View Full Version : B.e.s.t ???

03-05-2002, 10:53 PM
Have any of you hear of this form of treatment, or had it?
If so what you think?

Also long for Bio Energetic Synchronication Technique.

The reason being, that I know a guy that does this, and I've seen him once already. Its for a back injury that regular chiropractors can do nothing for and surgery is the last alternative. It was kinda different no doubt but worked, of course within a couple days it was back out, but hey thats longer than any other chiropractor could do, and no I'm sure going snowboarding for two days didnt help but shiesh i'm stubborn.

Well, from what I experienced, and what i've heard bout TCM doctors/chiropractors is that the two are kind of similar.

Also, he seems to be well rounded, as in he takes in health matters such as diet and such into account.

Any thoughts?
Plz respond...as I'm looking into a TCM doctor/chiropractor up in Bonners Ferry, Idaho(the closest and one i heard about) and I'll later be askin ppls if they've heard of him and if he's good or not, but as of tonight I dont have his name or anything yet.

Thanks all,