View Full Version : any one know hybrid kajukenbo/hopga....HOP GA MASTER HARRY NG and his student "KAIDO

04-09-2001, 06:00 PM
any one know hybrid kajukenbo/hopga....HOP GA MASTER HARRY NG and his student "KAIDO
Does anyone know what technical EXCHANGE, transpired between HUNGA SIFU WONG FEI HUNG
I read hopga gave longfists and hungga tigerklaws.
anybody know????????
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anyone know hopgar??????????????????????????????
"kaido" english nickname?????
Born 1948 july 13??? learned native style from his father in the philipines from age 13-20.
specialized in kajukenbo/hopgar...
learnt kajukenbo from adriano.d emperado in hawaii.
white crane/hopga from harry ng in san francisco.
?mantis with w.c.wong and burokukai from richard kim in san fran, as well as shorinryu from
latino gonzalez in the philipines.
two of his main students are Roy Buchanan and philip gelinas both from montreal canada..kaido
was killed in a nightclub in the early 80's????
he had two or three schools in montreal in the
70's.....any info
also harry ng chinese general during ww2? i think..all i know from a hop gar book is and i
quote "harry ng overstepped his boundarys in the
early 70's in san francisco......i am quite sure
he was a famous martial artist in the southern circles in the 30-40's??......

i am third generation after kaido? his kajukenbo/hopgar his a interesting hybrid with
a mantis flavor hopga frame and kajukenbo frame..
i only got two thru the first section of the second form, and learnt 13 of the 48 coordination drills wich hold the multiples of the applications in the 13??? forms........luckily
i got the text with 31 of the drills??and i have like 20 minutes of kaido and students demonstrating.

please help, i am no longer in contact with my
teacher, and kaidos organization is scattered
if you can think of links or anything much appreciative.....

04-16-2001, 04:33 PM
Cant tell ya squat about Kajukenbo, but I'm a Hop Gar Kung Fu student under Sifu Ku Chi Wai in Atlanta.


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