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08-20-2000, 06:17 PM
Mo Ying when you talk about southern dragon and opening the mountain from Malaysia are you talking about the PHOENIX EYE FIST also called CHUKA SHAOLIN there is a book called PHOENIX EYE FIST A SHAOLIN FIGHTING ART of SOUTH CHINA by authors CHEONG CHENG LEONG and DON F DRAEGER.In the book there is a form called KAI SAN Opening The Mountain this art comes from a nun named LEOW FAH SHIH KOO she taught 2 sisters named CHU MEOW ENG and CHU MEOW LUAN they taught OoH PING KWANG he taught LEE SIONG PHEOW who taught CHEONG CHENG LEONG.I seem to be confused as to what this style could be some have said that this is a version of southern mantis because of the words CHUKA wich would be a name for Chu Gar,Zhu Jia,southern mantis i know that thistyle has 17 hand forms and five weapons forms.Some have even said that this art has Pak Mei White Eyebrow and LAM YIU KWAI DRAGON STYLE in it.Is this style from the LAM YIU KWAI lineage.Do you know anthing about any of the other hand forms the names of the other hand forms. FIRE HAWK

08-21-2000, 01:14 AM
Don't worry about that old book, it's useless. There are some Lung Ying and Bak Mei similarities, why not just check those out instead. I doubt if anyone around will tell you anything outside of repeating the non-info in that old book...

Kevin Barkman
08-22-2000, 06:25 AM
Hi Firehawk,

I would advise you not draw too many comparrisons to this book and (Southern)Dragon Style. I love how Chuka is depicted here, but there really is not much of a connection.

Cheers - kevin

Mo Ying
08-28-2000, 06:29 PM
Hi Firehawk,

Sorry for the late reply, but just arrived back in town.

I agree with Kevin that Chuka does not have the same Lineage lines (that we know of) as that of Lam (Southern Dragon). However, Lineage systems are mostly passed down by word of mouth and things may have been missed along the way over a few hundred years. The best bet is to compare systems, but keep in mind that there is more than just the Southern Dragon system of Lam. Chuka has many similariities to Lam's Southern Dragon - sunken chest, use of the Phoenix eye fist, use to the Draogn Claw in combination with kneeling stances, use of traps and Dragon palm strikes, but the form sequencing and flavour are different than that of lam. But clearly, Chuka contains Dragon techniques, along with Tiger, Do not see Mantis. And what is truely Dragon - because you have a lineage that says so - when and whom first created it and why did they name it after the immaginary Dragon that has the claws of an Eagle and the palms of a Tiger. Lam's Dragon system does even have a Eagle/Dragon set. Personally I have never seen any set that is 100% purely one animal only.