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  1. 1BJJBlue sings the National Anthem
  2. Steve Jobs = NINJA!
  3. Panda vs. Ninja
  4. Beware of Chrysler vehicles
  5. Ten Tigers takes a Vacation
  6. any ideas?
  7. coolest website
  8. Mysterious deaths of 9-11 witnesses?
  9. Trouble and Violence in Ecuador
  10. Reagan insider: 'GOP destroyed U.S. economy'
  11. For MK so loved the forum, that he gave this gif...
  12. Conn. murder trial...
  13. Good Samaritan story
  14. Google street view of Brazil
  15. Guy on a Rascal Falls down an Elevator Shaft
  16. what cha think about?
  17. Jim DeMint (R): sexually active single women and gay people shouldn't teach
  18. LKFMDC if he was a HWY Patrol
  19. Capitalism: Bayer Knowingly Gives People AIDS for Profit
  20. High Spoed Car Chase and Shoot Out, in Brasil!
  21. GOP: likes dressing up as nazis?
  22. Words of Wisdom and warnings from Texas.
  23. More Words of Wisdom from Texas!
  24. The UN, The Tea Party, and More - A Revealing Interview.
  25. Here's your Halloween treat: Chinese Ghost Stories.
  26. How do you create a job?
  27. If Corporations are people?
  28. Bank repos hit an all-time record
  29. McDonalds given a waiver on Obamacare
  30. US and the Taliban?
  31. Rahm Emanuel under pressure!
  32. "The Sell-Out of America"?
  33. When I say Boomer....
  34. Politico: 99 Democrat House seats in danger
  35. Obama lowered your taxes, but most of you don't realize it
  36. Holy sh1t real life pokemon
  37. This might make you say "OOOOOH"
  38. Juan Williams fired for being honest
  39. Tea Partiers Curb Stomp Woman's Head
  40. A simple solution to Haitiís Cholera Outbreak!
  41. Monk Yi Xing: Astronomer, Mathematician, and Mechanical Engineer of the Tang Dynasty
  42. Foiled terrorist plot
  43. Tom Ridge: I was Pushed To Raise Terror Alerts before 2004 Elections
  44. Polish Air Crash - Accident or Assassination?
  45. New York Judge rules 6-year-old can be sued
  46. Stonehenge
  47. SF GIANTS....Great KUNG FU
  48. How can Palin be Pro-TARP and yet Anti-Bailout?
  49. computer help
  50. What happened to the Bloodbath?
  51. video: MysteriousPower gets arrested
  52. Is Obama a Keynesian?
  53. Bush: Kanye was worst moment of my presidency
  54. This Bike is WAY cooler than yours
  55. Minnesota Mom Hit With $1.5 Million Fine for Downloading 24 Songs
  56. Is The Album Becoming A Relic Of The Past?
  57. Chinese Professor Ad
  58. Aliteracy and Illiteracy
  59. Free webhosting viewable from China
  60. Fighting Trousers - Professor Elemental
  61. Happy Veterans Day
  62. John Boehner to fly commercial as Speaker
  63. wtf u guys ?
  64. i sure hope....
  65. The secret has been revealed...
  66. Science Saved My Soul
  67. Why did Eric Cantor (R) Pledge Allegiance to Israel over the US?
  68. Charles B. Rangel
  69. ok democrats... riddle me this...
  70. good times in chi town...
  71. MK's Black Friday deals!
  72. best of blogs - 8 lies republicans want you to believe
  73. Businesses don't need more tax breaks
  74. Is it just me...
  75. North Korea is America's Ally--Sarah Palin
  76. Happy Birthday Bruce
  77. Anderson Cooper Destroys Leo Berman(R)...
  78. WikiLeaks founder appeals detention order
  79. FUK MMA.....even Santa knows gung fu...
  80. Turkey Calls
  81. Sarah Palin is a Traitor
  82. ok how bout steve king then....
  83. teens inslaved in newark hair salons...
