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Richard mantis
05-26-2000, 10:47 PM
Anyone wanting to discuss Jook Lum Praying Mantis please contact me at:


I will be happy to discuss any of the controversial problems or people relating to Jook Lum.
I am a long time student and close friend of
Master Gin Foon Mark. If you wish to affirm
my standing with Gin Foon Mark please contact
any of his websites and ask about me.

Please DO NOT call Gin Foon Mark personally
with political questions about Jook Lum, he is 72 years old, his english is bad and he will not answer questions unless they are about class times and fees,and he will tell you to come visit his school in person like he tells ALL PEOPLE who call him.

I will be glad to discuss Jook Lum with anyone interested but I will not do so publicly becuase this subject is very controversial and has sparked some nasty shouting matches in the past.

Richard Mantis

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KFO Admin
05-29-2000, 05:59 PM
Please remember to keep all discussions of JOOK LUM off of this forum. I hate to take this stance, but I would prefer to never hear the words JOOK LUM mentioned again in a public forum. Take it to Email, take it to the big blue room, just take it off the KFO forums.


05-30-2000, 06:46 AM
Not wanting to make our good administrator angry by posting on this thread but would someoneplease e-mail me at rfbrown@wtaccess.com and enlighten me as to what the big controversy is on this forbidden subject? And I am sincere! Please no flames!!!
I do not practice Southern Mantis but have always been intrigued by it since I first read an article on Gin Foon Mark way back in the summer of 1969 in Black Belt magazine.
I have just never lived any place where it is offered. Have taken some ITF Taekwon-do and a little Wing-Tsun(Leung Ting system) though.