshan
Brundage, Gregory Rebuilding the Northern Shaolin Temple: Part 8: Spirit of the Masters
Brundage, Gregory Rebuilding the Northern Shaolin Temple: Part 9: Steps and Emptiness
Brundage, Gregory Rebuilding the Northern Shaolin Temple: Part 10: Spirit of Yun Zhao Monastery at the Peak of Pan Mountain Steps and Emptiness
Brundage, Gregory Rebuilding the Northern Shaolin Temple: Part 11: View from Qian Xiang Monastery at the Base of Panshan & Reconstruction News
Brundage, Gregory Rebuilding the Northern Shaolin Temple: Part 12: Fan Yi Hui Chan House – Beijing
Brundage, Gregory The Broad-based Roles of Kung Fu, Tai Chi and Other Martial Arts in Education - A Brief Literature Review
Brundage, Gregory The Evolution of Modern MMA in China
Brundage, Gregory Three Shaolin Monasteries in Fujian Province: The Jewels of Southern Shaolin Part 1: Quanzhou
Brundage, Gregory Three Shaolin Monasteries in Fujian Province: The Jewels of Southern Shaolin Part 2: Putian
Brundage, Gregory Three Shaolin Monasteries in Fujian Province: The Jewels of Southern Shaolin Part 3: Fuqing
Brundage, Gregory Visiting the Home of the Monkey King
Bruning, Brian Bai Shi Ceremony - Tradition, Honor, Respect
Burr, Martha Cung Le's Lethal Scissor Kick Cuts 'Em Down!
Burr, Martha Kiss of the Dragon's Bridget Fonda - On starring with Jet Li, Violence and the Emotional Rollercoaster
Burr, Martha New Jet Li Exclusive Interview: KISS OF THE DRAGON
Burr, Martha Lou Reed - The Taiji Raven Speaks (On Tour 2003)
Cameron, Wes
Snake Style Form - Advanced Internal Set of Shaolin
Canzonieri, Salvatore Ancient Chinese Women Warriors - The Greatest Stories Never Told
Canzonieri, Salvatore The Rosetta Stone of Traditional Chinese Martial Arts
Castorina, Jan & Stais, Dimitra Kungfu Juice: Banana and Apricot Thick Shake
Chan Kai Leung Tai Shing Pek Kwar International Kung Fu Federation Formed in Hong Kong
Chan, Mimi Wah Lum - the Lost Episodes
Chan-Wyles, Adrian, Ph.D. The Original Buddhism and Its Place in Martial Arts Study
Chapman, Betsy A Taste of China 2000 USA All-Taijiquan Championships
Chase, Daniel Shaolin versus Shaolin: Choosing Your Shaolin Experience
Chase, Daniel The Shaolin Temple You've Never Heard Of
Chen Pengcheng Interview with Master WenQing Zeng
Chen Pengcheng From Outdoor to Indoor
Chen Pengcheng Interview with a Tiger Master
Chen Pengcheng Interview with White Crane Master YingHan Su
Chen Pengcheng My Trip to Yongtai
Chen Pengcheng Random Talk on Crouching
Chen Pengcheng Simple and Practical Breathing Technique
Chen Pengcheng Telling the Story, Revealing the Techniques
Chen Pengcheng The Fading Styles
Chen, Peter Y. The Legacy of Chiu Cheung-Leun: Honoring a Seven Star Praying Mantis Pioneer
Cheng, John MD Fighting the Invisible Warrior
Ching, Gene 2002 The 10 Year Anniversary of Kungfu Qigong Hangover
Ching, Gene 2011 TCKFMCIII
Ching, Gene 2011 TCKFMCIII Part 2
Ching, Gene 2012A KUNG FU TAI CHI 20 YEARS: Set-Up
Ching, Gene 2012B KUNG FU TAI CHI 20 YEARS: Tiger Claw's Championships and 20th Anniversary Gala Banquet
Ching, Gene 2013A Tiger Claw Elite Championship 2013 Part 1: Preparing for Battle
Ching, Gene 2013B Tiger Claw Elite Championship 2013: Let the Battle Begin
Ching, Gene 2013C KUNG FU TAI CHI DAY 2013 Part 1 (TCEC Part 3): Preparing for Tai Chi
Ching, Gene 2013D KUNG FU TAI CHI DAY 2013 Part 2 (TCEC Part 4): Let the Tai Chi Begin
Ching, Gene 2014A Tiger Claw Elite Championships and KUNG FU TAI CHI DAY: Tiger Claw HQ (Part One)
Ching, Gene 2014B Tiger Claw Elite Championships: South Hall (Part Two)
Ching, Gene 2014C KUNG FU TAI CHI DAY: Plaza de Cesar Chavez and Beyond (Part Three)
Ching, Gene A Setting Sun: Writing an Obituary for Grandmaster Sun Jianyun
Ching, Gene Bak Sil Lum vs. Shaolin Temple #1 Manchus, Emperor Yongzheng, & Foreign Powers
Ching, Gene Bak Sil Lum vs. Shaolin Temple #2 Warlords, Japanese, the Red Guard, & Wushu
Ching, Gene Bak Sil Lum vs. Shaolin Temple #3 Shaolin versus Bak Sil Lum
Ching, Gene Behind the Scenes of FORBIDDEN KINGDOM
Ching, Gene Bourne Again: THE BOURNE LEGACY
Ching, Gene BRAVE Hits the Bulls-Eye
Ching, Gene BRICK MANSIONS: District B-13 Goes Hollywood
Ching, Gene Channeling Kato: Jay Chou dons the iconic mask in GREEN HORNET
Ching, Gene Cung Le Knows the Way to San Jose. It's through Frank Shamrock.
