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  1. Tai chi for health
  2. Wudang Taijiquan vs Wu Style Taijichuan
  3. Xingyiquan Jings
  4. Hsing-I in Canada???
  5. Xingyi and Bagua in Chicago?
  6. aleister crowley speaks from the grave
  7. Fajing in Yang Style
  8. Map
  9. tao of sexology
  10. China vs USA Full Contact San Shou Fighting
  11. Yang Taichi Training Method
  12. Has anyone film footage of.....
  13. The disease/ a question of rank
  14. Taoist Sexual Practices
  15. Interesting side effect
  16. White snake spits its tongue
  17. About Hsing I....
  18. Have any of you internal lads tried out any of the Dragon Door fitness stuff?
  19. A question for those who practice Yoga in addition to an internal art:
  20. Has anyone seen these books/videos?
  21. Li TaiLiang Xinyi Seminar in Bay Area
  22. Taoist society taiji- Moy lin shin's yang/wu/wudang style
  23. Bagua in Wisconsin
  24. Xingyi
  25. Legal ramifications
  26. Chinese Pronunciations For 24 Form
  27. Xinyi and xingyi?
  28. Chan Ssu Jing in Yang Style Taiji
  29. Hung-gars internalness?
  30. ???? for R A F
  31. Chen Style Taijiquan Seminars
  32. Zhaobao Taijiquan
  33. My thought for the day 4/19/01
  34. The demise of Taiijquan
  35. Pure in style????
  36. Internal- Mike Patterson's theroy?
  37. Taijiquan Fajin
  38. FaJing - what's the deal?
  39. Maoshan & Black Taoist (TH #17)
  40. They Talk The Talk
  41. A post from the main board...Internal vs. External
  42. Paying the Rent
  43. ATTN: Daniel Madar
  44. crane spreads its wings
  45. The Empty Force??
  46. Psychiatric patients: the ideal training partners?
  47. xingyi apps
  48. Wow...You guys depress me, and now I doubt my art.
  49. Grandmasters
  50. New Weapons
  51. personal revelations in training? taking a break?
  52. Gongfu Instructional Videos for Sale....
  53. I'm retiring
  54. Staying Healthy
  55. Will trade Baji and Pigua tapes for Bagua tapes!
  56. Has anybody in here ever actually used Yang Cheng-fu Taiji in a real fight before?
  57. yin yang baguazhang
  58. What do you people do all day
  59. The Right Path of Yiquan
  60. Internal arts are soft styles?
  61. What do you all think about this guy?
  62. Taijiquan...or Tai Chi question
  63. Bagua Seminar in San Diego
  64. the necessity for herbs with internal arts practice
  65. One more book recommendation, please :)
  66. studying tai chi
  67. scary Taiji school in UK
  68. (frivolous) Did you see Lisa Simpson doing tai chi on Sunday?
  69. Metaphysical BaGua!
  70. di gung training
  71. The Pussification of the internal arts
  72. Fellow baji-players: A question...
  73. Coming to LA
  74. Chen Taiji, Xing Yi&Ba Gua in Montreal
  75. Eight Diagram Palm
  76. Chi Kung to help hearing?
  77. Question about baji basics
  78. Something Different
  79. Qigong to help eyesight?
  80. Earl Montigue
  81. Baguazhang and the trigrams...a fake link?
  82. translations of the I Ching
  83. Guo Bao-lo's Article
  84. does ti work??????
  85. Tai Chi Headaches
  86. 5 element theory
  87. what tai chi is the best?
  88. Most combat effective Internal martial art?
  89. What style of Tai Chi do you study
  90. What Style Is the most complete
  91. What style of Bagua Do you study
  92. what style of Hsing-i do you study
  93. Bagua question
  94. Pushing Not Effective?
  95. What style
  96. modified vs. traditional taijiquan
  97. Shuai chiao vs. Bagua zhang...
  98. Sure you can fight without I-Ching, but can you master the art?
  99. Order Of Progression In Yang Style Forms?
  100. Article on Xingyi animals
  101. Standardized 16 Form Taiji?
  102. Internal/External
  103. Pa Kua Chang Workshops and Seminars - NYC and China
  104. Yang Short Form
  105. Taijiquan Teacher in Lake Tahoe area?
  106. kenny gong students
  107. Stance Training
  108. Can you help me started ?
  109. Tai Chi Prices???
  110. How long (on average) to learn Yang form?
  111. Xingyi Horse Form
  112. Euh .... kinda need help
  113. Zen meditation
  114. What style of Hsing-I does James McNeil know?
  115. good Hsing-I school in New York City?
