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  1. Whedon Supports Romney, Maybe you should too.
  2. Who you shoudl vote for:
  3. Chinese Needing Translation
  4. Romney will be the new President
  5. Muay thai knee training
  6. At the hospital with my daughter
  7. Do you like my new couch?
  8. Hostess Brands is Closed
  9. Brott mot griftesfriden
  10. The illuminati and the cfr.....
  11. Competition Vs. Cooperation.
  12. Just got the internet back...
  13. My Journey - From Rags to Riches.
  14. small part in tech commercial shenzhen china
  15. Chinese-Mexicans celebrate repatriation to Mexico
  16. RIP Hector Camacho
  17. HSK vs MK: Interweb Battle
  18. Martial Honour
  19. A Tale of Two Dragons from Lushan Provice
  20. Joke Thread - It's been a while....
  21. turning 42 and still have some moves
  22. Mayan Apocalypse 12/21/12
  23. The Way of the Peaceful Warrior - A True Event from Today
  24. A Question for Warrior Man???
  25. Any JRPG fans here?
  26. What IS racism??
  27. Strike First, Strike Hard, No Mercy!
  28. 27 shot dead in Conneticut school
  29. MK Approves of this thread
  30. Rest in peace, Daniel Inouye
  31. U.S. Home Foreclosure Aid...
  32. Happy Holidays!
  33. my new documentary!(NON_MARTIAL RELATED)
  34. Tryig Youtube Tutorials Thing
  35. Hey all you website builders out there!
  36. Jan 4th, 2013... GO MARTY
  37. Hey British People!
  38. Guardian Beasts
  39. Which KFMer is this?
  40. Send some prayers our way
  41. Viking Time!
  42. Women are allowed in combat situations now
  43. Happy Australia Day, KFMers!
  44. Funny prank
  45. Superbowl XLVII
  46. Found a pic of 1bad
  47. Famous sayings
  48. Finally getting the love it deserves...
  49. Choctaw Stickball - "Little Brother of War"
  50. Drawings/Pictures for Viewing Online
  51. Best Interview...Ever
  52. Dr. King Trial
  53. Boing!
  54. Syn, printed prosthetic
  55. Coffin Homes & Cage Homes
  56. Eating bitter in China
  57. China's Pollution problem
  58. Phil Bronstein interviews "The Shooter". Don't miss it.
  59. The Pope resigns - who here should take over?
  60. 105 y/o ZEN buddhist master loves boobs
  61. Sports Illustrated Swimsuit edition
  62. Ring
  63. Russian Meteor Hammer
  64. Lead levels linked to violent crime
  65. the parable of david ross
  66. Fuel on Fire
  67. Happy Birthday to our Fearless Nacho Cheese Eating Wearing Abusing Leader: Gene Ching
  68. Harlem Shake
  69. Bigfoot
  70. If you're a cop, emt, street worker...
  71. Conspiracy Theories
  72. Trolling
  73. Bawang this is for you
  74. Xi Jinping
  75. Knives on a plane
  76. Ever wonder why there aren't too many new users on this forum?
  77. check out this snake style form
  78. Kung Fu Weapon Rack
  79. RIP Joe Wieder
  80. Stephen Wiltshire: The Human Camera
  81. April Fools
  82. The Illuminati
  83. Can someone translate this?
  84. Internet troll gets put on blast.
  85. Ghosts and other Paranormalities
  86. Chinese are just tougher than Gwai Lo
  87. Happy 10 year anniversay to me!
  88. Shaolin and astrophysics
  89. Living in a material world
  90. English to Cantonese translation
  91. what pants should i get
  92. Sweat vs Blood
  93. Boston Marathon Bombings
  94. HBD JamesC!!!
  95. Space thread of things that actually exist and we can prove it.
  96. I think it's time to update your infrastructure
  97. Help us with school project
  98. Robbing Banks for the CIA
  99. Cool!
  100. Chinese toilets
  101. The Million Moron March
  102. Just when you thought it was over....
  103. Banking....
  104. Military Sexual Assault
  105. Which one of you is this?
  106. Paying for YouTube
  107. Freakin ninja, that's why
  108. More freaky china
  109. I don't argue
  110. Thou shalt not talk about it says China.
  111. Space Oddity....IN SPAAAACE
  112. 3D Printed Weapons
  113. Cyber Kung Fu
  114. Well MK? You unscathed?
  115. Google Class Porn
  116. In DC. Who is buying me dinner?
  117. Texas rules that it's OK to shoot an escort
  118. Thanks, Obama!
  119. connecting blue ray to computer monitor how to??
  120. Operation: Troll the NSA
  121. Three 11yr old and their metal band
  122. For Aussies and Kiwis
  123. Is the food you buy safe to eat?
  124. This is my art...
  125. Anyone here into Reptiles need help ID this reptile?
  126. 8th Anniversary of Cook Ding's Kitchen!
  127. Made in China
  128. Legal Self Defense Questions
  129. I want one of these
  130. Morsi is done!
  131. 1st Amendment speech under attack!
