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07-04-2003, 06:06 AM
I appreciate different music but rap has the best lyrics no doubt. So here you can post your own or just post other's u like. Since I'm so great in english I'll make up some later :D but now I'll just post some I like (and of corz this's CMA related)

If David could go against goliath with a stone
I could go at Nas and Jigga both for the throne

50 cent- High all da time

And if I did have a choice
I'd never want to live forever
Just let me have a voice so I can make my points
I can't imagine running a race with no finish line
Just let me keep my pace and make to most of my time
I love giving but I'm bad at receiving
The truth is, I'd prefer to be the one bleeding
But I'm a paranoid that stays between play and work
Cautious and aware, 'cause I'm afraid of being hurt
Which brings me to the issue
And that would be this:
How often must I ask myself why I exist?
I feel like a freak, this world is a circus
Just trying to find myself as well as my purpose

Atmosphere - If I was santa clause
I ain't a killa but don't push me
revennge is like the sweetest joy next to gettin p.ussy
Picture paragraphs unloaded, wise words being quoted
Peep the weakness in the rap game is shorted.
Bow down, pray to God hoping that he's listenin
Seein niggas comin for me, to my diamonds, when they glistenin

2pac - hail mary

07-04-2003, 06:43 AM
Gay moderators moved my thread. **** YOU

chen zhen
07-04-2003, 08:03 AM
Where was it before?

OK here's one:

"Put yo hands in the motherf*cking air
and move tha motherf*ckers like u just don't care-a"
-Snoop Dogg;)
What I could remember right off my head.

07-04-2003, 09:18 AM
main, it would get more posts there. Now it's stuck in the dessert :mad:

07-04-2003, 03:28 PM
"Lah di da di, who likes to party like Slick Rick the Ruler I'm cooler than an ice brick,
Got soul like those afro picks, with the black fist,
and leave the crowd drippin' like John the Baptist"
--Black Thought, "Mellow My Man"

"Well, he was smilin' like a vulture as he rolled up the horticulture
Ignited it, and said, "I hope the vapors don't insult ya"
What I replied denied, but he mixin weed and hop
His head was noddin' up and down like he agreed a lot
Bored, said, "We need a plot," I comply, "Let's leave the spot"
Hopped in the Granada, he's impressed by the beat I got
His name is "hay-zoos" but his pimp name is "gee-zus"
Slapped a hoe to pieces with his plastic prosthesis
"Nigga don't you know that I'm your daddy?" said he
This is true, plus he schooled me for my mackin' degree
"Never plea, try not to flee, make niggaz pee when you stick around"
This man my momma had found taught me to put it down
I press the gas to the ground to show that I'm a hound
Makin' sho' that get rubber sound is heard throughout the town
Thirty years ago, Jesus could pull a hoe quick
But now he 50 and his belly hangs lower than his dic.k
Philosophy that he spit stuck in my memory chips
And now he puttin' in a disk of Gladys Knight and the Pips
Then that shi.t starts to skip, he said, "Somebody musta scratch it"
Put the 40 to his lips and poured the contents down the hatchet"

--The Coup, "Me and Jesus the Pimp in a '79 Grenada Last Night"

07-05-2003, 05:16 AM
FŲr o dansa lambada behŲvs en liten drink, fŲr o dansa till mitt
sh!t behŲvs en jšvla hink

Yung Apprentice
07-05-2003, 02:06 PM
Mine would definately have to be The first verse of Hailmary, but since it was already posted.....

Twista featured Jay P- Emotions

Well a muthafuc/ka can never control me/
Only squeeze me, and hold me/
Thats what the hoe came up and told me/
Now ain't she bold "G"?/
Cuz in my mouth is where the gold be/
Cuz I be pimpin her like Goldy/
Gotta get paid in this stage/
My fingaz ain't steady made/
for choppin up confetti with/
if it's a ready di/ck u better steady lick/
if u ain't wit it u can get/
Cuz I ain't on this petty sh(it/
Now who the fu/ck you actin petty with?

Yung Apprentice
07-05-2003, 03:41 PM
Notorious Thugs- Notorious B.I.G verse

Armed and dangerous/
Ain't to many can bang wit us/
Straight up weed, no angel dust/
label us/
Thug @ss ni(ggaz, that luv to bust/
It's strange to us/
Yall ni(ggaz be scramblin/
up in restraunts with mandolin, and violins/
We just sittin here tryna win/
try not to sin/
High off weed and lots of gin/
To much smoke need oxygen/
steadily countin them benjamins/
Ni(gga you should to, if you knew/
what this game will do to you/
been in this sh(it since ninety-two/
Look at all the bullsh(it I've been thru/
So called beef with you know who/
Fu(cked a few females stars or two/
Then I blue light, ni(ggaz who are like " my sh(it, not be fu(cked with"/
Muthfu(cka better duck quick/
Cuz me and my dawgs luv to buck sh(it/
Fu(ck the luck sh(it, sh(it the game/
No aspirations, protect your gain/
Spit your game/
talk your sh(it/
grab your gat/
throw your click/
Squeese your clip/
hit the right one/
pass that weed I got to light one/
All them ni(ggaz I got to fight one/
All them hoes, I got to like one/
My situation is, tight one/
What you goin to do? Fight or run?/
Seems to me that you'll take thee/
Bone and Big, ni(gga die slowly/
I'm a tell you, like a ni(gga told me/
cash rule everything around me/
Sh(it, Lyrically, ni(ggaz can't see me/
Fu(ck it, by the coke/
cook the coke, cut it/
blow the bi(tch before you caught your start lovin it/
ni(gga with Benz fu(ckin with it/
Doesb't it seem odd to you?/
Big comes thru, with mobs and crews/
Goodfellas down to the Mo Thug do/
who's a killa?/
Me or you?/

I love that verse.

Yung Apprentice
07-05-2003, 03:47 PM
I also love this one line from a Big L freestlye.

" WIth mad hoes, ask Beavis, I get nothin, BUTT HEAD."

And there is a local rapper from a local group called Clika One had a pretty good line.

"I'm like forty below, I'm so cold/ muthaf(ckas frozen at times when I've flowed/ muthafu(ckas dirty their dralls and I know, I'm the muthafu(ckin sh(it when I rip it and not yo."

07-06-2003, 01:32 PM
Mos Def
best hip hop ever

chen zhen
07-06-2003, 01:59 PM
Mos def is a bizzatch:cool:
so is Ja rule & Jay-z (and his big c*cksucker-lips,dang:rolleyes: )

Snoop is da shizzle. & french Iam is da hizzle.

07-06-2003, 03:32 PM
Now were getting somewhere
check in for some nwe lines

Yung Apprentice
07-06-2003, 03:34 PM
Chen Zhen- I feel you on that, Jay, and Ja suck @ss, I care less bout mos def.

My favorite hands down is Twista and TuPac.

07-06-2003, 03:44 PM
I like the beef with Ja n 50. But their rippin hail mary was just crap. I mean 50 practically stole pacs lyrics! And Busta kinda brought it down. I'd expect more from him.. but who cares

Yung Apprentice- Try downloading Advanced Patrol - Min musik
it's swedish. You might like it.

"My homie packed, he tried ta run
(freeze nigga) I heard a bullet fire from tha cops gun
My homie dropped, so I hit tha cop
I kept swingin,Yo, I couldn't stop
Before I knew it, I was beaten tha cop senseless
Tha other cop dropped his gun, he was defenseless
Now i'm against this cop who was racist
Given him a taste, of tradin places"
2pac -violent

chen zhen
07-06-2003, 03:47 PM
busta rhymes can make me wanna rip my hairs out sometimes, but he has made a *couple* of ok ones.

Yung Apprentice
07-06-2003, 06:18 PM
I heard this one Swedish group once upon a time, that rapped fast, and even tho I didn't understand a word they sed, they were hella tight.

Thanx for the suggestion, I'll try to find sum audio.

07-07-2003, 05:18 AM
Cash Rules Everything Around Me
hehe that's an old one

Yeah that's the reason I like french hiphop so much. You don't have to understand the lyrics as long as their tight and have a good flow. If you like the beats etc.. (and alot of rappers, english or whatever have good flow but their lyrics are not that good.)

Yung Apprentice
07-10-2003, 01:00 AM
I can hear them evil voices callin my name
my mental state is at it's peak/
I'm chokin u sunz of b!tches, in ditches is where u sleep/
I creep/
thru the night, with tarots,bow and arrows/
these muth@fu(ka better be ready/
I'm bringin hell on them like Freddy/
On daily basis/
I'm smashin faces/
Not leavin traces/
u hate this/
your not even knowin, whenever u go to the wrong place/
at the wrong time/
that I'm doin my crime/
If u cross that line, that @ss is mine/
and I'm sneekin up, from behind/
slashin your neck, not wastin no time/
My ryhmes/
be causin dreams, that cause death/
like meth, I got u sprung/
I got u picturing $hit, like dippin acid on your tounge/
I hung around with crazies, way before I was a teen/
thinkin about, not givin a fuk, I'm puttin an end to all your dreams/
It seems/
Like I'm surrounded by vultures/
beggin for torture/
I told of u petty fooz
not to FUK with this soldja/
I'm colda/
then avalanches/
it takes a mastermind to plan this/
and your askin how I handle this?/
with picks, shovels, and AXES/

Evil Deedz- Mr. Shadow

07-18-2003, 07:57 PM
some of my likes,

"Life's not a bi tch life is a beautiful woman
Your only call her a bi tch because she won't let you get that p*ssy
Maybe she didn't feel y'all shared any similar interests
Or maybe you're just an a$$h0le who couldn't sweet talk the princess"
-aesop rock(album labor days is great)

"Call me a sound (killa), gut (filla), rhyme (spilla)
Don't date vanilla, hip hop guerilla
Mind (chilla), don't drink Miller Lite
Night thrilla, spite might fill ya
Bite and you invite with a recite to kill ya" - kardinal offishal

"Don't stand there looking stupid, stupid" - talib kweli(this line just makes me laugh)

chen zhen
07-19-2003, 02:15 AM
That last verse sounded awfully lot like the Notorious B.I.G.

07-20-2003, 06:25 AM
i hate biggie smalls... :mad:


07-21-2003, 04:46 AM
"Seems so complicated to escape fate
And you can never understand 'til we trade places
Tell the world I feel guilty to bein anxious
Ain't no way in hell, that I could ever be rapist
It's hard to face this, cold world on a good day
When will they let the little kids in the hood play?
I got shot five times but I'm still breathin
Livin proof there's a God if you need a reason
Can I believe in my own fate
Will I raise my kids in the right, or the wrong way?
Dear mama I'm a man now
I wanna make it on my own, not a handout
Make way for a whirlwind prophesized
I wanna go in peace.. when I gotta die
On these cold streets, ain't no love, no mercy, and no friends
In case you never see my face again"

2pac- letter to my unborn child

07-21-2003, 04:50 AM
"Perhaps, I was blind to tha facts
Stabbed in tha back
I Couldn't trust my own homies
just a bunch a dirty rats
Will I, succeed
paranoid from the weed
And hocus pocus try to focus
But I can't see
And in my mind
I'm a, blind man doin' time
Look to my future
cause my past is all behind me
Is it a crime
to fight for what is mine
Everybodies dyin'
Tell me, Whats the use of tryin'
I've been trapped since birth
Cautious, cause I'm cursed
and fantansies of my family
in a hurse
And they say
It's the white man
I should fear
But, it's my own kind
Doin' all the killin' here
I can't lie
Ain't no love, for the other side
Jealousy inside
Make 'em wish I died
Oh my lord
Tell me what I'm livin' for
Everybodies droppin'
got me knockin' on heaven's door
And all my memories
is seeing brothas bleed
And everybody grieves
But still nobody sees
regulate your thoughts
Don't get caught up in tha mix
cause the media is full of dirty tricks
Only God can Judge me...."

Pac - only god can judge me

Repulsive Monkey
07-21-2003, 09:10 AM
"I'm not caught up in politics, I'm not a black activist on a so-called scholars ****k"

G-O-L-D : From Liquid Swords - The GZA & Chef Raekwon.

Yung Apprentice
07-25-2003, 01:50 AM
Suge Knight punked the industry quick/
Thats becuz most the industry is b!tch/

Tech 9

chen zhen
07-26-2003, 05:12 AM
biggie smalls is a ho.

07-27-2003, 05:03 AM

07-27-2003, 02:34 PM
Twelve Jewels : Rza (Gravediggaz)

[Prince Rakeem/Ryzarector]
As long as you got mentally dead people
Who are living in a mental death
Meaning living in a mental grave
you need somebody to dig that grave up and bring them back to life
There's no chance for a physical dead
but there's chance for the mentally dead
(Yo, one two one two two)
So we gonna come and resurrect them
That's why they call me the Ryzarector
I'm out to resurrect the mental dead, by diggin up they graves
Bringin em back to the surface

Niggaz is caught up in the midst of six
You better grab ahold of your crucifix
And this is it, the black God exists
Can you understand this? Let me teach you a lesson, yo
The pre-existance of the mathematical biochemical equations
The manifestations of God, Earth Air Fire and Water
which are in it's basic formation, solid liquid and gases
that caused the land masses, and the space catalyst
and all matter that exists and is dense
Third dimension, that must be observed through physical comprehension
It takes a nerve to be struck, wisdom is the wise
poet spoken to wake up, the dumb who've been sleeping
The fourth dimension is time, it goes inside the mind
Run the channels energized up through the back of your spine
So observe as my G energy strikes a vital nerve
One swerve of the tongue it pierces like a sword through the lung
Have you not heard, that words kill as fast as bullets
when you load negative thoughts, to the chamber of your brain
And your mouth pulls the trigger that propels
wickedness straight from Hell
From the pits of your stomach where negativity dwell
I searched the East coast and West coast down and most found
the small towns is like ghost towns, everybody moves slowed down
From Uptown to Bucktown give a **** now Shaolin gots the crown
And cops'll still serve you from Jamaica Ave. to Myrtle
And cats carry more shells than turtles
Brooklyn Down Park Hill pussies unfertile
Buy wholesale never retail get females in deep spells
If you eat well, you sleep well
Send enemies to Hell
What makes hair skin epidermis fingernail
Regenerate, when everything else disintegrate
A teflon vest so bullets can't penetrate
On the corner of my block there stood this old man
A black immigrant from the land of Sudan
Who used to tell stories to the children in the building
But never had a dollar to keep his pocket filled in
He bombed he knew Deuteronomy the science of Astronomy
But didn't know the basic principles of economy
I say the wise man don't play the role of a fool
The first thing a man must obtain is Twelve Jewelz
Knowledge Wisdom Understanding to help you achieve
Freedom, Justice Equality Food Clothing and Shelter
After this, Love Peace and Happiness
He had the nappiest head, I told him total satisfaction
is to achieve one goal in the scheme of things
He who works like a slave, eats like a king

chen zhen
07-27-2003, 02:41 PM
{trina:} i want my ass smaked
{luda:} legs wide
{trina:} front back
{luda:} side to side
{trina:} p*ssy wet
{luda:} slip n slide
{luda:} yep everythin gon be alright

{trina:} ass smaked
legs wide
{trina:} front back
{luda:} side to side
{trina:} p*ssy wet
{luda:} slip n slide
{luda:} yep everythin gon be alright

wait b!tch, imma blow my kisses,
get pist and throw my dishes,
yall niggas know jus who this is,
woo woo, and the head so vicious.

with me, this sh!t gon cost,
you short? then thas yo lost,
you know this ass is soft,
make a nigga goto breakin off.

tell me that you love me baby,
get hot and f*ck me crazy,
get a towel and wipe me off,
you want a b!tch wit no type of flaws.

my gurls be shoppin hard,
these hoes be buyin cars,
in the club buyin bars,
nipples hard its a sign of braws.

from the niggas who gettin chese,
throw back in the crispy g's,
more wet? crist dont freeze,
laugh at the tab, cause this on me.

me and luda in the cut supreme,
doin things jus to touch the creme,
so many names wana f*ck the queen,
i live a life like its jus a dream.


get it right beother, jump,
gimme the beat then imma make it bump,
tell em wutcha wana hear, ****, lets get cam,
trouble witcha man, imma pop my trunk.

you aint seen no chicks like mine,
you aint seen no flicks like mine,
bet i make you cum next to the subwoofers and my 6x9's.

tell me that you like it raw,
tell me that my d!ck is plump,
i might make you famous, and buy you watches by marice mc. craw

tell me if its new or old,
tell me if its hot or cold,
let me know if its black & bold,
say ludacris 6 million sold.

see i aint got no time for games,
and i aint got no times for lames,
how you lovin my souther slang,
ooo eee walla walla bing bang.

so anytime you need me call,
whether summer, spring, or fall,
it doesnt matter come one come all,
either get dropped or drop them draws.


diamond, princess,

just mind, your buisness,
these rumors, are senseless,
your whispers, are endless.

we livin ghetto fab,
we spendin hella cash,
this girl is hella bad,
your choice is trailer trash.

too much, taste for *****s,
you saw me grace, the stores,
your saw me work, the vibe
b!tches, i works for mine.

one time, for these divas,
two times, for these visas,
third time i come im breezin,
the ice...just keeps on freezin.

hold up imma keep it goin,
back to back imma keep on goin,
platinum plaques, keepin it up,
wet sex, keepin it good.

look girl, you dont know my angle,
a hundred thou with a platinum bengal,
my niggas'll slow your roll,
p*ssy power, we in control.


yea, thas right....im back again...round two mother f*ckers. thas rite im
talkin greece. im a arrogant lil mother f*cker huh? thas rite im rich, im
that b!tch, thas rite. im about show yall how to pimp this sh!t. im f*ckin
niggas in the face, the game is mine 2003, fu*k that. f*ck all yall haters,
f*ck all yall b!tches, get a life. you got too much time on your hands. i
want yall b!tches to get a job, up your game. pimp your game up baby, its
all about me this time, f*ck that. f*ck a dime, im a silva dolla, holla.
catch me when i come off tour, f*ck yall. im out.

07-27-2003, 02:44 PM
Dream Shatterer : Big Pun

Ay-yo I shatter dreams like Jordan, assault and batter your team
Your squadron'll be barred from rap like Adam & Eve from the garden
I'm carvin' my initials on your forehead
So every night before bed you see the "BP" shine off the board head
Reverse that, I curse at the first wack nigga with the worst rap
Cuz he ain't worth jack
hit 'em with a thousand pounds of pressure per slap
Make his whole body jerk back, watch the earth crack
hand him his purse back
I'm the first Latin rapper to baffle your skull
Master the flow, niggaz be swearin' I'm blacker than coal
Like Nat King, I be rapping in tongues,
packing the ones, magnums, cannons and gatling guns
It's Big Pun! The one and only son of Tony...Montana
you ain't promised manana in the rotten manzana
C'mon pana we be mob rhymers
feel the marijuana, snake bite, anaconda
A man of honor would wanna match my persona
Sometimes rhymin' I blow my own mind like Nirvana
Comma, and go the whole nine like Madonna
Go try to find another rhymer with my kinda gramma

CHORUS -- When you awaken, your manhood'll be taken
Fakin' like you Satan when I'm the rhymin' abomination (2x)

07-27-2003, 02:56 PM
Pun is awsome in that track
Good choice

07-27-2003, 09:57 PM
I, I who have nothing...

