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  1. A sampling of skills as taught by Grandmaster Salvatera and presented by Troy Dunwood
  2. Bak Mei in Texas
  3. eLion Dance - a parody by NYHG
  4. Hung Sing Choy Lee Fut Gum Sam Branch Dat Mo Kuen
  5. Preview of Forthcoming DVD Sup Jee Kuen
  6. Does Choy Li Fut place more emphasis on the cross leg/scissor stance than Hung Ga?
  7. Uploaded a video of Chiu Wai Sifu
  8. Connect to attack: Choose angle (When & Which Angle?)
  9. What are the "9 poison hands" of Hung Ga?
  10. Li Ga Gao Southern Mantis and Pak Mei Sister Art
  11. Bak Mei Fundamentals Techniques from old man
  12. Street CLF videos.
  13. Choy Lee Fut Documentary
  14. At the bottom of this Website it says that this is a picture of Wong Fei
  15. Hung Kuen Lung Ying
  16. Draggon Kung Fu from Fukien Province China
  17. Interestring notes
  18. Video of Emei Crippled Kung fu
  19. Gong Sau: Hung Sing Choy Lee Fut vs Judo-Kick boxer
  20. Does this Emei Kung Fu work or is it a Joke ?
  21. Emei White Dragon Boxing
  22. Emie Kung Fu
  23. More applications vids from TenTigers
  24. Body Feel
  25. Could fujian white crane sifu help?
  26. "The Way Forward" .... Open for discussion:
  27. Chan Tai San students want to clear the record....
  28. GETHIN David Williams
  29. Drunken master vs Pankration
  30. From Victory to the Hung 洪勝 to Great Victory 鸿勝
  31. Hung Sing Choy Lee Fut IS a Hung "(洪)" Family fighting method
  32. Choy Lee Fut does not own the Hung Sing name
  33. My first attempt at mini documtary.... Cheung Yim and the "Hung Sing" (洪勝 / 鴻勝) name
  34. tiger crane complete set with 76
  35. Pak Mei Tiger Fork Book By Ng Yiu For Sale
  36. Any Houston-based SPM Folks Out There?
  37. hung Gar takedowns
  38. Hung sing word play
  39. RIP master Tsui Kwong Yuen.....
  40. help with Australasian Fighting Arts Article Scan SPM
  41. Who sent Cheung Yim to the city of Fut San?
  42. The Bapai Mountain of Hung Sing Choy Lee Fut and Hung Fut history
  43. Quentin Fong Northern White Crane
  44. Cheung Hung Sing gets BUSTED
  45. Animation of Historical events involving the Fut San Hung Sing Kwoon in the past
  46. Latest Project
  47. Fut Gar
  48. Hung Jia Form
  49. Jook Lum SPM Harmonious Spring drill
  50. VIDEO: Short bio's of Masters of Choy Lee Fut Kung Fu
  51. Chop Socky Kung Fu ?
  52. 2014全港國術擂台邀請賽 (2014 choy lee fut invitational) matches
  53. Choy Lee Fut dominates WING CHUN
  54. The original forerunners of Chinese Mixed Martial Arts (MMA)
  55. Original Choy Lay Fut ?
  56. Recently discovered boxer rebellion reveals a new picture of chan ngau sing
  57. Vietmanese Tiger Kung Fu
  58. Masters of Choy Lee Fut
  59. Cheung Hung Sing: Founder of Hung Sing Choy Lee Fut Kung Fu
  60. The audio version of "book of five rings"
  61. Choy Lei Fut KOs Muay Thai Champ
  62. BadAss DragonForm
  63. Hung Gar & Choy Li Fut
  64. "Wings of Tradition" Blog ... All Things white Crane!
  65. Butterfly Sword
  66. Is anyone familiar with this lineage of Bak Mei?
  67. Atlanta Kung Fu and Sanda Center?
  68. 2014 Huang Feihong 1st World’s Cup International Hung Kuen Competition, Xiqiao, China
  69. Hung Kuen doc/interview iwth Wong Chung Man Sifu
  70. what style is this?