Ching, Gene Cung Le on his rematch with Scott Smith
Ching, Gene Cung Le Sanshous Frank Shamrock
Ching, Gene Cung Le Stars in FIGHTING
Ching, Gene Cung Le Stars in PANDORUM
Ching, Gene David Carradine in Spike TV's KUNG FU KILLER
Ching, Gene Doris Pfardrescher on Importing Asian Films
Ching, Gene Dustin Nguyen on THE MAN WITH THE IRON FISTS 2
Ching, Gene Eric Jacobus on ROPE-A-DOPE 2
Ching, Gene eXtreme Kungfu Qigong Hard Qigong & Water Fights
Ching, Gene FAST AND FURIOUS 6: A Sexquel with Conviction
Ching, Gene G.I. JOE: RETALIATION, Ninjas and Femme Fatales
Ching, Gene Gifting Swords
Ching, Gene Gina Carano Goes HAYWIRE
Ching, Gene Gina Carano on Kung Fu
Ching, Gene got qi?
Ching, Gene Grandmaster Al Novak 1924-2011
Ching, Gene Grandmaster Arthur Lee 1930-2013
Ching, Gene Grandmaster Chen Jian 1942–2013
Ching, Gene Grandmaster Ming Lum 1926-2011
Ching, Gene HARRY POTTER and the Chinese Porcelain Doll
Ching, Gene Honoring Bruce: San Francisco's Chinese Cultural Center Hosts Bruce Lee Event
Ching, Gene How Chinese Calligraphy Can Improve Your Kung Fu
Ching, Gene Iron Crotch Opens the Door
Ching, Gene Iron Crotch Plane Tow 2006
Ching, Gene Iron Crotch Truck Pull 2005
Ching, Gene Is THE GRANDMASTER the next Crouching Tiger?
Ching, Gene Jack Tu: Jackie Chan's Disciple in 2013
Ching, Gene Jackie Chan's CHINESE ZODIAC Has the U.S. Blues Again
Ching, Gene Jackie Chan's Disciple Jack Tu
Ching, Gene Jean-Claude Van Damme and Bianca Bree on WELCOME TO THE JUNGLE
Ching, Gene Jenna Castillo on her Pro MMA Debut with STRIKEFORCE
Ching, Gene John Fusco on LITTLE MONK AND THE MANTIS
Ching, Gene Josh Peck on RED DAWN
Ching, Gene Kisu on THE LEGEND OF KORRA
Ching, Gene KUNG FU PANDA 2 or Why There is No Panda Style
Ching, Gene Kung Fu vs. Ninjas
Ching, Gene Kung Fu's Greatest Movie Hero: The Cinematic Journey of Wong Fei Hung
Ching, Gene Let the SKYFALL in Shanghai and Macao
Ching, Gene Livi Zheng on BRUSH WITH DANGER
Ching, Gene Lou Reed 1942-2013
Ching, Gene Luke Goss on DEATH RACE 3: INFERNO
Ching, Gene Masta Killa on SELLING MY SOUL
Ching, Gene Mimi Chan on PUI CHAN: KUNG FU PIONEER
Ching, Gene Monk Takes Off His Shoe: The Sequel: My Continuing Life as a Shaolin Shoe Salesman: A Shaolin Side-Trip
Ching, Gene My Life as a Shaolin Shoe Salesman, A Shaolin Side-trip
Ching, Gene PACIFIC RIM: Giant Robots, Giant Monsters and Martial Arts
Ching, Gene PUSS IN BOOTS: The Cat Came Back
Ching, Gene Quest of the Dragon: Bruce Lee Forever!
Ching, Gene Rain on NINJA ASSASSIN
Ching, Gene Ray Park on Snake Eyes, Wushu, and G.I. JOE: RETALIATION
Ching, Gene REAL STEEL: Battling Maxo to MMA to Max
Ching, Gene Robert Rodriguez on Shaw Brothers and EL REY NETWORK
Ching, Gene Ronny Yu is FEARLESS
Ching, Gene RZA on Breath Control, Martial Arts and Being a Student
Ching, Gene RZA on Director's Cuts, Creating Weapons and THE MAN WITH THE IRON FISTS
Ching, Gene RZA on Iron Fist, the Last Dragon and Barack Obama
Ching, Gene RZA on The Tao of Wu
Ching, Gene Shaolin Trips: Episode 1 � Open Two Doors
Ching, Gene Shaolin Trips: Episode 2 � Reigning in at the Brink of the Precipice
Ching, Gene Shaolin Trips: Episode 3 � Resting on a Pillow
Ching, Gene Shaolin Trips: Episode 4 - A Hero Watching the Formation: Chapter 1: To Journey to Zhengzhou, Get Past Cerberus
Ching, Gene Shaolin Trips: Episode 4 - A Hero Watching the Formation: Chapter 2: Xingqiliu (Saturday): The Opening Ceremony & Gala Night
Ching, Gene Shaolin Trips: Episode 4 - A Hero Watching the Formation: Chapter 3: Xingqitian (Sunday): A Shaolin Welcome, Body-Building, Wushu Champions, and a Modern Chinese Ballet Nitecap
Ching, Gene Shaolin Trips: Episode 4 - A Hero Watching the Formation: Chapter 4: Xingqiyi (Monday): Shaolin Revisited, the First and Second Generals, and - oh yes - the Tournament
Ching, Gene Shaolin Trips: Episode 4 - A Hero Watching the Formation: Chapter 5: Xingqier (Tuesday): My Master, Some Scholars and More Tournament
Ching, Gene Shaolin Trips: Episode 4 - A Hero Watching the Formation: Chapter 6: Xingqisan (Wednesday): Tournament, Fish Head Hot Pot and Duck Tongues with the Little Dragon's Dad and the Purgatory of Gold Mountain.