Verse I: Ikon

Intersections in real time
The umbro can circle in dimensions of the mind
Atomic bonds
The eternal time that defines
The vanity of my insanity in thru time
Will shine
Like the night seeds under the moon
The haunted corners of familiar rooms
Yet i'm consumed
With vanishing into thin air
The realization that this **** is my cross to bare
So where
Did I think I could run away to see
The people that decided to leave without asking me
But we
Decide to wait for happier tomorrows
And find someone so they can be distractions from our sorrows
For my distractions the books of paper that i've scrawlened
I'm eloquent in summer breeze and leaves just have fallen
I crawl in a corner hoping all of this will end
With the knowledge that love is just another word for revenge
I who have nothing but the comfort of my sins
I who have nothing but the comfort of my friends

Verse II: Ikon

As I decay, demons prey above me like a vulture
Ability to endure contradiciton is a high sign of culture
Verbal sculptures, self defacing
It is not God or lunacy that I am facing
But the erasing of the purity and passion of my words
The herds of cattle babble on with talk of the absurd
But I preferred
To walk away from all the feuds
To find my life is more confusing than a rubic's cube
So i'm subdued
In all my words of verbal prods
To live alone one must be an animal or a God
But it's official
All of my pain is clear as crystal
The natural side of life has now been seeming artificial
But I can hit you
And rest assured that i'ma last words
I could give a **** about ya secrets and ya passwords
I can pass words with the ability to hurt you
Patience is a virtue and knowledge is a ?commercial?
I who have nothing but the pain that I refer to
I who have nothing but the pain that I refer to

Verse III: Ikon

Lost among the miracles, I stand alone
And i've grown into a being that's sitting on top of throne
I've known
For many years that I would turn to rust
I find a reason for another breath
Before my return to dust
I become one with science and mathematic and the rising of the sun
I'm numb
To all of those who blinded cannot see
The chastiser of the enemy
Perception requires duality
Inspect ya soul, the color of coal inside the body
I have hardly, come across them who's holy
Send them to the ?cheribem? to control thee
Burning of the sun and frigidness of the cold
The battle field is new but the war is now old
You can never see the merest shadow of a halo
Above the head of evil jin who's deadly like tornado
The world has become an aquarium
Full of gaping fish with murderous mouths
I on the other hand stand on the outside looking in
Writing down murderous files
I who have nothing but the lack of variation
And I who have nothing but chains and suffocation

jedi mind tricks i who have nothing

07-27-2003, 10:05 PM
"time is money, money is time
so i keep 7 o'clock in the bank and gain interest in the hour of God
I'm saving to buy my freedom, God, grant me wings, I'm too fly not to fly
I soared further past humans without wings so I soar
and fine tickling the feathers of my wings
flying hysterically, over land numerically
I am seven mountains higher than the valley of death

Seven mountains higher than the valley of death
Seven dimensions deeper than dimensions of breath"

saul williams - penny for a thought

Yung Apprentice
07-28-2003, 04:38 PM

Imma slacker, never did I have a lot of dough

Imma slacker, smoking pot and watchin' videos

Imma slacker, go whichever way the wind blows

Those just tuning in I'm just letting' ya know

That Imma slacker, every time I take a look around

Imma slacker, stuck upon my face is a frown

I don't do enough, I just fool around

Ya'll can go to hell, how does that sound (8)

Verse 1

Imma product of reganomics neurotic/ they sayin'

I'm it just got up/ inhaling chronic

The oddest/ I'm staying honest/

I'm bout to make it famous/

So you can take that J.O.B. and

You can shove it up your anus/

I ain't never understood how the world works/

But I always understood why

The girls twirk/ for a baller not a 9 to 5/

Barely makin' it with disgust behind your eyes /

So I just grip my piece, rip off fleece/

Out to take yo lip off chief/

With my peeps/ we ruthless

If you got money induce it/ goofs get toothless/

We loose/ off 2 fifths we useless/

I wanna kick it but ain't got the dough/

Sneak in the concert trip and make'em stop the show/

We gots ta go, push me and I'll sock the po/

Getting' the bail my parents is impossible /

Tech 9, "Slacker"

chen zhen
07-29-2003, 01:24 PM
Funny snoop-dogg chat-interview:

"VIBE: What's your theme park going to be like?

Snoop: It's gon' be like Magic Mountain, but it's called Doggyland. And I'mmo have some ghetto rides like 40-ounce [malt liquor] bumper cars; ghetto sh!t to where muthaf*ckas be like, "this nigga took it to the next level, but he represented the hood [and] made it fun." Magic Mountain, the kids like all that sh!t, but what about the ghetto kids who ain't into Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck? No disrespect, [but] they into this real sh!t right here."


Yung Apprentice
07-31-2003, 12:22 PM
My boy has a page on soundclick. He's new at this, and the songs there he wants to re-do because he's off beat at times, but he knows where he messed up at. Anyways, show some luv to him.


08-01-2003, 01:11 AM
Ausie L get's my love ;)

.....But where's the tracks? :confused:

08-01-2003, 01:14 AM
no is coo I found em <see other thread>

shaolin kungfu
08-01-2003, 01:15 AM
Sounds good.:cool:

Yung Apprentice
08-01-2003, 04:02 AM
Thank you guys for taking the time to check out my boy's stuff. I really appreciate that, seeing as how I'm helping him put his name out there. Me and him are supposed to do a trak with his brother, if we ever get around to doing, he'll definately post it on his page, and you can hear how I sound like!!!!!:D But once again thanks.:)

08-02-2003, 04:55 AM
Yo my wife's tired of ****ing me
Life tries ducking me
Luckily I find 'em just at the right time
Mack in my right arm, Tequila bottle in
My left arm like Cristian
Watching my life go, keeping myself in
Wolves in the night yo, hells men
Two revolvers I can let twelve spin
Hop in my Benz, push it to the limit
Buck-sixty, who wit' me? My (?) to well
Twisted blunts and inner conscience
Telling me that I aint sh!t
No matter how much cash I sit with
Still gotta ask the lord for forgiveness
My precious baby girl came like forty nights of rain
To replenish my adolescent brain
Blessed be her name, before her birth I was insane
So I drive the cooler pressure down, delay the pain
I ate from these poisonous, ****ed up streets
Tasted larceny, it was sweet, I starved for more to eat
Though I took, that was to live, hope God will forgive
As odd as it is, the more I gain the harder it is
To maintain, b!tches playin' games
Niggas snitchin', I aint saying names
But y'all niggas better watch how y'all slang
Lost so many close niggas, drunk almost crashed
I'm going too fast, highway patrol will just flash
Lights in my rearview, if they stop me I hope they lock me
Instead they speed ahead
Yo nigga watch me

Nas - drunk by myself

chen zhen
08-02-2003, 06:02 AM
Dr Dre, Snoop Dogg, Nate Dogg: Next Episode:

{Snoop Dogg}
La - da - da - da - dahh
It's the motherf*ckin D - O - double - G (SNOOP DOGG!)
La - da - da - da - dahh
You know I'm mobbin with the D. R. E.
You know who's back up in this MOTHERF*CKER!)
What what what what?
(So blaze the weed up then!)
Blaze it up, blaze it up!
(Just blaze that sh!t up nigga, yeah, 'sup Snoop??)

Top Dogg, bite me all, nigga burn the sh!t up
D - P - G - C my nigga turn that sh!t up
C - P - T, L - B - C, yeah we hookin back up
And when they bang this in the club baby you got to get up
Thug niggaz drug dealers yeah they givin it up
Lowlife, yo' life, boy we livin it up
Takin chances while we dancin in the party fo' sho'
Slip my hoe a forty - fo' and she got in the back do'
B!tches lookin at me strange but you know I don't care
Step up in this motherf*cker just a - swangin my hair
B!tch quit talkin, quick walk if you down with the set
Take a bullet with some d!ck and take this dope from this jet
Out of town, put it down for the Father of Rap
And if yo' ass get cracked, b!tch shut yo' trap
Come back, get back, that's the part of success
If you believe in the X you'll be relievin your stress

{Snoop} La - da - da - da - dahh
{Dre} It's the motherf*ckin D. R. E. (Dr. Dre MOTHERF*CKER!)
{Snoop} La - da - da - da - dahhh
{Dre} You know I'm mobbin with the D - O - double - G

{Dr. Dre}
Straight off the f*ckin streets of C - P - T
King of the beats you ride to em in your Fleet (Fleetwood)
Or Coupe DeVille rollin on dubs
How you feelin whoopty=whoop nigga whut?
Dre and Snoop chronic'ed out in the 'llac
With Doc in the back, sippin on 'gnac (yeah)
Clip in the strap, dippin through hoods (what hoods?)
Compton, Long Beach, Inglewood!
South Central out to the Westside (wessyde)
It's California Love, this California bud got a nigga gang of pub
I'm on one, I might bail up in the Century Club
With my jeans on, and my team strong
Get my drink on, and my smoke on
Then go home with, somethin to poke on (whassupb!tch?)
Loc it's on for the two - triple - oh
Comin real, it's the next episode...

{Nate Dogg}
Hold up, heyyyyyyyy
For my niggaz who be thinkin we soft
We don't, playyyyyyy
We gon' rock it til the wheels fall off
Hold up, heyyyyyyyy
For my niggaz who be actin too bold
Take a, seeaaaaaat
Hope you ready for the next episode
... smoke weed everday!

chen zhen
08-02-2003, 01:14 PM
Let's Get High
f/ Kurupt, Hittman & Ms. Roq

[all together]
All these niggaz and all these hoes in here
Somebody here gon' f*ck! (repeat 4X)

Talkin that, walkin that, spittin at hoes
Smokin this, drinkin that, hittin at hoes
F*ck this I'm hittin that I'm hittin em both
Have one ridin d!ck, one lickin my toes
When I'm lovin these hoes there ain't no love involved
No hugs, no kisses, bear rugs, bear britches
Rare b!tches like to pose in them Black Tail pictures
B!tch jumped off my d!ck, "Is that Dre over there?"

[Dr. Dre]
Yeah -- I just took some Ecstasy
Ain't no tellin what the side effects could be
All these fine b!tches equal sex to me
plus I got this bad b!tch layin next to me
No doubt, sit back on the couch
Pants down, rubber on, set to turn that ass out
Laid the b!tch out, then I put it in her mouth
Pulled out, nutted on a towel and passed out

Come on let's get high (hiiiiigh..)
let's get high (hiiiiigh..)
Come on let's get high (hiiiiigh..)
let's get high, all my ladies
let's get high (hiiiiigh..)
high (hiiiiigh..)
Let's get high (hiiiiigh..)
Come on let's get high

I make the four hop {*hydraulic sound*} pull up at the spot
Weed by the barrels in my G'd up apparel
Stompin in the party, Kurupt, Young Gotti
I'm f*ckin somethin in this b!tch, hit em with some gangsta sh!t
Put somethin in your mouth b!tch real tasty
I'm lookin real sauce in my gangsta-ass Casey's
Hit the party, ease up, Kurupt with an ounce an'
got all the hoes in this motherf*cker bouncin {*hydraulics*}
Down to..

Mel-Man what's crackin?
Whassup wit all these ol' punk ass hoes in here?

[Ms. Roq]
Nigga WHUT??! I'm a hustlin b!tch!
I like them get rich niggaz, them hit the switch niggaz
Niggaz bout the sex and which b!tch to hit next
while I'm kickin my game and collectin them checks
Got all y'all niggaz vexed to f*ck this triple-X rated hoe
You say you ain't eat it - you ate it though
And uhh, Roq don't stop, can't be droppin no drawers
To the niggaz how you figure got you sh!ttin in yours
Yeah, little d!cks always runnin they mouth
While a b!tch is better off to masturbate and be out
All you bi!tches up in here know what I'm talkin about
Get the loot, get the ice, f*ck the wife, no doubt
Tryin to live lavish, marry a big d!ck and stay carried
Holla back at them niggaz that hollered at me
Pop the Cris', whip the six and sh!t
and have all y'all niggaz limp when I twist my sh!t
Yeah! B!tch ass niggaz!

Yung Apprentice
08-02-2003, 02:03 PM
Did any of yall DL some of Tech 9's stuff?

chen zhen
08-02-2003, 02:19 PM
I have'nt been able to find any of their tracks.
cool avatar, btw.:)

08-02-2003, 03:01 PM
yo I did. I liked 'Slither' best. 'T9X', 'Imma tell' and psycho b.icth were also very good.

How many are they in Tech 9 n where r they from?

chen zhen
08-02-2003, 03:10 PM
I have found out that Freeway have done some nice tracks too. I like "flipside" best, check it out.;)

btw, check this pic I made, I found it on google with snoop on it, but the 2 others I have inserted.
looks F'ing amateurish, lol:p

08-02-2003, 03:11 PM
"Snoop em doctor"

Chang Style Novice
08-02-2003, 06:37 PM
I don't know what you came to do
But I came to get this thang crunk for you
And I don't know who you came to see
But ain't another muthafu(ker bad like me
Wait a minute
Hey, get up, cause...

I'm a bad muthafu(ker (4X)

[Female Voice]
You think you bad
You really think you bad

Well I'm bad, I'm bad, I'm bad
And I know I'm bad

[Female Voice]
Gotd@mnit you think you bad
You really think you bad

Well I'm bad, I'm bad
But don't get mad

What can I say that you don't already know
I stay dead fresh all the way to the floor
I ain't never ever been beaten before
You get a bullet hole in your soul fu(kin' with Lo
I'm from Southwest whip a Jaguar S
1100 Crucifix on my chest
I could just stand still and shine like glass
I got a mansion sittin' on 10 acres of grass
I cannot stop
I will not quit
Any nigga don't like it
Got to deal with it
Don't cross the line shawty let me be
I got 100 niggas a kill 'bout me
Yes y'all
Yes muthafu(k the rest
If you lookin' for the sh!t SugaBaby the best
You can talk all you want but betta not touch
You can't handle me
Ho, I'm just too much


I'm one of a kind
I can read your mind
Give soul to a stick
And sight to the blind
I can make the sun shine in the pouring rain
I can even make the dead breath life again
I can walk on water
Take off and fly
I'm a bad muthafu(ka
I ain't gone lie
My mother is nature
This is why
And my father is God
We got a house in the sky
I can touch your heart
I can soothe your soul
I can give your body warmth
In the freezing cold
I can give you joy
When life got you low
I can take away the pain and you'll hurt no more
I can make every dream you got come true
When you believing in me
You believing in you
And one last thing
So you don't forget
You got to be bad as hell to do that sh!t


Clap yo hand in the air like this
Boogie down and stomp just twist
Don't dare miss a minute of this
This the funk that you can't resist
Wave your hands high in the air
Boogie down like you just don't care
After I'm done you will agree
Even a blind man can see
That I'm a bad muthafu(ker

Yung Apprentice
08-03-2003, 01:38 AM
Chen Zhen- Thanx. Found a bunch of amine avatars, so that was cool. They didn't have fist of the northstar avatars, so I went with Ninja Scroll.

Kristoffer- Yeah, slither is cool. I like Industy is Punks the best. and Slacker.

shaolin kungfu
08-03-2003, 01:50 AM
What character from ninja scroll is that? it kind of looks like jubei.

chen zhen
08-03-2003, 02:48 AM
YA check this site out: http://www.gamespy.com/avatars/index.asp

there's lots of anime stuff there, and tonnes of other stuff

chen zhen
08-03-2003, 03:22 AM

08-03-2003, 03:29 AM
in the club was most exciting :rolleyes:
Who the hell is this?

chen zhen
08-03-2003, 03:30 AM
DPG, here's the site:

the chuuuchhouse mixtape in the top dun work, sadly. there's some good tracks there.

08-03-2003, 03:42 AM
sounds like underground material

chen zhen
08-03-2003, 03:53 AM
it is, it's mostly peebs like dpg, daz dillinger, dogg pound all them, who has dun some mixes.

chen zhen
08-03-2003, 04:13 AM

08-03-2003, 04:15 AM
coo, fun listenin

shaolin kungfu
08-03-2003, 04:16 AM
The second one was cool. Good beat, and started of funny as hell.:D

chen zhen
08-03-2003, 04:20 AM
I logged in on the DGPrecordz forums, so maybe I can find sum more tracks for yall;)

chen zhen
08-03-2003, 04:33 AM
LOF*ckingL at Ja Rule!!



shaolin kungfu
08-03-2003, 04:35 AM

chen zhen
08-03-2003, 04:46 AM
Da ORA homs in da hood (http://images.amazon.com/images/P/B00000DFVP.01.LZZZZZZZ.jpg)

shaolin kungfu
08-03-2003, 04:49 AM
Hell yeah.:cool:

chen zhen
08-03-2003, 04:51 AM
we have a new image now.. more shizzle than our Sopranos image ever was.:cool:

shaolin kungfu
08-03-2003, 04:55 AM
Sopranos are still the shlt though.:cool:

08-03-2003, 04:57 AM
were like the russian mob
G's at the same time

08-03-2003, 04:58 AM

chen zhen
08-03-2003, 04:59 AM
sopranos iz the gangsta-show of them all.:cool:

russian..? ok:D

shaolin kungfu
08-03-2003, 05:05 AM
Like that guy in snatch? Boris the blade?

sounds good to me.:D

08-03-2003, 05:32 AM

08-03-2003, 05:45 AM
Just signed up at gangstaville as K the swede. I see SK u signed up too?

chen zhen
08-03-2003, 05:46 AM
if anyone here who has kazaa can find "tha chuuchhouse mixtape" and can send it to me, then they will be god..uh I mean dogg..:D:p

shaolin kungfu
08-03-2003, 05:50 AM
you should be able to download kazaa pretty easily. That might be easier than tryin to send it via email. I'll look for it though. :)

Yeah I signed up to. Check out the I see bootee forum.:D

chen zhen
08-03-2003, 05:54 AM
it's on this page, but does'nt work.

i don't have kazaa at the moment, because the pigs are out busting people who have it. It's pretty rought here..

what is on bootee? there's "Chris the swede", but he was already there when I signed up..:confused:

shaolin kungfu
08-03-2003, 05:57 AM
I was just tellin him to look at it if he hadn't already.

