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When a Zen Priest writes a Shaolin comic...READ Rylend Grant on FA SHENG: ORIGINS by Gene Ching

You know it's gonna get stranger. READ DOCTOR STRANGE IN THE MULTIVERSE OF MADNESS: Alternative Medicine for the Tortured Soul by Patrick Lugo ~ Bodhidharma and the Boxers. READ Peter Shiao on FA SHENG: ORIGINS by Gene Ching ~ Conquer Your Viking Tales. READ THE NORTHMAN: So Art Thou to Revenge… by Patrick Lugo ~ The Return of the Dragon. READ Jeff Chinn on WE ARE BRUCE LEE: Under the Sky, One Family by Gene Ching ~ Wands out! READ FANTASTIC BEASTS: THE SECRETS OF DUMBLEDORE: Is Three a Charm (Spell)? by Gene Ching ~ The Path to Inner Peace? READ Dr. Yang, Jwing-Ming and Grand Qigong Circulation by Gene Ching ~ Michelle Gets the Trophy. READ Michelle Yeoh Conquers the Multiverse in EVERYTHING EVERYWHERE ALL AT ONCE by Gene Ching ~ Where Wushu meets Muay Thai. READ Silk Road Kung Fu Friendship Tour Part 38 – Phuket Island’s Kung Fu Continued by Greg Brundage ~ Traditional and Modern. READ The Coiling Dragon Staff – Rudimentary and Simple, yet Unparalleled in the World by Emilio Alpanseque ~ More on the Death Touch... READ Dim Mak and Qi: Martial Arts Enigmas Part 2 by Phil Humphries ~ Is the Death Touch real? READ Dim Mak and Qi: Martial Arts Enigmas Part 1 by Phil Humphries

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The Tiger Claw Elite ONLINE Championship Champions are declared!

The 2020 Tiger Claw Elite Championships were postponed due to the pandemic. In lieu of this, the 2020 Tiger Claw Elite Online Championship was a socially distant championship. Watch it all on our YouTube channel!

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With the deepest sadness, Kung Fu Tai Chi is ceasing publication. The decline in newsstand distributors coupled with the impact of the pandemic has forced the closure of Kung Fu Tai Chi, our print magazine.

Thank you for supporting Kung Fu Tai Chi. We are enormously proud of what we achieved over the last 28 years. It has been an honor to serve the martial arts world.

Please continue to support and Back Issues are available through MartialArtSmart while supply lasts and digital versions back to 2011 are available through Zinio.

Stay Strong and Healthy. And keep the practice alive.

Gene Ching, Publisher,, FORMER Publisher, Kung Fu Tai Chi, Publisher,

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