  116. What is Hsing-I
  117. Hsingi in New York
  118. What Taiji means?
  119. Whats your favorite style of Tai chi Chaun or any other internal art
  120. Chen tai chi VCDs for sale--hsing yi, pa kua
  121. Pa Kua or Hsing-I?
  122. Paqua thumb, out or in ?
  123. Research in Da Lu
  124. Anyone know were I can get some good Chen style Taijiquan clips
  125. Luo Dexiu in Boston
  126. I Ching contents
  127. Lineage: Does it really matter?
  128. Does anyone know
  129. Tai chi questions...
  130. Pakua Question- Concerning Master Park
  131. tensegrity
  132. how do u build chi
  133. what excerise do you do to build up qi
  134. "Taoist Tai Chi"
  135. Natural Qi
  136. What would you say if...
  137. Which family of Tai Chi?
  138. Internal roots
  139. Have you heard of these guys?
  140. Internal arts goods from Japan
  141. Push Hands vs. Sticky Hands
  142. cool new site
  143. Tai Chi Legacy
  144. Some resources on Neija
  145. Syphoning Chi?
  146. the Dan Tien - opinions please
  147. training to be internal (external to train the internal)
  148. Tai Chi Fan Weapon VCD for sale
  149. physical dependence on internal arts? Are the health effects a fake?
  150. Tai Chi in Albany-Capital District NY?
  151. what are the similiarities and differences between the Hebei and shanxi styles of Hsing-I?
  152. Grand Opening,"Fut Sao Wing Chun Kuen N.Y.C. Branch Kwoon"
  153. ATTN:SF/Bay area martial Artists
  154. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  155. deerhorn knives
  156. Sir-Ching ?
  157. Att: Ma-Xu_Zha (or whatever your handle is)
  158. FULL contact / No Equipment Fights?
  159. Li Tai Liang
  160. taiji - a counter attacking art?
  161. Sword in Chen Taiji?
  162. taoism
  163. Chi vs. "Chi"?
  164. Tai Chi -or- Bagua schools in NJ
  165. awsome site w/cool photo's
  166. Yang Style Tai Chi
  167. Wudang Tai Chi
  168. Chi Kung International
  169. andrew lee?
  171. A Question for practitioners of Hsing-i
  172. reconsidered this post so nothing to read now
  173. Nutrition...that's internal isn't it???
  174. Liu Ho Pa Fa at Shaolin Do?
  175. Fighting with Internal
  176. Yang family Taiji seminars?
  177. Opinions wanted on: "Rooster scratches wallet with one foot"
  178. Chi power?
  179. What do people think about YMAA?
  180. Breathing in Taiji
  181. Pachi Chuan with Master Su Yu-Chang in New York
  182. TaiChi in/near Oshawa/Whitby in Ontario, Canada
  183. IS Aikido "purely" defensive?
  184. Taiji Ball
  185. Paqua and rib pain
  186. Does Kai Yu have a website?
  187. Pa Kua & Tai Chi VCD's For Sale! *************************************
  188. Mastering internal arts
  189. Bagua Seminar in Los Angeles!
  190. Cheng Man ch'ings/Yang Tai Chi
  191. Hsing-I, complete?
  192. what does everyone here think about hung gar?
  193. How has your internal training changed you? Can you live with it?
  194. What are the names of the taiji forms?
  195. Practice does NOT make perfect
  196. Single Hand Practice
  197. A site with articles on tai chi
  198. Bagua, for beginners?
  199. Taiki-Ken (something old or something new)?
  200. Wu Dang Shan
  201. Anybody heard of "NG" style Tai chi chuan?
  202. Time in Tai Chi
  203. CMA Tourney w/ Internals + Seminars Coming Up!!!
  204. Hsing-I Question
  205. what do you think of these people
  206. Short forms - bad?
  207. External or Internal
  208. just seen a old style!
  209. How to root...
  210. Diet and Endurance
  211. Question on Chen Style Tai Chi
  212. VCDS on CHEN TAI CHI, , tai chi push hands, fan, hsing yi staff, Pa Kua******************
  213. intent in bagua
  214. Final Fantasy 8: The fake within
  215. Some Discussions
  216. Just lookin around.
  217. Undergarments
  218. Videos
  219. Internal Shin kicks
  220. Sifu Jason Tsou
  221. Internal Iron Palm
  222. There was something seriously evil in the air Sunday (nt)
  223. Wooden Dummy
  224. Internal punches?? How are they different??
  225. Qi-Qong and body lightening
  226. All Internal Arts "High Level"?!?
  227. Can KungFu Change a Ravers Life
  228. Park Bok-Nam group in Phoenix?
  229. Old Yang Style Taijiquan Classes
  230. Combined 48 Form?
  231. What do you think of this?
  232. What is your Internal Training?
  233. new wu taichi book
  234. Chen style Taijiquan
  235. Sparring
  236. Good or Not (Wu Jien Quan)
  237. Seminar: Drunken Form of Choy Lay Fut with Master Li Siu Hung
  238. Ba Gua Pre birth /Post Birth
  239. Yang Taijiquan/dim-mak seminar.
  240. fist/spear/palm in that order to puncture iron body???
  241. Sifu James McNeil
  242. Hsing-i pakua taichi.
  243. External influence
  244. Saber measurements
  245. Sliding steps in bagua
  246. dantien rotation
  247. Seminar w/ Feng Zhiquiang this weekend
  248. Warrior as Healer
  249. where can i find the philosophies of tai chi
  250. Help with spine alignment