View Full Version : 10th Anniv Gala vid 2

12-19-2002, 09:56 AM
I just got the 10th anniversary gala cover masters DVD. alot of demonstrations on there, a few great ones. I especially like the traditional demos like the bak mei, spm, hung fut, choy lay fut, tai shing pek kwar, and others.

anyone seen the daytime demo DVD? whats you all's take on it? are there any other master's demo vids for sale that are really good and diverse?

it was interesting to see bolo banging the gong and lo-pan MC'ing the show. Some of the music was a little queer but the slo-mo replays and editing were a nice touch

12-19-2002, 11:01 AM
It was quite a show. (http://store.yahoo.com/martialartsmart/dvdca107set.html)

That wasn't Bolo, it was Harry Mok, but I'm sure Harry will be flattered at the mistake. And you're right about Lo-Pan - James Hong has been a friend of the Tiger Claw group for years. Now he's the voice of the new villain wizard in Jackie Chan Adventures.

As for the daytime, there's more traditional & wushu, but he kicker is the iron crotch (http://store.yahoo.com/martialartsmart/prjt001.html) demo. Even your non-MA friends will enjoy that.:cool:

Design Sifu
01-02-2003, 11:30 AM
The Iron Crotch Demo is a Show Stopper at the various House Parties I've played it at... ;)