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Read Yin Family Baguazhang as Taught by Wang Shangzhi by Robert Santee, Ph.D., and Xiu Zhang, Ed.D, an unabridged version of a feature published in our NOV+DEC 2015 issue. ~ Welcome to difficult listening 15 minutes. Read Laurie Anderson on Tai Chi and the HEART OF A DOG by Gene Ching. ~ Premiering Sunday November 15 on AMC - Read Daniel Wu on INTO THE BADLANDS by Gene Ching ~ Read Ben Judkins And Jon Nielson on THE CREATION OF WING CHUN (PART 1) & (PART 2) by Gene Ching. ~ Learn about when women fought to vote in Edwardian Amazons: The English SUFFRAGETTE by Lori Ann White ~ Let's go to the movies! Read San Diego Asian Film Festival 2015: Assassins, Zombies and the Next Ronda Rousey by Craig Reid ~ Read the final chapter of's intrepid reporter Greg Brundage's Silk Road Kung Fu Friendship Tour: Part 9: Kung Fu Tai Chi Magazine and International Diplomacy. For the rest of the series, read Part 1: Xian, China and the Fabled Silk Road, Part 2: The Kung Fu Masters of Xian, Part 3: Turpan: Flaming Mountains, Eid al-Fitr with a Uyghur Family, and Bezeklik 1000 Buddha Caves, Part 4: Turpan: Urumqi Jingwu School – Interview with Faculty Member Young Master Ai Li and Other Kung Fu Schools in Urumqi, Part 5: Road to Almaty Kazakhstan, Part 6: Kung Fu In Almaty, Kazakhstan, Part 7: Interview with Dmitrushenko Yuriy Vladimirovich, President of the Kung Fu Federation of Kyrgyz Republic & Part 8: Interview with Uzbekistan’s Wushu Federation President Mr. Ganiev Ravshan. ~ Read 36 Years of Beng Kiam by Tan Ka Hong. This article is published in conjunction with Kim So: The Handlocks of Ngo Cho Kun By Alexander L. Co, Dr. Mark Wiley and Russ Smith in our NOV+DEC 2015 issue. ~ There are over nearly 500 exclusive articles in our archive. Help us continue to expand by sharing and 'liking' our free access offerings!

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The Table of Contents & Cover Story, The Taiji From Qingcheng Mountain by Gene Ching and Gigi Oh, from our NOVEMBER+DECEMBER 2015 issue are online.


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