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  1. Anonymous strikes back
  2. The Girl From Ipanema
  3. Con-man Al Gore finally faces and "answers" Questions.
  4. How Dumb Are We?
  5. Fox News lies about journalists being used as human shields
  6. Should Obama now be impeached?
  7. Prosecutor in Hilton case facing cocaine charge
  8. Don't ask Don't Tell Repeal
  9. NJ Governor Chris Christie tells it like it is
  10. Republican prosecutor wanted Walker to employ false flag attack
  11. Buzzy is still at Buzz-A-Rama 500!!!
  12. “the monkey bill.”
  13. Alaska to Consider Lowering Drinking Age for U.S. Troops
  14. American Oil Reserves
  15. Unemployment at 8.8%
  16. Steal a Laptop from a Geek, End Up Shamed On YouTube
  17. Hate Pastor Terry Jones Quietly Goes Through With Quran Burning Plan
  18. Masculinity in the 21st century: are we in trouble?
  19. How to clean the cobra pit
  20. Email transfer from Outlook XP to Windows 7 - Live Mail
  21. For the record...
  22. Key figure in ATF's Gunrunner operation cooperating with congressional inquiry
  23. neo-cons...this is why they are crazy
  24. Middle East violence
  25. Chicago public school bans homemade lunches
  26. Glen Beck cancelled
  27. NBA Playoffs!
  28. Do you still like these kind of music today?
  29. What is it with Dodge guys?
  30. California lawmakers curious about Texas’ business benefits
  31. Pic Fight!
  32. Lawn mower question
  33. U.S. credit rating outlook lowered by S&P
  34. McDonalds
  35. First North Korean broadcast of U.S. college football
  36. US to sell GM stake at $11 billion loss
  37. Marilyn Davenport Tea Party Racist
  38. Two Elephants...
  39. Cool story (not political)
  40. Confirmed: Marvel vs DC movie shooting now
  41. Autocorrect !!
  42. Spiders
  43. Rand Paul DESTROYS the Dep Asst Sec of Energy
  44. Dads: The Original Hipsters
  45. Wanna give 1bad an aneurism?
  46. Attorney sues after spending $19k at strip club
  47. New Website Makes It Easier to Buy American
  48. I fight evil.. for reals!!
  49. Obama roasts Donald Trump
  50. Obama kills Bin Laden
  51. Roswell Alien Footage Released HD
  52. 14 signs that the collapse of our modern world has already begun?
  53. Official sources: Bin Laden
  54. Intel Chief: They Killed 'Make Believe Osama'
  55. The Federal Reserve IS a PRIVATE bank!
  56. The Al Qaeda Myth - The BBC
  57. Leon Panetta confirms waterboarding was used to gather Osama info
  58. New Career Option for Drake?
  59. Last WWI combat vet has died
  60. Texas Govenor cries for federal aid
  61. Pakistan
  62. Unemployment rate rises again
  63. Prosecutors Are Expected to Seek Dismissal of Charges Against Bin Laden
  64. The Deliberate Dumbing Down of America!
  65. Ron Paul admits to the existance of the New World Order conspiracy.
  66. Chinese cooking arts
  67. Thermochromic Urinal
  68. Bookbinding
  69. Obi-Wan Kenobi Is Dead, Vader Says
  70. Free Smart Pills
  71. More Madness in the name of the fantasy "war on terrorism"!
  72. This sub forum...
  73. Lake Monsters and other Weirdness
  74. Student loans/college education and corruption!
  75. Exploding Chinese Watermelons
  76. A Public Service Announcement
  77. Libya and the Wizard of Lies
  78. Roswell....is this video real?
  79. Post your favorite post apocalypse movies
  80. is revenge ok?
  81. We really do need a 'facepalm' icon - News story included
  82. Official 9-11 story - More holes than swiss cheese!
  83. Funny video- In N Out burger grand opening in Allen, TX
  84. I've found my long lost sister!!!!!
  85. Florida Gangsta are TOUGH Mo Fo's
  86. Randy Macho Man Savage DEAD
  87. Death of Bin Ladin and Other Lies:
  88. The Real Reason for the Attack on Libya
  89. October 21, 2011: Rapture Redux
  90. MK and others from Oklahoma!
  91. why wwe wrestling needs more reviews...
