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11-10-2000, 12:37 AM
So what does everyone out there think about Judo? Its funny, you don't hear much about it these days, do you? I guess its become unfashionable, like the former prom queen now being pushed aside for the hot new chick, BJJ. Anyway, what do you all think about the practicality of Judo vs. BJJ, or wrestling, for that matter? (since you didn't think much of aikido). thanks-

Rolling Elbow
11-11-2000, 06:17 PM
I think more traditional Judo should get in the ring wih BJJ! When they learn te classical kata that involve striking..Judo becomes a whole new art..In dfact, it bugs me that in the Olympics the fights are never allowed to go on once the Judoka hit the ground. Grappling and ground fighting in Judo is incredible stuff from what I've seen..I watched some Canadian "UFC" (the UCC) and there was a Judo guy who was fast as hell and as well versed as the BJJ guys in ground fighting..the BJJ guys meanwhile are boring as hell to watch and thee IS a difference between sport and real life. Grab their nuts while they are in the mount for example...BJJ plain and simple bores me now. Judo and Sambo are more dynamic

Michael Panzerotti
Taijutsu Nobody from the Great White North..

Master Po
11-12-2000, 09:54 PM
Oh no, here we go. This topic usually gets 100+ responses at the underground.

It all comes down to this....

1. They are closly related!! They use many of the same techniques.

2. They focus on different things. BJJ is more ground fighting and judo is more throwing.

3. Just because they are different doesn't mean one has to be better. They are both good at what they do. They just focus on different things.

The real question is why do you keep asking these questions. If you tring to decide an art to study maybe you should tell people what your looking for instead of just asking "whats better". The real world is not so black and white

11-18-2000, 09:44 PM
How long ago was that topic in the underground? Went to find it but couldn't. Which area was it in?


Master Po
11-19-2000, 07:28 PM
It was in the main undergound board. There was at least two or three threads that went over 100 post. It was a while back though, maybe a few months and I dont know if they archive old stuff. To get the Judo perspective you could ask Mark Tripp who is a top judo coach and moderated the judo forum over there. You could also ask in the main forum but be specific!! What exactly do you want to know?? Dont just ask which is "better". What are you looking for. I have done both (very little judo) so feel free to ask me