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04-04-2002, 10:22 PM
qoute from kung fu mag..."To see more of Jenny Tang, including a picture of her naked, visit her website..."

Why not leave the sex and porn to the porn mags???

Why do y'all feel the need to cheapen a publication like this.

With Sex saturating every aspect of everything on TV(even the Disney Channel!) and Magazines. For christ sakes Jay Leno just said ***** on TV!!!(tv is on in the background). Why cant someone just stay true to what they do. In your case Kung Fu.

Why cant Kung Fu Magazine Stay with Kung fu and not cheapen it with sex and naked women? Leave that to others!!!!

IMO, Kung Fu is the best MA magazine ive seen. it is not constantly filled with crap and made up styles, etc...
Why not keep it this way... The more SEx and other BS you put it in the more credibility you will lose and the more True Martial Artist(those to whom you market!!!) you will lose reading it and gaining knowledge.

Am I the only one who sees where this is going. special Shaolin issue featuring pics of monks doing kung fu with naked women in the background for added flavor! Ridiculous no???

Keep Kung Fu Magazine to Kung Fu!!!!

Wally(my rant is over and sorry for poor spelling i know there has to be some its 12:20 AM)

btw, I never even bothered to look at the sex and kung fu issue...
I thought that was extremly poor taste to put in big Red Letters(if i recall right) SEX plastered across the front of a KUNG FU mag. loooked more like a softcore porn mag!!!!

04-09-2002, 09:56 AM
...that she took the pic down. Now people will never know what it was, except for the really quick subscribers.

Sex is as much a part of life as kungfu, more in fact. More people have sex than practice kungfu. And I think most true martial artists have sex too, at least I hope so. That's probably what you see as sexual saturation in U.S. culture, but you should take a peek at European or South American TV. Ever read Samurai Banzai Pugalto (sp?) - It's an Italian martial arts mag and it often runs cetnerfolds. Talk about sex, just look at this forum. It's all over and it's cheapness is relative. But I certainly don't think kungfu should exclude sex, after all we aren't monks. There are many traditional practices that address sex. In fact, this was the topic of that sex & kungfu article that you thought was a soft core porn mag. And it's probably worth mentioning that that cover was a man - Donnie Yen - although our women readers did say he looked pretty sexy. Our male readers didn't comment.

Kungfu Qigong always pushes the edge of the envelope, moreso that the other mags, but when it comes to sex, we are actually rather prudish by comparison. Perhaps it's because we have more women in senior positions than any other, with our Publisher Gigi and Editor Martha. In our ten year history, we did one issue with sex as a cover blurb (what magazine hasn't?) and this. I'm sorry if this keeps you up at night, Wally. I hope you can find some peace in the fact that it's hard to make kungfu that sexy much as we might try so that severely limits our ability to become a porn mag.

04-09-2002, 11:54 AM
Actually i heard the pic was a baby pic(right?). But that still does not change anything. It was still an obvious sex ploy. Come see her naked!!! I mean comeon. (also as i understand it Miss Tang was not pleased with that at all!)

Indeed Sex is a part of life. more people do have sex(at least more people lie about having sex :) then practice kung fu. But sex still has its place, like everything else. I, personally, do not see its place as being in a so called KUNG FU magazine. If Martial artist want to learn about sex then let them read any of the other myriad of Sex Magazines(maxim, FHM, playboy, hustler, the lsit goes on and on).
all i am saying is Why can not there be a place for kung fu??? There are already places upon places for sex, why not have at least a few places for kung fu??? If people want to learn about sex practices they have many choices, if people want to learn about kung fu, what do they have? A few actually quality books and 3 to 4 widely distributed magazines.

I have never heard of that italian magazine, but i do find it sad that they run centerfolds. What does that publication have to do with yours? Is it ok for you to run some sex because they run alot more?
I will say that im glad that you have run one sex issue so far. That is something, but i do feel it would be better if you had run none. There is not a need, that i see, in the kung fu world, for kung fu magazines to be running issues decicated to sex practices. They can go pick up the kama sutra if they want!

This does not keep me up at night as you say Gene, I already have too many late nights to worry over what a magazine runs. I just figured i would add my 2cents.


04-11-2002, 09:36 AM
There are several "places for kungfu." But just because it's kungfu, doesn't bar the presence of sex. Sex is part of life. If kungfu is a way of life, it must engage the sexual part on some level. After all, we don't have to become eunuchs to practice kungfu (wlle maybe for some fanatical styles, yes but in general, no) In fact, there are many important aspects of sex that figure prominently in kungfu practice like sexual qigong, iron crotch, even virgin kungfu. If you follow Hong Kong films, there is a whole subgenre of kungfu movies that are class III (adult.) Chinese Torture Chamber is a great example - the Taoist kungfu sex fight scene is over-the-top. There were even topless scenes in half of Bruce Lee's movies. If we are to present the whole spectrum of kungfu, these cannot be ignored. Additionally, many martial artists accentuate their sexuality, especially the women (although it's worthy of note that Jackie Chan did 'teenbeat' like spread in a photo book that came with one of his cds including pics of him in the shower and him lying in the surf with his pants undone.) In a recent issue of Playboy that interviewed Jet Li, the playmate of the month was a martial artist and posed in a gi. And TKD olympiad and stunt woman Dana Hee posed for that mag too. That's nothing to be ashamed of, rather it's something to be proud of. Martial arts can make a beautiful body and that should be celebrated, not denigrated. As for martial arts magazines like the Italian one, my point is that many mags have a sexual element, not just us. To get newsstand distribution, all magazines have to cater to a wide audience, including people who appreciate sexiness.

What I find most interesting is that we've received 2 negative emails, 1 phone call and this post on this, all from men. In contrast, we've received almost half a dozen comments from women that they thought it was cute (once they saw the pic, of course.) To them, it was a fittting tease for anyone who had lecherous intentions. Was it the fact that we did a story on someone with a nude baby pic on her website or teh fact that we published that fact?

As for Jenny's displeasure with the article, imagine our displeasure when we saw her story published by Inside Kung-fu while we were at press with hers. She provided the same research material. Now magazine submissions have one big rule - no simultaneous submissions. If the IKF article had been properly disclosed to us, we would have killed her article.

Please don't take this as a condemnation of your criticism. We need criticism to see the lines in the sand. Hopefully our dialog here will be ultimately beneficial for everyone - that's the beauty of this forum. And forgive me for that comment earlier about losing sleep. I was a bit taken aback that anyone would lose sleep over our mag but us (it's our living so it comes to bed with us.) Actually, we are honored that you are so concerned and grateful for your initiative to comment.

04-11-2002, 03:04 PM
wasnt thier only one article in the sex issue, relating to sex, and it was about tantric practise?, the rest of the issue was really about sexy imagery in action kungfu!. wich is prevalent in old scriptures:D .

04-11-2002, 04:58 PM
Personally, I don't see anything wrong with that type of Magazine or Article.

Many Sports mags feature on how their art can create a handsome, sexy Body.
Why not MA?

Ask yourself why most people workout at a Gym. To enhance other sports, to compete in BB Competitions, ...

BTW, there are some good looking ladies in my Kwoon I wouldn't mind seeing more off.

Rant over.

P.S.: Just wish to would get the "Ladies" of the Bikes in the Bike mags so that I can admire the real Beauty there.

04-12-2002, 11:56 AM
Too bad you're in Japan, we're always looking for fresh faced martial models for our gear.