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09-03-2000, 02:26 PM
I was wondering about your internal practices . Also would like to know about how adding the 6th animal has helped your system. I am very interested in seeing a demo of the sheperds staff form does anyone know where I can see a tape on this?

Thanks in advance for your help!!!

09-03-2000, 02:28 PM
We are a tightly knit group and we don't make videos. We are afraid we will suffer from sifus learning our stuff from bootlegs /infopop/emoticons/icon_biggrin.gif

Peace /infopop/emoticons/icon_biggrin.gif

09-03-2000, 02:32 PM
how can I get info then, I would like to see a demo before commiting to this system? I heard you do some uniqe forms like Yak and the sheep grazing?

09-03-2000, 02:34 PM
How did you come across the sacred Iron Sheep Grazing Spinal Compression Wire form?

09-03-2000, 02:36 PM
Our most sacred technique is the Gra Zing Fist utilized in our Yak Form in the 6 animals set

09-03-2000, 02:37 PM
I heard that this is an amazing form developing "hot chi" and the hui yin area is opened? what is the fighting application of this skill?

Wow I am so excited to learn about this system.

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09-03-2000, 02:39 PM
Our Great Grandmaster Hu Flung Dung is the one who perfected the Iron Sheep Grazing Spinal Compression Wire form.

09-03-2000, 02:41 PM
In the Yak forms what kind of footwork do you use? what are the other 5 animals I only know of Yak ?

Self-Thinking Follower
09-03-2000, 02:41 PM
Qy, if your referring to the staff form, by the same name, required in Ching Wu (Mo) studies, I believe ESPY has a tape available of the Ying Jow Pai version, from the school of Leung,Shum -sifu.

09-03-2000, 02:44 PM
wow STW thanks for the tip, Has anyone eles seen this tape?

Self-Thinking Follower
09-03-2000, 02:45 PM
Or, you could visit Song of Shan at He-man province, he's one of those monks.

09-03-2000, 02:47 PM
We also use the no shadow bucking kick, a very dangerous technique. The sound that cultivates the internal energy for the move is "baaaaaaaaaahhh"

09-03-2000, 02:49 PM
STF full of info on this topic, thanks for the help... do you have an email address for one of these monks?
I would like more info on this rare family style of Hung Gar.

Self-Thinking Follower
09-03-2000, 02:52 PM
Yep, Billy G @ milkme.com

09-03-2000, 02:53 PM
Hot Chi is utilized for the techniques "Fierce Black Sheep Descends the mountain" and "Hungry Black Sheep Eats the Grass."

09-03-2000, 02:55 PM
STF his email must be down, I tried to send, but got an error. Illusion I am still wondering about the Hot Chi development? Any special diet for this? I heard there is.

Self-Thinking Follower
09-03-2000, 02:56 PM
What about the sheep poo palm, it not only hurts it smells too!

09-03-2000, 02:57 PM
Grandmaster Hu Flung Dung decreed that the special diet should never be devulged, it would be a sin against our elders. The Hot Chi can never be known by outside styles.

09-03-2000, 02:59 PM
I heard the the sheep poo palm starts out internal then progresses to external, what process allows this to happen?

thanks again guys for your help

But I was wondering what foods create the hot chi, can you give me just a lil info on this?

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09-03-2000, 03:02 PM
What goes in, must come out /infopop/emoticons/icon_biggrin.gif

Self-Thinking Follower
09-03-2000, 03:07 PM
You have to cook your hands in the hot beans, then scoop them up and eat them (secret) this gets the Go Tee (Gu-chi) flowing, eventually your body will make
the sound (Secret). You must'nt go to the
toilet for 18 hours. When you blow, quickly smear the excrement on your palms (secret Shaolin dit dat jow) and let it stay there
another 18 hours. After this you will be able to knock out anyone with a wave of the hand.

09-03-2000, 03:11 PM
**** it STF, you have devulged the sacred knowledge. Grandmaster Hu Flung Dung and master Hu Flung Pu will seek their revenge!!!!!