I'm actually thinkin about not usin kazaa for a while because of the crackdown.but I dont think one more search will put me on their list.

chen zhen
08-03-2003, 05:59 AM
me guesses..

hey, i've gotta go get a haircut, see ya b!tches later.

shaolin kungfu
08-03-2003, 06:01 AM
Peace out beeyotch!

I'll look for it on kazaa tommorow,or later today. It's 8am here and i was awake all night. Time to sleep.

08-03-2003, 06:27 AM
**** kazaa.. it's pretty crappy anyway. If you dun share your files u can say that u only listen to them by yourself and dont spread them. In that case they can't do anything! + to be on the safe side u could just move the files from the shared folder to a different folder on your comp. So if they check your 'profile' kazza whatever then there's no files there.

chen zhen
08-03-2003, 10:22 AM
here's the site:

some cool tracks:
We smoke pounds (http://www.westsiderap.com/audio/Welcome%202%20The%20Chuuch%20Mixed%20Tape%20Vol.%2 01/DazSnoopDoggLilHalfDead-WeSmokePounds.mp3)
Gangsta Dicc (http://www.westsiderap.com/audio/Welcome%202%20The%20Chuuch%20Mixed%20Tape%20Vol.%2 01/SnoopDoggLilHalfDeadCrystal-GangstaDicc.mp3)
Succ me off (http://www.westsiderap.com/audio/Welcome%202%20The%20Chuuch%20Mixed%20Tape%20Vol.%2 01/SnoopDogg-SuccMeOff.mp3)
DoDo Remix (http://www.westsiderap.com/audio/Welcome%202%20The%20Chuuch%20Mixed%20Tape%20Vol.%2 01/SnoopDoggBeanieSiegalFreewaySoopaflyEWhiteKokaneJe llyroll-DoDoRemix.mp3)
Fa Real (http://www.westsiderap.com/audio/Welcome%202%20The%20Chuuch%20Mixed%20Tape%20Vol.%2 01/CrystalSnoopDoggMacMinista-FaReal.mp3)
Playa Playa (http://www.westsiderap.com/audio/Welcome%202%20The%20Chuuch%20Mixed%20Tape%20Vol.%2 01/SnoopDoggRedman-PlayPlaya.mp3)
Succ a Dicc (http://www.westsiderap.com/audio/Welcome%202%20The%20Chuuch%20Mixed%20Tape%20Vol.%2 01/DazSnoopDoggUncleJunebugg-SuccADicc.mp3)
DPG life (http://www.westsiderap.com/audio/Welcome%202%20The%20Chuuch%20Mixed%20Tape%20Vol.%2 01/RBX-DPGLife.mp3)
LBC'in it up (http://www.westsiderap.com/audio/Welcome%202%20The%20Chuuch%20Mixed%20Tape%20Vol.%2 01/SnoopDoggNateDoggLilHalfDead-LBCnItUp.mp3)
Never scared Remix (http://www.westsiderap.com/audio/Welcome%202%20The%20Chuuch%20Mixed%20Tape%20Vol.%2 01/DazSnoopDogg-NeverScaredRemix.mp3)
Bacc on the Blocc (http://www.westsiderap.com/audio/Welcome%202%20The%20Chuuch%20Mixed%20Tape%20Vol.%2 01/SnoopDoggThaEastsidaz-BaccOnTheBlocc.mp3)

There's lotsa other albums on that site too, check 'em all, and post ur favourite tracks!:cool:

Yung Apprentice
08-03-2003, 01:28 PM
DPG is tight. It sucks that Kurupt left them for Tha Row. I heard there was an underground album out there, very hard to find, that was a colabo cd of Daz and Tupac. I heard that they were selling it for like 80 bucks a pop. Don't know if it's true though.

SK- Yeah that's Jubei.

chen zhen
08-04-2003, 02:51 AM
I'll try to find more DPG & other tracks and post it here.

sorry the "Do Do" link did'nt work, it's one of the tytest. U have to go to the first link & listen to it there.

More tyte sh!t:

I'm fly (http://www.westsiderap.com/audio/213-ImFly.mp3)
Double fisted (http://www.westsiderap.com/audio/E40TheMossie-DoubleFisted.mp3)
Executives (http://www.westsiderap.com/audio/PlayboyWSnoopDoggMacDre-Executives.mp3)
Head to toe (http://www.westsiderap.com/audio/Roscoe-HeadToToe.mp3)
Gangsta summer (http://www.westsiderap.com/audio/DownDaz-GangstaSummer.mp3)

08-04-2003, 12:06 PM
(Yo Son, this person's all on your ****)
Nah what's this?
(Nigga Nas tried to commit, yeah word em up)
Not that nigga, not that nigga that nigga's too pretty
(You gotta do somethin man, you gotta do somethin man, word up)
Take that nigga to war
Yo Nature, listen man
In a jacuzzi flashin, splashin like a uzi rappin
Much love for thugs, God bless B.I., askin
'Whattup with Cormega?' Live niggaz keep askin
The exhibition, flexin, throw my extra clip in
Chrome be Gotti be re-essence, check it
Niggaz talkin bout, how real they kept it on record
Screamin out, Q.B.C. but don't rep it
Am I my brothers keeper or a ***got in love with Reaper?
My four-eyed niggaz would love to meet ya
Life's a ***** but **** gets deeper, **** gold chains and sneakers
I had dat, when cocaine was cheaper
Yo, who this fake nigga soundin like me?
You wanna be me, but can't see a thousand like me
I'm loungin, you're like rookies on housin
You see my team comin and your heart starts poundin
You shook, getting paid off the book
Niggaz jeal-ous, my LS is off the hook
You see the Lex, you fake ass thug, you need respect
or be another nigga that my ****in heater wet
My poetry is manifest, the words be correct
My empire rise, now my enemies are vexed
Yo Nature you finished, yo Nas you next
Yeah, clear my little man
YouknowhatI'msayin, Nas
It ain't nuttin personal, it's all business yaknahmsayin?
You let your little ***got ass man come around me
But my man got a few words he wanna say to you
Nature you fake ass, try to be down, shot your stank ass
Ice Cream Man took the ****, your little brother tape back
Now you against the Mega star, pump a hundred stacks
in a Lex, LS, doin no Escobar's
When they crew speak, heard my team burn the wonder
Five stars, Q.B. the Desert Storm
The Mobb exclusive, check the nuclear on the nak-ed
Find the illest kicks, play the strength, what the writer bent
Hover from night to light, now push the tighter ****
The tighest click, we're airtight

Roll deep and wear Air Nikes, some to scare some the bear type
but we rock mics and jams, like gats we **** twice
Runnin with the pretty boys, *****es say that's not nice
Straight out the 'Bridge, my DeLorean, showbiz
Hit me on the timin you can find me where the coke is
I'm a nightmare, the street demon
Tell your whole crew with twenty-two's, my dudes street sweepin
Prepared, never scared, ones to bolster the flag
I'm ill, everything's real, ain't no special effects
Yeah, bring the drama, I like the ****in trauma
A gladiator, rocking steel plated armor
Yeah, you wanna step to me, you'd better bring a referee
My name is 'Mega, y'all niggaz scared to death of me
And you man, acting like a Columbian refugee
Murder any nigga in sight, any day or night
You see me in a jet black Lex, the coke's white
Lampin on the Hill, that nigga Nature thought he ill
I ****ed his ass up like I'm Holyfield
This the Real Deal, my time is drama for thought
Of course, yeah, the ****ing boss
Yeah, that nigga Nature talk about he takin my spot
Took one punch to the face, and dead dropped
It's over La, I don't even know why you even won't try to come at me
This is Cor mother****in Mega
You know I'm the baddest you ****in ***got
I'll **** you up
I brought my man for your ****in gold teeth
You be wearin your **** in the projects, you're a ****ing *****
Knahmsayin Nas? You need to you need to you need to
get a ****in fireproof ****in van that's how you come through
the projects or niggaz'll burn your **** down
Them niggaz is idiots, yo
Talkin about Street Dreams rockin a pink ass suit
What the **** kind of dreams you niggaz workin with, man?
You **** with me, you're ****in with the best, man, knahmsayin?
But y'all niggaz ain't ready for ****ing war
Y'all ain't ready for the mother****in, the gun battles
or the beatings on sight man
don't **** with me man, I got no more to say man
trick ass bay-atches!

08-04-2003, 12:27 PM
NIce tracks chen. Still laughing at 'in the club' version though. :D If I ever released any **** i'd definatly do sumthin similar. Now peep this, greates smoker song in the world :D Bone Thugz n Harmony - Weed Song !!!

"(Krayzie Bone)

Take me...
Higher,higher, baby
Can you feel it?? (feel it, fell it, feel it)
Do you feel the same weed high that I feel??
Cuz I'm so high (reefer makes you feel that way)
And I'm feeling so right
Roll (roll), let's smoke, I got to get high.
I been high since the last song ( off that la,la,la,la,la,la,la)
And I just been smokin' and smokin'
Smoke another blunt, roll another up
You know that weed can really ease your mind
Everytime I smoke a reefer that indo high makes me fly
If everybody smoked a blunt, believe their mind,
the world could be a better place
If everybody took a break and we all just get wasted
Toked out ( out,out,out) Smoked out (out,out,out) Choked out (out,out,out)
Pull another one (out,out,out)
Let's get P-O-D-ded (P-O-D-ed, P-O-D-ed)


(Bizzy Bone)

The weed can't get no better (no better babe)

20 dollar hollars, all day, everyday
Come around my way, yee gone want to stay
Weed makes me hungry,happy, and all I can say is
"Sure, I need some more"
Don't make me wait, stay awake, fake sleep,
got the weed between the sheets
Catch me
Mary J. blessed me
Open up the door, stimulate your mind, slide my momma the blunt
Open up to what you talkin' bout (you don't really want)
Lovin' them high times (lovin' them high times)
I never been in high times (but could you tell)
Am I high enough (am I high enough)
Am I high enough (am I high enough)

(Wish Bone)

I remember being a little thug
Weed, really didn't know what it was
Then I took a puff and I realized
I should alwayz, stay high
The weed (the weed), makes me feel alright (alright)
If you feel like I feel, I got half on yo dime
If you got the weed, smoke it
I'm a real weed smoka
If it's mine then I would
Since it's then you could, you should
If I ain't there when you blaze a blunt nigga huh, please think of me
Cuz you know a nigga like to get high (high), high and free
Smokin' all night , feelin' alright
Bone Thugs get high, so high
High, high, all night,high, high
So high


Oh my, oh my, oh my, oh my my my my
I know you wonder why I do a little sky
And I soar up so high
This mornin' I was in my bed
Bangin' and Ringin' inside my head
I wanted to make love to you baby, but last night I got P-O-D-ed instead
So please don't go away, that's all I got to say
Is I gotta have you Mary J.
Such a heavenly feelin' I get when i'm takin' fat
ass blunts to the brain
Without it I'm gonna say and I wish we really can
Kick it at home in America, like it was n in amsterdam
You heard enough, you heard it all, nothin' but a, a real nigga
Nothin' less then a killa, I'm out in front of makin' my scrilla and
I'm happy to know, the slide is the ball, and kick as strong as me
You rippin' the bone like me, can get it as long as me

(Layzie Bone)

And when I need to free my mind
I can find, satisfaction in a bag of weed
Everything I need, leave it to the trees
It can make me feel better, and everyday I wave
Niggas rollin' up blunts, and mo blunts, and mo blunts
And I, keep a case of swisher sweets in da trunk
So when I'm rollin', smokin', chokin', just floatin
Through my city in my drop top
Glock cop, rollin', just rollin'
Me and Mary Jane
It's my world, it's my thang
The way she penetrates my brain
Buddah, done blessed me with game
Good game, you wanna chop it up, we can kick it, smoke a fatty to the dome
Nigga lay high, thugged out, smokin', all....night...long

(chorus until fade)"

chen zhen
08-04-2003, 01:43 PM
Yung apprentice, maybe this is what u talk about?
http://artists.iuma.com/dl/Cynicalistik_Remixez/audio/Cynicalistik_Remixez_-_Nate_Dogg__Theze_Dayz_RMX_feat._Daz_Dillinger__2P ac.mp3
tyte as hell.

Now I hope DoDo works:
http://www.westsiderap.com/audio/Welcome%202%20The%20Chuuch%20Mixed%20Tape%20Vol.%2 01/SnoopDoggBeanieSiegalFreewaySoopaflyEWhiteKokaneJe llyroll-DoDoRemix.mp3

edit: ok, go to http://www.westsiderap.com/audio-albums-welcome2thechuuchmixedtapevol1.htm
and look up the DoDo Remix. The best Smoker song!!:p

08-04-2003, 02:03 PM
Oh man chen this is the best site ever! u ma musical dealah..
Got more o these?

chen zhen
08-04-2003, 02:06 PM
When I get it, I will post it here.:cool:
Is'nt it just the shizzlest tracks one can find for free?!:eek:

08-04-2003, 02:10 PM
it is!
Wish I could find more mix tapes for free :( (of this quality)

chen zhen
08-04-2003, 02:20 PM
DPG's pound on that mixtape is just the best of the best in the world of rap.

08-04-2003, 02:21 PM
haha Not sure bout 'BEST', but certanly one OF the best

chen zhen
08-04-2003, 02:28 PM
I mean, the DPG pack on the mix, u know: Snoop Dogg, Daz Dillinger, Nate Dogg, Doggpound, RBX, Lil half Dead, E-white, Kurupt, etc.
The cream of the-..uhh u know.:D
Also, OF the best, I agree.

08-04-2003, 02:46 PM
I hear ya I hear ya :)
check out The A Team WAR Mix Tape: http://www.westsiderap.com/audio-albums-theateamwarmixtape.htm

chen zhen
08-05-2003, 01:08 PM
Yung, now u're around, I'll post this again, was it this Daz/2pac song u talked about?
http://artists.iuma.com/dl/Cynicalistik_Remixez/audio/Cynicalistik_Remixez_-_Nate_Dogg__Theze_Dayz_RMX_feat._Daz_Dillinger__2P ac.mp3

Yung Apprentice
08-05-2003, 01:40 PM
Dl'ing the song right now. (got a 56k) But the thing I was talking about was an acutaly album colabo with Tupac and Daz. They supposedly made a cd together as a duo.

chen zhen
08-05-2003, 01:48 PM
I dunno. It was a coincidence I found that song, but maybe if u cut & paste the url of the song down, we can find out. try it.
I dont have time for it, see ya.

edit: I pasted it anyway, take a look: http://artists.iuma.com/IUMA/Bands/Cynicalistik_Remixez/

08-05-2003, 01:54 PM
Pac died WAY to fast

chen zhen
08-05-2003, 01:56 PM

My last treat for my doggs before I hit the sacks (is it called that..?:p)

08-05-2003, 01:59 PM
sure is

08-05-2003, 02:25 PM
Eminem - superman

Dina Rea:

You high baby?

Dina Rea:


Dina Rea:
hahaha..Talk to me...

You want me to tell you somethin?

Dina Rea:
Uh huh...

I know what you wanna hear...
'Cuz I know you want me baby I think I want you too...

Dina Rea:
I think I love you baby...

I think I love you too...
I'm here to save you girl,
Come be in shady's world,
I wanna grow together,
Let's let our love unfurl.
You know you want me baby,
You know I want you too,
They call me Superman,
i'm here to rescue you.
I wanna save you girl,
come be in Shady's world...

Dina Rea:
oh boy you drive me crazy...

***** you make me hurl

They call me superman
Leap tall hoes in a single bound,
I'm single now,
Got no ring on this finger now,
I'll never let another chick bring me down,
In a relationship, save it *****, babysit? you make me sick,
Superman aint savin ****, girl you can jump on shady's ****,
Straight from the hip, cut to the chase,
I'll tell a m'****in **** to her face,
Play no games, say no names,
ever since I broke up with what's her face,
I'm a different man, kiss my ass, kiss my lips, ***** why ask?
Kiss my ****, hit my cash, i'd rather have you whip my ass,
Don't put out? i'll put you out,
Won't get out? i'll push you out,
Puss blew out, copin ****,
Wouldn't **** on fire to put you out,
Am I too nice? buy you ice,
***** if you died, wouldn't buy you life,
What you tryin to be, my new wife?
What you Mariah? fly through twice,
But I do know one thing though,
*****es they come, they go,
Saturday through Sunday monday,
Monday through Sunday yo,
Maybe i'll love you one day,
Maybe we'll someday grow,
Till then just sit your drunk ass on that ****in runway hoe...

'Cuz I can't be your superman,
Can't be your superman,
Can't be your superman,
Can't be your superman,
I can't be your superman,
Can't be your superman,
Can't be your superman,
Your superman, your superman...

Don't get me wrong,
I love these hoes,
It's no secret,
Everybody knows,
Yeah we ****ed
***** so what?
That's about as far as your buddy goes,
We'll be friends,
I'll call you again,
I'll chase you around every bar you attend,
Never know what kind of car i'll be in,
*Woman Screaming*
We'll see how much you'll be partying then,
You don't want that,
Neither do I,
I don't wanna flip when I see you with guys,
Too much pride,
Between you and I,
Not a jealous man, but females lie,
But I guess that's just what ****s do,
How could it ever be just us two?
I never loved you enough to trust you,
We just met and I just ****ed you,
But I do know one thing though,
*****es they come they go,
Saturday through Sunday monday,
Monday through Sunday yo,
Maybe I'll love you one day,
Maybe we'll someday grow,
'Till then just sit your drunk ass on that ****in runway hoe...

Eminem & Dina Rae Over Chorus 2x

I know you want me baby,
I think I want you too...

Dina Rea:
I think I love you baby...

I think I love you too,
I'm here to save you girl,
Come be in shady's world,
I wanna grow together,
Lets let our love unfurl,
You know you want me baby,
You know I want you too,
They call me Superman,
i'm here to rescue you
I wanna save you girl,
Come be in shady's world...

Dina Rea:
Oh boy you drive me crazy...

***** you make me hurl.

First thing you said...

Dina Rea:
I'm not phazed,
I hang around big stars all day,
I don't see what the big deal is anyway,
You're just plain ol' Marshall to me...

Ooh yeah girl run that game...

Dina Rea:
Haily Jade...I love that name,
Love that tattoo...what's that say?
'rot in pieces' ...uhh that's great...

First off you don't know Marshall,
at all so don't grow partial,
That's ammo for my arsenal,
I'll slap you off that bar stool,
There goes another lawsuit,
Leave handprints all across you,
Good lordy-wody you must be blown off that quarter bottle,
You want what you can't have,
Ooh girl that's too **** bad,
Don't touch what you can't grab,
End up with two back hands,
Put Anthrax on a Tampax and slap you till you can't stand,
Girl you just blew your chance,
Don't mean to ruin your plans,
But I do know one thing though,
*****es they come they go,
Saturday through Sunday Monday,
Monday through Sunday yo,
Maybe I'll love you one day,
Maybe we'll someday grow,
'Till then just sit your drunk ass on that ****in runway hoe...

