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  1. The 25th Anniversary Issue of Kung Fu Tai Chi - September+October 2017
  2. WINNERS: Return of the Kung Fu Trailers of Fury on Blu-Ray Disc®
  3. WINNERS: Sky on Fire on Blu-Ray Disc®
  4. WINNERS: Railroad Tigers on DVD
  5. WINNERS: The Taijiquan & Qi Gong Dictionary Autographed by Angelika Fritz
  6. November+December 2017
  7. WINNERS: Tai Chi in 10 Weeks Autographed by Dr. Aihan Kuhn
  8. WINNERS: Tai Chi for Depression by Dr. Aihan Kuhn
  9. WINNERS: Iron Protector on Blu-Ray Disc®
  10. WINNERS: Possible Origins by Scott Philips
  11. WINNERS: Legend of Bruce Lee: Volume 3 on DVD
  12. Need Copy of Oct/Nov 1997 Issue
  13. SHAOLIN SPECIAL January+February 2018
  14. WINNERS: God of War on Blu-Ray™+DVD
  15. March+April 2018
  16. WINNERS: The Villainess on Blu-Ray™+DVD Combo Pack
  17. WINNERS: The Kung Fu Tai Chi 2017-2018 Collection PLUS Grandmasters LIVE! 2-DVD set
  18. WINNERS: The Adventurers on Blu-Ray™ + DVD Combo Pack
  19. WINNERS: Shock Wave on Blu-Ray™+DVD Combo Pack.
  20. 23000 Strong
  21. WINNERS: Extraordinary Mission on Blu-Ray Disc™
  22. WINNERS: Reset on Blu-Ray Disc™
  23. May+June 2018
  24. WINNERS: Brotherhood of Blades II: The Infernal Battlefield on Blu-Ray™+DVD Combo
  25. WINNERS: The Thousand Faces of Dunjia on Blu-Ray Disc™
  26. WINNERS: Kickboxer: Retaliation on Blu-Ray™+DVD Combo Pack
  27. WINNERS: The Martial Teacher Autographed by Author Jonathan Bluestein
  28. Summer 2018
  30. WINNERS: Bruce Lee: A Life Autographed by Author Matthew Polly
  31. WINNERS: Once Upon a Time on Blu-Ray™
  32. WINNERS: Paradox Blu-Ray™+DVD Combo Pack
  33. Fall 2018
  34. WINNERS: Monkey King 3 Blu-Ray™+DVD Combo Pack
  35. WINNERS: Operation Red Sea Blu-Ray™+DVD Combo Pack
  36. WINNERS: Along with the Gods: The Two Worlds Blu-Ray™+DVD Combo Pack
  37. WINNERS: Kung Fu Tai Chi Subscription
  38. WINNERS: Chen Tai Chi for Beginners DVD Autographed by Master Chenhan Yang
  39. WINNERS: Martial Structure Autographed by Philip Starr
  40. WINNERS: The Dao De Jing: A Qigong Interpretation Autographed by Dr. Yang, Jwing-Ming
  41. WINNERS: The Book of Samurai Autographed by Antony Cummins
  42. Winter 2019
  44. WINNERS: Detective Dee: The Four Heavenly Kings Blu-Ray™+DVD Combo
  45. WINNERS: Taiji Fencing Principles Autographed by Xia Chongyi
  46. WINNERS: Master on DVD
  47. Shaolin Special 2019 (SPRING)
  48. WINNERS: The Great Battle Blu-Ray™+DVD Combo
  49. WINNERS: The Last Captain on DVD
  50. WINNERS: Ninja Stress Warrior from Well Go USA
  51. WINNERS: Kong Han Goh Cho Kun: Five Ancestor Fist Book II Autographed by Daniel Kun
  52. WINNERS: Eight Ways Chi Gong Autographed by Michael Stenson
  53. WINNERS: Golden Job on Blu-Ray™
  54. WINNERS: Beginner Tai Chi for Health on DVD autographed by Helen Liang
  55. Summer 2019
  57. 18 Luohan segment in the Nov/Dec 2003 Shaolin edition
  58. Fall 2019
  59. WINNERS: Bagua for Beginners
  60. WINNERS: Big Brother
  61. WINNERS: Falling from the Floating World Autographed by Nick Hurst
  62. WINNERS: Qigong for Beginners DVD Autographed by Lisa B. O'Shea
  63. WINNERS: Zhaobao Taichi Kungfu Autographed by Wayne & Cindy Peng
  64. WINNERS: Tai Chi, Baguazhang and the Golden Elixir by Scott Park Phillips
  65. WINNERS: Even If It Kills Me Autographed by Donivan Blair
  66. WINNERS: Unleash the Dragon Within Autographed by Steven Macramalla, Ph.D.
  67. WINNERS: Kung Fu League Blu-Ray™+DVD Combo
  68. WINNERS: Karate Kid Autographed by Rosanne L. Kurstedt
  69. WINNERS: Refining Jin Autographed by Phillip Starr
  70. Winter 2020