Self-Thinking Follower
09-03-2000, 03:12 PM
Oh No!, help! /infopop/emoticons/icon_frown.gif

09-03-2000, 03:15 PM
STF follower you seem to know a lot about this system, thats great. You have been very helpful, I would not worry about illusions threat, I do not believe he has the authority to threaten you only the GM and his son have that kind of power!! rest easy and share away

Hu Flung Pu
09-03-2000, 03:17 PM
Self Thinking Follower, you shall pay dearly for your transgression.

May the Black Sheep Bless You

Self-Thinking Follower
09-03-2000, 03:18 PM
Naaah, I'm still scared!

Hu Flung Pu
09-03-2000, 03:21 PM
Todai illusionfist, you shall not speak of our clan any longer. From now on, myself and my father, Hu Flung Dung, will speak on behalf of Black Sheep Hung Gar. Go to the alter and repent for your sins against the elders!!!!

09-03-2000, 03:23 PM
Sifu Hu Flung Pu I am honored to have you here. I was want to know many things about your art. Is hot chi the main skill of your system? Also I hear your uniforms are wool in order to increase stress while training, is this safe? Other then beans what eles in in the hot chi diet?


Hu Flung Pu
09-03-2000, 03:26 PM
It is a sin to talk about the Hot Chi diet. My father decreed against it. Our woolen uniforms help harness our chi so that we may use it more effectively when we use the Gra Zing Fist.

09-03-2000, 03:30 PM

thanks for your responces. What are the weapons in your system? other then the staff before mentioned, and what are the other 5 animals?

Hu Flung Pu
09-03-2000, 03:33 PM
My father will reply to that in do time.

09-03-2000, 03:39 PM
I will be deeply honored if your father takes the time to reply!!! I look forward to it.

09-03-2000, 03:55 PM
I believe that there is a great deal of misinformation involving the Hak Yau Yang. I am quite sure it is just one of the ruminating styles and NOT the main herd as some of their lambchop shifus have claimed.

These styles are reputed to have developed the split-toe boot that the Nin family popularized in the 80's, but this particular branch has been termed as "Nothing more than a bunch of Meadow Munchers"...
While others go on to say that the "Baaa Ging" so-called, behind the distinctive "Wooly Palm", can leave the victim with the sensation of wearing a very itchy sweater! This technique is sometimes called "The Revenge of the Hark Yau Yang"...NOT the Grei Zing Kuen, as some claim, that is INTERNAL and developed by peaceful rumination under the guidance of a Qualified Teacher ONLY.

How it came to merge with the Gar(tm), I shudder to think... I suspect another Kempo Konspiracy!

Many folks nowadays agree that before Hu Flung Dung, there was NO Hak Yau Yang and perhaps he is the orignal "Black Sheep". They also are saying that before Hu Flung-Pu there was no Hark Yau Yang Hung Gar, but how ever you look at it, Flung Dung and Flung Pu are responsible for the Hark Yau Yang Hung Gar we have today and it's these men who will probably be the art's sole practitioners.

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09-03-2000, 08:07 PM
ROFLMAO!!!! /infopop/emoticons/icon_biggrin.gif

This has to be the biggest inside joke in the world, well.... next to this years presidential election /infopop/emoticons/icon_wink.gif


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09-04-2000, 12:30 AM
Hark Yau Yang Hung Gar translated as Black sheep Hung Gar or initial B S Hung Gar, is a family style predated the Shaolin Temple.
It was devloped in the high mountains of China. Legends has it that a lonely sheperd was trying to attack a black sheep and the yak came to the sheep rescue. Together the yak and the sheep were able to defeat the sheperd. The young sheperd's son witnesssed this battle and later got the inspiration to developed the first form of this system, The Yak and Sheep Double Fist Form.
QY, the hot chi internal diet must be a proper mixture of beans and garlic. Beside you must train your mind to be like so many masters here in this forum. You must be full of hot chi in spirit. This internal is a combination of physical odor and a big belly full of it.



09-04-2000, 01:39 AM
You guys totally crack me up ...I especially like the Grandmaster's name /infopop/emoticons/icon_wink.gif

09-04-2000, 04:46 AM
hu flung dung,

how dare you claimed to be grandmaster.

i am the one and only linerage holder of the system. you never learned the whole hot chi internal of this great system. you only know how to send chi out thru one opening not both end.
stop telling lies, i am the only true linerage holder.

