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Roger (Bruce) Lee Smith
07-26-2000, 09:48 AM
Howdy yall!! My friend from Florida told me about a style called Choy Lay Fut that was awesome. Need info on it, and wanna know if there is anyone that teaches where i live. (Nebraska) Help!!!

07-26-2000, 05:45 PM
Welcome aboard Roger,

What info do you need on Choy Lay Fut?
But here is a brief history on this popular system.

The roots of Choy Lay Fut originate back to the Shaolin Temple and consists of both Northern and Southern fighting systems.
It was created by Chan Heung in 1836 and was named in respect after his two masters, CHOY Fook, and Lay Yau San, and finally FUT (meaning Buddha) as a token of respect to the monks and the Shaolin Temple.

Choy Lay Fut was originally developed as a secret, emergency combat style of Kung Fu used during the turbulent periods of civil war in China. Choy Lay Fut stresses fast and powerful stance transition coordinated with devastating combinations of smashing-swing fists, punches, animal strikes, kicks, grabs, and throws. Considered as a Southern Style Chinese Kung Fu system, Choy Lay Fut offers the benefits of Northern Kung Fu style footwork, sweeps and kicking techniques coupled with Southern style’s strong, over powering hand techniques. It contains open hand and palm strikes Which incorporates the Five Animals ...Tiger, Snake, Crane, Dragon, Leopard. These agressive yet graceful movements are characterized by agility in the waist and shoulders, plus a strong, solid foundation in the footwork. Choy Lay Fut is a highly sophisticated, complete and effective fighting system. Its intersting that you have Bruce Lee as you nick ....here is a quote from from Master Lee.. Bruce Lee once was quoted as saying- " Choy Lay Fut is the most effective system that I've seen for fighting more than one person and is the most difficult style to attack and defend against!" As far as schools go, not to sound like a smart a$$, but have you checked your local yellow pages for Kung Fu schools

Hope I was able to help, Oh if you see any listings for Hung Gar, Jow Ga, and Hung Fut consider these systems also. they incorporate the some of the same principles and fighting movements of Choy Lay Fut.

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Lee Jun Fai/ Fai-Jai
07-27-2000, 07:12 AM
hey renegade, great introduction for roger.

and roger, as far as sifus in Nebraska, i dont know any; but keep up the effort in searching for one.


07-27-2000, 04:23 PM
Thanks Lee Jun,

I know how it is trying to find a good school
especially with no knowledge on systems or styles. can be very frustrating