Eminem & Dina Rea Over Chorus 2x

I know you want me baby,
I think I want you too...

Dina Rea:
I think I love you baby...

I think I love you too,
I'm here to save you girl,
Come be in Shady's world,
I wanna grow together,
Lets let our love unfurl,
You know you want me baby,
You know I want you too,
They call me Superman,
i'm here to rescue you
I wanna save you girl,
Come be in shady's world...

Dina Rea:
Oh boy you drive me crazy...

***** you make me hurl.

chen zhen
08-06-2003, 05:44 AM
Welcome to da chuuch vol. 2, tracks ready for downloading. (http://www.dpgrecordz.com/news/)


08-06-2003, 07:45 AM

chen zhen
08-06-2003, 08:37 AM
Not as good as the last chuuch mixtape, but there is some ok ones.
btw, I borrowed a CD from a friend, and loaded the tracks over on iTunes, there is among others:

Da Rockwilder-Metha & Red
Mission Cleopatra-Snoop
From da chuuch to da palace-snoop
Party up in here-DMX
What's my name-DMX

& other tyte ass sh!t:D

08-06-2003, 08:49 AM

I'm not sure of why, but I'm listening to Sitar music right now :confused:

chen zhen
08-06-2003, 09:29 AM
I'm listening to a Paki pop track now! :p
kinda good, actually.:cool:

08-06-2003, 09:49 AM
he he :D I have tons of weird ethnic-tribe-crap lying around the comp.

chen zhen
08-06-2003, 11:07 AM
If u listen to Pac's lyrics in "Theze Dayz", they are kinda predicting the future, u know.. (http://artists.iuma.com/dl/Cynicalistik_Remixez/audio/Cynicalistik_Remixez_-_Nate_Dogg__Theze_Dayz_RMX_feat._Daz_Dillinger__2P ac.mp3)

08-06-2003, 11:57 AM

I wonder if things could go that way in this day of age? i mean, Jay got shot.. And there's definatly tention between em and ja.


chen zhen
08-06-2003, 12:15 PM
& Ja?

:pLOL sum ho's, they won't shoot sh!t

chen zhen
08-07-2003, 07:54 AM
New tracks of mixed quality

Crooked I-"Coldgame" (http://www.dpgrecordz.com/audio/coldgame.mp3)
Daz-"Fo Sho"(good) (http://www.arista2.com/mp3s/fo_sho_dirty.mp3)
Daz-"A few guns" (http://www.arista2.com/mp3s/a_few_gunz_dirty.mp3)
Snoop Dogg-"getaway" (good also) (http://www.westsiderap.com/audio/Welcome%202%20Tha%20Chuuch%20Mixtape%20Vol.%202/SnoopDogg-Getaway.mp3)

08-07-2003, 09:46 AM
no Jam master jay got shot.. and there's tention between Jarule and shady records.

I hope Ja get's shot in his giant ear

chen zhen
08-07-2003, 12:58 PM
And that the Jiggaman gets t suck that 45'
He has the lips for it anyway.:cool:

chen zhen
08-09-2003, 09:51 AM
Snoop 1 (http://www.7daynet.org/snoop/snoop_1.JPG)
Snoop 2 (pimp style) (http://i.timeinc.net/ew/dynamic/imgs/020308/135835__snoop_l.jpg)
Dre (http://muzyka.onet.pl/_i/info/duze/d/dr_dre.jpg)
Method Man (ugly mofo) (http://www.msu.edu/user/dalrymp6/methodman.jpg)
Meth2 (http://www.thebluedot.com/greenberg/2/images/method_man.jpg)
Death Row (http://www.vislab.usyd.edu.au/education/schools/guests/carlingford/dash/2pac.jpg)
MM, that ****in ho. what the f is he doin anyway? (http://www.diariodeumaloirinha.blogger.com.br/eminem.jpg)
Daz (http://www.gwynjones.freeserve.co.uk/westside2000/daz5.jpg)
Red (http://www.burntblue.com/l/djartists/redman/redman_main.jpg)
Xzibit. He's ok. (http://www.gwynjones.freeserve.co.uk/westside2000/xzibit.jpg)
Nate Dogg. He's more into R&B, but he's ok. (http://www.zicline.com/an4/semaine10/dogg.jpg)
Wu-Tang (http://www.veryuniques.com/photogallery/images/wu-tang.jpg)
Busta Rhymes, what a HOOO! Look at his ugly face!!:p (http://www.eminemitalia.it/minisiti/busta/pictures23.jpg)
Jiggaman. Can't stand them lips..:mad: (http://universalurban.com/jayz/art/info_jayz1.jpg)
P. Diddy. BEEOOTTCHHC (http://www.soundbuzz.com/uploadedimages/gallery_836.jpg)
Ja, that midgit-ass f*ck (http://www.msu.edu/user/dalrymp6/jarule.jpg)
Freeway (http://www.phillyhiphop.com/_reviews/freeway.jpg®)
Gang Starr (http://www.citypaper.com/2001-06-13/music-1.jpg)
DMX (http://www.poster.net/dmx/dmx-tattoo-4900153.jpg)
Ludah, in a great position..;) (http://www.altrap.com/events/eventsimages/ludacris.jpg)
Ludah 2, lol (http://edition.cnn.com/interactive/entertainment/0202/timbaland/2.ludacris.jpg)

OK, maybe it became more dissing than anything else..:p

chen zhen
08-09-2003, 01:34 PM

chen zhen
08-13-2003, 07:05 AM
ORA boyz 'n da Hood (http://www.the411online.com/wgpic1.jpg)

chen zhen
08-15-2003, 05:54 AM
Hey, check this remix track out.. "label me as a ridah" (http://artists.iuma.com/dl/Cynicalistik_Remixez/audio/Cynicalistik_Remixez_-_Label_Me_As_A_Ridah.mp3)

+ new lyrics:

Nate Dogg]
I've got hoes
I've got hoes, in different area codes (area, area codes..codes)
hoes, hoes, hoes, in different area codes (area, area codes..codes)

Now you thought I was just 7-7-0
And 4-0-4, I'm worldwide b!tch, act like yall don't know
It's the abominabol "O" man
Globe-trot international post man
Neighbor-d!ck dope man
7-1-8s, 2-0-2's
I send small cities and states I-O-U's
9-0-1, matter fact 3-0-5
I'll jump off the d-4, we can meet outside
So control your hormones and keep your drawers on
'Til I close the door and I'm jumping your bone
3-1-2, 3-1-3, 2-1-5, 8-0-3
Read your hor-o-scope and eat some hor-derves
Ten I pump one these hoes is self serve
7-5-7, 4-1-0, my cell phone says overload


Now everyday is a hol-i-day
So stop the violence and put the 4-4 away, keeps you to hold today
5-0-4, 9-7-2
7-1-3, whatcha gon do
You checkin up the scene, I'm checkin a ho tonight
With perpendicular vehicular ho-micide
3-1-4, 2-0-1
Too much green, too much fun
I bang c0ck in Bangkok
Can't stop, I turn and hit the same spot
Think not, I'm the thrilla in Manilla,
Schlong in Hong Kong
Pimp em like vision, magic Don Juan
Man after Henny with a coke and a smile
I just pick up the muthaf*ckin phone and dial
I got my condoms in a big-ass-sack
I'm slaggin this d!ck like a New Jack, biatch

[Nate Dogg]
Is it cuz they like my gangsta walk?
Is it cuz they like my gangsta talk?
Is it cuz they like my handsome face?
Is it cuz they like my gangsta ways?
Whatever it is, they love it
And they just won't let me be
I handle my biz, don't rush me
Just relax and let me be free
Whenever I call, come running
2-1-2 or 2-1-3
You know that I ball, stop frontin
'For I call on something to free


9-1-6, 4-1-5, 7-0-4
Shout out to the 2-0-6
Everybody in the 8-0-8
2-1-6, 7-0-2, 4-1-4
3-1-7, 2-1-4, 2-8-1
3-3-4, 2-0-5, I see ya
3-1-8, 6-0-1, 2-0-3
8-0-4, 4-0-2, 3-0-1
9-0-4, 4-0-7, 8-5-0
7-0-8, 5-0-2
And different area codes..

chen zhen
08-15-2003, 07:39 AM
Watch past episodes of "Doggy Fizzle Televizzle"! (http://www.mtv.com/onair/doggy_fizzle_televizzle/)
just go down a bit, and u'll find the clips

:DROFLMAO to all of them:D


Freaky snoop (http://www.mtv.com/onair/doggy_fizzle_televizzle/flipbooks/images/snoop_14.jpg)
Freaky snoop 2 (http://www.mtv.com/onair/doggy_fizzle_televizzle/flipbooks/images/snoop_15.jpg)
LOL (http://www.mtv.com/onair/doggy_fizzle_televizzle/flipbooks/images/snoop_17.jpg)
"I'm Napolizze, fo-shizzle" (http://www.mtv.com/onair/doggy_fizzle_televizzle/flipbooks/images/snoop_18.jpg)
Nuddin like a good book...:p (http://www.mtv.com/onair/doggy_fizzle_televizzle/flipbooks/images/snoop_20.jpg)
Professor Snoop 2 (http://www.mtv.com/onair/doggy_fizzle_televizzle/flipbooks/images/snoop_21.jpg)
Just Doggin' it (http://www.mtv.com/onair/doggy_fizzle_televizzle/flipbooks/images/snoop_23.jpg)
FREEAK (http://www.mtv.com/onair/doggy_fizzle_televizzle/flipbooks/images/snoop_1.jpg)
Hey yo Heff, whats da dealiyo (http://www.mtv.com/onair/doggy_fizzle_televizzle/flipbooks/images/snoop_3.jpg)
U drunk, cuzz?:D (http://www.mtv.com/onair/doggy_fizzle_televizzle/flipbooks/images/snoop_4.jpg)
Yiiah, baby (http://www.mtv.com/onair/doggy_fizzle_televizzle/flipbooks/images/snoop_5.jpg)
Sellin ice-creams, or whatever it is...;) (http://www.mtv.com/onair/doggy_fizzle_televizzle/flipbooks/images/snoop_7.jpg)
ho ho hooo (http://www.mtv.com/onair/doggy_fizzle_televizzle/flipbooks/images/snoop_9.jpg)
WTF?! (http://www.mtv.com/onair/doggy_fizzle_televizzle/flipbooks/images/snoop_12.jpg)
"A good Doggfather doesn't discriminate between color, creed or age."...lol (http://www.mtv.com/onair/doggy_fizzle_televizzle/flipbooks/images/snoop_16.jpg)

08-15-2003, 09:15 AM
some of my fav verses

the whole first several verses from Wu Tang's the truimph

"don't push me cuz I'm close to the edge, I'm tryin not to loose my head. It's like a jungle sometimes it make me wonder how I keep from going under" - melle mel

chen zhen
08-17-2003, 07:47 AM
Daz="Round N Round We Go" sound clip (http://www.dpgrecordz.com/audio/round_n_round_%5Bdpg_recordz_dot_com%5D.mp3)

08-17-2003, 11:48 AM
dis thread is razin like em ferrari

i've found new love fo pac... again

chen zhen
08-18-2003, 01:33 PM

[Dr. Dre]
Ay ay Snoop whattup? This your nigga Dre
Ay man I was thinkin I ain't said sh!t on your whole motherf*ckin album
So check it out, put this on there:
All you motherf*ckin haters out there, can suck my motherf*ckin d!ck!
And we still smokin, what?!

[Chorus: Nate Dogg]
For the nigga who be talkin loud and holdin his d!ck
Talkin sh!t, he better LAY LOW
For the b!tch that said I shot some sh!t up out of my d!ck
Now she sick, she better LAY LOW
For the niggaz who be claimin my hood
and really ain't from my gang, better LAY LOW
I hope he don't be thinkin I'm just talkin
and I won't do a thang, really HOPE SO!

[Snoop Dogg]
Hmm, lay low, nobody move until I say so
Limo tint rollin deep like the President
See I don't go to clubs, I never chase a b!tch (beeootch!!)
I'm here to bang that gangsta sh!t to the apocalypse
We call it stress, some of y'all call it chocolate
Return of the Top Dogg, and ain't no stoppin this
Whatever the case, I ain't tryin to catch it
Lay low, blow big dope, and slang records
Unseen but well heard, do not disturb
The only reason you alive cause I ain't sent the word
I flip, faster than birds, Snoop Dogg will emerge
from the smoke and go loc, you shouldn't provoke
I bring the worst from the L.B.C.
Smash motherf*ckers thinkin they gon' smash on me
Snoop and Dre give a F*CK about what y'all say
From the 'World's Most Dangerous Group' - N.W.A
Ay, ay

[Butch Cassidy]
Our rise, it was no surprise
I always knew these fools would trip
Hatin, fakin, schemin on mine
and on the down low talkin sh!t
Best move cause I refuse to lose
no matter which d@mn road I choose
So lay low cause you might be bruised
Top story on the evening news
I ain't for games, so if you wanna play 'em lay low
Lay down on the floor
I'm in a rage, so if we gotta do this let me know
That's what I came fo'

[Goldie Loc - Eastsidaz]
Where that nigga who be talkin sh!t?
He don't come around no more because I f*cked his b!tch
I made her suck my d!ck, while I was squeezin the tits
Then I hit it from the back, gripped tight on them hips
She tried to make me cum, but I was tryin to take her home
Dropped you off and seen you fishin on your raggedy Brougham
Coulda thumped you and the dog (you little f@g)
And don't sag too hard, you show everybody your thong

[Tray Deee - Eastsidaz]
Booyaka booyaka, we bring it straight to ya
From 22's to Luger's the sh!t that shoot through ya
Who you motherf*ckers think the Top Dogg bang with?
The same click he came with and made the game flip
Now niggaz grow they hair, hope they stayin act hard
That's even tho' yo' CEO talk sh!t get slapped hard
The backyard is where we get our scrap on
The black car drive by then you get capped on

[Master P]
Whassup pimpin? It's P and Snoop
With Dre on the beat, this ain't nuttin but loot
They call me Jackhammer for all the bread I got
but they call me Bill Clinton for all the head I got
I keeps it real-ah, cause I'm all about my scrilla
The ladies love me cause I'm a million dolla hitta
It's, No Limit til I D-I-E
C-P-3, or Richmond, Cali's where I be


08-18-2003, 01:38 PM
I got the CD with that track. it's good

chen zhen
08-19-2003, 07:08 AM
Bow Wow
Dogg House
Oh serious
I heard that
So I didn't know about all that
Keep my industry as much as possible
Snoop Dogg
Found out, found out
On all ya'll niggas
Check me out homie

>Everywhere I go
I got niggas and b!tches on my d!ck trying to take my sh!t
>Now, I don't really know
But I try to keep my head to the skitta
Slice my piece of hitta
>Whatcha hating for?
You better get up, get out and get your own, Nigga
Pick up the phone and
>Holla at your folks
Young locs in the hood, mashing Dogg House
F*ck them other fools
>D-O-double G
Kick back, blaze the sack
I catch a muthaf*cking Big-Mack Attack
>We blazing up the dogg
It'll hurt you
Nothing but purple in my circle
>To the day we die
We don't get money, b!tches and high
>Dogg House Gangsta Crip
Right back in your muthaf*cking ass for the R-2-G, b!tch
>What ya'll wanna do?
Seems like theez niggas wanna talk all night
>What we gonna do?
We ain't gonna say nothing more, we gonna get with ya'll, on side
>That's how suppose to see
So all that straggling in the gate trying to get close to me
>Ya'll niggas need to stop
Trying to flip the hip hop scrip
I snap and crackling POP
>Tell your friends and folks
It's a whole new year and situation and I'm still hating hoes
>Will it ever stop?
Look I really don't know but on the up I doubt that, loc
>Now what about your hood?
Man, I'm doing mine they're doing there's
So I guess It's all good
>And, what about your crew?
Sh!t, my crew it's +Tha Eastsidaz+
Fool, I thought u knew
>Dogg Pound ain't the same?
Yeah, them niggas split up and did they own thang and went made their own gang
>Money is thicker than blood?
That's f*ck up but on the real that's how it is cuz, d@mn
>The world just ain't the same?
And come to find out this niggas crossing out my muthaf*cking name
>So what am I to do?
I put it on mind continue to shine
Everything fine
>In G-O-D we trust
That's why ya'll suckers can't 'Touch us, Touch us'
>Meech u made the beat
And you know when we get together
Sh!t, we like bread and meat
>We coming with the heat
Close your mouth cause Dogg House is definitely turning it out
>And what about the cops?
I pay them and the ones I didn't I slaved them, haha
>Will it ever stop?
It's like asking 'Who is it' before a nigga even knock
>The game is here to stay?
And I'm here to change the rules cause I'm a player that loves to play
>Did you thank the lord today?
Think I did and on that note young loc, I'm getting dose
>Why you tell the truth?
Cause I'm hundred twenty proof from the turf to the roof
Bigg Snoop

chen zhen
08-21-2003, 01:39 PM
WTF is this?! (http://www.dpgrecordz.com/gangstaville//attachment.php?s=&postid=366253)

Who does these ijuts think they are!:mad::mad:

But LOL at this pic (http://www.mtv.com/shared/media/news/images/i/Irv_Gotti/sq-irv-gotti-jarule-mur.jpg)

08-21-2003, 02:16 PM
"Who does these ijuts think they are!"

ya mean those who made this pic: http://www.dpgrecordz.com/gangstaville//attachment.php?s=&postid=366253 ..I think it's kinda cool :)

Oh and is Ja lookin at his butt? Sure lookes like it :D

chen zhen
08-21-2003, 02:19 PM
noo, wrong pic at wtf is this, hold on..

chen zhen
08-21-2003, 02:22 PM
WTF IS THIS (http://entertainment.msn.com/news/article.aspx?news=131660)

hatin on da Cube!:mad::mad:

chen zhen
08-24-2003, 03:47 AM

Daz & Suge...hmmm...