09-04-2000, 09:57 AM
Wow I never expected so much help from everyone.
Lamp J, what do you know of the founder, do you have any basis for the accusation? Hu Flung Pu has been the recognized Grandmaster for as long as I have known about this system. He and his son have been teaching about "hot chi" since the day they were born, hot chi runs strong in their family.

MoQ, as usual I would like to know where you get your info. You come off like you know the famed Hu Flung Pu and Hu Flung Dung? Where is your respect for these great men of CMA??

DF thanks for the feedback, is there anyplace I can get a demo tape to view? Also the question of the other animals has not been answered. I only know of the Yak , and the BS (of course).

Thanks again for all the info

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09-04-2000, 09:36 PM
you want prove of my hot chi skill?
You doubt my linerage?
The Hu family is a total frault.
I am the only one in the world that can teach and perform hot chi comes out from both end.
Hu only knows one sound in the spinal compression form and has to use wool uniforms to build hot chi, while i can discharge hot chi at will.

Hu Flung Dong,
I am challenging to a match to settle this one and for all.

09-04-2000, 09:38 PM
Before you guyws stareted, dont make fun of me english.
my hot chi is melting some of thee keys of mi keyboard

09-05-2000, 01:18 AM
Mr. Lamp J- Although you may be out standing in your field, I am afraid you have bitten of more than you can chew, no matter how many stomachs you may have...

You see, the Black Sheep Hung Ga was "founded" by Hu Flung Dung! He himself has never posted on this thread, being rather sheepish on these issues, but his son Flung Pu is the one making all these bleeting claims.

Some say that Flung Pu never learned the entire style and instead mixed what he knew with Kempo to develop the tell-tale NUMBERED LINES as in Sheep #1 through 10 and even including lines of Yak and Cow and pieces of other Ruminating Styles for lines 11 through 18. This of course is complete HOOEY and not to be considered authentic in the least!

The woolen Gi has never been the traditional uniform! Everyone knows the Chinese always wear busboy jackets...

Find yourself doing straight numbered lines of techniques? I thought so... Please, refrain from trying to claim a lineage so completely airtight, and quite literally "well-fenced".

I submit that THIS is the source of the material you claim as your own and trying to change the name to American Rampo Do or Sheep Hoof Pai will not save you from being exposed as a farm fraud!

Hu Flung Pu
09-05-2000, 01:18 AM
Lamp J- You have dishonored my family and the BS Hung Gar lineage, you shall pay dearly for your actions.

09-05-2000, 01:37 AM
Straight number line of techniques!!! LOL

our footwork is very complicated. WE do NOT
do our moves in straight line. We run around with our tail bone up high pointing to the sky to release chi.

So please dont comment on our style when you know nothing of it.

09-05-2000, 01:41 AM
if you really know our style, do you know the name of the footwork that i just described?

09-05-2000, 05:33 AM
LampJ I find your claims impossible to believe!! How dare you challenge Hu Flung Pu? Your claims about "hot chi" are lies as well.

Please Hu Flung Pu, and Hu Flung Dung continue to visit this board and share your knowledge with the rest of the members here. I would love to hear the answers to my questions from my earlier posts.

09-05-2000, 06:03 AM
answer your questions? i was the only who share the secrets of our foot works.
the six animals, black sheep, yak, rabbit, rat, donkey and earth worm.

i will luv to send you a tape of our system but my hot chi made it impossibe for any camera crews to stay in the same room with me to finish filming.

09-07-2000, 07:54 AM
Notice to all,

A challenge match was fought between me and Hu Flung Dong to prove who is the linerage holder.

I am here to inform all of you that Hu will not be around any more, My hot chi was to much for him.

09-07-2000, 08:45 AM
Lamp J you are dreaming. No way you could defeat the great Hu Flung Dung!!! I doubt your story and ask you to in some way proove yourself to this board!!!

Moderator Moderator!!!

09-07-2000, 09:17 AM

who are you to doubt me.

I am the great Lamp J!!!

Noone can blows hot chi like i can!!