Ching, Gene Shaolin Trips: Episode 4 - A Hero Watching the Formation: Epilogue: My Master's Pilgrimage to Gold Mountain and the Bu Hao Mao
Ching, Gene Shaolin Trips: Flashback
Ching, Gene Shaolin Ways Episode 1: Bodhidharma Cane
Ching, Gene Shaolin Ways Episode 2: Plum Flower Bodhidharma Cane
Ching, Gene SHERLOCK HOLMES: A GAME OF SHADOWS: Elementary Wing Chun, Elementary
Ching, Gene Snow White the Swordswoman? MIRROR, MIRROR
Ching, Gene Tan Dun’s Martial Trilogy
Ching, Gene TAPPED OUT: An interview with Matthew "American Shaolin" Polly
Ching, Gene Teddy Chen on KUNG FU KILLER
Ching, Gene The Dragon and the Eagle - The Shaolin Diaspora in America
Ching, Gene THE GIRL WITH THE DRAGON TATTOO Subscribes to Kung Fu Tai Chi Magazine!
Ching, Gene THE HOBBIT: AN UNEXPECTED JOURNEY the Most Expected Film
Ching, Gene The Shaolin Phoenix -- The Founder of Bak Sil Lum and Hua Quan, Gan Fengchi
Ching, Gene THE TAKING OF TIGER MOUNTAIN: Tsui Hark Takes on Tracks in the Snowy Forest
Ching, Gene Thomas Diagne in STRIKEFORCE: Austin Challengers: Beerbohm vs Healy
Ching, Gene Wing Tsun Worldwide - Grandmaster Leung Ting Opens the Door
Ching, Gene Wu-Tang Enters Wudang: Shi Yanming & RZA Make a Pilgrimage #1 Travels through Shaolin with RZA
Ching, Gene Wu-Tang Enters Wudang: Shi Yanming & RZA Make a Pilgrimage #2 And You Don't Stop
Ching, Gene Wu-Tang Enters Wudang: Shi Yanming & RZA Make a Pilgrimage #3 Enter the Wu-Tang
Ching, Gene Wu-Tang Enters Wudang: Shi Yanming & RZA Make a Pilgrimage #4 One Blood Under the W
Ching, Gene Wu-Tang Enters Wudang: Shi Yanming & RZA Make a Pilgrimage #5 Wu Revolution
Ching, Gene Wu-Tang Enters Wudang: Shi Yanming & RZA Make a Pilgrimage #6 The Legacy
Ching, Gene Wu-Tang Enters Wudang: Shi Yanming & RZA Make a Pilgrimage #7 Wu-Tang Forever
Ching, Gene Yang Jun on the Cultural Revolution and Taiji Today
Ching, Gene YEAR OF THE DRAGON 2012: She Takes Her Fan and Throws it in the Lion's Den
Ching, Gene YEAR OF THE DRAGON 2012: The Bees Made Honey in the Lion's Head
Ching, Gene Year of the Ram 2015 (or Goat or Sheep or Ewe)
Ching, Gene Ziggy Marley on MARLEY and the Shaolin Rasta
Ching, Gene & Ching, Andy China Gets the Gold! Wushu and the Beijing Olympics 2008
Ching, Gene & Oh, Gigi Tea with Grandmasters: Pearls of Wisdom from Martial Pioneers Ralph Castro, Ming Lum, Art Novak and Wally Jay
Ching, Gene & Oh, Gigi Yu Chenghui and THE SWORD IDENTITY
Ching, Gene (w/ Oh, Gigi & Wang Yu Min) Respect to Venerable Grandmaster Shi Suxi: Shaolin's Elder Monk Turns 80
Ching, Gene w/Ho, Kevin Chiu Chi Ling on JOURNEY TO THE WEST: CONQUERING DEMONS
Ching, Gene w/Lugo, Patrick HANNA: The Girl Who Kicked Ass
Ching, Gene w/Lugo, Patrick Hit with a SUCKER PUNCH
Cohen, Bruce The Cane: Ancient Weapon for Seasoned Practitioners
Cohen, Bruce Double Hook Swords: A Very Edgy Weapon
Cohen, Bruce Root of Wah Lum
Cohen, Kenneth Kung Fu Cha: Peace and Power in a Cup of Tea
Cooper, Marilyn Pushing for Peace
Cubberly, Margeret Q&A With Jackie Chan "Mr. Nice Guy" goes to College
Cummings, Anthony The Chinese Origin of the Ninja - Just Where Did the Ninja Come From?
