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  1. Equipment for training:
  2. Push ups:Is it safe to go all the way down?
  3. Anyone know anything about electronic stimulation machines?
  4. Streching Techniques
  5. injury question
  6. Buying Training Equipment
  7. Fast twitch..Weights...punch power.
  8. Is stance training the worst way to stregthen your legs?
  9. where do YOU train?
  10. Iron body training: what is the safest way to do it?
  12. Wrists?
  13. Hand Conditioning
  14. Knee pain and the horse stance...
  15. Good Knuckle Conditioning?
  16. Makiwara
  17. weight training "sport specific"
  18. horsestance/knee pain
  19. Bad Ankle Injury Need Help PLEASE!!!
  20. 5 parts to training.
  21. Taiji Knee
  22. Need more flexibility now!!
  23. Anyone using creatine?
  24. Music and training
  25. Questions about training gear
  26. Weight Gainers!!
  27. Do You Keep Your M.A. Training/Skills To Yourself? Why?
  28. Combat Training and Mindset
  29. how do you train?
  30. Conditioning (Tai Long Long and Faan tzi Ying Jow Pai especially)
  31. Basic Training
  32. Sit up's and Crunchies
  33. Quick effective methods to improve flexibility
  34. Iron Palm
  35. A few questions on a knuckle conditioning method.
  36. Carpal tunnel
  37. ADD and natural ritalin alternatives????
  38. OT: supplements for training
  39. Iron forearm: roller bar method
  40. I'll save you a few months of training.
  41. Here's the best forearm strength/muscle builder!!
  42. Jump training
  43. Weight Lifting
  44. Stretching?
  45. Horse Stance Metal Training Rings
  46. Is plucking nails practiced anymore?
  47. What's Your Workout Like?
  48. What Do You Do First Stretching or Aerobic Exercises?
  49. leg raises
  50. Stretching Scientifically?
  51. what do you consider health!
  52. HeavyBag Training
  53. Man, you guys are geniuses!
  54. Sandbag Training
  55. Iron Body
  56. The dao of nature
  57. Iron Palm/Makiwara Training
  58. Using wooden poles, steel poles, cement columns, steel columns to condition your forearms.
  59. How can you avoid banging the bony lower part of your inner forearm when doing three star blocking?
  60. 250 year old man?
  61. Steroids in the MA
  62. Diet and nutrition...
  63. Best methods for a quick warmup?
  64. Who's got skills?
  65. Head kung, iron palm and stuff like that....
  66. Duty of Care
  67. What is the best way to do finger pushups?
  68. Kung Fu training methods...Hard Work or Just Fun?
  69. I want to start working harder.
  70. INJURED!
  71. How to gain muscle?
  72. Still Swollen
  73. Gotta get better!!
  74. Videos For Sale!!!!!!
  75. asthma.....options please
  76. Better to make Jow or buy it?
  77. Kicking and flexibiltiy
  78. should you avoid doing iron palm in an air conditioned room?
  79. iron balls
  80. Sore muscles...some help please=)?
  81. Knees & Tendinitis
  82. regaining your breath/energy after the form.
  83. Once Upon a Time....
  84. What's bone setting???
  85. Back problem
  86. Stretching
  87. Running
  88. exercise chi ..how?
  89. Should you wear gloves when pushing a heavy punching bag back with your knuckles?
  90. Getting started
  91. Exercises
  93. My arms are all sore!!!!!
  94. Interesting Address
  95. Western or Shoalin
  96. shin splints on my forearms?
  97. Improving Endurance?
  98. Rip Fuel supplements
  99. TCM
  100. Back flexibility
  102. Gatorade
  103. OBIWAN,you brother of GOKTIMUS ,the whinger,another,TROLL,who likes to vote ,to ban others,SHOULD BE
  104. Traditional Chinese Strengthening Exercises
  105. chi kung?
  106. what happened to this Forum?
  107. What is your opion of the past SHAOLIN MONKS who were idolised as heroes !!!!! When they could be co
  109. Using your style of kungfu, how would you fight off the Flu?
  110. work out (playground)
  111. How long should you stetch out each day?
  113. Need suggestions for training exersises I can do at home.
  114. Green Tea
  115. Need some Help! Pleeze!
  116. How can you get a higher Side Kick?
  117. Master Li Siu Hung Choy Lay Fut Kung Fu Seminar in South Africa!
  118. Protein
  119. Your Favoriate Sparring Gloves?
  120. how many of you actually train seriously?