  71. WINNERS: Chen Style Taijiquan: Collected Masterworks Autographed by Mark Chen
  72. WINNERS: The Divine Fury Blu-Ray+DVD
  73. WINNERS: Bare Knuckle Brawler on DVD
  74. WINNERS: Exclusive Limited-Edition MartialArtSmart Hoody
  75. Back issues on Dvd or download
  76. WINNERS: Chinese Gong Fu: Toward a Body-Centered Understanding by R.F. Gonzalez
  77. WINNERS: Cat & Mouse Issues #1 & #2 Autographed by Roland Mann & Silverline Wristband
  78. Spring 2020
  79. WINNERS: Tai Chi and Ancient China Autographed by Craig Voorhees
  80. WINNERS: The Knight of Shadows DVD+BRD combo
  81. WINNERS: Battle of Jangsari DVD+BRD combo
  82. WINNERS: Warriors of the Nation on Blu-Ray Disc
  83. WINNERS: Authentic Iron Palm Autographed by Phillip Starr
  84. Why is kungfumagazine forum listed as unsecure?
  85. Summer 2020 - the unfinished final issue
  86. WINNERS: The Art and Science of Stick Fighting Autographed by Joe Varday
  87. Gene Goes Ronin
  88. WINNERS: Stories From the Trenches
  89. WINNERS: Two Chen Tai Chi DVDs by Chenhan Yang
  90. WINNERS: Spotting Danger Before It Spots You by Gary Quesenberry
  91. WINNERS: Striking Distance (paperback edition) by Charles Russo
  92. WINNERS: Wandering Along the Way of Okinawan Karate by Giles Hopkins
  93. WINNERS: Two YoQi DVDs by Marisa Cranfill
  94. WINNERS: Dragons and Boxers Autographed by Kyle Fiske
  95. WINNERS: The Martial Arts of Vietnam by Augustus John Roe
  96. WINNERS: 3 Qigong Flow for Happy Organs DVDs by Marisa Cranfill
  97. WINNERS: True Wellness for Your Gut by Catherine Kurosu & Aihan Kuhn
  98. Articles on Tan Tui in KFTC magazine...
  99. WINNERS: Blade 4K Ultra HD 4K Digital edition
  100. WINNERS: Max Cloud on Blu-Ray Disc
  101. WINNERS: Tai Chi Push Hands Autographed by David Grantham and Dr. Yang, Jwing-Ming
  102. WINNERS: The Swordsman on Blu-Ray Disc
  103. WINNERS: 2021 Kung Fu Year of the Ox T-shirt
  104. WINNERS: Russian Raid on Blu-Ray Disc & Digital
  105. WINNERS: Tai Chi Fit: Healthy Back Seated Workout DVD by David-Dorian Ross
  106. WINNERS: Tai Chi Concepts and Experiments Autographed by Dr. Robert Chuckrow
  107. WINNERS: Baguazhang: Autographed by Phillip Starr
  108. WINNERS: Suparinpei: The Highest Kata of Goju-Ryu Karate by Giles Hopkins
  109. WINNERS: The Bam (documentary) on DVD by Willie ‘The Bam’ Johnson
  110. WINNERS: Undercover Punch and Gun on Blu-ray Disc™
  111. WINNERS: The Paper Tigers on Blu-ray Disc™
  112. WINNERS: Silat Warriors: Deed of Death on Blu-ray Disc™
  113. WINNERS: Tai Chi Fit: Healthy Heart by David-Dorian Ross
  114. WINNERS: Tai Chi Fit for Women by David-Dorian Ross
  115. WINNERS: The Fatal Raid on Blu-ray Disc™
  116. WINNERS: Crazy Fist on Blu-ray Disc™
  117. WINNERS: God of War II on Blu-ray Disc™
  118. WINNERS: Sun Tai Chi by Chenhan Yang on DVD
  119. WINNERS: The Emperor’s Sword on Blu-ray Disc™
  120. WINNERS: Kung Fu: The Compete First Season
  121. WINNERS: Krav Maga Fundamental Strategies Autographed by David Kahn
  122. WINNERS: Welcome to Karate Autographed by Bruce Costa
  123. WINNERS: Wu Tai Chi by Chenhan Yang on DVD
  124. WINNERS: Martial Arts and the Mirror Image by Phillip Starr
  125. WINNERS: Raging Fire on Blu-Ray Disc
  126. WINNERS: Searching for SUPERHUMANS 1 by David Verdesi & Lee Holden on DVD
  127. WINNERS: Tai Chi Fit for VETERANS by David-Dorian Ross on DVD
  128. Winners: Grand Qigong Circulation autographed by Dr. Yang, Jwing-Ming.
  129. Winners: Analysis of Genuine Karate autographed by Hermann Bayer Ph.D
  130. Winners: Bioenergy Training Part 1 by Nick Loffree on DVD
  131. WINNERS: Bioenergy Training Part 2 by Nick Loffree on DVD