Cummings, Anthony From Shaolin Temple to DIE FIGHTING: An Interview with Fabien Garcia
Davis, Jolene
Tai Chi Masters Come to the Sleeping Giant 400th Anniversary of Father of Tai Chi
Dehghan, Leila A Shaolin Summer
Dehghan, Leila Kung Fu Heroes
Deru (Shawn Liu) Shaolin Chan (Zen)
Do, Melissa Leon-Guerrero Avatar: My Latest Obsession
Do, Melissa Leon-Guerrero Bo Svenson: An Inglorious Bastard Having a Glorious Year
Do, Melissa Leon-Guerrero Ray Park: Unmasked on HEROES
Do, Melissa Leon-Guerrero The FINAL FU on MTV2
Do, Melissa Leon-Guerrero THE LAST AIRBENDER: Sokka and Katara Talk Beginnings, Big Screen, and Bending
Do, Melissa Leon-Guerrero Yin Yang Yo: Balance in Toontown
Douglas, Bill World Tai Chi & Qigong Day 2001
Dreeban, Robert Facing an Active Shooter: The Kung Fu Basics
Dreeben, Robert Fist and Sword Series: Kung Fu Cinema Comes Back To New York City
Dreeben, Robert How to Push without Pushing: Teaching Everyone a Way to Use Tai Chi’s Elastic Potential Energy
Dreeban, Robert How Not to Exercise
Dreeban, Robert The Contact-Guard Grip - Strong Support for the Tai Chi Sword
Duchamp, Elly Tiger Claw Elite: Grand Champions 2006
Duffy, Phil Sifu - The Hong Kong Perception
Dziedzic, Darryl w/ Scalaro, John Pong Lai Begins 1st Annual Cultural Exchange
Epp, Len
Grandmaster Lee Joo-Chian and Fujian White Crane
Epp, Len Interview with Grandmaster Chiu Kwok-Chung
Evans, Siu-Fong Professor Li Deyin: Creator of 42-Form Taijiquan
Fanshier, Valerie
Sanshou Alive and Well
Feng Wu (trans by Chen Bi) The Boundless Road Is Narrow and Far
Ferber, Dan As Minds Open, Taiji and Qigong Gain Ground in Western Medicine: An Interview with Master Yang Yang, Ph.D.
Ferguson, Doug LEE/GENDARY - A Review
Ferguson, Doug New Life in LAST LIFE
Ferguson, Doug Soul of Shaolin � Shaolin Comes to Broadway
Figueroa, Jose Manuel & Van Heerden, Lizette South Africa - Journey Beyond the West
Fontaine, Nargis Right Under Your Nose All Along
Funk, Jon Keeping Current
Funk, Jon Long Distance Teachers
Funk, Jon New Heroes
Funk, Jon The Four Basic Fundamentals
Funk, Jon The Sword Cut You Have Never Seen
Funk, Jon Use Your Surroundings
Glen, Robert D.
How Tai Chi Fought My Demons
Goodwin, Michael & Macek, Pavel Hung Kyun Grandmaster Lam Cho Has Passed Away at 103
Graceffo, Antonio Are You an Athlete? Is Kung Fu a Sport?
Graceffo, Antonio A Slow Night in a Ballet Bar
Graceffo, Antonio Combat and Shan Kung Fu: Training with the Shan State Army
Graceffo, Antonio Kaohsiung Kung Fu Kids
Graceffo, Antonio Kung Fu East and West, and Batman
Graceffo, Antonio Looking for Kung Fu in Taiwan
Graceffo, Antonio Point Fighting Woes: When in Rome, Fight Like the Chinese
Graceffo, Antonio Reality Fighting, Street Fighting, and Self Defense, Practice to Defend Yourself
Graceffo, Antonio Sand Da vs. Muay Thai
Graceffo, Antonio Silly Self-Defense
Graceffo, Antonio Tailor Your Training to Match Your Needs
Graceffo, Antonio The Art of Standing Still
Graceffo, Antonio The Legacy of the Seven Masters of Ciro: My First Master in the ROC
Graceffo, Antonio The Magic of Pushing Hands
Graceffo, Antonio The Monk From Brooklyn: An American at the Shaolin Temple (Part 1)
Graceffo, Antonio The Monk From Brooklyn: An American at the Shaolin Temple (Part 2)
Graceffo, Antonio The Old Wolf and the Young Wolf
Graceffo, Antonio Tradition Battles Effectiveness: Traditional Martial Arts Versus Reality Fighting
Graceffo, Antonio Training for the Fight
Greenhow, John Metaphor of Qi
Greenhow, John The Empty State: The Kung Fu of Sweeping Leaves
Greenhow, John Where I Am, and What I Am Doing: A Shaolin Diary - Part 1
Greenhow, John Where I Am, and What I Am Doing: A Shaolin Diary - Part 2
Hackett, Omar
The Past and the Present: Taijiquan Push Hands
Hallander, Jane, Photos: Neglia, Lou Training a Kickboxer - Real Tips for Real Fighters
Hallander, Jane, Photos: Neglia, Lou 2014 Huang Feihong International Tournament
Healy, James A View from a Tai Chi Summit
Heimberger, Ron Relaxation, Wing Chun's First Weapon
Holder, Philip The Wooden Trunk Man of Wing Chun
Hoopes, Aaron Understanding Chi & Breathing
Hoopes, Aaron Understanding the Tao
Huls, Edward Return to the Origin - Happily Lost in China
Jackson, Bernie
Lessons Learned From a Passing Tree: a first experience of elemental energy
Jagger, Peter Interview with Grandmaster Stephen M. D. Chang
Jamieson, David Training with a Ring to it
Johnson, Christel What I Learned About Hung Ga and Life From a Broken Teacup
Johnson, Michael & Chan, Mimi Wah Lum - A Deep Knowledge
Kaliss, Stephan
My Time in China
Kautzman, Curtis A Legend's Story
Kennedy, Brian Martial Arts of the Jingwu
Kennedy, Brian & Guo, Elizabeth Nai Jia Taoist "Paper Protection" in the 21st Century
Klein, Bob Animal Fighting and Animal Chi-Gung
Kong, Buck Sam w/ Burr, Martha The Counterattack of Tid Qui Sarm
Korotkov, Konstantin, Ph.D. GDV Measurements of Qigong Master Tu
Kreng, John 3 New DVD reviews - Jackie Chan to Warriors
Kreng, John What's new on DVD - Classics and Klunkers
Kreng, John What's New on DVD - THE ONE, SHAOLIN SOCCER and U.S. SEALS
Kunz, David Today's Tao of Jeet Kune Do
Laks, Lauren
A Newbie's Take on Berkeley CMAT
Lamanna, Frank Y. W. Chang Memorium
Lau, Lily My Father, Grandmaster Lau Fat Mang
Lau, Lily & Lee, Cindy Eagle Claw Fan Tsi Moon & Lau Fat Mang's History
Lee, Jayneen Wushu at the Beauty Pageant
Li, Lee An Interview with Adrian "The Hunter" Pang, Legend FC Lightweight Champion
Li, Lee The People's Champ
Li, Violet Can Jet Li Be a True Hero in Real Life?
