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Here's an exclusive extra from our JULY+AUGUST 2015 Cover Story. Read Jack Tu: Jackie Chanís Disciple in 2015: Part 1: Eye on the Gate by Gene Ching. ~ What does it take to be a great fighter? Read Ramil Allahverdiyev - "Professor of the Ring" In World Sanda Championships by Greg Brundage. ~ In honor of the June 12th premiere of Redeemer, read Interview with Marko Zaror by david j. moore ~ Rowdy Ronda Rousey steals the spotlight once again. Read Ronda vs Hollywood: Ronda Rousey's Plan for World Domination Continues in ENTOURAGE by Lori Ann White ~ Here's an exclusive extra from our MAY+JUNE 2015 Cover Story. Read Yang Jun on the Cultural Revolution and Taiji Today by Gene Ching. ~ JCVD is back! Read POUND OF FLESH: Interviews with Jean-Claude Van Damme, Ernie Barbarash, Kirk Shaw, Joshua James, and John Salvitti by david j. moore. ~ There are over nearly 500 exclusive articles in our archive. Help us continue to expand by sharing and 'liking' these free resources!

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The Tiger Claw Elite Championships 2015 and 4th Annual KUNG FU TAI CHI DAY were held on May 16-17 in San Jose, California

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