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  1. Why not MORE Xingyi???
  2. Internal and the knees
  3. I think its cool so I steal it
  4. calling all parks pa-kua chang schools
  5. Bagua Tighthand
  6. Can someone tell me about Yang Chengfu & his Taiji?
  7. Wooden Dummy for xingyi practice?
  8. Orignal Yang Lu Chan Form of TaijiQuan
  9. They war of the...(let me know what you think
  10. Anyone do Iron Bridge (board)?
  11. Regional internal arts
  12. Differences
  13. Internal MA in Mass
  14. Guard
  15. Sword Lessons: Take a Look!
  16. Master Su Yu Chang Kung Fu and Qigong Seminar
  17. Does CBII know their stuff?
  18. What does it mean to be a toaist?
  19. Hey Maoshan
  20. I worked out with a Tai Chi guy.
  21. Tai Chi Ruler...
  22. Wudang Snake style
  23. "make the form your own now"
  24. A video clip of interest
  25. Chen style teacher "Chi does not exist"
  26. Master Li Tai Liang Movie Clips And New Web Site
  27. Dont worry
  28. The Life and Times of Taijiquan
  29. Can anyone help?
  30. Chi?
  31. Yesterday's encounter
  32. Internal in western canada
  33. What do you guys think about this web site
  34. Bagua in Atlanta
  35. Tai Chi/asthma book
  36. Xingyi stance problem.
  37. Looking for bagau zhang schools in NY
  38. Difference between Taiji and Taiji Quan?
  39. Question...
  40. Chen style question
  41. "Internals" and Knifighting?
  42. tai chi question.
  43. Traditional Yang Shi Taijiquan Site
  44. Is it really that slow?
  45. How about a functional model of Qi?
  46. James Cama's Fut Sao Buddha Hand Wing Chun Summer Seminar July 20th
  47. Perception of the internal arts?
  48. How many bricks can you brake?
  49. Joseph Chen
  50. Schools in Colorado Springs
  51. Funny thing, these Internal Martial Arts...
  52. Song style xing Yi
  53. ALL INternal Martialartist I NEED YOUR HELP
  54. Can anyone recommend a good qigong video?
  55. Celibacy ?
  56. Can you up root an opponent
  57. Tai Chi?
  58. Tai Chi and Hsing-I Forms
  59. celibacy
  60. Relaxing, no hard stuff, just how do you relax :)
  61. Taijiquan
  62. Taijiquan against primarily striking arts.
  63. New Site
  64. Origin of Taijiquan Source, Part I
  65. Origin of Taijiquan, Part II
  66. Origin of Taijiquan, Part III
  67. Masters and their battles
  68. The 5 bows, 4 levels and 3 harmonies
  69. Anyone put jow on their hands before doing tai chi?
  70. Visiting Taoist Grand Master Zhang
  71. Best teaching in London? (any style)
  72. Xingyiquan
  73. Does anyone have the Plum Publications 'A Tour of the Tai Chi World' video?
  74. ATT: Black Taoist (and crew)
  75. San Francisco Taijiquan Gathering
  76. Andy Lee
  77. Looking for Tai Chi
  78. Gao style and self defense...
  79. 9 mental powers of Ninjutsu
  80. San-Ti
  81. Confusing Neija History.
  82. Can anyone recommend a good Chi Kung class in London, UK?
  83. Ba Gwa Question...
  84. Florida Kung Fu Championship Website!
  85. Baguazhang and Xingyi video clips
  86. "The Joke has gone to far" - Marcello Teixeira
  87. Please help...
  88. Long shot question
  89. NY Sept Tournament info
  90. Ba Gua in the Philadelphia Area
  91. Ba Gua in Mass.
  92. bagwork?
  93. Empty Force Again!
  94. Liuhopafa Quan?????
  95. Za Zhuang vs Sil lum tao(Wing CHuns qi-gong)
  96. Standardized Chen form
  97. pi chuan to long?
  98. Weapons Training
  99. xingyiquan in seattle
  100. Is Chen TaiJi really an internal style like BGZ and XI
  101. B. P. Chan
  102. Internal Arts in the Northwest?
  103. Is taiji too relaxed ...
  104. Are all Tai Chi push hands the same?
  105. Any Schools In The Baltimore/Washington, DC Area?
  106. Single whip
  107. Stregnth training and Tai chi
  108. ATTN: Seattle/PNW Martial Artists!!
  109. Yo Bagua guys!
  110. Xingyi and Taiji simliarities
  111. old yang form=guang ping?
  112. Xing Yi people read this book, does it have...
  113. David Lin natural chinese martial arts
  114. New Member
  115. Yang Taijichuan videos
  116. Another mind-numbing question about Taijichuan.
  117. throwing the taiji sphere
  118. Wierd Version of Pi Quan
  119. tc and flexibility
  120. Tsin Man Ching
  121. Ma Hong's definition of Internal...
  122. Bagua Dao
  123. Xing Yi in NYC
  124. new Site
  125. Bagua in 7 days DIY
  126. BGZ or XYQ for tall people
  127. Kinetic energy and internal principles?
  128. Internal Strength Seminar in Boston
  129. The WingCHun vs Taiji problem I think I have an answer.
  130. Chen Style in NY
  131. taichi pains.....