  92. Cooking Peking Duck
  93. Religion
  94. How stressed is your state?
  95. San Francisco considers banning circumcision
  96. Congratulations David Jamieson!
  97. Kung-Fu School Project Feedback
  98. Sanjuro buys his wife a purse
  99. You just can't fix stupid
  100. TV Executives Admit in Taped Interviews That Hollywood Pushes a Liberal Agenda
  101. Prisoners Gold Farming in China
  102. Octomom's fertility doctor has license revoked
  103. Unemployment rises to 9.1%
  104. Dr Jack Kevorkian dead at 83
  105. Brave Soldier had No Choice but to fight
  106. John Edwards indicted on conspiracy and campaign law violations
  107. It's all starting to make sense....
  108. Hilarious Hong Kong Commercial
  109. Sarah Palin on Paul Revere
  110. Provable Internal Energy; Unbendable Arm
  111. 1 in 3 employers Will Drop Health Benefits After ObamaCare Kicks In
  112. TSA training Video...
  113. search
  114. Fook you Nebraska!
  115. Black Bear
  116. A stupid woman calls a national talk show to brag that she got away with killing her
  117. Hey Ross - You're wrong
  118. so, americans do get thrown in debtors jail
  119. Rice
  120. Hey Ronin, Your Wrong!!
  121. Funny: Caller unhappy with theater's no texting policy leaves nasty voicemail
  122. New York's Central Park gives musicians the boot
  123. CIA has vaccine to cure the religious.
  124. Hockey
  125. So who watched the debate last night?
  126. Rick Perry thinks he's a prophet???
  127. Wisconsin high court upholds anti-union law
  128. Full moon, Summer maximum
  129. 'Bye bye pervert'
  130. University of Colorado admits to altering sea level data
  131. Happy fathers day
  132. Happy Birthday, Pork Choppa!!!!
  133. Found this gem...
  134. Mom arrested after baby dies in microwave
  135. People who name their kids stupid uncommon names...
  136. I find this to be terribly creepy.
  137. Fair and Balanced?
  138. hiding in a porta-potty
  139. Winchester Mystery House
  140. I'm Sorry
  141. Trying out for new game show
  142. Cost of wars at least 3.7 Trillion and counting
  143. I have something to tell you..I'm Chris Hansen from Dateline NBC
  144. Best Hiking Trail in US
  145. Help Find this missing girl in Philly
  146. Anyone here burn fragrance oils?
  147. FPS Russia- Dragons Breath Shotgun
  148. Casey Anthony walks
  149. The Obama effect hits businesses
  150. Rock Back: Animal Rescue Vol 1 (compilation) now available
  151. So now burning coal is good for the environment
  152. Rupert Murdoch hacks into phones of private citizens and bribes police
  153. Unemployment rises again to 9.2%
  154. test of some words
  155. This helps my Chi
  156. Funny song and video I made...
  157. Happy Birthday, Ten Tigers
  158. Reading comprehension-Fu
  159. For My American buddies
  160. Anyone here ever eat dog?
  161. Pastafari, mon
  162. Dale Dugas got married?
  163. Shoot out in Bogota: Colombian Police in Action!
  164. Bruce Lee Style Attack kills Strongman
  165. Bus 62 don't care
  166. Chinese Adults Break Kid's Fingers (with kung fu stomp)
  167. um...OK.....
  168. More "unexpected" news
  169. Taxpayers lose $1.3 billion in Chrysler bailout
  170. LMFAO at this
  171. Billy and billy jr
  172. Bawang for Moderator...
  173. Which sport has the worst officiating?
  174. Enjoy a cup of our latte!
  175. Enjoy
  176. And yet another one
  177. Massacre in Norway
  178. Saw a guy trying to win a Darwin Award
  179. Happy Birthday, Red Haired Devil
  180. North Carolina family wins lottery 3 times
  181. I am so done with this
  182. Enough is enough
  183. I'm Outta here !
  184. Scientists name saddest movie scene ever
  185. Hottie pics for when Sanjuro-Ronin returns!
  186. "I'm a badass, just look at my tat"
  187. A few words of widom for the politically naive!
  188. Rio de Janeiro - Elite Police Sniper Takes Out Head of Drug Running Gang.
  189. It's the POTUS's birthday!
  190. Global Warming Doomsters' Theories Wrong, Says NASA Study
  191. Muslims want to build a mosque near your house? No problem, lets go pig racing
  192. Pittsburgh Steelers coach sells Mercedes to team cook for $20
  193. First bare-knuckle boxing match in over 100 years scheduled for tonight
  194. We're so scrooed
  195. Even Obama's own family admit he has failed
  196. Considering...
  197. Random observation
  198. Virus alert
  199. London Riots
  200. Wisconsin GOP holds off Democrats in recall elections
  201. Tim Geithner: "No risk" of AAA rating downgrade
  202. Hbd northwind
  203. Justice is SERVED!
  204. Life dealt me a good one today!
  205. Americanselect.org
  206. More Gay Repubs in Office
  207. For MK
  208. Dept of Innovation fail
  209. Cameron blames UK riots on 'moral collapse'
  210. Warren Bussett
  211. The Mayor of Philadelphia lays the blame for that city's riots
  212. Air Swimmer!!! Do want!!!
  213. The Federal Reserve IS a PRIVATE Banking Cartel!
  214. Fox News Ignores Ron Paul
  215. Printed books
  216. Mr.Fishy!
  217. Holy f@cking batwing, Batman!
  218. Maxine Waters (D-CA) 'Obama has not visited any black communities'
  219. Employees beware: Higher healthcare costs ahead
  220. I Saw Sanjuro on a Greyhound Bus
  221. Medicine's Bright Future
  222. When they come and take away your guns...
  223. BUILDING No.7: The Official Version of 9-11 Continues to be Shredded into Pieces!
  224. Just a Reminder About What Wars Are All About!
  225. Sanjuro Ronin is actually God.
  226. So what businesses does Rick Perry actually own?
  227. What companies does Rick Perry own?
  228. There are new financial regulations under Obama
  229. Why all the thread locking?
  230. Photograper turns two relatives into one person
  231. Help and advice about ANti-virus
  232. Tax Increases Coming on January 1st
  233. Bawang IS CYMac !!!
  234. More Western Lies and propaganda on Libya! LOL!
  235. What will happen to Kaddafy?
  236. T-shirt websites
  237. Should we be concerned?
  238. Subduing the Testicles
  239. Bill Clinton announces support for Bachman!
  240. College football fans: Will Miami get the 'death penalty'?
  241. Hurricane Irene... A Wicked Music Dedication
  242. Obama to name new top econimic advisor
  243. Paintball shot ruptures woman's breast implant
  244. No earthquakes have nothing to do with plate tectonics
  245. Friend posted this on facebook
  246. The Invisible Empire! 2 Million Plus Views!
  247. Fake Barf
  248. Asking for clarification
  249. Vietnam vet, 61, joins college football team
  250. California boy throws rocks at car, gets shot by crossbow