Liang, Shouyu & Wu Wen Ching An Introduction to Qigong
Liberto, Clemente Kung Fu Training in China: Pursuit of a Dream
Liberto, Clemente Shaolin Training in China: From Expectation to Reality
Lizarraga, Michael Know Your Enemy
Lorge, Peter, Ph.D. What MMA Has to Teach Us about Chinese Martial Arts
Louie, Tim Personal Perspective of the Wong Fei Hung Museum
Lowe, Jason, Ph.D. Treatment of Chronic Pain
Lueb, Adam China Training: A Trip to Hangzhou
Lugo, Patrick Assembling the Avengers
Lugo, Patrick Dracula Untold: Told
Lugo, Patrick Gigabytes of Gore in 300: RISE OF AN EMPIRE
Lugo, Patrick IMMORTALS: Myth the MMA way
Lugo, Patrick KICK-ASS 2: Teen Angst and Nunchucks
Lugo, Patrick PRINCE OF PERSIA: Persia by way of Hollywood
Lugo, Patrick Talking BOXERS & SAINTS with Gene Yang
Lugo, Patrick THE LOSERS: Spandex vs. Camouflage
Lugo, Patrick THOR: THE DARK WORLD - A Review & Discussion with Stuntman Chris Brewster
Lynch, Greg Jr. A Little Trouble in Big China
Lynch, Greg Jr. Iron Crotch at the Asian American Expo
Lynch, Greg Jr. Kelly Hu: Beverly Hills Black Belt Takes on Karai for TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES
Lynch, Greg Jr. POWER RANGERS MEGAFORCE: It was 20 Years Ago Today
Lynch, Greg Jr. Shaolin Adventures in Disneyland
Lynch, Greg Jr. Sonny Chiba and the SUSHI GIRL
Lynch, Greg Jr. The 1st Shaolin Summit
Lynch, Greg Jr. The Lynch Chronicles: Jackie Chan's Beloved Country and Tiger Claw's Championship
Lynch, Greg Jr. THE RAID
Lynch, Greg Jr. Tiger Claw's Championship III
Lynch, Greg Jr. When Nunchuk Skills Get You Busted: Nunchaku and the Law
Maio, Bobb
Crossing the Great River to Avoid Being Double Weighted
Major, Wade A Touch of Yen, Catching Up with Donnie Yen
Major, Wade Composer Tan Dun Scores with CROUCHING TIGER, HIDDEN DRAGON
Major, Wade Wong Kar-wai: In a Zen "Mood" Cannes Film Festival Hit, IN THE MOOD FOR LOVE
Malvik, Barbara Interview with former Shaolin monk, Zhang Lipeng
Man Kam Lo Police Kung Fu
Manning, Laurie The Second International Chicago Wushu-Gong Fu Tournament
Manolo, Lewis Martial Arts and the Actor's Craft
Martinez, Regina Confessions of a Taiji Chicken
Massengill, Tony Explosive Kicks Wing Chun's Hidden Treasure
Massengill, Tony Old Meets New: MMA and Kung Fu in China
McCarrie, Brian You Can Build a Wooden Dummy
McCorkell, Shaun Kempo Tai Chi Connection
McCorkell, Shaun The Shanghai Medical Qigong Exercises Part 1
McCorkell, Shaun The Shanghai Medical Qigong Exercises Part 2
McCreadie, Rahman Jamaal Assault & Battery: Rakaa Mixes Martial Arts & Masters Hip Hop
McKnight, David & Chung Kwok Chow, Sifu Evolution of The Siu Nim Tau Form Integrative Wing Chun - The New Way of Teaching Wing Chun
McNeil, Jason William CHOP! CHOP! - Kung fu's Deadly Fighting Axes
McNeil, Simon My Journey to Dragon Well Forge
McNeil, Simon The Anatomy of a Wuxia Novel
McNulty, Thomas Jackie Chan's Style Flies High in THE TUXEDO
Meng, Benny & Loewenhagen, Richard Are You Training a Martial Arts "Style" or a "System"?
Meng, Benny & Loewenhagen, Richard Do Secret Societies Give Kung Fu a Bad Rep?
Meng, Benny & the Ving Tsun Museum Group A Wing Chun Odyssey � Hong Kong, China and Beyond Part 1
Meng, Benny & the Ving Tsun Museum Group A Wing Chun Odyssey � Hong Kong, China and Beyond Part 2
Middlewood, Martin Sparring as a Spiritual Practice
moore, david j. American Ninja Retrospective
moore, david j. Interview with Darren Shahlavi
moore, david j. POUND OF FLESH: Interviews with Jean-Claude Van Damme, Ernie Barbarash, Kirk Shaw, Joshua James, and John Salvitti
moore, david j. SKIN TRADE: Interviews with Tony Jaa, Dolph Lundgren, and Michael Jai White
Neher, Luke Tat Wong Kung Fu Academy Celebrates 30 Years of Excellence
Nemour, Stacey
Shaolin Kung Fu Training and Chan Buddhism: An interview with Abbot Shi Yan Fan
Ng. Mike J. Grandmaster Jia Shu Sen Leads Bagua Expedition to China
Ninja, Ima's NINJA STAR 2009
NinjaStar's NINJA STAR 2010
NinjaStar's NINJA STAR 2011
Oh, Gigi,, w/ Ching, Three Faults in Chinese Martial Arts Today
Oh, Gigi,, w/ Ching, Three Masters Discuss Six Harmonies and Eight Methods: Masters Kam Tong, Mok Kifai, and Zhang Lijuan
Ong, C. P., Ph. D.
