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  1. WHat do u do?
  2. Martial Artist on the Street
  3. Endurance
  4. Chop socky chop!
  5. has ne one been in a knife situation?
  6. How do you know what technique to use when?
  7. Bruce Lee vs. A Grizzlie Bear
  8. Kicking in figts
  9. USAWKF 2001 6th annual championship trials in Baltimore
  10. The best way to end a fight.
  11. Attitude in a self-defense situation.
  12. What is the best way to deal with someone who swings an ax at you?
  13. Talking before Fighting
  14. Friend in trouble
  15. what would you do?
  16. Bar Fights
  17. C.S.P.T. Video and Events - Weapons Training
  18. martial duty....advice please.
  20. Why can't grapplers fight dirty?
  21. training methods of the chinese and the korean army?
  22. CMA in the battlefield
  23. Wrestling and our countries forefathers.Pretty cool stuff.
  24. Some Questions to the (Sane) BJJ'ers
  25. This is why i'm begining to dislike Royce ,Rorion and Helio
  26. JiuJitsu Challenge Wimpout
  27. Elbow and Knee Strikes
  28. What would you do?
  29. ground/shoot-fighting
  30. what should you do if someone gets you in a bear hug from either the front or the back with your arm
  31. Chokeyouout, a ? about PRIDE/NHB events
  32. Kung Fu is humiliated by Brazilian Jiujitsu!!!!!!!
  33. What to do if you get into a confrontation with a woman?
  34. I want to learn
  35. BJJ Bandwagon Boyz
  36. Submission Wrestling or BJJ???
  37. Holy Smokes! Cung Le is a TKD guy!
  38. Counter Assault Tactics Training
  39. Full Contact Training: How do YOU do it?
  40. reality fighting classes
  41. Well-Rounded Fighters vs. Intelligently Specialized Fighters
  42. Time for a fun thread
  43. WILL I GET MY ASS KICKED IF ................
  44. Essential Grappling Moves
  45. Jungle/reality fighting
  46. The fight game is evolving
  47. Cung Le vs. Alex Gong
  48. San Shou Debut
  49. for all you fitness buffs
  50. Horse Stance - Great for takedowns?
  51. What do you all prefer as a weapon in a Street Fight?
  52. help please...
  53. China vs USA San Shou Full Contact Fighting
  54. BJJ's Achilles Heel
  55. new site with forum on it!
  56. Pond/reality fighting
  57. What kind of fighting do you guy's do?
  58. anti-carjacking flamethrower
  59. ATTN: Water Dragon (or anyone else interested), w/regards to the Ankle Pick
  60. free fighting
  61. Junk food/reality fighting
  62. test
  63. What would you do if....
  64. Which is your fav nhb video?
  65. Chin-Na
  66. Getting burned by having a knife
  67. traditional kung fu for the street!
  68. Hung Gar
  69. how many times before i fight?
  70. Harsh Decisions....
  71. Quiet country field/reality fighting
  72. Your job as part of your 'training'
  73. Aight, what would you have done?
  74. UFC 31
  75. Anyone catch the Toughman finals last night?
  76. shamrock
  77. Steel spheres : Where to buy 'em
  78. 1998 CHINA vs USA San Shou Fights for sale
  80. Street fighting prep school....
  81. Does anyone teach their Wife/Girlfriend (or spouse) to fight?
  82. Why is it that no1 posts on this board??
  83. My advice on multiple attackers....
  84. ATTN: Blue Dragon Master
  85. When you were on the street or where ever....
  86. Environmental Techniques
  87. Environmental Techniques
  88. Showers/reality fighting
  89. Unarmed against the balisong knife: What would you do?
  90. Is kung fu cut out for NHB?
  91. broken leg from kicking
  92. US Army Combatives
  93. House/Reality Fighting
  94. This might be a stupid question, but...
  95. Double post/reality fighting
  96. Knife Seminars in Oklahoma?
  97. Seminars in Oklahoma
  98. cool new site
  99. Is verbal abuse as bad as Physical?
  100. Training Injury : Punched in the Larynx (Adam's Apple)
  101. Lewd acts...
  102. True fighting 'skill'
  103. Beyond Martial Arts...
  104. awsome new site w/cool photo's
  105. FT's contributions
  106. attn,: budykon
  107. Looking for Bart Vale Shootfighters in Miami
  108. Am I an exception?
  109. Was this wrong????
  110. VCR/Reality Fighting
  111. did bruce lee smoke maryjane?
  112. Have any of you ever used san soo on the street?
  113. Mike Tyson vs. Bruce Lee
  114. Sitting on the can/reality fighting
  115. Knife defence in CMA
  116. How do you deal with a 200lb+ guy sitting on your stomach who uses his knees to pin your arms down a
  117. Dirty Tricks
  118. An on-going look at my thinkingish (relevant to my perceptions in Reality)
  119. Lets be contraversial!!!
  120. Ring fighting and self defense
  121. Rants
  122. Attack, defend or both. Then it's my turn.
  123. Police attack in England?
  124. One last reminder
  125. Plz tell me what you know of kenpo/kempo
  126. kung fu reality
  127. Jet Li vs. Bruce Lee
  128. Experienced traditionalist vs MMA newbie
  129. What is...
  130. please help looking for bjj school??????????????
