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sing fu
10-03-2000, 04:19 AM

My father learnt from several teachers in HK in the 1970s, including some Pak Mei (white eyebrow) while he was back visiting relatives. Now, apparently the place he went to was dangerous for us (I was a kid at the time) to go, so he went alone. The name of the area, I think translated as the "New World" or "Walled City"? Does anyone know of the area, and more to the point, the possible teachers of Pak Mei there?

10-04-2000, 03:59 PM
I believe this 'city' was a block of houses build on a piece of land between hong kong and china. It belonged to neither country, so there were no laws. Later when hong kong became bigger, and grew around it, it was situated in hong kong. All sorts of people that didn't to be bothered by the police went there to have a quiet life. It was one big block of flats. But now it is taken down.

Regards, Lau

sing fu
10-09-2000, 03:27 AM
Thank you Lau. I'd love to know what the name of the district was. I don't suppose you, or anyone else here happen to know what the name of this place was?

With thanks