09-07-2000, 10:16 AM
Lamp J list I'd like to see you list your lineage here. Maybe a scan of your certification or a video of your skills. First and foremost proff that you killed Hu Flung Dung as well!!!

09-07-2000, 10:26 AM

you are ****ing me off.

If you continue to insult me, i will cyper dim mark you and make smell my chi.

you have been warned

09-08-2000, 07:03 AM
Ha, I do not fear a fraud like you!! Your boasts are only that. EVERYONE in this forum KNOWS that the Hu family has the responsibility of carrying on the system. LampJ I think you are a sad person. Perhaps if you humble yourself to the Hu family they will take you on as a student. With this attitude you will never learn the BS Hung Ga you seem to so admire.

Wing Pew
09-08-2000, 07:35 AM

I am here to proclaim that I am the sole inheritor of the BS Hung Gar. BS Hung Gar is actually derived from MY Dreadful Winter Style. Not only that, but the BSHG has incorperated MY Black Flamingo Technique!!!

What is next? Are you planning on steeling my 116 Wooden Dumass Techniques?!

As for you , LAMP J. I really don't think you have what it takes to carry on the name, BS Hung Gar. I chanllenge you.

LAMP J, I also don't think that you defeated Hu Flung Dung. So therefore, I challenge Hu. But if what you say is true, I then will challenge Hu Flung Pu.

Name the day, time, and place, I want this to be as publice as possible.

Until then,
Grand Master Wing Pew

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09-08-2000, 07:42 AM
you dare challenge me pew. lol

you are no grandmaster, dont need to steal your ******* techniques becasue you dont have it all.

it is really 116 and a half wooden ******* techniques.

you dont even have the last half move. LOL

any place any time
Fine you must put up $10,000 for my travel expanse, then i will come and meet you.

How about Disny Land

09-08-2000, 08:12 AM
Ok Ok was is the real master? I have heard of Wing Pews skills. I wonder if LampJ has what it takes to defeat Wing. Hu Flung Pu had better come forward soon and end all of this trouble!!!

09-08-2000, 09:10 AM
qy you are still here,
do like the cyper dim mark i performed on you. Do you have an urge to type all day and look at the computer all night. lol

if youdo, my dim mark is working,
pu is too scare to face me

lets end this once and for all, someone put up the money, i ll meet you any where any time

Wing Pew
09-08-2000, 09:17 AM
Okay LAMP J, let us see what you are made of. I will wire you the money, $10,000 was it?

Okay, it is on it's way. And I say, we meet at Euro Disney instead.

Until then...

Wing Pew
09-08-2000, 09:23 AM

Can I trust you to come with me to Euro Disney with me, I'll pay ofcourse, to be a witness?

09-08-2000, 09:24 AM
Good!! the fight is on
Send the money thru western union to the sheep farm in syzchen village. once i get the cash, i will meet you on sept 13 in euro disney front entrance
i dont want to pay for the entrance fee unless you will include it in the wireing of money,

just look for a guy in wool cloths and a big head. you cant miss me, i have been told i have the biggest head in the world.

09-08-2000, 10:08 PM
I would not go to a "Hot Chi" demo, let alone a challenge!!!

I would like to hear about what happens though. I wish you the best Wing Pew, in your battle. Thanks for the invite, but as I do not have any skills in dealing with "hot chi" I think it would be more then a little uncomfortable for me there.

Hu Flung Pu
09-08-2000, 10:28 PM
What is this crap about my father being challenged? This is an absolute lie and i can assure you that Lamp J knows nothing about Hot Chi, it is just something he learned off of bootleg videos that were pirated from an underground and private demo.

Lamp J you flatulent fiend, i now challenge you in order to protect my family name. And when i'm done with you, i'm gonna take out this Wing Pew person as well.

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09-09-2000, 03:50 AM

money has been recieved.

Thank you very much, but i will not meet you at Euro Disney. I now have money to spend. ha ha

You now have my blessing as the linerage holder, young grasshopper.
You have pass the most important test in our great system with your cash.

09-10-2000, 08:04 AM
Hu Flung Pu it is good to hear from you. No one takes this LampJ guy serious!!! You hold the true lineage, thanks for standing tall!