08-25-2003, 02:32 PM

08-28-2003, 04:05 AM
House of Pain
Top O' The Morning To Ya

She won't come, just when you want it

Ya see, I'm Irish, but I'm not a leprechaun
You wanna fight, then step up and we'll get it on
You gotta right to the grill, I'm white and I ill
A decendant of Dublin with titanic skill
I ducked and I swing, next thing your jaw's broken
Punk I ain't jokin', you can bet you'll be chokin'
On a fist full a nothin', meanwhile I'll be puffin'
On a fat blunt, run punk, you don't know the half
Tryin' to talk ****, man, please don't make me laugh
These Irish eyes are smilin', I'm buckwildin'
The House Of Pain is pumpin', start jumpin'
Freak it, funk it, back seat junk it
If you can't get with it, you'll wind up sweatin' it
Then you'll get a beatin' just like an egg
It's so hard to run when you've got a broken leg
But we can have a run off, the House Of Pain'll come off
We got the cake that you're tryin' to get a crumb off
The Irish stylee, the Celtic jazz
No one has it, just us that's it
If you try to take it, I got a big shileighly
I don't have dreads cause I shave my head daily
You call me a skin head, I call you a pin head
Yo, where you been man, just like the tin man
You got no heart, here comes the good part
I pick 'em, buck 'em, cut 'em up, and buck them down
No ****in' around
Home boy ya get clown like Krusty, trust me
You shouldn't play, and by the way
Top o' the mornin' to ya


(What's the hassle man?) Top o' the mornin' to ya [2x]
(Hey, are you givin' us a hassle man?)

Greetin's, salutations
Peace to the nations of Zulu and Islam
Crack the bottle, rev the throttle
Put the gear in, now you're stearin'
Like Mario Antretti
So let me kick it, cause I can make a wicked
Noise like a cricket
Rubbin' his legs, my rhymes are like eggs
I'll keep layin' 'em, I'll keep sayin' 'em
This is the House Of Pain, we're far from plain
But we're not fancy, Ron and Nancy
So just say no, but I say go
Straight to hell, I kiss and tell
So if you're a ho, all my friends know
What you gotta say, let's hit the hay
And have no delay, and yo, by the way
Top o' the mornin' to ya


Extra extra, read all about it
How could ya doubt it?
Now scream and shout it!
The House Of Pain soon will reign
Over the hip hop scene and like golden green
I rip **** and back flip like a Jedi
I roll with the groove and I'm smooth and you can bet I
Come correct and get respect when I'm flowin'
Collectin my dough, I got you're girlfriend ho-in'
And how do I know that she's funk?
I know she's broke cause yo, the T's hung like a
Shetland pony, gettin' paid like Sony
So never ever try to play me out like a phony
Cause I can get real thick like a bull with Mark Toneil
And by the way, top o' the mornin' to ya


08-28-2003, 06:45 AM
Damian (Jr. Gong) Marley
Still Searching (Remix)

(Damian Marley)
Some gyal in a twinkling of an eye
Dem ah ready fi come pull down me Karl Kani
Oh come on now
Tell me how can I
Love ah one dat really don't deserve me
Na try fi keep and na try preserve me
Me's ah boy could get whole heep ah girl ya heard me
Many are called but only few deemed worthy
Body have to physically strong and sturdy
Spiritually balanced fi come clean and purge me
Mentally advanced fi always urge me
Read a couple books and challenge the clergy
Read a couple psalms up in the morning early

(Chorus Damian)
Could you be so kind
Then so me a sign
I've been searching and it's so hard to find
Decent values with a decent wine
Decent jubee running it down the line
Maybe it's my mind
Maybe I'm blind
Maybe it's the way that I've been spending my time
I'm still searching for a fine peace of mind
Decent jubee running it down the line

(Yami Bolo)
A little child has grown
And he's got love on his mind
But what he'll never know
A virtuous woman is hard to find

(Stephen Marley)
And dat's when she said
She feels the pain
And she'll never fall
In love again

(Ziggy Marley)
So if you is a gyal wit whole heep of value
What a valuable nice and decent gyal you
When I get you I'll be glad I got you
Then stand firmly inna your life like statue
Seen some old tings seen some young tings
Seen some little silly go and come tings
Seen some one night just for fun tings
What a indecent piece ah some tings

(Chorus Ziggy and Damian)
Be so kind
Then show me a sign
I've been searching and it's so hard to find
Decent values with a decent wine
Decent jubee running it down the line
Maybe it's my mind
Maybe I'm blind
Maybe it's the way I've been spending my time
I'm still searching for a fine peace of mind (peace of mind)
Decent jubee running it down the line

(Yami Bolo)
Some say that love is blind
But he keep saying not this time
So all he need is love
To keep his heart in line

(Stephen Marley repeat)

You have some gyal ah come pon man premises
And ah fling up the ting that's between di knees
And ah fill up man with his false promises
Oh dutty bungle please
Couldn't want to run that so fast with ease
been there done that my main squeeze is natural
simply natural

(Chorus Ziggy)

(Yami Bolo repeat #1)

(Stephen Marley)
Cause that's when she said she's feeling pain
It seems they have fallen in love again
That's when she said
Lord I feel the pain
And now they're standing in love again

So tell me ah when price tag gone pon annany
Gyal ah love man for Benz and Ferrari
Little one eyed brethren weh name Omari
Couldn't get no loving since him sell stary
Some gyal in a twinkling of an eye
Them ah ready fi come pull down mi Karl Kani
Oh come on know
Tell me how can I
Love ah one dat really don't deserve me

08-28-2003, 06:49 AM
Bounty Killer

A Whoooo ?
A who coulda so lucky fi get it twice
From Ungrateful Chucky, Mr Wucky and Ducky
One pop an a gal get a Kentucky, lawd a mercy
She not so lucky (imagine that) lawd a mercy
Whey dem say, whey dem say
Di gal dem a live dangerous
Well, Chuh

Mi tell di gal dem mi nuh play stuckie
Gal mi slam yuh 2 time yuh more than lucky
One pop mi gawn an gi a gal a Kentucky
Every whey mi guh the gal dem call mi ****ery
Gal a gimmi name Ungrateful Chucky
The Ouch gal dem call mi wuhkie and duckie
One pop mi gawn an gi a gal a Kentucky
I dont care dem haffi call mi ****ery

Verse 1:
Gal whey yuh have a fi mi
When yuh see mi yuh fi gimmi
An tomorrow please act as if yuh never see mi
Mi dun stretch yuh out like some lastic bingy
An bench yuh out like some enamel chimmey
Tek a slap an gwaan how mi fi mek dem see mi
Wid ol' laugh star Dawn
Gal have man like Central and Remand
Hol' heap a juvenile, a mussi Tamberine Farm
Dawn a tek man from di fus day she born
Hol' heap a seed all bout in har farm
When dawn want man she mek noise like alarm
She slam fi Craven A, she gi it away fi Matterhorn
Everyday she want aedder star fi perform
Mi dont call nuh fowl when mi dash out mi corn
Im speaking the truth, mi nuh mean yuh nuh harm
Nuh try dis di corn tek the slam an jus gwaan


Verse 2:
Gal dem say, yuh know yuh tan bad
Like a village rooster yuh shake yuh seedbag
Gal a wine wicked mi ready fi gwaan bad
Slice den cho-cho, bus up virgin bag
Mix dem dung, like mi dey a mixing lab
I dont care I gonna bus up dem salad
Sexually speaking dem should know mi mad


Verse 3:
Mi kill di gal dem wid promise
Whey never fulfill from dem come inna mi palace
An if a gal whey love smoke, mi han har di chalice
Wuck har an duck har an present har malice
Well, a dat mi deliver to Alice
She walk an tell har fren dem how much mi crabit
Mi have di gal dem swinging jus roun like a rabbit
Hol' on pon mi sitten jus like dope addict


Repeat from top

Additional Infos:
Central, Remand and Tamberine Farm are Jails
Craven A is a Jamaican brand of cigarette.

chen zhen
08-28-2003, 06:51 AM
Dead Prez
I'm a African

Yo turn this motherf*cking sh!t up!
Ha ha ha
Uhuru, coupe tete boule kay
Rwanda, Nigeria, Africa's in the house
My nigga D.R.

[Verse 1]
Nigga the red is for the blood in my arm
The black is for the gun in my palm
And the green is for the tram that grows natural
Like locks on Africans
Holdin the smoke from the herb in my abdomen
Camouflage fatigues, and daishikis
Somewhere in between N.W.A. and P.E.
I'm black like Steve Biko
Raised in the ghetto by the people
F*ck the police you know how we do

[Verse 2]
Ayo my life is like Roots it's a true story
It's too gory for them televised fables on cable
I'ma a runaway slave watching the north star
Shackles on my forearm , runnin with the gun on my palm
I'm an African , never was an African-American
Blacker than black I take it back to my origin
Same skin hated by the klansmen
Big nose and lips, big hips and butts, dancin, what

I'm a African
I'm a African, uhh
And I know what's happenin
I'm a African
I'm a African, uhh
And I know what's happenin
You a African?
You a African?, louder
Do you know what's happenin?
I'm a African
I'm a African, uhh
And I know what's happenin

It's plain to see, you cant change me
cuz I'm a people army for life

Where you from fool?

[Verse 3]
No I wasn't born in Ghana, but Africa is my momma
And I did not end up here from bad karma
Or from B-Ball, selling mad crack or rappin
Peter Tosh try to tell us what happened
He was sayin if you black then you African
So they had to kill him, and make him a villain
Cuz he was teachin the children
I feel him, he was tryin to drop us a real gem
That's why we bucking holes in the ceilin when we hearin


A-F-R-I-C-A, Puerto Rico, Haiti, and J.A.
New York and Cali, F-L-A
No it aint 'bout where you stay, it's bout the motherland
(repeat 2X)

[Verse 4]
It's like tank top, flip flop
Knotty dread lock, f*ck a cop, hip hop
Make your head bop
Bounce to this, socialist movement
My environment made me the nigga I am
Uncle Sam came and got me and arrested my fam
Try to infiltrate and murder off the best of my clan
I'm not American, punk, Democrat, or Republican
Remember that, most of the cats we know, be hustlin
My momma work, all her life and still strugglin
I blame it on the government and say it on the radio
(What) and if you don't already know
All these Uncle Sam ass kissin niggas gotta go


This used to be BlackTaoists theme song on his website:)

08-28-2003, 06:52 AM
Bounty Killer
"Fed Up"

Well this one reaching out to all the leaders, and the media,
Well this is Rodney Price aka Bounty Killer,
The leader for Poor People Government

Well poor people fed up to how yuh system sheg up
Yuh issue gun fi wi pickney bus
Poor people fed up to how yuh system sheg up
Well everyday the ghetto youths dead up

Verse 1:
Mi ask the leader Him a di arranger
Fi mek poor people surround by danger
Fly an the roach an giant mosquita
Sewage water whey fill wid pure bacteria
Unno ever tak a look dung inna di Riverton area
Bactu, and Seaview, Waterhouse, Kentire
Long time the MP him nuh come near yah,
And the nedda one whey claims sey she a counselor
Rob senventy five percent and gi wi quarter
Conquer the land nuh waan fi gi wi a acre
Disconnect mi light an chop off mi water
To the Kings of Kings, well mi know them shall answer
The Lords of Lords well a him a wi sponsor
The lion from Judah dem well waan conquer
The eagle an the bear and the Queen an all daughter
Haile Selassie I mi know the whole a dem after
But them a go guh dung inna flames and water
See Selassie I nuh tek fi fun or laughter


Verse 2:
Some lost dem roots and figot dem culture
Nuh study the past, dem nuh know the future
Some nuh tek telling, so dem end up so vulgar
Dem don't know Selassie I from Ethiopia
Serious as mi born, nuh tek mi for any joker
Dat same man mek mi hol dem note yah
Mi nuh play dem casino, mi nuh play dem poker
Dem plan fi destroy wi wid the coke an drugs yah
Nuff gravalicious like a **** baracoota
Plan to lick Ronnie Thwaites off a di piece a scooter
Yuh think dem like to see wi inna dem hot car ya
Wid dem hot gal yah a sing dem song ya
Dem song yah stronger than them vial and obeah
Mi a go heng Pope Paul wid da piece a rope ya Jus because......


Repeat from top

08-28-2003, 07:03 AM
Song: Cashmere Thoughts
Artist: Jay-Z
Album: Reasonable Doubt

Uhh, I talk jewels and spit diamonds, all cherry
like a hymen, when I'm rhymin with remarkable timin
Caviar and silk dreams, my voice is linen
Spittin venom up in the, minds of young women
Mink thoughts to think thoughts type similar
Might you remember, my **** is col-l-l-ld like December
Smoother than Persian rugs, the cashmere
chromosomes make a nigga Jigga Jay-Z lethal drugs
Eighteen carat gold pen, when it hits the sheets
Words worth a million like I'm rappin em through platinum teeth
I got the Grey Poupon, you been warned
Cause all beef return well done filet mignon
The Don, smell of Dom on my breath as I
yawn, (slow) when you hoes try to con a pro
As if you didn't know, Jay's about gettin dough
Spittin flow like fine wines down your earlobe
I'm smooth but deadly like a pearl handled pistol
Honies hum in melody when I, rub it like crystal
The proper ettiquette, when I drop the subject verb
then the predicate, with this rich nigga preterite
I'm solid gold, I rap like a mink stole
I stick pearl tongues your world'll never know
From New York, to Paris, the vocal style vary
From nice to deadly like a bad bag of D, now
notice, the child swift like a locust
Focus on the loc' I be the greatest nigga that wrote it
Return of the Jedi, from Rio Degenero
Worn da red eye, yet I, still feel the need to be fly
I did die when I'm rappin then slide like satin
You know the black eye white china in the brain cabinet
I never cry if I did I'd cry ice
From my nigga Sauce, I hit you with this advice
Life's short, so play hard and stick hard
and the only time you love em is when your **** hard

Whoooh! That's cashmere baby
Nah, you know, that's just laid back man
Man, ****, J to the A to the Y to the Z
Yeah baby
Mother****in pimp that's what he be
Cashmere baby
Don't get no hotter than that
Sho' you're right
Them niggaz know

Check it out, check it out
Ghettoes, Errol Flynn, hot like heroin
Young pimps is sterile when I pimp through your burough in
I gotta keep your tricks intact
Cause I walk like a p-iyimp, talk like a mack man
The star player, the golden bar layer
The sweet Ms. Fine Thing puh-layah, sho' yo right
I'm game tight, so watch it it change to night
Go tell your peeps dawg I'm lethal til it ain't right
I pimp hard on a trick, look

chen zhen
08-28-2003, 07:06 AM
Artist: Dead Prez
Title: Hip-Hop


Fake Fake Records
1 2 1 2
1 2 1 2
All Ma Dawgs

(chorus)(x2) its bigger than hip hop hip hop hip hop hip hop

One thing bout music when it hit you feel no pain
White folkes say it controls your brain
I know betta than that thats game
And we ready for dat two souldjas head of da pack
Madda a fack who got the gat
And where ma army at rather atact and not react
Back the beats it dont reflect on how many records get sold
On sex drugs and rock and roll
Whether your projects put on hold
In the real world, these just people wit ideas
They just like me and you when the smoke and camera disapear
Again the real world
Is bigger than all these fake records
Where po folks got the millions and my womans disrespected
If you check 1 2 my word of advise to you is just relax
Just do what you got to do if that dont work then kick the facks
If you a fighta rida bouta flaymadonna chronic sida
Or you wanna just get high then just say it
But then if you a lia lia pants on fia wolf cria agent wida
Why im goina know it when i play it

(chorus)(x2) its bigger than hip hop hip hop hip hop hip hop

Who shot biggy smalls if we dont get them they gonna get us all
Im down for runnin on them (blured) in they city hall
We ride for yall all ma dawgs stay real
Dont thank these record deals goina feed your seeds and pay your bills
Because they not
Mcs get a little bit of love and think they hot
Talkin bout how much money they got
All yall recods sound the same
Im sick of that fake thug r&b rap scenerio all day on the radio
Same scenes in the video, manatamis material
Yall dont hear me tho
These record lables slang our tapes like dope
You could be next in line to sign and still be writin rymes and broke
Youd rather have a lexus or justice
A dream or some substance
A beemer or neclace or freedom
Niggaz like me dont playa hate i just stay awake
Its real hip hop, and it dont stop till we get the po po off the block

(chorus)(x2) its bigger than hip hop hip hop hip hop hip hop

(x5)dps got that crazy sh!t we keep it crunk hu john blaze and sh!t

chen zhen
08-28-2003, 07:12 AM
Dead Prez
It's Bigger Than Hip-Hop

[radio tuning]

It's still bigger than hip hop hip hop hip hop hip

It's bigger than hip hop hip hop hip hop hip hop

[Verse 1]

Uhh, uhh, uhh

One thing 'bout music when it's real they get scared

Got us slavin for the welfare

Aint no food, clothes, or healthcare

I'm down for guerilla warfare

All my niggas put your guns in the air if you really don't care

Skunk in the air, make a nigga wanna buck in the air

for my brother locked up in the jump for a year

Sh!t is real out here don't believe these videos

This fake ass industry gotta pay to get a song on the radio

Really though, DP'z gon' let you know

It's just a game of pimps and hoes

And it's all 'bout who you know

Not who we are, or how we grow

I rap 'bout what I know, what I go through

What I been through, not just for no dough

Even though the rent due, what I'm into aint for no dough

Or just no fame, everything must change, nothin remains the same

Sick of the same ol' thang, it's bigger than "Bling Bling"


If I, feel it I feel it, if I don't, I don't

If it aint really real then I probably won't

Rollin with my soldiers, live soldiers, ready to ride

For this real hip hop y'all I'm ready to die

Uhh, hip what hop what hip what hop what hip what hop what hip what

Hop c'mon, c'mon, my soldiers, live soldiers, ready to ride

For this real hip hop y'all I'm ready to die

[Verse 2]

Hip hop means sayin what I want never bite my tongue

Hip hop means teaching the young

If you feelin what I'm feelin then you hearin what I'm sayin

cause these fake fake records just keep on playin

What you sayin huh DP bringin the funk

Let the bassline rattle your trunk, uhhh!

Punk pig wit a badge wanna handcuff me cuz my pants that's tend to sag

Hip hop means throw up your rag, soldier flag

Whether ridin on the bus or you stole a jag

M-1 mean freedom, burn the cash

Revolutionary love til the day we pass

Will they play it on the radio

Maybe not, maybe so we gon keep it pumpin though

Everybody know we headed for the whoa, fo sho

[Verse 3]

Ay dogg that label is that slave ship

Owners got them whips and rappers is slaves

If you really wanna eat you gotta hear the same thing

With the football, b-ball, or if you slangin that dope

Aint never seen no hope, brainwash video shows be foolin my folk

What the hell a brother gon do though, huh

When the rent due, when the lights and the gas gonna get cut off

Drop them raps or c0ck them gats

Aint never had sh!t ever since we came to this b!tch

Why I gotta feel pain to get rich

'Stead of stackin chips, finna pack them clips


(Ride to this if you miss Tupac, bounce to this if you love Big Poppa)

We keep it crunkah

08-28-2003, 07:23 AM
Dead Prez is cool, ...militant...but cool

Ever heard "Animal in man" It's thier version of "Animal Farm"-by George Orwell

If you're on that tangent then check out :

Talib Kweli & Hi Tek "Reflection Eternal"-album
great lyrics

chen zhen
08-28-2003, 07:43 AM
Well im not, I just thought it was good meaningful lyrics, very well put together:)

Dead Prez is very talented, its just sad they havent had that many good tracks out there though...:eek::(
or is better known, for that matter

08-28-2003, 10:05 PM
You cats are jockin' some commercial $hit! Hasn't anyone here heard of Pharaoh Monche or even Kool G. rap or Rakim?