  71. Choy Lee Fut-- something for everyone?
  72. Passing of Bak Mei sifu Kwong Man Fong
  73. Bas Rutten demonstrating a Choy Lee Fut Sow Choy technique!!!!
  74. White Crane Eye Attacks
  75. Fierce Tiger Descends Mountain 猛虎下山
  76. Using Soft to Overcome Hard
  77. Rest in peace
  78. New Web Site
  79. Lama Kung Fu: Where?
  80. Where to purchase Twin metal Tiger Head Shields?
  81. My schools new T Shirt Design
  82. Professor Lau Bun mini documentary
  83. Passing of a Master!
  84. General Kwan
  85. Mok Ga Documentary
  86. Pak Mei Website
  87. What is Five Shape Boxing Wu Xing Quan ?
  88. Pak Mei Wooden Dummy Form Old Video
  89. New DVD: Fang Qiniang Shou
  90. Southern Feet, Northern Hands
  91. Interview of Grand Master Dino Salvatera on The Bo Luellen Show
  92. When People Think of the most Dangerous Style of Kung Fu is it Pak Mei ?
  93. 方七娘手
  94. Hung Ga and cross Training
  95. Emie Kung fu Bai Yun and Bak Mei
  96. New Southern Arts Web Pages
  97. Bak Mei
  98. TBT 20 years ago - my first tournament.
  99. Bak Mei Torque Power Video
  100. Chan Sau Ching TSPK book
  101. Another loss in the Choy Lee Fut fraternity
  102. White Crane- CLF- I liked this. Seems a guy who knows is stuff.
  103. Ngo Chor
  104. Kung Fu Elbow ?
  105. Half Hillock, Half Crane
  106. Cat snake crane hung gar form
  107. Low Fo Shan Mountain in Canton Kwangtung Province China ?
  108. GM Ho Ngau of Choy Lee Fut
  109. Ming Dynasty Kung Fu ?
  110. Iron Thread
  111. Four Gates / SiMen Quan
  112. RIP Li Hon Ki
  113. For Sifu Frank and anyone else from Lau Bun Hung Sing- Questions on Jo Yau Biu Sei
  114. What styles make the "HISSSSS" sound of the snake?
  115. Alexander Fu Sheng CLF pics
  116. Lo Meng teaching Southern Mantis in Mexico.
  117. Southern Pole and Staff weapons Systems ?
  118. Hong Kong Kung Fu Inheritor - Southern Praying Mantis
  119. Fujian Yong Chun Crane Style Kungfu
  120. twin beaks
  121. Real knife fight with kung fu
  122. Any southern crane practitioners here?
  123. The Martial Man
  124. 5 Generations of USA Hung Sing Kwoon
  125. Cheung Hung Sing - mini documentary
  126. Grand Master Dino Salvatera demo'ing Hung Sing Kuen Techniques
  127. Shaw Brother Museum in Mexico being build.
  128. Daoism
  129. Southern Mantis Press news Winter 2016/2017
  130. Choy Lee Fut- Futsan Sup Ji, Sup Ji Mui Fa
  131. For all Mantis Practitioners & Enthusiasts, "The Mantis Gathering Los Angeles 2017"
  132. Anyone else here do Bak Mei?
  133. Of interest?
  134. Hung Gar's "Bench Form"
  135. Movements in Gung Gee Fook Fu written in Chinese
  136. Hung Sing Choy Lee Fut 1968 Performance San Francisco "Kenneth Wong" Elephant Fist
  137. Ten Thousand Elephants Fist Short Range Fighting Seminar
  138. Is Bok Fui Pai White Tiger kung fu a Real system ?
  139. White Crane ...
  140. Gung Li Kun form ?
  141. Lion Dance in America?
  142. Ngor Mai Shaolin and Pak Mei kung fu ?
  143. Y.C. Wong Kung Fu Studio 50th Anniversary Celebration
  144. Looking for Info on a Win Chun and White Crane Sifus in my Area
  145. Bak Mei demo at Atlantic City New Jersey Wing Chun Convention
  146. Grandmaster John S.S. Leong 80th Birthday Celebration
  147. Lion Repair Workshop!
  148. Origin of this form???
  149. Official sucessor
  150. Emei kung fu is it in Bak Mei kung fu ?
  151. Diu Ma Chun La/Na
  152. Year of the Dog - Top Dog Championship
  153. Dragon and Lion Dance Competition - May 25-27, 2018
  154. Challenge Match! MMA vs. Wing Chun [Video]
  155. Info on a Choy Lay Fut teacher?
  156. Ng Ying Kungfu, Five Animal Kungfu, Ng Ying Kuen
  157. Kung Fu Frauds: It's really a thing.
  158. Wikipedia falsehood information on choy lee fut
  159. North/south tcma fusion
  160. Southern Monkey Kungfu Martial Arts Douwe Geluk
  161. 2nd USDLDF National Dragon and Lion Dance Championships
  162. FREE White Crane Training!
  163. RIP Vincent Tarozzi
  164. The 3rd Hung Kuen Competition. Nov 17-18 2018
  165. Hakka Kung Fu - Liu Jia Jiao
  166. Mok-Ka
  167. Taizu Quan Interview
  168. RIP Grandmaster Vince Lacey
  169. Rare Picture of Jing Mo's Hou Yuan Jia
  170. How can CLF forms from different lineages look so different?
  171. 50th Anniversary celebration of Lee Koon Hung Kung Fu
  172. 2019 Marks the 80th anniversary of the American Hung Sing Kwoon in SF
  173. A martial arts revolution! Free online worldwide white crane kung fu learning village
  174. WingsFlix Free Worldwide Crane Law Online Learning Village (Updated link)
  175. Controversial Viewpoint for Discussion
  176. The "Hung Sing" name of Choy Lee Fut Gung Fu - by Sifu Frank of the Hung Sing Kwoon
  177. Hakka Concepts
  178. Cheung Hung Sing and the intentiol spread of misinformation by bitter rivals
  179. The lack of Historical Documentation coming from Cheung Hung Sing (CLF Co-founder)
  180. Postures of Qiniang Fang Fujian White Crane: #1.
  181. CLF Origin of Form Names
  182. Choy lee fut's connection to the hung mun secret society by sifu frank mc.
  183. White Crane book
  184. Other styles that use sau chui?