  84. john mccain
  85. My god these sooners!!!
  86. Police State 4: the rise of FEMA
  87. Wal-Mart to help the Government Spy on Citizens?
  88. Obamacare
  89. Baltimore Orioles player Luke Scott interview
  90. Great rack!
  91. Masterkiller and Bawang caught on video
  92. Apple engineer uses Lego to rebuild ancient Greek mechanism
  93. Westboro Baptist Church
  94. Seventh-grader throws down thunder dunk on a fast break
  95. Loaded rocket launcher found just metres from major highway north of Victoria
  96. VA judge rules key part of Obamacare unconstitutional
  97. End of America (disturbing a$$ sh1t!)
  98. Need help with my youku fu!
  99. Red Lobster to Dog Fort
  100. let's do the dance called the Peewee hermen
  101. Awesome animation of world health progress by country
  102. Just got my Xmas present
  103. "At Ease"
  104. Abe Lincoln, Japanese highway man?
  105. Just released my first song!
  106. Obama extends Bush tax cuts
  107. This year, I'm going to challenge Santa!
  108. Cleveland Browns legal response from 1974 inquiry
  109. It's a Festivus for the rest of us!
  110. Sharkboat!
  111. Lt. Col. Lakin - Coward or Moron???
  112. Remember Net Neutrality?
  113. Let's talk Whisky!
  114. Paul Waggoner Freed From Haitian Prison
  115. Drunk Orson Wells
  116. Speed trap vigilante wins false arrest case
  117. Benny Hinn: Lord of the Sith
  118. Autism/vaccine link study exposed as a fraud
  119. Well, "pro-constitution" "anti-government" nut bag shoots congresswoman
  120. Why Seattle will never be any good at football
  121. J-20 Chinese Stealth Bomber
  122. Dire Straits 'Money For Nothing' song banned in Canada
  123. Wes Welker makes 11 references to feet in Pats/Jets interview
  124. Some more disturbing facts about the world we live in!
  125. Is Glenn Beck Crazy???
  126. Oh Snap! Colbert on "Palin Fatigue"
  127. Tounge Fu
  128. Public education in Texas faces massive cuts
  129. Democrat Congressman uses "irresponsible political rhetoric" in healthcare debate
  130. President Hu Jintao at the White House
  131. Talk Radio's #1 Man Dumpling
  132. I'm in love with this LSD granny
  133. Dang, you guys made someone mad
  134. City Coons
  135. Tiger Mothers and FOB Moms
  136. Happy Burns Day!
  137. Brush your teeth with soap !
  138. Austin to close high performing schools due to budget shortfall
  139. God loves you
  140. WTF Cairo
  141. Why Almost Everything You Hear About Medicine is Wrong
  142. Sanjuro's cat
  143. Gorilla Overlords Demand Obedience
  144. Thought provoking Documentary about where the world is headed!
  145. So you thought Fluoride was safe?
  146. 1958 Speech that is very relevant today!