"Follow me on a solo,
Get in the flow,
and you can picture (it) like a photo."

Biggie or 'Pac weren't worthy to hold his mic cord. Nas had potential, but those albums in the middle of his classic first one and his ah-ight last joint were booooty!
I ain't trying to read anymore wackness. Maybe ya'll posted something from a real lyricist. I apologize for the laziness and assumption if you did.

For you true heads out there, UZN, the Real Rock Steady, Triple Optics, Ill Brothers, Project Blizna-Iz-Noh, the True School cats- all Urban Knights worldwide- here's a dash of the West Coast's Poet Laureate, Aceyalone...


"A' Salaam Alaikum People of good will,
I offer you the greeting of thought manifested skill,
to finally reveal the open end chapter,
as real as the flesh that you're embodied in-
to the scull cavity your mind is rotting in-
I'll be riding in,
And it might have a slight rotation warp to curve the course,
of course I'm cordial when I report.
I won't distort,
(I) don't contort,
connect, collect, conduct, console or conceal,
In full control of the roll of the wheel.
My eye's are my appliance to decipher the science,
omitting defiance
with a high tech, mic check.
The buttons that flashed are pushed for absolute destruction;
Your structure is lifted from the ground (up),
the foundation mound is broke, so you float around...
I'm embedded in what is known as beat,
let it be shown every enzyme is complete.
In time you'll see the pace of the pulse pump- rapidly-
heart rate happily marched,
I happen to be the darkman
who holds the charts.
I arch my horizontal line to make a rainbow, but it ain't the same though;
Yo! The tried and true pros
are chasing fools gold, sliding thru holes like small rodents.
It's obviously evident, my embellishment
peaks at 292 IQ.
Cuz' Big Ace' is the spinner in the center, inventor, and I plan to be a winner..
Meaning I'll be in the inner outer ovaries, overlord, overboard, overseas,
hearing oversees more than the eye can.
I scan- limited primitive sentimentalists escapists, the way I shape this landscape,
automatically makes this vivid. I give it a rivet, hold it and stand at the pivot.
I love it, learn it, live it, then give you my exhibit.
Not inhibited not even a little bit when I'm inclined-
My attempts to redefine your hip hop giuidelines.
You can play the sidelines write rhymes in your spare time.
My attempts to redefine your hip hop giuidelines.
You can play the sidelines write rhymes in your spare time..."

<<AceyAlone from "The Guidelines" on "A Book of Human Language">>

The Dead Prez' are not as good as you think, but they're OK. They seem to be trying to form some broke Universal Zulu Nation. Oh well, whatever. What do they or most, really know about Hip Hop?

To the East my brothers and Peace...

08-29-2003, 12:21 AM
Pharaoh Monche sucks @$$, and Organized Confuzion sucked @$$.

However Kool G. Rap, and Rakim are great lyricts.

To say Biggie or Pac couldn't grip the same mic as Ra...
C'mon man, stop trying to press buttons:D

Props to the oldschool, but life goes on, so go on with life.

08-29-2003, 12:38 AM
Oh yeah and Brother J. aka Funkenlesson from X Clan

KRS-One, RZA, GZA, PUN, Cannibus, many others very underrated... Talib as well ...Also Many from the West as well,
I get the vibe u hate the westcoast and you hate newschool...
theres lots of talent everywhere...and so much different expressions in music, don't be trapped in the past.
Look on what the South like Atl bringing to the table ...OutKast an dem boyz dere.

Chilly Chill Homez :cool:

08-29-2003, 12:01 PM
First off.. "Come down selecta'!!!!" Now you feel at home Beenie Man!

Pharaoh Monche sux? You ain't got a clue, bloodclot! The past is 2Pacs of Wack Raps and Biggie Smalls Master of Asthma. Dead is as past as you can get... If anything those ba$tard$ almost ruined it for everyone. You probably dig 50 non-Cents too...

You ain't fordarillas and don't ASSume. I live in the West, am in West Coast Rock Steady and Aceyalone, someone you probably never heard of or Mika9 or FF, or countless others, is from Killa' Cali'. I'm homies with Raka from Dilated Peoples. I LOVE L.A.!!!

Yes KRS-1 and Chuck D and all that VH-1 Top 20 rappers shiit... I was involved on a deep level with all the elements of the culture before you knew who Yellow Man or Shabba Rankn' was, boyeee (j/k)!! 22years now. Probably longer than you've been alive.

Did you mention sorry a$$ed Can-i-be-a-bust (Cannibus)? Hahahaha, you really are oblivious. Anyway, like they say "Pop Goes the Weasel". Missy Elliot is dope too, huh? Hell naw!!!!

Speaking of Brother J, that racist bastidge, this is a dope line---

"Deep, deep, deeper than Atlantis, deeper than the seafloors traveled by the mantas..."

Yeah they were good (well he was), but like Dead Prez' they shoulda' joined UZN, not made up some Upstate Syracuse, NY All-Black Fraternity BS. That ain't what Hip Hop was ever intended to be. That's what the world wants now and forever; segregation, separation and domination. Make sure you delineate when you say Hip Hop. I would say you were from Jamaica, not the Carribean. Just say rap -or- better yet, pop music.

Peace. unity, love and having fun.... Soon come.

08-29-2003, 12:58 PM
Brother J. was a great vocalist, yeah they had thier personal take on things that can either be interpreted as racism or, black empowerment.

Not feelin 50, and never was a Beenie Man fan,
and its not a Blood Clot or a Bombo Clot, the term refers to certain Parts of the human anatomy (you can figure it out if someone ever call you a bombo hole) and material affixed..as in cloth, pronounced clawt. Originating from Slavery Days.
Pharaoh Monche does Suck, and Badly.
Sorry for ASSuming that you were East Coast, my bad,and I don't claim to know everything about hip hop, I do know what's real and I do know what i feel.

Hip hop is an artform , different people bring different things to the table, and that's why it's such a beautiful culture, because it keeps building . people all over the world, and all different walks of life can relate to it. I'm 26 actually and embraced hip hop from a very early age, no need to trash talk(like i'm any better right), I don't care how old you are, or who you know from Dilated Peoples(they're good by the way, reminds me alot of tribe called quest or even flava unit type vibe ,and don't take that as a dis, its just what they remind me of, black sheep and those sorts of ppl), that doesnt make you an ambassador , it makes you a scrub :p. Get off your boyz dilsnick
J/K , lighten up king.
Yes I did mention Cannibus , are you doubting that this man had lyrics?, are you jealous that missy elliot is successful and has marketed herself and her talent effectively , unlike many of her forerunners.
Give yourself a break bredrin, I never study music from no top 20 list, yu bright.

08-29-2003, 01:11 PM
As for Biggie and Pac, they were great , they were talented, they had alot to bring to the world and culture of hip hop...but they were not the be all and the end all, they do not epitomize hip hop, because hip hop is too vast for even both of them combined to represent.
However they Did represent an Era..And A Vital Era. Frowning upon it, will not make it go away. It happenned and its a part of the culture and history of hip hop..like it or not.
with that being said neither the music nor the culture revolves around them, and i didn't say it did, I'm just paying due respect.

Don't you find it strange to be criticizing thier lifestyles as tragic as thier circumstances were, They were Warriors just like our KungFu ancestors. Do you think that war in all shapes and forms is a nice thing? Why do we study such a violent art , and then criticize those who live a violent life...it is the road they chose for themselves.

It is tragic that so many died in coastal feuding , but if it wasn't biggie or pac, it would have been something else, thats just the way life is. There was always an east versus west thing brewing anyway from long before, maybe something as dramatic as this needed to happen to bring the american hip hop coasts together.

chen zhen
08-30-2003, 01:20 AM
Agrees on matter of Pac & BIG, never was a fan myself though.

08-30-2003, 05:10 AM
MegaPoint, I made this thread to post good lyrics . This means that if I heard sumtin I like I post it here. It don't mean I expect all here to like them. Everyone likes different things right? I could care less how much you know about the culture or who you know. But if you post some good lyrics I will b glad. U follow?
I think you do :)
Now pass the vodka..

"[Ghostface Killah]
Your technique is ill son, watch how I spill one
Peace to Biggie, 2Pac, Big L and Big Pun
Havoc on the streets of Staten, snitches
House niggas, children watches, they produce the same pattern and
Somebody raped our women, murdered our babies
Hit us with the cracks and guns, in the early 80's
For those that murder me, shall stand before God
To fall at the hands of faith and out comes the Lord
Bring it back, bring it back, bring it back, bring it back, bring it back
What the **** is going on? I Can't Go To Sleep
Feds jumpin out they jeeps, I Can't Go To Sleep
Babies with flies on they cheeks, It's hard to Go To Sleep
Ish bowled, two sixes, twice, how could we Go To Sleep?
Aiyo we deep in the stands, we carry can guns
Whippy got, hit him with the big ****, bong-bong
Stop at the cheeba spot, then pass the leak spot
Don't pass ya niggas again, you took a cheap shot
Not know with ****in wit me, you get your meat chop
You thought we feel on your face, you think the beef stop
Call on chariots, call on the ambulance
You better smile my nigga, you on Candid Cam
Gangster broad, these be the laws, walk with big balls
Nigga mutha****in you that heighten, take what's with yours
I'm the nigga that made you man
When your rap wasn't doin well, I'm the nigga that gave you a hand

[Isaac Hayes]
Don't kill your brother, learn to love each other
Don't get mad, cuz it ain't that bad
Just be who your are, you've come so far
It's in your head, just be a man
Get the jelly out ya spine, cobwebs hidin mine

I Can't Go To Sleep, I can't shut my eyes
They shot the Father in his moms buildin seven times
And shot Malcolm in the chest, front of his little seeds
Jessie watched as they shot King on the balcony
They spat at Marcus, Garvey cuz he tried to spark us
With the knowledge of ourselves and our forefathers
Oh Jacqueline, you heard the rifle shots cracklin
Her husband head in her hand, you tried to put it back in
America's watchin, blood stains, inks blotches
Medgar took one to the skull for intergratin college
What's the science, somebody, this is trick knowledge
And try to keep us enslaved, and still scrape for dollars
Walkin thru Park Hill drunk as a ****
Lookin around like -- these Devils so many to break this world down
They got me trapped up in the metal gate
Ya stressed out with hate and this gives me no time to relax
And use my mind to meditate, what should I do?
Grab a blunt or a brew, grab a two-two and run out there
Put this ****in violence to you
I Can't Go To Sleep, I can't shut 'em son, I--

[Isaac Hayes] *starts on RZA's fourth to last line*
Don't let the game, make you lose ya head
You should be callin the shots instead
The power is in your head, stop all this cryin and be a man

-I can't go to sleep, from the Wu

chen zhen
08-31-2003, 02:12 AM
Wassup-Eastsidaz & Snoop (http://artists.iuma.com/dl/Mr._Cynical/audio/Mr._Cynical_-_Wassup.mp3)

Doggy's Angels-feat. Nate Dogg (http://homepage.mac.com/nibs/.Public/Curious.mp3)

08-31-2003, 04:53 AM
I stumbled over some german hip hop yesterday. Most sounded pretty weird but I liked this track:
Massive TŲne - Traumreise

try dl it from kazaa or morpheus etc
Someone explained that it is mostly black ppl rappin over there and alot of tracks are anti-new nazis. So that's pretty cool, wish I could understand the lyrics.

08-31-2003, 04:58 AM
New South! LaGrange, Georgia... Athens, Georgia...
The whole state of Georgia
Daddy! The MudKats, MudKats
Bubba got another one for ya - MOMMA!
Uhh, better BELIEVE we get it done this time baby
The Mathis family, they can't hide that money from us no mo'
It's goin down, uh, yeah

Jimmy Mathis please come out here
And tell these folks who yo' son is
And momma tell Russ to load the shotgun
And get this loot cause we ain't got none (what?)

Ha, ha...
Any blood shed for a cause it deserves it
It's blood well worth it, we fought to preserve it
You caught him in person, you know Bubba's psyched out
You hate it when they talk, but love it when I shout
**** with me I doubt, that you really can
When I get to doin, my hillbilly dance
A step to the left, then two back to the right
Take a shot of the trone and then get back to the mic
Yeah I'm rappin tonight, but soon as the light hit
I'm all about the green man to hell with this white ****
Unless it's that white ****, that speed up your pulserates
Some party saccarhin, so sweet with a dub taste
This what they must face, I'ma be right here
Spittin these flames out, and drinkin Bud Light beer
'til the cows home and the dogs quit barkin
Daddy tell 'em who I am and don't beg no pardons


They watch me in the country like the race on Sunday
And I wear the crown for 'em 'til you take it from me
I made some mo-ney, but blew most of
Bought and sold all the **** that you boast of
But I love my life and ain't much I regret
I just hope I remember, half of what I forget
Through the years and the tears, the blood and the sweat
But if you ever believe, it's time to double your bet
Cause I ain't even tapped into half my potential
But I have shown growth though, and that is essential
Grab you a pencil, and jot a few notes down
The questions they asked me, the answers I know now
Bet I ain't no clown, **** what you thought dawg
I'm in Jimmy Mathis old truck with a sawed off
Pistol-grip pump, let some **** jump
We take it to the water and yo' ship'll get sunk


---Bubba Sparxxx --Jimmy Mathis

chen zhen
08-31-2003, 05:12 AM
[Redman:] Yo ladies and gentlemen...we got Toni Braxton up in the house
[Method Man:] So high that I can kiss the sky b!tch
[Redman:] We live up in here y'all, let's get high
[Method Man:] Motherf*cker get high

High (Let's Get)
High (Let's Get)
High (Let's Get)
High (Let's Get)

[Method Man]
Tical sh!ttin again, spittin to win
Load they guns clip in the end none sicker than him
Yes indeed, I'm ill as any STD's or sex disease
These dirty rats want extra cheese
On that piece of the pie nowm ask me how high
Until ya reach for the sky blame the crooked letter I
That's my home, 23's wrapped in chrome
Not only snap on y'all niggas but I'll snap dem bones
Slap your dome, make you leave that crack alone
You got the, key to the city but the latch is on
I got's it locked, bringin the noise bringin the Funk Doctor Spock
Bringin my boys bringin you lungs
Pop the glock but only if you feel this sh!t
Jack The Ripper, don't make me have to kill this b!tch
Back to get'cha put it in check that's the mista
Meth with his wood on your neck, shut your lips up

[Chorus - Toni Braxton (Redman & Method Man)]
I, I get so high (Smoke cheeper cheeper smoke cheeper cheeper)
I, can touch the sky (You so high that I can kiss the sky sky)
I, I get, so high (Brick City and The Crooked Letter I)
High (Let's Get)
High (Let's Get)
High (Let's Get)
High (Let's Get)

You can, call on the man when the party is borin
I'll have these hoes strippin till it's part of the mornin
I love a fat chick with a body enormous
It ain't about the weight yo it's how they performin
My dash is 180, my weed half a pound
With the smoke in the air my nose like basset hounds
I don't stash the draw, nigga divide
I'm that nigga that ride with trigga to give a supply
High, is how I stay all the time
([Method Man:] Niggas close your doors)
Yo b!tches shut all your blinds
If I'm, hard to find take two puffs and pass
I'd stay back but my benz moved up a class
It's Dock and Meth the format is real sickenin
Contagious, we out for Mista Biggs women
You better shut your trap when my dogs around
We put them on fire hydrents, to walk around b!tch!

[Chorus: Toni Braxton (Redman & Method Man)]
I, I get so high (Smoke cheeper cheeper smoke cheeper cheeper)
I, can touch the sky (You so high that I can kiss the sky sky)
I, I get, so high (Brick City and The Crooked Letter I)
High (Let's Get)
High (Let's Get)
High (Let's Get)
High (Let's Get)

[Method Man]
Mista Method Man puttin in work foot in the dirt
Like it's all good roll thru your hood pushin a hearst
I wish y'all would, come aruond like Clint Eastwood
As if your, reppin your hood in my neck of the woods
Street gorillas in the PJ's, grimy b!tch
I wear the same sh!t for 3 days, find me lit
Blunt sparks like Felipe f*ck the he say she say
Yo shut the mic on plus the DJ

Yo, call me the Bob Backlin I'll break backs on hoes
Who look like Toni Braxton, come run with these boney masked men
I'm out the gutter, I'm to send your baby mother 4 rubbers
We f*ckin tonight, b!tches wanna croud around I'm coughin the mic
I'm a gorilla, leave a banana stuck in your pipe
Cause I'm a real block winner, the Doc inna
B!tch one of my balls bigger than the Epcot Center

[Chorus: Toni Braxton (Redman & Method Man)]
I, I get so high (Smoke cheeper cheeper smoke cheeper cheeper)
I, can touch the sky (You so high that I can kiss the sky sky)
I, I get, so high (Brick City and The Crooked Letter I)
High (Let's Get)
High (Let's Get)
High (Let's Get)
High (Let's Get)
I, I get so high (Smoke cheeper cheeper smoke cheeper cheeper)
I, can touch the sky (You so high that I can kiss the sky sky)
I, I get, so high (Brick City and The Crooked Letter I)
High (Let's Get)
High (Let's Get)
High (Let's Get)
High (Let's Get)

chen zhen
08-31-2003, 05:36 AM
grrr:mad::mad::mad: (http://www.thesmokinggun.com/archive/snoopggw1.html)

08-31-2003, 05:45 AM
Stupid hoes.. it's not like anyone forced them to act like slu$ when they filmed it. Now when they realize how $lutty they were they regret and sue. Someone should punch girls like these in the face, really hard

chen zhen
09-02-2003, 07:07 AM

MC Hussein (http://www.soundclick.com/images/gzuprecordz.jpg)

09-03-2003, 08:44 AM
was aight but nutting like snoops mix tape

09-03-2003, 09:04 AM
lol.. heard this old track today.. gives me ooold memories :D

"Cold... asÖ ice; you know that you are
ColdÖ asÖ ice; you're cold as ice to me!
ColdÖ asÖ ice..."