  131. why so many video game warriors???
  132. Traditional is no good? Forms are no good?
  133. Give us your best story
  134. To No_Know...
  136. are you talking about a switch blade??
  137. Dogs
  138. Seen this?
  139. Sayoc Kali Knife Fighting Seminar, wichita falls, TX
  140. Good grappler vs good striker??
  142. Ninjutsu
  143. What do you guys think of these explanations?
  144. Can someone give me a site to buy MA stuff at?
  145. Breaking the root and other grappling stuff
  146. Sayoc Kali seminar STILL ON in Wichita Falls, TX
  147. jerry love is not getting any play
  148. Here's something for conversation: how important is fluidity in self defense?
  149. I feel like I could hit someone at work...
  150. Afghan battle history
  151. Have you seen this man?
  152. Spy satellite/reality fighting
  153. Something else I was thinking about...How do you approach the traditional vs eclectic styles fightin
  154. How would you use grappling when fighting several opponents?
  155. Little survey....
  156. Hsing I and Bagua Zhang
  157. Arm Wrestling beats Kung Fu everytime!!!
  158. New Technique Animations and Pictures
  159. Do u Think I Need to fight This Moron ???
  160. JKD streetfighting
  161. Self defense courses are on the rise!!!! TAKE ADVANTAGE!
  162. Hey any of guys up in Minnesota?
  163. not bruce,yip
  164. Have you ever carried an illegal knife in public?
  165. Need opinion on a Muay Thai/BJJ School in Toronto
  166. crab
  167. When confronted---Heart or skill is more important?
  168. Fighting without fighting philosophy?
  169. RE
  170. Kick,punch, or feint....which first?
  171. Attack or counterattack...preference?
  172. Recognizing threatening body language
  173. "Real Ninjutsu by Dan Richard J. Van Donk
  174. Strategy---open air or closed?
  175. Defenses against sticks&knives
  176. Tackles
  177. gaF Problems
  178. UFC: Ultimate fighting championship!
  179. test urself
  180. Box cutters/airplanes?
  181. Defensive weapons
  182. Does anyone know of any good Ninpo instructors on Long Island or in New York City
  183. Fighting Techniques...
  184. "Dirty" tricks
  185. difference between the self-defense and the self-defense for women
  186. ITEMS FOR SALE ON EBAY..............
  187. ITEMS FOR SALE ON EBAY..............
  188. How do you train for the "real deal"?
  189. How do you train for the "real deal"?
  190. Flesh tearing
  191. Flesh tearing
  192. High kicks.Shall we forget about them?
  193. The first strike?
  194. hand conditioning (palm,fist,phoenix eye...)
  195. Punches
  196. Im talking about hardening in general
  197. Using your surroundings!
  198. New Breed Publishing: Street Reality Books From Jamie O'keefe
  199. Things you should never do in a fight
  200. Focus Training
  201. Guard
  202. The best way to destroy an opponent
  203. Fight Club
  204. The Martial Arts Are For Selfdefense Only.
  205. This Difficult Art Of Self-defense
  206. What age?
  207. Who will win?
  208. NYC dude looking for 1X-2X week training partners for street survival SD
  209. Hello everyone!
  210. "Knockout" punches: To the face versus the side of the head? Opinions?
  211. Unlawful entry
  212. sparring and fighting
  213. Your most confident technique.
  214. Gun Control- Just of interest
  215. Nanquan/changquan fighting effectiveness
  216. To Pananjakman Practitioners!!!!!!!!!!!
  217. Range in a real fight
  218. training drills/techniques
  219. Wanted: Technique MPEGS
  220. So You Think You Can Tell A Good Story?
  222. The Outcome
  223. How do YOU train to reduce your reaction time?
  224. New M.M.A. Event April 27th.
  225. Fighting very very big opponents.
  226. Sleeper Hold/ Naked Choke Challenge
  227. Would you carry a gun if legal in your area
  228. boxing sparring
  229. Real World Training
  230. To Everybody: I Need A Complete List Of Functional Footwork!!!!!!!!!!
  231. To Everybody: I Would Like To Buy Unused Books On The Following!!!!!!!!
  232. To Everybody: I Need Information On How To Execute The Fang Choke Technique!!!!!!
  233. Worth learning Judo?
  234. Talking Your Way Out of a Fight
  235. Martial Arts Video Trading Website
  236. Martial Arts Videos Trading site Updated. More videos and books.
  237. martial arts video site updated
  238. This one rule could change Streetfighting.....
  239. Stupid stunts in a fight.
  240. My Wing Chun Punch Is Powerful!...
  241. Asteroid/Reality fighting (apologies to Ol' Jong)
  242. Where is Craig?
  243. I guess this is Reality
  244. Martial Arts Video Trading Site Updated!
  245. Combative Solutions Workshop
  246. Miami Open.
  247. The Strangest Fight Ever.
  248. How to train for multiple opponents
  249. Street Fighting
  250. 1 vs 4 video