09-13-2000, 11:48 AM
So tell me...I've heard this crazy rumor that you can actually see this secret kuan demonstrated by Tom Hanks and Dan Akroyd in Dragnet.Is that really true? /infopop/emoticons/icon_wink.gif

Ben Gash
09-13-2000, 02:49 PM
Wing Pew, so, you are proclaiming to teach BS Hung Gar now? Personally I don't care what you call that mish mash style you teach, but when you claim to be the sole inheritor of forms that I and my master taught you, I must take exception! The 116 wooden ******* is a well known Wan King Fist form, and one of only three that we taught you (along with Pocket Rocket and Blurring Elbow) before you left to found your own school.
Know this! You are now a sworn enemy of the Wan King Fist Guan, and should you come in contact with any members, Tek Guan will ensue, and you shall be "beaten" into a quivering, sticky mess! Thus have I decreed!
Ben Gash
64th Generation inheritor of Wan King Fist
Head of the international Harmonius Ecstasy Pugilistic Association

09-14-2000, 08:22 AM
Oh no, Ben Gash has put the mark on Wing Pu. While Hu Flung Pu plots to avenge his family name. But what of Lamp J will he get away with Wing Pu's cash? And where is Hu Flung Dong.

Tune in next time for Hung Gar B.S.... (da da da da da da dum!)

Wing Pew
09-16-2000, 02:34 AM
LAMP J: You have no right to take my money and dishonor this sacred system of the Dreadful Winter Style! You are nothing! If I ever find you out on the street I am gonna let you feel the wrath of the real HOT CHI!!!

QY: I am disapointed in you. Even though this LAMP J turned out to be nothing more than a 'RICH' child, playing stupid games, I thought I could count on you. It is not the fact that I am out $10,000, but it is the principle of the matter. You were suppose to have my back (just not too close), and tell the world of my honorable win.

Hu Flung Pu: I guess it comes down to this.


Give me your responce as soon as possible.

BEN GASH: Who are you? I have never heard of you before. Have we ever met before? Aren't you that guy who came to my school a few years ago? All you did was make fun of MY style!!! You just came and learned a few forms and now you think you can propagate on this situation?


***I think you are you really LAMP J trying to play another game on me. You will get no more money from me!!!***

<BLOCKQUOTE><font size="-1">quote:</font><HR>Soon the world will know who the sole inheritor of the Dreadful Winter Style is!!! [/quote]

09-18-2000, 06:59 AM
Oh I sure did not mean to upset anyone by not attenting the "hot chi" showdown!!!

I do respect BS Hung Gar and all it has to offer, it's just not my style. I do say that as long as I have known about BS Hung Gar, Hu Flung Dung has been the Grandmaster.

All this bickering is quite silly, I know why don't you all get out your certificates, and prove yourselves here on kungfu online!!!! Everyone knows that if a master is gonna prove themselves they are gonna prove it here. KFonline can really make or break a Kung Fu Master. /infopop/emoticons/icon_rolleyes.gif

btw, El Paso is not REAL TX

The Iceman
09-24-2000, 06:28 PM
hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahah ahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahaha /infopop/emoticons/icon_biggrin.gif

09-25-2000, 11:01 PM
wing pew.

you no good son of a *****
you sent me fake money.
I am sitting in jail because of it.

Wait till i get out, i will hunt you down

Wing Pew
09-29-2000, 03:08 AM
BRING IT ON!!! /infopop/emoticons/icon_mad.gif

09-30-2000, 09:06 PM
I heard today that these two are lovers!!! The two have united to try to bring Lamp J down. I found out that LampJ is the true holder to the BS hung gar lineage. My apoligies to Lamp J on this. It seems that this was all to bring attention to the Hu lineage of BS Hung Gar.

The Hu lineage is mixed up with JKD and Kenpo concepts from Wing Pew's style. This watered down version of the BS Hung Gar is not what I thought it was. I am starting to think that Lamp J and Hu Flung Dung are one in the same person. Well Just wanted to share with everyone what I found out about this BS.

btw, El Paso is not REAL TX

10-06-2000, 04:17 AM
that I am on the right track, any responces???

El Paso is the great entrance to the great state of TX. Long Live El Paso!!!