Yeah, hahaahaha, OHHHH ****! (You're as cold as ice)
YEAH!! (You're willing to sacrifice)
Word the **** UP! (You're as cold as ice)
You're ICE! (You're willing to sacrifice)
*First Family*
(You're as cold as ice, You're willing to sacrifice)
(You're as cold as ice, You're willing to sacrifice)

I'd like to welcome mother****ers to the back of the mind of Bill
See I'm for real
When delivering these M.O.P. tactics, I'll bury you *******s
I custom make caskets
The B.G. (told ya nigga) the Y.G. (soldier nigga)
Even the O.G. (cobra nigga) told ya nigga
I may come, with my gun in my hand
to make sure you mother****ers understand

Pardon me!
How the **** you gonna start with me?
I'm a heavyweight in this game, you just spar with me
You get laced down, from your face down, drop your ****
Niggaz thought M.O.P. stand for "mop" and ****
Don't don't DON'T, get it twisted
I told you that we top of the line designed realistic
For instance, MASH OUT POSSE
will come through and clear yo' ass out
dump and air yo' ass out, CHUMP, we cold

(You're as cold as ice) That's right!
(You're willing to sacrifice) SHO' NUFF!
(You're as cold as ice) Yeah!
(You're willing to sacrifice) COME ON!
(You're as cold as ice)
*First Family*
(You're willing to sacrifice)
(You're as cold as ice, You're willing to sacrifice)

A predicate gun buster, I passed all classes
One of the fastest at blasting flashes (BURNT)
You seen my work, you know my steez
It's a slim chance that I'ma hesitate to squeeze, please
Money never made me (no) money never played me (NO NO)
... and Money bet' not make (?) or I break his ass
Subtract his ass when I step through his hood
**** dropping you, I'm into stopping you for good

Stop him if you could (You're as cold as ice)
And you'll be, stiff as a log in a suit looking nice
Youse a sinner nigga (you're as cold as ice)
But you ain't cold enough to freeze hot slugs when they run up in ya
You ain't in my class nigga, I'm the last nigga
You gon' **** around and get blast, suck an ass nigga
The soul survivor, survivor sole
Nigga you roll, and I roll, let's stroll
I told you that I'm cold!

(You're as cold as ice) Yeah!
(You're willing to sacrifice)
(You're as cold as ice) Yeah!
(You're willing to sacrifice)
(You're as cold as ice, You're willing to sacrifice)
(You're as cold as ice, You're willing to sacrifice)

Yo I terrorize guys (EXERCISE) street formulas
At hip-hop shows, cause pandemonium
****, I ain't concerned until it's my turn
I snatch a mic jump on the stage and show my ass like Howard Stern
But not in that form (hell nah) I perform
lyrical heatwaves, that'll keep your brain warm
But when it's on, you **** around and get ripped up
or get placed in a bodybag, with that ass zipped up
Toe tag 'em!

Even ballistics won't be able to tell, how the fo'-fo' ragged him
Dragged him, halfway down the block
Now you know where a nigga go when a nigga close a nigga shop
(You're as cold as ice) **** you!
Tell me something new
On behalf of the First Family staff, and homicide crews
I told you we were cold

(You're as cold as ice) Yeah!
(You're willing to sacrifice)
(You're as cold as ice) Yeah
(You're willing to sacrifice)
(You're as cold as ice, You're willing to sacrifice)
(You're as cold as ice, You're willing to sacrifice)"

---by M.O.P

chen zhen
09-03-2003, 11:25 AM
was aight but nutting like snoops mix tape

Welcome to da chuuch? it was da shiznit. too bad they put it down from dat site.:(
Actually, it was Daz's mixtape, he produced it & was on most tracks:D Snoop was the biggest contributor though, he was smokin like he hasnt done for years. He's done too much mainstream pop-rap, but hes not hit as bad as Jigger & Ja though. (ok they were hos already for years:p)

chen zhen
09-04-2003, 11:57 AM
Daz Freestylin' it upp


09-05-2003, 04:23 AM
oh right.. lol but Snoop owned that mix tape. Daz was left behind, me thinks

chen zhen
09-05-2003, 05:16 AM
He was spittin real hard on "we smoke pounds", if u remember. It was one of Daz's highlights on dat tape.

09-05-2003, 05:33 AM

I downloaded almost all of em in case they took them down

chen zhen
09-06-2003, 02:56 PM
less good quality, but I just wanna bump this thread up.
dmx wannabe on this one: http://www.westsiderap.com/audio/GPKeakDaSneak-CantGetEnough.mp3

09-09-2003, 11:36 PM
Watch Yo Nuggets Lyrics
Whut? Thee Album

featuring Erick Sermon

"When I come around homeboy watch yo nuggets" > Sermon from Rampage on
EPMD's _Business as Usual_
(repeat 4X)

Verse One: Erick Sermon

Chill and relax I'm back in effect
Yes I'm Erick Sermon with a brand new cassette
Deaths turned spoiled rich like top soil
Still loyal still the MC Grand Royal
I'm still dope I'm still no joke
I'm don't care I'm still wild like Tone Loc
I'm swift, a.k.a. a black stallion
Fat herringbone, with no medallion
Hello, I still got the same funk flow and yo
I still get busy like Arsenio
When I rock I need all the girls with me
So I can be their baby tonight, like Whitney
Houston, producin a style that make a smile
To make you say, "Ooooohh chilllld!"
Bust the steps, the picture, frame it
Hall of fame it hang it so no one can claim it
I rule from my style from the Boondox
Now my **** pumps in the boombox
Yo Red, my ears are ringin
I can hear some girl singin'
*sings* Heyyyyy, Erick Serrrmon! Heyyyayyyy!
Uhh, rock the mic honey I love the way you sway
Plus you have the crotch to drive me crazy
I'm replyin rude ("slow down baby" -- LL Cool J)
I'm ill, smooth as Johnny Gill
Gill, my my my, I pack steel
So back off softie, here's a ice cream cone
Put down the microphone
Thank you, right about now I'm through
I'm ghost like Casper... see you!

"When I come around homeboy watch yo nuggets" (repeat 4X)

Verse Two: Redman

Funky fresh in the flesh, the Sooperman grand slams a new twist
Scoop this, Redman is milk like two tits
I stay, freshly dipped with the nine
and a clip on my hip, moneygrip, no bull****
I tic-tac on small cracks I'm all that to fall black
My jaw snap with raps so umm, get the balls Jack
Flavor like Flav, plus I'm well paid
Own a maid with a plaid, mack daddy of the decade
At a slow rate, I sparkly like Colgate
My ****'s name machete, I stab much hoe-cake
I don't have a car, but own a pair of Reeboks
It gets me where I'm going, until my **** feet stops
On and on like a switch, bust the mix
Jammm, OOPS! I turn up the pitch
To make me boom to zoom with the tune
To make the cow jump back over the moon
It's Reggie Noble, yeahhh, I'm feelin kinda so-so
I dog you like Toto, make Rudolph nose blow
Funk out of site with the type of hype
to make you say umm, a dy-no-mite!!
Chiller, chiller than the Ice on Vanilla
I kill more kills than the quils from Tequila
I'm down with the green eyed brother named Erick
Charlie how you rate this? (Hmm, jam like Bo Derek)
I'm deeper than a valley, peace to Cool V and Sally
PMD, my man Solo, and I'm auuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuudi...

"When I come around homeboy watch yo nuggets" (repeat 7X)
"When I come around homeboy watch yo nuggets
A master of the beatdown, my style's rugged..."

09-09-2003, 11:45 PM
Can't Wait Lyrics
Dare Iz A Darkside
Special Offer: Get 12 CDs for FREE or 5 DVDs for 49Ę each!

Verse One:

i'm like raah raaah like i have cerebral palsy
my flows bees wet like all you girls draws be
crack the dils spread the buddah in the hiddouse
roll it up and then ask who tipped in for the 10 bag?
etcetera i roll my blunts with two textures
pick up 50 bags and then i smoke all the extras
it's the truth like funk 180 proof
don't drop your draws i'll f**k through your daisy dukes (true)
put your fingers up in the air if your high
i walk by, so f-k a drive - by
i swing a better batting average as half as
good as reggie jackson's that's why you talk backwards
and toch bills and bogard **** like humphrey
you couldn't beat me if you ran with 21 jumpstreet
or 90210 f@ck it yo
in the movies i'm the nigga puffin' buddah in the back row

Chorus: Repeat 8X

i can't wait to get it on

Verse Two:

i'm just a smoky boy, i'm from the land of the lost
you can't see me like charlie angel's boss
i'm often coolin' round the bliddocks
i rock round the cliddocks
my gliddock ****ed from here to 16 for liddocks
i tried to tomas if i'm gettin' scopic
i was milk like two tits but now i'm butter like blue bonnet
now who got the funk, we got the funk
a yo i got the weed, we got the blunt
i never sniiff, i used to puff buddahs in the jail
back in 88 when it was 20 cidic grand(rizzam)
you couldn't read me in braille, hell
i write my names on walls in smole spots when i'm buyin' l
the fly guy with force like luke sky
down for 8 ball see twa ***** if you fly
the funkadelic been rockin mics since the fourth grade
i terminate like X and i terminate like schwartzanage
dum-ti-dum rock like buju banton
soup like won ton, f*ck by the ton, ja bumps
please, my whole crew's wakin g's
tonight's the night baby so suck up on these
and it's on

Verse Three:

i said i catch the a train to the luv, smoke the junk
i set **** off like bobofet.
big up to all my niggas in the housing projects
i'm runnin' up in your contingents and split your guts, round and round
if you get scared of my lines when i rock well
got whits like purnell, ****s the bomb like akenelle
rikity rockit mindy best to knock this
waste niggas like toxic, wet like galoshes
can i handle my biz, yes you can
i cause kaos and bring a lot of def to jams
yes i can, now ask to get out
pop the trunk cla clunk & give me your babump babump
oooh, cool, smooth like two blue suede shoes
y'all ***gots stepped on my huffman and koos
word to dan, tan, pillow, & cool b
switchin' speeds like bruce lee ridin' up Fuji in a movie
i drop on the one, **** the two-three
funky like a box of coochies on looseleaf


Yo yo did you hear that?
Yo I be sayin some ****
Switchin up speeds, like Bruce Lee
ridin up Fuji, in a movie
Now if you didn't get it
lock down...
and figure that **** out when you get home!

09-09-2003, 11:51 PM
Come On, Letís Move It Lyrics:[ verse 1 ]
I was proven effective by a clinical test
Because some couldnít come to believe I was the best
So they tested me, and now they in the clinic
They almost arrested me, because I did it
But I didnít mean to do it
But you had to mess with me, and then you blew it
Now you got to chew it, and swallow it all
I guess thatís the way that you bounce the ball
Or somethin like that, my mother always told me
Your mother always told me, "baby, hold me"
Donít get mad because you donít get gís
And I get extra cheese like pizza
You canít keep your girl because you canít please her
But letís get back to the fact thatís been approven
So let me prove it, come on, letís move it

(come on)
(yeah yíall, come on) --> flavor flav

[ verse 2 ]
I spent time with the rhyme like a person
Rehearsin like a verse in a chapter
Of a play, but I rap to
Not make money
Though you might find it funny
But hey, I do it cause I like it, plus it is constructive
Enriching to the mind, cause itís mentally productive
And I am one who seeks special education
Cause I canít learn from the system of my nation
Or should I say my residence run by dead presidents
Cause my mother and brother and father are
>from the motherland of another land called jamaica
Some of them say god, some of them say jah is the maker
But I say why say and who is to say
Cause you make yourself what you are today
And only to yourself do you have to prove it
So come on, letís move it

(yeah yíall, come on)

[ verse 3 ]
Straight from the heart and a shot to the brain
To the hand on the pen and then flaunt the fame
And fortune, suckers I be schorchin and torchin
On and on to victory, me, I be marchin
Each and every day, reachin out to pay
My respects and checks to everybody that helped me on the way
To where Iíve gotten, thanks a lot and
Everybody out there buyin records by the carton
Thanks to the banks and thanks to the label
Thank you everybody with my record on your turntable
Thanks to the sellers and the distributors
Everybody thank your moms cause she delivered us
Thanks to your pops, he gave the drops of life
Thanks ot the lord, the sword, the double knife
That I use to fight evil like I fight suckers
****, I like jam, so I wanna thank smuckers
Thanks to my deejay and thanks to my producer
Thanks to the girls cause you let me seduce ya
Thanks to the posse around the way
And thanks to the fans that paved the way
Youíre coming to the jams, throw your hands in the air and prove it
Come on, letís move it

(yeah yíall, come on)

09-10-2003, 12:01 AM
B.I.B.L.E. (Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth) Lyrics
Killah Priest
Heavy Mental

The Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth (3X)
Chorus: repeat 2X
Life is a test many quest the universe
And through my research I felt the joy and the hurt
The first shall be last and the last shall be first
The basic instructions before leaving earth
Verse One:
Knowledge this wisdom this goes back when I was twelve
I loved doing right but I was trapped in hell
Had mad ideas, sad eyes and tears
Years of fears, but yo my foes couldn't bear
I searched for the truth since my youth
And went to church since birth, but it wasn't worth the loot
that I was paying, plus the praying
I didn't like staying cuz of busy-bodies and dizzy hotties
That the preacher had souped up with lies
Had me cooped up lookin at loot, butt, and thighs
Durin the service, he swallowed up the poor
And after they heard this, they wallowed on the floor
But I ignored, and explored my history that was untold
And watched mysteries unfold
And dropped a jewel like Solomon, but never followed men
cause if you do your brain is more hollow than
Space oblivia, or the abyss
With no trace of trivia, left with the hiss
Does it pay to be deaf, dumb and blind?
From a slave we was kept from the mind
And from the caves he crept from behind
And what he gave, was the sect of the swine
When the bible, it condemned the pig
I don't mean to pull your hems or flip your qigs
But we used to wear a turban, but now we're in the urban
No more wearing beanies and dress like a genie
No hocus pocus cause I focus on the facts
And put it on the tracks and brought it through the wax
I speak on Jacob, it might take up some time
And too much knowledge, it might break up the rhyme
I did it anyway just to wake up the mind
of those who kiss stones or prays on the carpet
Those who sit home, or sell books by the market
Need to chill and get their mind revived
For years religion did nothing but divide
The basic instructions before leaving earth
Verse Two:
I strolled through the books of Job to unfold
And open bibles, instead of hoping on revivals
Calling on His name and screaming hallelujah
when he hardly knew ya, that's how the devil's fooled ya
See look into my eyes brethren, that's the lies of a Reverand
Why should you die to go to heaven?
The Earth is already in space, the bible I embrace
A difficult task I had to take
I studied till my eyes was swollen, and only arose when
I found out that we were the chosen
I deal with the truth, and build with the youth
And teach my son as he kneels on the stoop
Son, life is a pool of sin, corrupted with foolish men
and women with wicked minds, who build picket signs
to legalize abortion, the evil eye distortion
I quiz Son with my wisdom
Before I converted, I was perverted, and knowledge was asserted
The study of wisdom, I perferred it
The understanding, it gave me mental freedom
I even learnt Caucasians were really the Tribe of Edam
The white image, of Christ, is really Cesare Borgia
and uhh, the second son of Pope Alexander
The Sixth of Rome, and once the picture was shown
That's how the devils tricked my dome
I prophesized to save a man, but no one gave a ****
for my nation - the seed of Abraham
Blessed with the tongue of Hebrew
Now we're strung on needles, and some are plungin evils
So study and be wise in these days of darkness
Peace to my nephew Marcus
The basic instructions before leaving earth
Chorus: repeat to fade

chen zhen
09-10-2003, 02:41 AM
{Ice Cube}
Look at these Niggaz With Attitudes
Look at these Niggaz With Attitudes
Look at these Niggaz With Attitudes
Look at these Niggaz With Attitudes {Hello... }

{Dr. Dre}
I started this gangsta sh!t
And this the motherf*ckin thanks I get? {Hello... }

{MC Ren}
I started this gangsta sh!t
And this the motherf*ckin thanks I get? {Hello... }

{Ice Cube}
The motherf*ckin world is a ghetto
Full of magazines, full clips, and heavy metal
When the smoke settle...
... I'm just lookin for a big yellow;
In six inch stilletos
Dr. Dre {Hello... } perculatin keep em waitin
While you sittin here hatin, yo' b!tch is hyperventilatin'
Hopin that we penetratin, you gets natin
Cause I never been to Satan, for hardcore administratin
Gangbang affiliatin; MC Ren'll have you
Wildin off a zone and a whole half a gallon
{Get to dialin... } 9 1 1 emergency
{And you can tell em... } It's my son he's hurtin me
{And he's a felon... } On parole for robbery
Ain't no coppin a plea, ain't no stoppin a G
I'm in the 6 you got to hop in the 3, company monopoly
You handle sh!t sloppily I drop a ki properly
They call me the Don Dada
Pop a collar, drop a dollar if you hear me you can holla
Even rottweilers, follow, the Impala
Wanna talk about this concrete? Nigga I'm a scholar
The incredible, hetero - sexual, credible
Beg a hoe, let it go, d!ck ain't edible
Nigga ain't federal, I plan sh!t
While you hand picked motherf*ckers givin up transcripts

Look at these Niggaz With Attitudes
Look at these Niggaz With Attitudes {Hello... }

I started this gangsta sh!t
And this the motherf*ckin thanks I get? {Hello... }

{Dr. Dre}
I started this gangsta sh!t
And this the motherf*ckin thanks I get?

{MC Ren}
Villain blows up yo' spot
Take yo' notebook yo' b!tch and yo' glock
This motherf*cker thought the coochie had a padlock
You slapped her ass that's alarmin
Cause she want my Worm like Carmen
We chin check niggaz, them thin check niggaz
Run trains on golddiggers beware these fo' niggaz
Scarin motherf*ckers like Steven King flicks
Makin niggaz clear the room like a dyke flea a d!ck
Makin 2nd II None sh!t, nigga like Quik
So when I bomb first nigga who you rollin with?
F*ck that ice on your wrist, f*ck yo' fine ass b!tch
Cause you could lose it in a tussle nigga watch me hustle
Watch niggaz kiss my ass without flexin a muscle
B!tches - all in the back they knees waitin to buckle
Same time same channel don't change the dial
Niggaz4Life, f*ckin your wife, these niggaz wild {Hello... }

I started this gangsta sh!t
And this the motherf*ckin thanks I get? {Hello... }

{Ice Cube}
I started this gangsta sh!t
And this the muh'f*ckin thanks I get? {Hello...}

{Dr. Dre}
Did I fall off? Got you in your room
Rippin every "Chronic" poster on your wall off
Just cause I put away the sawed off
Now I got you sittin back with a smirk;
Listenin with your arms crossed
Questionin Dre's credibility {What?}
Wondering if it's still in me to produce hits;
Y'all be killin me
As if I need to make mo' - I got a mansion
And six cars that are paid fo' - suck my d!ck! {Hello... }
We came a long way from not givin a f*ck
Sellin tapes out of a trunk to movin this far up
Now we got the whole world starstruck
Made a million plus and still don't give a motherf*ck
Motherf*cker I'm Dre - I don't need your respect
I don't need to make another album b!tch I don't gotta do sh!t
I do it because I want to not to stay in the game
F*ck the fame, I'm still stayin the same, lil' b!tch! {Hello... }

I started this gangsta sh!t
And this the motherf*ckin thanks I get? {Hello... }

{MC Ren}
I started this gangsta sh!t
And this the motherf*ckin thanks I get? {Hello... }

{Ice Cube}
Look at these Niggaz With Attitudes
Look at these Niggaz With Attitudes {Hello... }

Look at these Niggaz With Attitudes
Look at these Niggaz With Attitudes
Look at these Niggaz With Attitudes
Look at these Niggaz With Attitudes
Look at these Niggaz With Attitudes
Look at these Niggaz With Attitudes...