Chen Xiaowang - Carrying the Burden of Taiji Legacy
Ong, C. P., Ph. D. Grandmaster Zhu Tian Cai - Chen Taiji's Quiet Keeper
Ott, Rudi My Transition from Amateur to Professional Fighting
Pan Qingfu, grandmaster & Dianne Naughton
How to Be a Good Martial Arts Teacher
Pan Qingfu, grandmaster & Dianne Naughton Just Show, Don't Show Off
Pang, Williy When Everybody Was Kung Fu Fighting in New York City: A Retrospective
Parungao, Onassis KWOON goes to DVD
Poston, Jonathan Will the Real Kung Fu Please Stand Up?
Putman, Jason Kung Fu Secret Agent
Reid, Craig, Ph.D.
Reid, Craig, Ph.D. 18 Fingers of Death: 18 Reasons to See It
Reid, Craig, Ph.D. AEON FLUX: Kiss of Life or Kiss of Death?
Reid, Craig, Ph.D. Another Shaw Brothers Update: Distribution and a New Kung Fu
Reid, Craig, Ph.D. Ballistic: ECKS VS. SEVER
Reid, Craig, Ph.D. BALLS OF FURY: More Like Enter the Paddle
Reid, Craig, Ph.D. BANGKOK DANGEROUS: Nic Cage's Bang for the Thai Film Industry
Reid, Craig, Ph.D. BEOWULF: England's Wuxia Novel
Reid, Craig, Ph.D. BLADE 2: Talking with Choreographer Donnie Yen and Director Guillermo Del Toro
Reid, Craig, Ph.D. BLADE 3: Cut It Out
Reid, Craig, Ph.D. BOOK OF ELI: Art of Reading without Reading
Reid, Craig, Ph.D. BOURNE in the USA
Reid, Craig, Ph.D. CHANDNI CHOWK TO CHINA: From White Castle to Golden Palace
Reid, Craig, Ph.D. Cheng Pei Pei: Hong Kong's First Queen of Kung Fu Film
Reid, Craig, Ph.D. CRADLE 2 THE GRAVE: Jet Li's Tombstone?
Reid, Craig, Ph.D. CROUCHING TIGER, HIDDEN DRAGON: An Evening At The Academies
Reid, Craig, Ph.D. CURSE OF THE GOLDEN FLOWER - Mum's the Word
Reid, Craig, Ph.D. Do the Hustle: KUNG FU HUSTLE that Is; the 70s Are Back
Reid, Craig, Ph.D. DRAGONBALL: EVOLUTION: Manga Meets American Movieland
Reid, Craig, Ph.D. EAGLE VS. SHARK: Geek Fu Meets Kung Fu
Reid, Craig, Ph.D. ELEKTRA: It's 3am, Do You Know Where Jennifer Garner Is?
Reid, Craig, Ph.D. FEARLESS: If YU Build It, The JET Will Come
Reid, Craig, Ph.D. Finally a Match Made in Heaven: Chan and Disney
Reid, Craig, Ph.D. FINISHING THE GAME: It is Never Over
Reid, Craig, Ph.D. FOOT FIST WAY: Martial Art Truth, Parody, or a Slap in the Face
Reid, Craig, Ph.D. FORBIDDEN KINGDOM: Monkey King Meets the Wizard of Oz
Reid, Craig, Ph.D. From Angels to Devils: Choreographer Yuen Cheung Yen
Reid, Craig, Ph.D. GET SMART: Don't Miss It by That Much
Reid, Craig, Ph.D. GI JOE - YO JOE, The Snake Has Returned
Reid, Craig, Ph.D. GOOD SOIL: LAST SAMURAI to First Christian Samurai
Reid, Craig, Ph.D. Gordon Liu Chia Hui: Good Monk, Bad Monk
Reid, Craig, Ph.D. Gordon Liu-Chia Hui: His Shaw Brothers Days
Reid, Craig, Ph.D. GRINDHOUSE � A Kickass Churned-Out Film from Yesteryear
Reid, Craig, Ph.D. Hark! SEVEN SWORDS a Coming
Reid, Craig, Ph.D. HELLBOY II vs. Jet Li?
Reid, Craig, Ph.D. Heroic Grace: John Woo and Quentin Tarantino focus on America's first Traveling Chinese Martial Arts Film Tour
Reid, Craig, Ph.D. Hiroyuki Sanada: "Promises" for Peace through Film
Reid, Craig, Ph.D. HITMAN: May the Force Be with You Luc
Reid, Craig, Ph.D. I need a HERO
Reid, Craig, Ph.D. IN THE NAME OF THE KING: TAI CHI MASTER Meets Fire Dragon?
Reid, Craig, Ph.D. Interview with Donnie Yen and Quentin Tarantino on Kungfu Flicks Old, New, and Tarantino's Upcoming Kungfu Movie Directing Debut KILL BILL!
Reid, Craig, Ph.D. Is the next Crouching Tiger a wolf? Mark Dacascos Howls In BROTHERHOOD OF THE WOLF
Reid, Craig, Ph.D. Jackie Chan's Latest: Will it be a Gold MEDALLION?
