View Full Version : Where can i get books on Hung Ga in New York China Town?

Wah Ren Jie
09-18-2000, 10:03 PM
See Subject. Peace.

09-18-2000, 10:09 PM
Go to Bok Lai Tat on Mulberry Street. It's in the middle of the block between Canal and Bayard Street. They have a large selection of books and other martial arts items. Good luck !

09-18-2000, 10:11 PM
www.wle.com (http://www.wle.com) also has the Lam Sai Wing books, amongst other hung gar books as well.

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09-19-2000, 10:16 PM
Tai Ma,

Elizabeth Street between Canal and Bayard. Oriental something or other. Its one flght (walk) up. Martial Arts books are in the back left corner of the store. Also try Pell Street right near the Bowery. Martial art section is in the center right wall. The book stores on Mott may have them as well. Pop into them from Canal up Mott to Bayard.

Sifu Carl