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07-23-2001, 07:42 AM
i have the book shaolin lohan kung-fu by p'ngchye kim & donn f draeger,in it reads;the 18 exercises the tendon and marrow sets.
so my thinking is in fact without the pretty legends of the aura of particular method,the people were base-actions/a table falls on you u push back....and a monk attitude into this human base-emotion brian,would form a clarity beyond flich instincts persae.so he rools outhe way....right if u look at kung fu historicaly from darwin perspective.......u got a farmer.....then u have a savage barbarian and you have a righteous dude who lost his village then he became "NINJA".....SO FIRST YOU HAD THE HUMAN AFTER MONKEY SPECIES PLAYN SAFARI GATHERN the fruits building huts and now you have notion of civility now two things occured the human monkey attained divine intervention and further thought of self arose or its all a fluke and we gained consciousness of self thru a mushroom or????????????????????????.
so lets say first actual civilized people were happy tilled the crops etc..then a famine occured then these loving nature intuned peeps started starvin wich brought out jeolousy wich created the savage/barbarian who ?????? with the civl-dude wich brought out the ninja........THATS MY KUNGFU RENDITION OF THE GIST OF GENESIS.VRS900801.........

SO THE CHINES YOU HAVE WARLORDS PLAIN-FOLK ETC..SO THE MONKS CAME OUT WITH TENDON WIRING AND marrow fountain of youth springs then the 18 exercises were animalistic calisthenix to put this higher civilty conscious in your day2day so you understand your relations..........

so thats my answer about does bhodidarma matter....all these legends are the aura behind the strength in the intention of particular methodsz.like if you get a hischoolwrestler whos gonna go into the military and fly jets and shoot missiles hes getting alot of neuro discharge for mental attitude in execution of techniques then you get a monk who all he does is make his body a vitamin and focuses on sensitivity and understanding and you take a for reall hardcore bodygaurd who seen his family masacered and he finds a noble he from the heart seeks employment until death and becomes eunich and all he does is train and escort........teach these guys kuyucheungs method and when there all fifty and clones who would win....im going on the eunich outof sheer terror of that image like a six6 ancient dressed bodygaurd trianed since birth cut off his nuts so he continuosly becomes more focused......HARSH AND SCARY....however i might go on the monk becuase is heart mite help him sidestep as the eunichs intensity forces him to over-lunge.........

okay i went off...

so in the book shaolin five animals by docfaiwong and jane hallender.it reads around 960ad chang chuan was developed wich it says by many today its considered to be the grandfather of current kf systems??????.
then it talks about in the southern song dynasty hsing yi in legend was created by yuefei wich sparkt the era of internal thought..

then in the ming dynasty tai chi popped up and the shaolin arts started to fall-off???????.
so in the end of the ming zhu yuen a practitioner of emptyhand and sword fighting beacame a monk he realized the shaolin at present was to hard force against force???so after he traveled to the town of lan zhou he met bai yu feng another famous martial artist,together they developed the shaolin faive animals from the original 18 movements to i think like 73 to the at current time 128.......now in the book it shows a long set.

what were the original martial applications of the 18 damo......then what was the five animals......like in tan tui you have basic outgrab and bowpunch/switch and horse punch then horse punch/grab kick punch/horse punch...etc.

then like in wing chun it takes alot of the classic hungstyle bridges and feetplay like sidestep jutsao/forearm smash overfist-then switch step forward or side and pak/cover and side palm/claw unhinge cheek....

do you know the original tech descriptions......i study a wicked hybrid of kajukenbo so i have alot of trix and classical noble techs....i also remember some delinquint juvenile tricks from my youth,like use you locker lock as a nice knuckle-duster!!!!.

so i really want to know like the jut/claw combo all the nobility combos and all the nasty aspects of the vagabonds and bond-makesurersbetterpayuprs.

so that would be a wicked features if you translated all the ancient formulas to make your opposition flinch :eek:

07-23-2001, 02:11 PM
Your rambling dosenĀ“t make any sense.

07-23-2001, 04:31 PM
The grammar...and syntax...and spelling of that was so terrible, I was unable to follow. :o


07-23-2001, 07:11 PM
I talk down people off of bad acid trips. Seriously. Every warrior must do charity work - it's just good wude. Mine is talking to trippers.

I hold a seat on the advisory board of the Haight Ashbury Free Medical Clinic's (HAFMC) division Rock Medicine (www.rockmed.org). I specialize in Crisis Intervention and Intense Psychedelic Reaction, particularly at concerts and events. I worked for the Grateful Dead and Phish, going on their west coast tours as a consultant, but most of the work I do is donated to support HAFMC. I've wrestled with people on everything from PCP to Ketamine, talked potential jumpers down off high places, clothed naked prepubscent girls on X, all sorts of trippy stuff.