  132. Xingyi or Bagua in PA
  133. ATTN. Kevin Wallbridge
  134. "kick butt" attitude
  135. Tai Chi student dies while meditating
  136. Shaolin Diamond Fist(this looks alot like TAICHI) wanna see
  137. Attn, Maoshan, and Black Taoist:
  138. Yang Style Tai Chi Long Boxing
  139. Tai Chi Symbol Workshop
  140. Footwear
  141. Info needed on Chen Instructor!
  142. Grand Master Zhang Yuan Ming Workshop Schedule (Alaska)
  143. Honan Xin yi liuhe Quan
  144. Yi Quan, Dae Cheng Dao question.
  145. Honan/ Xin yi Liuhe Quan in Kingston Ontario
  146. Spear construction
  147. training out of books, etc....
  148. Confession and truth
  149. Tui Shou & Da lu
  150. Chen Tai Chi in Cleveland Ohio
  151. Bagua Zhang in Michigan???
  152. taoist chi pills....without the nasty tea
  153. A seminar with George Xu
  154. Serious Neijia people wanted
  155. Wang Hai Jun Boston Workshop
  156. Differences between C and Y taiji
  157. In Shanghai I met
  158. Park's Pakua
  159. "New" taiji style?
  160. Wei Lun Huang???
  161. Say it anyway I this is what I was getting at
  162. Chen style clarification.
  163. What is Internal?
  164. Jeff Bolt.
  165. I'm a tai chi hippy now
  166. Tai Chi Chuan and it's translation.
  167. Ba Ji Quan (8 Extremes Fist)
  168. Confused about weight lifting
  169. Selling an Erle Montaigue tape if anyone's interested
  170. Attn: Gene Ching
  171. TMA in New York City?
  172. He Jin Bao, info?
  173. School in nYc
  174. Combines internal styles video I got
  175. Is similar present in other Taiji styles.
  176. Yin Yang Kai He
  177. Internal arts weapon use
  178. Mu Lan Chuan
  179. Medicinal fists
  180. Berkeley/Oakland Bagua & Xingyi
  181. Happy birthday fa jing
  182. Sun Lu Tang
  183. BT's Pakua
  184. Yang 108 images
  185. Death of TT Liang
  186. Only good Gi-Gong Sites
  187. Why ? Wuidude I Tell You Why
  188. Xingyi instruction in LA?
  189. Bajiquan/Pigua Zhang Articles
  190. I bought Tai JI Classics!!!!!!!
  191. GreenDragonSociety
  192. Baijiquan and PiguaZhang LInks ????
  193. Books by Chen Man-Ching
  194. A thread about fighting strategy...
  195. What is the orthodox purpose for single palm change training?
  196. What is a 'fighting' BGZ class like?
  197. You are ****ed, a BJJ guy has you by the hips...
  198. MonkeySlapToo, Thanks for the good questions,
  199. How does BGZ train you for knifefighting?
  200. Circular vs. Linear
  201. What is more important in a real fight?
  202. Chen Tai Chi videos
  203. to maoshan!
  204. to maoshan!
  205. to maoshan!
  206. Any experiences with Yang Kuang Ping taiji?
  207. Baji in mainland China?
  208. Workshops
  209. question about PI-CHUAN
  210. Attn: Justa Man
  211. What do you think?
  212. Results of Master Zhangs Workshops
  213. irregardless
  214. Why teach alot about Qi?
  215. Sun Style Taijiquan Videos
  216. xingyi camp in S. California late June 2003
  217. Tung Tsai Liang R.I.P.?
  218. Do you spar with your internal art?
  219. In Park's defense
  220. Taiji Abs? (same as main forum)
  221. Which Style Tai Chi Chaun
  222. Which Chen Taijiquan Style
  223. Hey Paperweight
  224. Pushing Hands, Chen and Yang's clippings
  225. Chen Zhu Lei Workshop
  226. Nick Lo - Come get me.
  227. 1st All Ba-Gua Tournament
  228. XingYiQuan Seminar - Li Tai-Liang - June 2003
  229. Duc Dong
  230. Sam Masich
  231. 2-handed Saber Taught In Nyc
  232. RE: Anyone in here use Tai Chi in Self-defense?
  233. Grandmaster Chen seminars in Ohio
  234. Second "Energies"
  235. Connecting Energy
  236. 5 aniaml chi kung
  237. "Kick and fan the wind" movement, Anyone know what form of Tai Chi this is from?
  238. Kick and Fan the Wind???
  239. Funny observations on Standing Practice in a family of six
  240. Bagua in San Antonio TX?
  241. old school bagua kungfu movies?
  242. Hispanic Palm-What up Bro.......
  243. Bodyguard anyone?
  244. personal bagua weapons
  245. New Chen Taiji Book
  246. Could someone Explain Reverse breathing
  247. How do you pronounce Chen Qingzou's name?
  248. Tai Chi Sword
  249. Master Chen Qing Zhou spear and Chin na seminar in Cleveland Ohio
  250. Yang Fukui, NYC