  132. Asiana Airlines flight No. 214
  133. Golf in China
  134. N.Y. Chinatown Fire, Explosion and Partial Collapse
  135. Where do you fit in?
  136. The girl who was shot in the face by thr Taliban
  137. Chinese cyberattacks and espionage
  138. Want to hear some music?
  139. Nail Houses
  140. We love Sword Hotties because it's good for you
  141. ATTN: Gene
  142. Florida Police
  143. Kung Fu Kissing
  144. Guns!
  145. The existence of Rex Kwon Do
  146. debate of the century
  147. What is your opinion about the woman in this article?
  148. Now this is how you get arrested
  149. 40 maps to help make sense of the world
  150. Chinglish
  151. How To Get To Heaven
  152. Sun Wukong and Yue Fei
  153. Project R
  154. Wifi in Hong Kong?
  155. Boxing Jokes
  156. Best app to use for this forum
  157. JOKE: Hillbilly hunter
  158. Don Jon (Movie)
  159. Happy 10/10
  160. I Enjoy A Really Good cover.........
  161. Red Bull release full video of Felix Baumgartner's jump from space
  162. I found the equivalent of SR's ring of power
  163. Facekini
  164. JOKE: Monsters, Chuck Norris, Mr. T and ...
  165. Just because
  166. URGENT- First Nations Protests- Human Rights, Land rights, water rights
  167. Lama kung fu can fight
  168. How much should McDonald's workers get paid?
  169. russell brands revolution
  170. Gym & Puzzle Mats
  171. Yeah Sox!!
  172. How hard is it for a convicted felon to get a job?
  173. Frost, I found out why you are so angry.
  174. This
  175. Because Candy = Drugs
  176. The one thing missing from our training
  177. What's better in this situation, CMA or MMA?
  178. This Japanese are hilarious
  179. Jungle Gym Workouts
  180. Obamacare website
  181. My daughter won the 2013 International Pole Championship
  182. XBox One or PS4
  183. Somebody got tapped out by a BJJ blue belt!
  184. 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi
  185. EPA Fraud
  186. Post picture
  187. OMG Jet Li has overactive thyroid
  188. a few of the differences between the habits of the rich and the poor.
  189. Telepopmusik - "Breathe"
  190. "I am because we are"
  191. [NSFW] I'm singing in the rain, ...
  192. Death by wedgie
  193. Environmental Protection
  194. Patterson Gimlin Bigfoot Film
  195. Sex Sent me To The ER!
  196. Chinese Sculptor Spends 4 Years Sculpting World’s Longest Wooden Masterpiece
  197. Black panthers in the USA
  198. arnold works undercover at gold's gym
  199. Guy Tries To Attack Jim Cantore During Live Shot, Immediately Regrets It
  200. Five leaf clover
  201. RIP Pete Seeger
  202. My crowdfunding site
  203. Strange sounds from sky, worldwide phenomenon
  204. Vodka
  205. and back to Florida...
  206. Free Climbing
  207. M@therf@cking wutang clan underarmour
  208. Genetically modified food
  209. original rap song,star on the rize
  210. Cool Robin Hood! Amazing archer!
  211. History of Men Moving On
  212. 54
  213. Ancient American, Polynesian, Asian Civilization
  214. This will surprise forum members: The Internet is sadists' playground.
  215. South Dakota: Hard Up For A Dollar
  216. Pho !!!!
  217. another small commercial where i play the token foreign guy
  218. Happy Pi Day!
  219. Black Knight Satellite????? could be
  220. Bruce Lee's Game of Death remake :)
  221. Look who I met
  222. For X MEN movie fans...drag these photos STAT
  223. Shrimp Boy and the Senator
  224. Short Bio on Professor Toru Tanaka
  225. My Dad RIP
  226. Running for water
  227. World Environment Day June 5
  228. World Map W/ Antarctica @ Center.
  229. Russell Means @ Schagticoke interview
  230. Cat rescues boy from dog attack
  231. Vaccine study finds no link to autism
  232. Testicula fortitude!!!!!!!
  233. in defense of pus
  234. World Cup 2014 Thread!
  235. The art of online discussion
  236. LOOK OUT, DANG IT!! IT"S HERE... Brian Jonestown Massacre: Revelations (Demo Version)
  237. Interesting New England Sites
  238. *faceplam* Incest MAY be ok ?
  239. great and heartwarming story from Renzo Gracie
  240. My trip to Tanzania (and my spear)
  241. Georgia's "Rock Eagle" Mound.
  242. Yeah, you ain't JCVD, so don't...just stop it
  243. Clothes-off Challenge to boycott Ice Bucket Challenge
  244. Burgers that taste like people
  245. Tai Chi Ventura
  246. Hong Kong Pro-Democracy protests
  247. The Distortion of Sound...(Short Film)
  248. Upper East Coasters: Did you experience this??? (Seriously)
  249. Hi all
  250. Chinese Torture