  147. Fox News Confirms That We Are Indeed Rednecks
  148. Tea Party wants to cut Vet funds
  149. Betelgeuse, Betelgeuse, Betelgeuse!!!
  150. Phoenix Suns Entertainer, Nick Corrales, Dunks Himself Through The Hoop
  151. Special Music For The Soul
  152. Superbowl XLV
  153. This nasty winter
  154. 2011 Year of the Iron Bunny
  155. The power of attitude or a good lie may save your hide
  156. People really are stupid
  157. Heard ya like wrestling
  158. Follow the White Rabbit
  159. CRTC to delay change in Internet billing
  160. RIP Tura Satana
  161. Uh oh shaggy....Texas has $27 Billion budget gap
  162. The fox news video thread...
  163. Armed bird at chicken fight kills man
  164. A lot of Bush?
  165. America's fastest growing religion
  166. Republican congressman solicits sex on craigslist
  167. super granny
  168. Chinese Ghost Towns
  169. Bands!
  170. Kung-Fu Terror Birds !!
  171. Happy Darwin Day!
  172. Our Future in Corrupt Lands and Corrupt Times
  173. The words of a KGB defector in 1985 and the fate of the US today!
  174. Man jailed after filming himself driving 140 mph
  175. Proof of the New World Order agenda!
  176. OK, I Call Shenanigans...!!!!
  177. Teabagger Sentenced To Eight Years For Assault
  178. Star Wars 1942
  179. Bieber-tards on the loose...
  180. Gross
  181. Defector admits to WMD lies that triggered Iraq war
  182. budget info, cuts vs tax breaks
  183. Repubs in S. Dakota Move To Legalize Killing Abortion Docs
  184. Lawsuit says military tolerates rape, assault
  185. Indian minister reads 'wrong speech' at UN
  186. new planet in our solar system...
  187. clintons... dirtbags???
  188. Guns Guns Guns....!!!
  189. Missouri GOP Wants to Repeal Child Labor Laws
  190. Would you wrestle a girl?
  191. Teresa Strasser Hammers Into David Frum Over Prosecuting Bush For War Crimes
  192. The Sarah Palin Thread
  193. fLIPfLOPers....
  194. Wall Street
  195. The BP Legacy
  196. Palestinians condemn US plan to settle refugees in South America
  197. Ex-US judge pleads guilty to child prison scam
  198. Sow how would you handle it?
  199. An Absolutely Amazing and Fascinating Interview with the Late Aaron Russo!
  200. Canadian Family in Life Support Battle Places Hope in Michigan Hospital
  201. Oklahoma: Sell $31 in Pot, Go to Jail for 10 Years
  202. Ugliest car?
  203. Ogling as medicine
  204. DTotD: Chile U-20 player hits himself in face with opponent's hand
  205. GOP: "Climate gate" data not manipulated
  206. Little Russian Girl caught on camera levitating????
  207. Has anyone seen this Global Warming Ad?
  208. For Sports Fanatics and Knuckleheads
  209. Happy Birthday Gene
  210. A CEO, a Teabagger, and a Union Employee...
  211. Oregon Newspaper Calls for Rep. Wu's Resignation
  212. The New Abortion Thread...
  213. White-males-only scholarship reflects fear of minority majority
  214. Breast Milk Ice Cream
  215. NASA Full Launch - Space Shuttle Discovery [C0ckpit View]
  216. Low-flow toilets cause stink in San Francisco
  217. Once More.... abortion...
  218. Charlie Sheen
  219. Former MADD chapter president busted for DUI
  220. Why?
  221. Yet another Muslim terrorist murders Americans
  222. Jon Stewart Show Sort of Annoyed Me
  223. Texas Tea Party Hypocrisy
  224. Westboro Baptist Church Supreme Court Ruling On Free Speech
  225. An Eye Opener about Libya?
  226. Yet another Christian molests children
  227. Are Whites The New Minority?
  228. Skinny Girls who got Fat
  229. Asia Times Online Article on the Bilderberg group!
  230. Stupid Canadian Politics...
  231. Natalie Portman slammed for out-of-wedlock pregnancy
  232. Cute
  233. Right-Wing radio used Paid Actors for Call-ins
  234. Bush and McCain were right - military tribunals are the way to go
  235. Heads up for ebay members....
  236. Republican Offenders
  237. Father of murdered child vows to kill the murderer when he is released
  238. Cheap Airline Tickets or Alternative types of air travel???
  239. Dumbocrats
  240. The Secret Group Setting the Price of Oil
  241. They say she had it coming.
  242. Tsunami hit Japan and soon Taiwan
  243. Video: A car dunk better than Blake Griffin's
  244. U.S. border town mayor arrested on gun running charges
  245. the greatest english rugby player of the modern era
  246. Rock Back For The Japan Disaster Relief Fund
  247. My cat is not very smart
  248. They dont speak English at Subway anymore
  249. Don't donate money to Japan
  250. Wide spead abuse