Reid, Craig, Ph.D. Jet Li is Finally "UNLEASHED" in Hollywood
Reid, Craig, Ph.D. Jimmy Wong Yu: "The" One-Armed Swordsman
Reid, Craig, Ph.D. Karen Sheperd: Queen of the Martial Art Cinema Flock
Reid, Craig, Ph.D. KILL BILL VOL 1: Quentin Tarantino's Homage to Hong Kong's Kung-Fu Cinema
Reid, Craig, Ph.D. KILL BILL VOL 2: The Last Hurrah for Hong Kong Action in Hollywood?
Reid, Craig, Ph.D. KING KONG FU: The Way of the Gorilla
Reid, Craig, Ph.D. KUNG FU PANDA: Big Bear Cat was "PO-fect"
Reid, Craig, Ph.D. LAST SAMURAI: Why Tom Cruise carries a Samurai Sword
Reid, Craig, Ph.D. Martial Arts Action Roundup
Reid, Craig, Ph.D. Martial Arts vs. Crash Test Dummies: National Geographic's FIGHT SCIENCE
Reid, Craig, Ph.D. Matt Mullins: The New KAMEN RIDER
Reid, Craig, Ph.D. MEMOIRS OF A GEISHA: More like the WAY OF THE GEISHA
Reid, Craig, Ph.D. Michelle Yeoh: From Wow to Woe to Whoa!
Reid, Craig, Ph.D. MONGOL: An Evolution to Reality
Reid, Craig, Ph.D. MUMMY 3: Tom Boy Yeoh Meets Tomb Boy Li
Reid, Craig, Ph.D. My Life on FIGHT SCIENCE 2010
Reid, Craig, Ph.D. NINJA ASSASSIN: When It "Rains" It Pours ... Blood
Reid, Craig, Ph.D. NINJA VS. PIRATES: Martial Arts COSPLAY to the Max
Reid, Craig, Ph.D. Ray Parks Part 1
Reid, Craig, Ph.D. Ray Parks Part 2
Reid, Craig, Ph.D. RED TROUSERS: Beijing Opera Meets Stuntman Mayhem
Reid, Craig, Ph.D. REDBELT: David Mamet's Passionate Fight Film Homage
Reid, Craig, Ph.D. Richard Norton: Chan's Popular Downunder Villain
Reid, Craig, Ph.D. RUSH HOUR 2: The End of Jackie Chan as We Know Him?
Reid, Craig, Ph.D. RUSH HOUR 3: Bumper to Bumper Laughs
Reid, Craig, Ph.D. Ryuhei Kitamura's AZUMI: The E.R.A. Comes to Japan
Reid, Craig, Ph.D. San Diego Asian Film Festival 2007: The See-World of Festivals
Reid, Craig, Ph.D. San Diego Asian Film Festival 2008: Break Out the Hersheys in Southern California
Reid, Craig, Ph.D. San Diego Asian Film Festival 2009 - Red Cliff and Ip Man and Merantau�Oh My
Reid, Craig, Ph.D. San Diego Asian Film Festival 2010: A Different MMA (Mixture Martial Arts) Octagon
Reid, Craig, Ph.D. San Diego Asian Film Festival 2011: Shaolin and Samurai and Ninjas! Oh my!
Reid, Craig, Ph.D. San Diego Asian Film Festival 2012: Five Fingers, Flying Swords and Far Out Painted Skins
Reid, Craig, Ph.D. San Diego Asian Film Festival 2013: MMA and the Return of IP MAN
Reid, Craig, Ph.D. San Diego Asian Film Festival 2014: More Than a Perfect Marriage in So-Cal
Reid, Craig, Ph.D. SHANGHAI KNIGHTS: A Night to Remember?
Reid, Craig, Ph.D. SHANGHAI KNIGHTS: Jackie's Knight in Shining Armor
Reid, Craig, Ph.D. SHANGHAI KNIGHTS' Director David Dobkin is Singin' in Jackie's Reign
Reid, Craig, Ph.D. Shaw Brothers: Reloaded
Reid, Craig, Ph.D. SHERLOCK Ho-Ho-HOLMES: A Great Christmas Gift?
Reid, Craig, Ph.D. Shin Koyomada: LAST SAMURAI to Last Monk in WENDY WU
Reid, Craig, Ph.D. SPEED RACER: Kung Fu Meets Car Fu
Reid, Craig, Ph.D. SPIDER-MAN 2: On the Lam
Reid, Craig, Ph.D. SPIDER-MAN 3: A Different Spin on the Web
Reid, Craig, Ph.D. SPIDERMAN is to Peter Parker as DISTRICT B13 is to "PARKOUR"
Reid, Craig, Ph.D. Star Struck Too: The Wrath of Khan
Reid, Craig, Ph.D. Stephen Chow's CJ7: Struck by Spielberg-itis
Reid, Craig, Ph.D. STREET FIGHTER: Robin Shou at it a-GEN
Reid, Craig, Ph.D. TAKEN It to the Limit
Reid, Craig, Ph.D. THE DARK KNIGHT: Christian Bales Out Batman
Reid, Craig, Ph.D. THE EXPENDABLES: Perhaps They Are
Reid, Craig, Ph.D. The Man who gives CHARLIE'S ANGELS their Wings: Fight choreographer Yuen Cheung-Yan
Reid, Craig, Ph.D. THE MATRIX REVOLUTIONS: The End of the Wachowski Brothers But Not Yuen Woo-Ping
Reid, Craig, Ph.D. The Promise - Know What It Is and What It Is Not
Reid, Craig, Ph.D. The Ultimate Guide to the Martial Arts Movies of the 1970s
Reid, Craig, Ph.D. The Wai of the BULLETPROOF MONK
Reid, Craig, Ph.D. The Women Warriors of SHREK
Reid, Craig, Ph.D. TMNT: The Rennaissance Reptiles Return
Reid, Craig, Ph.D. Tony Jaa - Dancing with Elephants in THE PROTECTOR
Reid, Craig, Ph.D. Tony Jaa: Muay Thai Mayhem Hits Hollywood in ONG BAK
Reid, Craig, Ph.D. Turmoil in Taiwan Turns into a Film Career
Reid, Craig, Ph.D. ULTRAVIOLET - XLENT Action
Reid, Craig, Ph.D. WAR: What is it good for?
