View Full Version : Kicked in the nuts .... need help!

05-18-2002, 10:18 AM
Any way to increase the recovery time. It's mainly a large bruise that is kind of tender. I want it to go away. Any suggestions to speed up the healing process.

The Willow Sword
05-25-2002, 09:24 AM
a bag of ice,
and soft soothing words of comfort from your significant other.

Many Respects, The Willow Sword:D

Two Worlds
06-01-2002, 05:54 PM
Sorry dude! Wear a cup next time!

Seriously though, one of the three (which ever you can find more readily) should work for you:

1. "A handful of fresh crushed peach leaves applied as a poultice."
2. "Salomon Seal as a poultice."
3. "Daisy Tea as a poultice"

These are American remedies and should be found easily. If you don't know what a poultice is: its a very thin cloth (or my favorite, plain white, one ply paper towels (i.e., Viva paper towels), one sheet; put in enough of the herb of choice to cover the area; fold the material leaving one side (the side to be applied to skin) only a single ply, & remove as much of the excess material without allowing any of the contents to spill; wet it; then remove the excess water by dabbing it on another clean, dry towel/cloth. Apply it to the affected area, preferrably overnight only. To make sure the poultice stays damp while wearing it, wrap plastic wrap aroud the poultice.

Again, be careful in the future!:eek: