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  1. How would you fight this guy?
  2. Street fight vs kung fu video
  3. strike first
  4. very hard time with confrontations
  5. Video Clip
  6. crime avoidance books
  7. PTSD & unnecessary force
  8. power ranger with a stun gun
  9. effective Fighting
  10. Matty Evans seminar
  11. Entry Techniques
  12. Dept of Homeland Security Training
  13. Trials and Tribulations
  14. How do you fight a taller person?
  15. New Online Clip
  16. kill moves
  17. Sports mindset versus Street mindset
  18. Real Life application of Martial Arts to Police, Security, Etc work
  19. Knife (Sayoc Kali) seminar- Rutherford NJ , Feb 11th
  20. Any good knife fighting schools in Tucson
  21. Kung Fu effective?
  22. How effective are Martial Arts in Self Defence
  23. Your experiances
  24. How to fight
  25. Street Fighters Choice
  26. weapons: OC spray vs ASP vs knife
  27. Proof that ancient techniques can win!
  28. Good article on knife crime.
  29. Fantastic Article
  30. I witnessed this fight the other day
  31. What to do against a grappler?
  32. VIDEOS: Marine Corps Martial Arts
  33. best styles of Grappling?
  34. "Self-Defense" style experiences?
  35. Self Defense Stories
  36. training groups
  37. Guidlines for Posting (Please Read):
  38. Need A Bjj School In Orlando
  39. Does anyone know?
  40. sparring matches
  41. sparring partner wanted
  42. need an honest answer
  43. The Non-Martial Arts Self defence thread
  44. Review of Tim Cartmell’s Standing Grappling Escapes DVD
  45. biting
  46. What would you do?
  47. BJJ & Taoism
  48. time the bite
  49. What would you do if you are their friends?
  50. Do you give self defense advice to?
  51. where is everyone?
  52. How do you realistically defend against a Dog?
  53. Upgrading of Fighting Techniques
  54. Sayoc kali and "the hunted"
  55. Most pathetic fight ever (vid)
  56. Streetfighter mindset
  57. NOT for the faint of heart
  58. video: hardcore street fight
  59. survival/self defense guides
  60. a serious Q
  61. Almost got into a fight tonite
  62. Knife fighting
  63. The power of intuition in self defense (?)
  64. animal tech./street
  65. What do you do?
  66. wanna go to sleep?
  67. Realistic Street fighting
  68. The biggest threat or the littlest one?
  69. How many have you killed ?
  70. Because Boxing doesn't work "on the street"
  71. Shock knife
  72. Maybe the mount is not the answer
  73. Anyone know about the R.A.I.D self defence system ?
  74. Russian wedding brawl
  75. Dunkin Dumbnuts?
  76. Dorm Boxing
  77. Practice your self defense, it will save your life!
  78. Graphic Knife attack
  79. Successful Street Applications
  80. Dog Brothers.
  81. Citizens On Patrol
  82. modernization and terrorism
  83. Nai Yin Xue
  84. "Combat and Survival" series
  85. modernization and Terrorrism pt. 2
  86. Defence Against Front Tackles
  87. Country boy fight
  88. Russian Old School Police
  89. Defending in 0g
  90. video: Khazakstan street fight
  91. Japan knife attack
  92. The Enigma: Paul Vunak
  93. Help Identify A Martial Art
  94. Ground DeMystified
  95. Eclectic
  96. Beaten to death - one punch kill
  97. Lloyd Irvin victim of home invasion
  98. The reality of the street
  99. Improvised Weaponry
  100. Do Most Fights Go to the Ground? (Research conducted)
  101. props to this guy!
  102. An ACTUAL knife fight
  103. Martial Arts World Records and Stunts
  104. Forget about all the kungfu theories
  105. Most Important Street Fighting Skill
  106. Unsuccessful Street Applications
  107. Terrorist Training Camps in the US
  108. Great New Close Quarters Strikes Video
  109. Capoeira questions
  110. No Knife? Use Your Tactical Pen
  111. Black Belt Nurse vs Attacker With Knife
  112. Marching Band Baton Girl Fights off Muggers with Baton
  113. Not a fake...
  114. Tony Cecchine's new video series
  115. Thrown weapons
  116. 72 yr old Man serves up a can of Whoopazz!