So Diego, I speak from some authority when I say that gaining "consciousness of self from a mushroom" is all fine and good, but it doesn't make too much sense as a forum post. It's better to post after you've peaked. Bring us back some visions we can use, otherwise, it's just psycho-chemical masturbation.

Sugeested reading - The Botany of Desire by Michael Pollan. See my post on it on the Marijuana thread on the Qigong forum.

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07-23-2001, 09:58 PM
yeah i was thinking the same thing. bring back something later.

07-24-2001, 03:54 AM
WHAT i was getting at is one of my theorys the transition from monkey to man was either a tremendous fluke of experiances or divine intervention or they stumbled on a funny plant started eating it and then started to have flashbacks then memory was formed then they started to build languages etc civility...............

so disregard all that i'l edit later or erase????

gene do you know the descriptions of the original 18 lohan martial applications and in my 5animal shaolin book by docfaiwong and jane hallender it reads
2 gentelman took the 18 and made i think 73 then synthesised to 128.....i am pretty sure these techniques are the foundations of wc,hungga,bakmei etc famous current styles at least based in that location.i also think if like on the street as a youth there were certain tricks that everybody knew.......that would be a few really cool articles if you could say find old texts from say a pirate triad org.and it talks about the triad hischool stuck in rowboat offensive formulas.....thats a good idea for historical articles...regardless if you know the 18 and 128 five-animal and damo discriptions it would be much appreciated.i am trying to better understand ching era kf like bajmei wing chun hopga etc........peace

07-24-2001, 06:50 PM
Well, the funny plant theory is very Terence McKenna, but he goes so far to get into plant and alien intelligence. My personal favorite theory is that its all about beer. Every early agricultural dig shows evidence of grain harvest - grain must be altered to be edible, either to bread or beer. While there is often evidence of bread making, there is ALWAYS evidence of beer making. For beer, we create agriculture, and thus society. I think if mushrooms were the origin, they would figure more prominently in our everyday life. I'm telling you, it's the beer...

I never edit or delete posts (unless it's really bad typos.) We're all warriors here - stick to your posts. If you make a mistake, pay for it twice.

I'm still not clear on what you are asking of me, Diego, but if you're interested in lohan, you might check out our magazine now. We've been running a series revealing the entire traditional form of shaolin xiao lohan. Our second installment is hitting the stands now, and it looks like it'll be a 4 installment series to get the whole form.

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07-24-2001, 11:32 PM
And I thought I was the only Dead Head on here...

When Diego wrote that, I immediately thought of Terrence. -either that guy is dead on right, or he is WAY off the mark. either way I enjoyed reading his books.

Gene, -As someone who was "on the bus" for years and has saw over 200 shows, I've done some counseling myself. Usually just a confused youth whom was too high to find his friends although there have been much worse times.
in 93 RFK Stadium a "head" fell off the upper deck and landed one row in front of me. I may have been the only person in that entire section who was not "peaking" (I wasn't intoxicated period.) Needless to say he was hurt and he seriously hurt the young couple he fell on, causing a severe laceration on one kids head and neck. The sight of blood and falling hippies FREAKED out an entire section severe Panic. Luckily being of sane mind and having a "leadership" complex. I managed to help the injured and relax the surrounding crowd. My friends will forever call that night "the day Bill used his Shaolin Mind Control Technique" and similar Jedi references.

I miss shows.......

07-25-2001, 07:37 AM
Hey now! That's a great story. Hope the rest of the show was good. I worked a run of Phil & Friends at the Greek in Berkeley a few weeks ago. Phil Rocked! Only one intense tripper - he was on psych meds and dropped - very bad idea. We had to send him to the hospital.

deadhead shaolin jedi mind tricks. That's what it's all about!

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07-25-2001, 08:16 PM
Lets just say I've seen better shows. I'll never forget it. Bobby had just played "El Paso" - cowboy song slot and they were going into "Shakedown Street" when he fell. it had been raining earlier that day. I ran out to grab an attendant and he radioed for help. Luckily I had a towel that I keep in my backpack to insulate my water bottle. I grabbed that and practically sat on the guy to get him to calm down. he was freakin.. everyone in a 30' radius was freakin... the strangest feeling I've ever had sober. I just kept reassuring everyone it that "Help's on the Way" and that he will be fine. The guy who fell was crying and the injured guy's gf was in Shock. After the Emer. unit got their I grabbed the couples stuff and went with them to the ambulance. the girl was breaking down now and I reassured her that everything was ok. the guy who fell was getting help as well. I missed most of the second set, but when I came back I told everyone that they were ok and they wanted everyone to have a good show.

The next day a young woman got struck by lightning in the parking lot....

A strong man controls others. A man who controls himself is truly powerful. -Lao Tzu

07-26-2001, 07:42 PM
That's weird.

You know, I've worked in the music industry for well over "ten good solid years", and the only place I've dealt with lightning strikes was the Grateful Dead. And not just one, they had a few.

Really trippy when you think about it...

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