  121. How does your school approach training?
  122. Harmful side effects of Iron Palm Training.
  123. Relaxation
  124. Could somebody please give me some advice on how I can develop chiseled abs?
  125. balance of kicks
  126. Iron Hand and balance
  127. Ginseng & Body Parts...
  128. Shin conditioning question.
  129. Kung Fu Schools
  130. Hello all, I'm new to all this and have a couple of Q's
  131. un blocking sinuses
  132. Traditional or Progressive?
  133. Blows to the Head?
  134. Dit da jow
  135. Training in Singapore
  136. help?
  137. Pre-Training Rituals
  138. Tendonitis?
  139. Balance
  140. Kink in my back
  141. Low-carb diets and caffeine
  142. Ganglion
  143. Reduce appetite
  144. What to expect from a bonesetter
  145. acupressure
  146. Conditioning/leg strength
  147. bone strength
  148. Knuckle Pushups
  149. speed ball good training or waste of time.
  150. Should you weer shin guards when kicking a thai pad with your shins?(Nontroll)
  151. Taoist Sex Practices
  152. Re: How to build muscles / Arnold and Steroids (Attn hanky panky)
  153. Strength Training Links
  154. "Clapper" makiwara
  155. Chin-Na
  157. Hung Gar
  158. Interesting Injury
  159. Ration to Machines to Barbell & Dumbells to Barbells
  160. Muscle definition
  161. Conditioning and taking blows
  162. Dynamic tension
  163. gloves help
  164. Bowel injury from Iron Shirt training
  165. Eagle Claw schools
  166. When will the hurting stop?
  167. Hip Pain
  168. Attn: Ironfist
  169. Training while sick.
  170. Where can I find Bruce Lee's movie clips
  171. I want faster kick
  172. Which is better way to get faster kick
  173. dit da jow???
  174. Weights, bodyweight exercises
  175. Iron Fist and Iron Body: Ways of development & recomended Instructors?
  176. Phone book training.
  177. why do i feel sick when i push myself hard?
  178. What size role do conditioning and nutrition play in your MA training?
  179. Building Muscle????
  180. anyone training specifically for ligament/tendon strength?
  181. CLAW vs BOXING
  182. Walking Horse
  183. clicking joints
  184. Training without a patner.
  185. Better muscles.
  186. Stone Warrior
  187. Some Training for the mind...
  188. soreness
  189. I'm so sick
  190. I am lopsided...
  191. Water
  192. Broken leg from kicking!
  193. I can't remember who I was arguing about this with ....but
  194. Tendinitis??
  195. why can't i do the spilts any more?
  196. Sparring
  197. The Workouts...
  198. stack
  199. electronic muscle enhancers
  200. upper body strength, isometric way
  201. Does modern sports science debunk trad. kung fu training?
  202. How long have you weight lifted? What age did you start?
  203. Training and concentration afterwards.
  204. Muscle Weakness and Fatigue
  205. I thought you had to push in order to get endurance and be better.
  206. Ways to work the muscules of your back
  207. Is this dangerous?
  208. A big dilemma
  209. Training ankle flexibilty
  210. Dit Dar Jow which is the best
  211. Makivara
  212. where to buy dit dar jow online?
  213. Never mind weights on your testicles (A tale of one sick Aussie)
  214. Rock filled heavy bags.
  215. Training Drills
  216. cool new site
  217. training at home
  218. How do you do a Side Press
  219. creatine and training
  220. wrist pushups
  221. Full-Contact and Injuries?
  222. Knot
  223. Dit Dar Jow
  224. Holding kicks?
  225. Ok, I gotta ask: Anyone train with weighted weapons?
  226. Weight vest training.
  227. Vegan/Vegetarian?
  228. Can someone describe three star arm conditioning
  229. ironfist view on protein, vegetarianism
  230. clicking joints
  231. Should you apply dit da jow on your hands after doing fingertip pushups?
  232. Pushup always are hard!
  233. Stretching everyday
  234. Training when Sick
  235. The Ultimate Pushup Program
  236. Improving Endurance
  237. Improving neck strength
  238. Least favorite exercise?
  239. Diet
  240. what do you think of belts or sashes
  241. but
  242. What do you think of dynamic strength
  243. Help
  244. rest
  245. Chinese Lock?
  246. Please don't laugh...
  247. situp workout
  248. Chinese iron balls
  249. Need for Speed
  250. Pushup Program clarification and Results