  117. video: Black dude fights off 3 white guys
  118. reason vs logic
  119. how to defend against a gun
  120. Taekwondo against mugger
  121. Street Self Defense by Bas Rutten
  122. video: Bully gets beatdown
  123. Bao Ding Shuai Jiao Seminar in NY
  124. Bus brawl
  125. Trannies destroy Street Thugs
  126. Guy uses Jiu-Jitsu at Gas Station, narrowly avoids AIDS from broken glass and...
  127. dude takes on 3 guys
  128. German Jerry Springer massenschlägerei bei "traumhochzeit" mass brawl at "dream weddi
  129. Mugger vs rear naked choke
  130. Practicing Real Life fighting
  131. guy shot in head with arrow
  132. Cdt
  133. Bad Day for Wannabe Bruce Lees
  134. BJJ Exponent owns thief!!!
  135. Old guy takes on gun-wielding robber with a knife
  136. All TenTigers wants is a cheeseburger!
  137. The FBI Stats RE: Group fight
  138. Book Review: Meditations on Violence
  139. Systema spetsnaz - master class seminar
  140. Sharpened Fingernails
  141. Russian Policeman's flying kick!
  142. Kung Fu Grannies in Kenya
  143. This is how it's done on the streets of Memphis...
  144. 12 year old KOs cop
  145. Jump kick Brazilian police man!
  146. Real life Michelle Yeoh SuperCop
  147. Roger Huerta Street Fight
  148. Ninja FAIL
  149. deaf guy choked out
  150. Umbrellas with Sword Handles
  151. video: Guy goes nuts with a knife
  152. Who say s kung foo doesn't work?
  153. Finally the person who throws the sucker punch gets their ass kicked (vid)
  154. How is street fighting any different than Sports fighting?
  155. street fighting / self defense myth
  156. securities vs. punks...
  157. Mailman Self Defense?
  158. Video: Proper use of Shaolin cane techniques
  159. Awesome Series on Self Defense
  160. EPIC Street Fight
  161. Here! Eat this!!!!!!!
  162. lame streetfight over a burger
  163. Chick KOs dude with headbutt
  164. Bad day for a burglar
  165. Real life Jackie Chan SuperCop
  166. Rhino vs. Buffalo!!! Insane!!!!
  167. KFMers fight at Taco bell
  168. What happens when crazy americans go to japan?
  169. Sword fight erupts at Sikh temple in NYC
  170. Toe to Toe
  171. schoolgirl martial arts, kungfu fighting
  172. Chick has good standup for streetfight
  173. Old Man Knocks Out Four Guys
  174. how to stop a fight :)
  175. Batman is TRYING to use Wing Chun
  176. Ultimate fight question
  177. Russian Wing Chun owns Security Guards at Dolphin Show
  178. 63-year-old holds off robber with rear naked choke
  179. Chinese basketball brawl
  180. Martial FAIL
  181. heabutt FTW!
  182. Sweet take down!
  183. Self-Defense taught at a recent KFM gathering
  184. Real fight caught on camera
  185. Quest for Justice
  186. Applied Combatives Training
  187. McDOnalds Beatdown
  188. Real Life Fight
  189. funny street fight video
  190. Ghurka steps in...
  191. MMA fighters foil L.A. Robbery
  192. grappling as your only training? not always the best idea
  193. End a Fight Quickly
  194. it will make you angry...
  195. Punched in the Jaw
  196. Russian street fight
  197. Women's Self Defense Blogging Carnival
  198. Challenging the 85% rule
  199. Training induced psychosis
  200. Razor in the mouth
  201. The Philosophy of Real Fighting
  202. In China, Women Train to Become Bodyguards for Billionaires
  203. Eagle Style vs Crane Style - a true story
  204. Bad Day for martial arts wannabees (non-Samurai, non-Bruce Lee)
  205. Duh duh duh.....emo fight!!!!
  206. How would you deal with a table being thrown at you?
  207. Indian women counter rape with martial arts training
  208. Backstab
  209. Blauer, Combat Krav, Crazy Monkey, Keysi and all the rest
  210. The streets are dangerous. Sport fighters beware.
  211. Can you really snap someone's neck by twisting it from behind like they do in movies?
  212. Interesting Street Application Story (Though not TCMA)
  213. What is the best for self defense?
  214. In Memory of Dr. George Thompson
  215. Good samaritan stabbed with own (cane) sword
  216. Salty Old Man Beats UP Armed Robber
  217. Combat training for the Chinese police
  218. Kelly McCann's List of PIN's
  219. how to measure your success as a fighter
  220. What to do when a woman hits you?
  221. Equal Rights is a B. (Krav Maga vs. Punch in the Face)
  222. Ted Wong sifu would've been 76 yrs old today!
  223. Muay Thai vs. 4 thugs with weapons
  224. Why you shouldn't get in a fight in Brazil
  225. Knockout game
  226. De-escalation by Loren Christiansen
  227. RIP George Lee
  228. The 12 Days of Self-Defense (sung to the tune of 12 Days of Christmas :)
  229. The Wisdom of Dr George Thompson - creator of Verbal Judo
  230. MMA Fighter Kills Invader
  231. Joe Lewis would've been 70 today!
  232. Happy 90th Birthday Taky Kimura sifu!!
  233. Man threatens police with jiu-jitsu
  234. Thugs punished by pro Muay Thai fighters
  235. Real Swordfights
  236. The Realz on da Streetz
  237. Gas station clerk with MMA training surprises thieves.
  238. BJJ Black Belt’s Point Of View = Article
  239. Larry Hartsell sifu would've been 72 yrs old yesterday
  240. Drew Guest - De-escalation: Victory Without Violence
  241. Anthony Kelly - Martial Arts World Record Breaker
  242. Warrior Headbutting
  243. Anyone see a Human Shield Wall???
  244. San Soo
  245. Just perfect !
  246. OOps!
  247. TKD girl
  248. Old man drops pro
  249. Graphic violent video
  250. Psychologist Lt Col Dave Grossman (On The Act Of Killing) .