View Full Version : Wushu Nanquan video or books?

03-20-2000, 03:01 AM
I don't practice wushu but I am interested in seeing the wushu nanquan form. Can anyone recommend any instructional videos or books in english?


03-20-2000, 03:53 PM

There's a book with all standard wushu routines in english with good drawings. I have to check for the name. It has chang quan, nan quan, straight sword, broad sword, stick, spear and tai chi. It's called something like internatinal Wushu routines.


03-22-2000, 03:40 AM

I found out from the USWKF website that the book is "International Compulsory Routines" published by Hai Feng Publishing Company. Do you know how I can get a copy?



03-30-2000, 07:24 PM
Ben, I'll check the ISBN number this weekend. Then you should be able to order the book at your local book store. Regards, Lau

04-01-2000, 12:59 AM
Thanks. An ISBN would help alot.


04-02-2000, 12:25 PM
Hi Again, The book I have is called international wushu competition routines. It's translators name is Xie Shoude. ISBN 9622381537. Good luck with it. Lau

02-21-2001, 05:34 PM
I found this topic at the very end of the forum. Not that I'm just trying to revive it--I was wondering if anyone who is familiar with both Nanchuan and Hung Gar can tell me how similar/dissimilar they are?


South Paw
02-21-2001, 08:10 PM
Hello, I'm teaching Hung Gar as well as modern South Style: Nanquan, Nangun and Nandao.

There are some Hung Chia (Hung Gar) movements in Nan Quan, especially Single-Finger Palms, Double Tiger Claw and Crane's Beak. But it never has the flavour of Hung Gar because it is too much of a mix.
There are also a lot of moves incorporated you can see in Chai Li Fo(Choy Lay Fut)and especially Hsia Chia Chuan (Chivalrous Boxing).

The book with the International Wushu Competition Routines is already outdated. At the moment there are 10 modern forms. New are Taijijian, Nangun and Nandao.

Also the forms of Changquan, Daoshu and Gunshu have been changed, and will already be on the competionlist of the 2001 World Wushu Championships in Armenia at the beginning of October.

There are books which have the 10 forms listed. They were first introduced at the World Wushu Championships in 1997 in Rome, Italy. It has always been the objective of the IWUF to translate these books in English. In these books there are also forms for beginners, and mid-level students.

ISBN 7-5009-1519-5
ISBN 7-5009-1518-7 (2 books)
ISBN 7-5009-1379-6 (2 books)

South Paw