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07-09-2001, 07:39 PM
Does anyone have any information on T.Y Wong ( Wong Tim Yuen). He taught Shaolin at 880 Sacramento St. in San Francisco in the 60's and 70's.
Here is some information given to me by NorthernShaolin:


T.Y. Wong: He co-wrote a book with K.H. Lee titled Chinese Karate Kung Fu Original Sil Lum System for Health and Self Defence in 1961. This shaolin style came from a monk named Leong Sil Jong (Cantonese) who was from the shao lin temple. T.Y.Wong started to learn when he was 10 years old from Leong Tin Chee at the Central Kung fu Institue with classmate, Chew Lung. He also learn other branches of shao lin but do not know what they were.

The first set is Lin Wan Chuan or Continious and Returning Fist. The second set is called Mang Fur Har Shan or Tiger Descending the Mountain. The restof the sets were Gul Lung Ju Hoy or Nine Dragons at Sea, Die Lin Wan or Big Returning Fist and Lung Fu Sheong Wuie or Dragon and Tiger in Conference. Do not know anymore sets but I sure there are more.

As for weapons, he taught Double sabers, double swords, single sword, spear, twin daggers, single point staff and Kwan Do.

T.Y. Wong had a school in SF in the 1950s thru the 1960s and closed after he passed away in the 1970s. His school was called Kin Mon at 880 Sacramento Street.

I remember visiting his school in the early 1970s and Wong Sifu would sit in his horse during the whole time the class was practicing. His asistances did all the teaching and the beginners sat on a horse for at least six months before learning the first set. He was very traditional sifu and his style was southern. Many MA believe that it was a village style of Shaolin.

I do not know his son but he was teaching in SF in his garage, somewhere in either the Richmond or Sunset district in SF."

Does anyone know:

1. Where to find T.Y. Wong's Son ?
2. What style of Shaolin he taught ?
3. Anyone that trained in his school on Sacramento St ?
4. Anybody have any info on his teacher Leung Tien Chiu, who taught at the Central Kung Fu Institute in China ?



07-10-2001, 03:22 AM
Was "Lung Fu Sheong Wuie or Dragon and Tiger in Conference" a two man contact form?

07-11-2001, 05:04 AM
FireHawk told me that T.Y. Wong taught Leo Fong. Also that the inheritor of T.Y. Wongs tyle is Robert Richtor.

1.Does anyone have any information on Robert Richtor ?
2. Where to find T.Y. Wong's Son ? and what is his name ?
3. What style of Shaolin he taught ? (Fut Gar ?)
3. Anyone that trained in his school on Sacramento St ?
4. Anybody have any info on his teacher Leung Tien Chiu, who taught at the Central Kung Fu Institute in China ?
5. Did he teach Bak Moon Kwan / Eight Door Pole ?


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05-15-2003, 10:15 AM
Hi 5thBrother,
You have dug up my antique thread :-))))

Is there any reason ? Are you looking for further information on Leung Tien Chu or Wong Tim Yuen ?

I have dug up a few things since then. Contact me if your interested.

To answer r.'s long unanswered question, no the Dragon and Tiger in Conference is not a two man set, just a single person set.



05-15-2003, 09:25 PM

hello buddhahand :P

yes dat is a "antique" thread

i though that some other people or more recent people may have further information or that you may have new information at hand :)

im interestest in the sense of general kung fu interest and im always interested in the earlier masters in various countries such as Leung Tien Chu or Wong Tim Yuen. and also find them inspirational, how they taught, what they taught, how they trained and so on.

i don't have a directly related interest . eg. i study that line of teachings

im going through all the threads backwards alittle each nite before bed ... gf away... too many assignments... b-grade late night movies and rumaging through the forums.. there are some GREAT things found in old old posts.

since it is just a general interest at this point i probably won't bother you with a pm but i appreicate the offer. thank you.

i found this web page with fotos of Leung Tin Chee(Leung Tien Chiu) i hope it is interesting


04-25-2005, 06:27 PM
If you are still looking for information on the Kin Mon School in San Francisco I can
help you. Prof. Wong did not die in 1970, He retired. The style is Fut Gar and is still being taught in the San Francisco bay area.

04-26-2005, 11:35 AM
Hi D. Kimball,
Thanks for your posting. I would love to know more about who is carrying on his system and if Sifu Wong Tim Yuen is still alive. I would love to ask him a question about my Sigung and Mang Fu Ha Sahn kuen. I believe he knew my Sigung Dea Bak Jor.

I am in L.A. now and my e-mail is teleka@pacbell.net. I would love to hear more from you.

Kindest Regards


01-31-2007, 09:03 PM
I was a student of Sifu Wong T.Y. in the 1960's at the time that Bruce Lee started to teach in Berkley, CA. If you wish information please ask and I will try to answer.

02-04-2007, 10:41 AM
Dear theleopard,
Thanks for your reply. I just sent you a message.

I hope to talk with you soon. BTW I am no longer in L.A. , I am back in the San Francisco area. Are you near SF still ?

Warmest Regards,


Kin Mon
02-27-2007, 11:16 AM
I was a student of Wong Tim Yuen (and his son Gilman) in the 70s, and though I've moved all over the country and studied several other styles (seven at last count) his is the only one I still practice.

According to an email I received five years ago from one David Friedman, former student of "Sifu Louie" in San Francisco, Wong is alive in San Francisco and now practicing calligraphy.

A student more advanced than I, Lee Burchfield, had a school also called Kin Mon in the East Bay; it's now gone, but some of his students are still around, including Dean Kimball, whose acquaintance I've just made and who has already responded to this thread, and Robert Richter. Richter is apparently the one who determined that the style is "Fut Gar"; I was told by T. Y. Wong that that was not correct, that it's too close to original Sil Lum (Shaolin) Gung Fu to be labeled as one of the derivative forms. I shall resist getting enmeshed in disputes about nomenclature, however.

I'm constructing a web site in honor of Kin Mon Sil Lum Gung Fu:
Feel free to visit (and revisit—it's an ongoing project, and input is welcome).

Scott Leslie

Kin Mon
03-03-2007, 11:34 PM
The new domain name and web address for the Kin Mon site: