View Full Version : OT: Medical question regarding my friendís child.

06-18-2002, 09:46 AM
My friendís child is just past 2 years old and has some problems. The doctors here in NY are examining him every few weeks and continue to say there is nothing wrong with him. But we all believe the doctors just do not want to be the bearers of bad news, yet. His symptoms are mild but he definitely is different from other children.

He is not walking.
He crawls on his belly not his hands and knees.
He arcs his back when in a stand up position and refuses to stand (pain?).
His feet turn outward.
His chin always touches his chest and he has trouble lifting his head up.
His eyes flicker up and down since he was born. This happens every few minutes.
His speech is limited compared to other children his age Ė moma, dada only.

A day or two after he was born it was discovered he had water in his lungs and he puffed up. He was placed into a neo-natal incubator for one week before he was taken home.

Currently, a physical therapist is working with him 30 minutes a day three days out of the week. He has shown progress! He can crawl on hands and knees for short periods of time.

He is a beautiful child! His parents are very concerned and there is some arguing about whose responsible for these Ďdeficienciesí.

If anyone has any comments regarding what happened to this child, why he is like this and knows of anyone who can offer assistance, it would be greatly appreciated.


06-19-2002, 09:53 AM
I would look at diet or medication side effects. sounds like weak overall muscle tone. the brain develops through crawling. the physical therapist can strengthen the kid by applying a "cross-crawl" technique (or you can apply it yourself) which is having him lay on his back and similate crawling by moving the opposite arms and legs for a few minutes per session. encourage more crawling before walking. about the feet turning out, try a chiropractic or osteopathic pediatrician. many states provide health insurance for kids. i would check into that as some blood tests, x-rays, MRI, may be needed. or maybe they have done that? Fact is some Dr.s are just sharper than others, there should be an explanation.

06-19-2002, 05:01 PM
Thank you greendragon. Your post is truly appreciated.