Reid, Craig, Ph.D. WARRIOR: The Way of MMA without MMA
Reid, Craig, Ph.D. What Happened to MARTIAL LAW?
Reid, Craig, Ph.D. Where is ULTRAVIOLET on the Action Wavelength of Film?
Reid, Craig, Ph.D. ZATOICHI: The Human Vegematic Returns
Reid, Craig, Ph.D. Zhang Yimou: Blood, Sweat And Daggers
Ritchie, Rene, Chu, Robert, & Santo, Hendrik Wing Chun Kuen Fist of the Red Opera
Rittenbach, Donovan Channeling Kato: Driving the GREEN HORNET's Black Beauty
Rittenbach, Donovan Kung Fu versus Zombies
Roberts, Anthony Wushu is Now (Almost) an Olympic Event
Roberts, Anthony Has American Wushu Finally Arrived? A Report on the 10th World Wushu Championships
Rodriguez, Javier Grinding an Iron Rod into a Needle
Rosen, Bob Introduction to Wah Lum Iron Palm Training
Rosenfeld, Arthur The Fisherman
Rosenfeld, Arthur Selective Sensitivity: Learning What to Read in Chi Sau
Shahar, Meir, Ph.D.
Meat, Wine, and Fighting Monks: Did Shaolin Monks breach Buddhist Dietary Regulations?
Shear, Jonathan Notes from Yongnian, China Taiji Festival
Shear, Jonathan Pointing the Way to the Future - On Taiji Theory
Sheridan, Brian R. David Ramsey from CW’s ARROW
Shi Guolin The Formation of Shaolin Kungfu - A Surface Discussion
Shi Guolin w/ Oh, Jennifer The Essence of Shaolin and the Importance of Breathing
Shi Yan Lei The Shaolin Dharma of Fighting
Shockley, Gary Zhang Yimou's HERO Comes to America
Steger, Manfred & Bessmen, Perce Grassroots Zen
Stone, Michael A. A Real Karate Kid: Hasan Rucker
Tanaka, K.
Stuck on your own plateau
TC Media 13 ASSASSINS Exclusive Featurette
TC Media ONG BAK 3 Exclusive Featurette
TC Media Shaolin Swords
Tuohey, Robert T. Lee Kam Wing: A True Master
Uckun, Belida
Ngo Cho Kune's Double Duty Forms: Sei Mun Pak Kat
Van der Linde, Marijke
The Universal Attraction of Kung Fu
Wang Shi-Qing & Carisi, Wayne
Will & Chi, Yin and Yang Harmonizing the Body, Mind and Spirit
Wang Wenhuang On Exchange of Attacking and Defending in Chinese Sanda (Free boxing)
Wang Wenhuang Martial Arts and Confucian Culture
Warrener, Don The Torch has been Passed
Watters, Pierce Descendants of the Dragon, Wushu Meets Dance in Seattle
Wei, David Chinese New Year in China
Wei, David Women of Wudang
Wei, David Guess who's coming to dinner? Your master!
Weng, Daniel C. Ph.D. & Wong, Mark J. The Tai-chi Monkey's Methods
West, August The Real Jackie Chan is Back in NEW POLICE STORY
West, August Jackie Chan in His Mid-50s: THE SPY NEXT DOOR and SHINJUKU INCIDENT
West, August The Little ‘Little Dragon’ – Japan’s Little Fist of Fury
West, August Cung Le's Fighting Tactics Revealed on Video
West, August In the Shadow of KILL BILL: Hong Kong meets Hollywood in SHAOLIN SOCCER, MEDALLION and SO CLOSE
West, August THE MYTH: Jackie Chan's Stir-fries HERO, MUSA and Lara Croft Chop Suey Style
White, Lori Ann A Warrior Finds His Way
White, Lori Ann Chris Brewster: Super Stunts, Marvelous Martial Mayhem and Netflix’s DAREDEVIL
White, Lori Ann Sweep the Leg! Interview with the real Johnny, William Zabka
White, Lori Ann The Care and Feeding of Your Inner Superhero
White, Lori Ann Wicked Cool Action: Keanu Reeves in JOHN WICK
White, Lori Ann With All Due Respect: Harald Zwart on Directing THE KARATE KID
White, Lori Ann DOG BEACH: Kung Fu Mayhem Comes to Tinseltown
White, Lori Ann Ronda vs Hollywood: Ronda Rousey's Plan for World Domination Continues in ENTOURAGE
Wong, Jackon Insights of a Wushu Dad from the 2014 World Traditional Wushu Games
Woo, Sue & Roberts, Anthony U.S. Wushu Team 2009
Worley, Seward Clayton The Warrior Returns: Using JKD Concepts to Heal
Wu Wen-Ching The Teacher and the Student
Zhang Lipeng
Modernity and Traditional Shaolin Kung Fu Part 2: The Use of Visual Media to Promote and Teach Kung Fu
Zhang Yuanming The Tradition of Qigong
Zhu Tian Cai Zhu Tian Cai on Special Characteristics of Chen Style Taijiquan/Energy and Jingluo