09-10-2003, 01:10 PM
check out GZA - third world

chen zhen
09-10-2003, 02:06 PM
{Ice Cube}
Baby baby can you bounce to this (bounce)
f*ck around and smoke an ounce to this (bounce)
Turn it up, we can clown to this
Throw your hands in the air if you down with this

{verse one}
I hear you bragin 'bout the money you foldin'
Same nigga that be kissin' my colon
When you picture me rollin'
Nigga picture me holdin', pure heat like Nolan
They call me Poppa Doctor
See your b!tch and i knock her
I collect them like Pokemon
From Nokishan, accept the ones with no behind
You can keep 'em, keep 'em from creepin' where i'm sleepin'
Same b!tch and same club every weekend
Same drink, same dress, brainless
What would you do if i handed you a stainless
Can't f*ck with a girl that's gameless
Would you tell the po - po's what my name is

Baby baby can you bounce to this (baby bounce)
F*ck around and smoke an ounce to this (smoke an ounce)
Turn it up, we can clown to this
Throw your hands in the air if you down with this (yeah yeah)

- Bounce it bounce it, shake it shake it
Wiggle wiggle, Make it jiggle, just a little - {repeat}

{verse two}
Don't stop get it get it
I'm not the kind to get jiggy with it
I'm the kind to get niggy with it
I'm a show you what it's all about, trick!
Shake yo' ass till your curls fall out, b!tch!
Don't pretend you can live without, d!ck!
Come with me ain't no doubt that i'm, rich!
Whatchoo goan do in the early 'morn
When the lights come on, and your drink is gone
Do you think you grown
Think we convone (?)
It's a party at my house i got drinks at home
Get to undressin', pull out the lethal weapon
Look you in the eye and i aks you one question

Baby baby can you bounce to this (bounce)
F*ck around and smoke an ounce to this (what choo smokin' on?)
Turn it up, we can clown to this
Throw your hands in the air if you down with this

- Bounce it bounce it, shake it shake it
Wiggle wiggle, Make it jiggle, just a little - {repeat}

{Jay - Z sample}
- "Bounce, b!tch, bounce wit me wit me... can ya" - {repeat}

{verse three}
Who that nigga that be in the club every week
Who that cheep mutherf*cker won't buy you a drink
Who that b!tch dressed like a freak but she won't speak
Who that hoe think she is, like her sh!t don't stink
Who that player on the floor, sweatin' in all silk
Who that girl showin' tits, like she got milk
Who that hater in the corner, always on tilt
Who that fool in the parking lot about to get killed (yeah)

Baby baby can you bounce to this (can you bounce)
F*ck around and smoke an ounce to this (blaze one)
Turn it up, we can clown to this
Throw your hands in the air if you down with this
(if you down with this)
Baby baby can you bounce to this (huh)
F*ck around and smoke an ounce to this (dogg best C. G. (?)
Turn it up, we can clown to this
Throw your hands in the air if you down with this

- Bounce it bounce it, shake it shake it
Wiggle wiggle, Make it jiggle, just a little - {repeat}

Yeah, Ice Cube (bounce it, bounce it... )

{Jay - Z sample}
- "Bounce, b!tch, bounce wit me wit me... can ya" - {repeat}

chen zhen
09-13-2003, 09:51 AM
{Ice Cube}
Don Dadaa, uhh, uhh, yeah
You can't see me, but you can feel me
You can feel me, you can feel me

It's the world, famous, supreme team show, supreme team show... {x2}
Uhh, look at me

{verse one}
I be the one that you love to hate
I be the one that's from out of state
I be the one with the nickle plate
I be the one with the mean face
I be the one with the bad taste
I be the one that you worry 'bout
I be the one that make ya hurry out
I be the one that make your mama shout
I be the one that's the cleanest (fo' sho')
I be the one with the niggas and guns that's the meanest (let 'em know)

Supreme hustle (uh huh), I got supreme muscle (yep)
I call em team tustle (whatcha call it?)
Supreme hustle (uh huh), I got supreme muscle (yep)
I call em team tustle (yeah yeah)

{verse two}
You be the one that we laugh at (ha ha)
You be the one that can't have that (uh uhn)
You be the one to get your ass cracked (crack!)
You be the one that's takin' live rounds
You be the one thats got to run from them bloodhounds
You be the one with the eight babies
My seven ladies, still dressin' like the eighties
You be the one that just checked in emergency
You be the one thats a die, in need of surgery

Supreme hustle (uh huh), I got supreme muscle (yep)
I call em team tustle (ready)
Supreme hustle (uh huh), I got supreme muscle (yep)
I call em team tustle

It's the world, famous, supreme team show, supreme team show... {x2}

{verse three}
We be the ones that your woman love
We be the ones that your fellas hug
We be the ones that you jellous of
We be the ones with the big guns
We be the ones with the six - uns
You should get one
We be the ones with the dirty spirits
We be the ones with them bomb ass dirty lyrics
We be the ones that your kids like
We be the ones that make you beat your wife
And hate your life (tell 'em)

Supreme hustle (uh huh), I got supreme muscle (yep)
I call em team tustle (yeah yeah)
Supreme hustle (uh huh), I got supreme muscle (yep)
I call em team tustle (brrrrmph)

Supreme hustle (uh huh), I got supreme muscle (yep)
I call em team tustle (uh huh)
Supreme hustle (uh huh), I got supreme muscle (yep)
I call em team tustle (automatic)

Uh huh, yep, uh huh, yep

It's the world, famous, supreme team show, supreme team show... {x2}

You got to hustle a dot, no lie to all my people that's down to survive
Gone and ride
Hustle a dot, no lie, to all my people that's down to survive
Gone and ride
Hustle a dot, no lie, to all my people that's down to survive
Gone and ride
Hustle a dot, no lie, to all my people that's down to survive
Gone and ride

Get ya ride on (gone and ride)
Hustle mang hustle mang (gone and ride)
It's automatic
Ice Cube; incredible, yeah
I'm on the grind all the time
Hustle mang, hustle mang, hustle mang

09-13-2003, 05:05 PM
Artist: Raekwon the Chef f/ Nas, Ghostface Killer
Album: Only Built 4 Cuban Linx...
Song: Verbal Intercourse

[Rae] No tricks, no tricks baby
[Nas] Yeah, aiyyo Rae
[Ghf] Check it out y'all
[Nas] It's the science
[Ghf] Fly wonderful
[Rae] Yeah y'all
[Nas] Tony Starks and umm Lex Diamonds
[Ghf] Tony Starks, my nigga Nas
[Rae] Strength my whole team is eatin off this type of ****
[Nas] For all the fake niggaz out there, yaknahmean
[Ghf] Word up
[Rae] Good ****, nigga next time, no more whatever ****
[Nas] Fakes be celebratin but they be mistaken
[Ghf] Word to the wise
[Rae] Keep your eyes open and your wallet in your front pocket
[Ghf] All types of ****, yo son
[Rae] Rock it, RZA Chef Ghost and Nas niggaz is the prophet
[Nas] Tell em it's on right?
[Ghf] Show those crabs how to rhyme
[Rae] RZA Chef Ghost and Nas niggaz is the prophet
[Ghf] It's only like five percent out of a hundred
[Rae] RZA Chef Ghost and Nas niggaz is the prophet
[Ghf] Do it to em baby

Verse One: Nas

Through the lights cameras and action, glamour glitters and gold
I unfold the scroll, plant seeds to stampede the globe
When I'm deceased, by then the beast arise like yeast
to conquer peace leaving savages to roam in the streets
Live on the run, police paying me to give in my gun
Trick my Wisdom, with the system that imprisoned my son
Smoke a gold leaf I hold heat, nonchalantly
I'm grungy, but things I do is real it never haunts me
while, funny style niggaz roll in the pile
Rooster heads profile on a bus to Riker's Isle
Holdin weed inside they p*$$* with they minds on the
pretty things in life, props is a true thug's wife
It's like a cycle, niggaz come home, some'll go in
Do a bullet, come back, do the same $#!t again
From the womb to the tomb, presume the unpredictable
Guns salute life, rapidly, that's the ritual

Verse Two: Raekwon the Chef

Perhaps bullets bust niggaz discuss mad money
True lies and white guys, we can see it through the eyes
Catch the most on tape, kilos disintegrate
Pyrex pots, we break, fiends lickin plates
In the building niggaz building, like little children starin
Them older niggaz aint carin
Sirens circlin fiends are lurkin in your baggage
oh, one's gone now, what, smack him in his cabbage
In the woodwork, crack cells bubble like Woolworth's
in the projects, richest niggaz rockin all the real worth
Police questioning, rooftop cats invested in
Tradin in they Lexus' GS's sendin messages
Two and two makes four, Cristal's crazily pour
Gun wars my crew phantom like swords

Verse Three: Ghostface Killer

With the green leathers, hunded pound snakes and cakes
Fiends found in lakes, jeolously Jakes we shake
What I strive for is what I live for
Infatuated by material things, and it's wild like for war
like somewhere over the rainbow, I see a big pot of gold
Future stacks yo I hold
Thousands of cracks bagged up inside the shoebox
Don't keep jack in my lap, don't wanna see Tupac
Got two spots, a new lot, flooded with rocks
Shoot-outs making me hot, crooked cops Bad Tony and the ball drop
In the Now, I'm bangin niggaz for slide time
Hurry up Duke I'm next, show em mine
And what the **** is you looking at?
By the way young blood, hit me off with that Green Bay hat
Watch your back inside the hall, new niggaz slide through
like doors yo, you're starin in the mess hall
Your adrenaline runs, cigarette niggas be swindlin
New jacks surrenderin, come home not rememberin
Made bail with different size kicks on, a white dress shirt
Lookin gay in the yard, and you got hurt
Flashbacks, of the day room, mop ringer style
Your ***got ass got bashed tryin to turn the dial
You told your boo you was whylin
Once you heard Wu, out of the blue, your family's from Shaolin
High class cooks, throw on vestes out of phone books
Infirmary niggas are screaming, "I got drugs!"
Sharpen toothbrushes 190 mixed with baby oil and ****
Your man's in the kitchen stashing ice picks
Well I'ma end this with a big red cherry on top
Me, Nas and Rae got the best product on the block

[Rae] Strength my whole team is eatin off this type of ****
[Ghf] Word up, throw your hands up
[Rae] Good ****, nigga next time, no more whatever ****
[Ghf] **** back the Mac an say whatever
[Rae] Keep your eyes open and your wallet in your front pocket
[Ghf] Your Hawaiian's stale, exoticness, fly ****
[Rae] RZA Chef Ghost and Nas niggaz is the prophet
[Ghf] Floatin on in nine-five in the basement

chen zhen
09-14-2003, 01:38 AM
DPG, is down with us
X to the Z, is down with us
D-R-E, is down with us
My nigga Kokane, is down with us
Eastside gang is, down with us
Niggas talkin sh!t, I'm gettin ready to bust
I'm number one (one, one, one)
With a bullet motherf*ckers

[Chorus: Kokane]
I got this Henn in my cup
And this Buddah got me stuck
I'm just trying to compose myself (compose myself)
I don't know why I act this way
I just wanna be left alone
I'm just trying to enjoy myself (enjoy myself)

[Snoop Dogg]
Aww naw (who is it?)
It's motherf*ckin' Snoop Dogg
I live the fast life, where ya keep ya cash tight
In broad daylight, walkin' wit ya flashlight
Addin' up what ya brought in from last night
She mad tight with mad bite (is that right?)
Bad lil b!tches on my tizeam (tizeam)
Nigga, that's the American drizeam (wha-wha-wha-what)
P*ssy broke the President (yeah it did)
And p*ssy made a pimp rich (yeah it did)
I live like 'em both as I smoke on my dope
On my boat...thumbin' through c-notes
Now here's a toast to the coast*pliing*
Cuz we doin' it the most (we doin' it the most)
Playa playa high costs
Uno, dos, I'm bout to get ghost
Stackin what ya mackin D-O-double G
The sh!t ya doin' is so lovely
The haters hate cuz they will never be
There ain't no limit to this melody (melody)
You niggas sippin on that jealousy (jealousy)
I pour a tall glass of Hennesey (want some?)
Do you wanna have a sip with me?
Or would you rather try and trip with me? (trip with me?)
Put ya cups on the table and your hands in the air
And touch your brim to the side, that's only if you a player
And all the ladies in this motherf*cker acting up
Don't hurt nobody when you back it up
Cuz we came here to have a good time
Me and my niggas in the sunshine (sunshine)
On 3 wheels with one 9 (ya know)
It's time to shine, the world is mine (the world is mine)
I never ever dropped a dime (shiiit)
Nigga might cop a dime
Never hesitate to pop a 9 (blaah!)
And always come up with the proper line
Stick to the script b!tch I'm hurtin sh!t (hurtin sh!t)
Let me show you motherf*ckers what I'm workin with
(what you workin with?)
Don't need no water to go with your order
And you aint got to smuggle the sh!t up over the border
Affordable, sportable, unbelievable, feasible, and reasonable
We leavin' 'em low
Cuz me and my loc, keep big leaves of smoke
Gallons of Hennesey and 16 liters of coke
He done drank and she done smoked
The meters are broke, we put the V to the note(olť!)
I brought the weed to smoke
And Dr. Dre, he hooked the beat up, indeed it was dope
Stackin what ya mackin D-O-double G
The sh!t ya doin' is so lovely
The haters hate cuz they can never be
There ain't no limit to this melody (melody)
You niggas sippin on that jealousy (jealousy)
I pour a tall glass of Hennesey (Hennesey)
Do you wanna have a sip with me? (sip with me?)
Or would you rather try and trip with me? (trip with me?)
Put ya cups on the table and your hands in the air
And touch your brim to the side, that's only if you a player
And all the ladies in this motherf*cker acting up
Don't hurt nobody when you back it up
Cuz we came here to have a good time
Me and my niggas in the sunshine (sunshine)
On 3 wheels with one 9 (ya know)


Shaquille O'Neal, is down with us
Look half dead, is down with us
My nigga Mel-Man, is down with us
And eastside Watts, is down with us
The whole crip car, is down with us
My niggas on the four yard, I'm givin it up
We number one (one, one, one)
(Gunshot) With a bullet motherf*ckers

09-14-2003, 11:39 AM
Artist: Boogie Down Productions
Album: By All Means Necesasry
Song: I'm Still #1

Verse 1

D.J. Doc you know he's down with us
D-Square, he's down with us
Keyboard Money Mike, is down with us
I.C.U., you know he's down with us
D-Nice and McBoo, they're down with us
Ms. Melodie, she's down with us
Just-Ice and DMX, they're down with us
My manager Moe, he's down with us
Castle-D boy, he's down with us
D.J. Red Alert, he's down with us
Robocop boy, he's down with us
Makin' funky music is a must
I'm number one.

People still takin' rappin' for a joke
A passing hope or a phase with a rope
Sometimes I choke and try to believe
when I get challenged by a million MCs
I try to tell them, "We're all in this together!"
My album was raw because no-one would ever
think like I think and do what I do
I stole the show, and then I leave without a clue

What do you think makes up a KRS?
Concisive teaching, or very clear speaking?
Ridiculous bass, aggravating treble
Rebel, renegade, must stay paid
not by financial aid, but a raid of hits
causing me to take long trips
I'm the original teacher of this type of style
Rockin' off-beat with a smile
or smirk or chuckle, yes some are not up to
BDP Posse so I love to
step in the jam and slam
I'm not Superman, because anybody can
or should be able to rock off turntables
Grab the mic, plug it in and begin
But here's where the problem starts, no heart
Because of that a lot of groups fell apart
Rap is still an art, and no-one's from the Old School
cuz Rap is still a brand-new tool
I say no-one's from the Old School cuz Rap on a whole
isn't even twenty years old
Fifty years down the line, you can start this
cuz we'll be the Old School artists
And even in that time, I'll say a rhyme
A brand-new style, ruthless and wild
Runnin' around spendin' money, havin' fun
cuz even then, I'm still number one.

Verse 2

Blastmaster KRS-One of course
comes to express with style the lost
ways of rhyming, old and new, past and present
Knock, knock, who is it?
A brand-new style, hup, time to change
People talk about me when they see me on stage
Live in action, guaranteed raw
I hang with the rich and I work for the poor
Now tomorrow you can say you saw
KRS-One stompin' once more
I play by ear, I love to steer
the Alfa Romeo from here to there
I grab the beer, but not in the ride
cuz I'm not stupid, I don't drink and drive
I'm not a beginner, amateur or local
My album is sellin' because of my vocals
You know what you need to learn?
Old School artists don't always burn
You're just another rapper who's had his turn
Now it's my turn, and I am concerned
about idiots posing as kings
What are we here to rule?
I thought we were supposed to sing
And if we oughta sing, then let us begin to teach
Many of you are educated, open your mouth and speak
KRS-One is something like a total renegade
except I don't steal, I rhyme to get paid
Airplanes flyin', overseas people dyin'
Politicians lyin', I'm tryin'
not to escape, but hit the problem head-on
by bringin' out the truth in a song
So BDP, short for Boogie Down Productions
made a little noise cuz the crew was sayin' somethin'
People have the nerve to take me for a gangster
An ignorant one, something closer to a prankster
Doin' petty crimes, goin' straight to penitentiary
But in a scale of crime that's really elementary
This beat is now compelling me to explain in silence
why my last jam was so violent
It's simple: BDP will teach reality
No beatin' around the bush, straight up, just like The P Is Free
So now you know, a poet's job is never done
But I'm never overworked, cuz I'm still number one.

Kool Moe Dee, he's down with us
Eric B. and Rakim, they're down with us
Stetsasonic, they're down with us
Dana Dane, he's down with us
Sleeping Bag Records, they're down with us
My lawyer Jay, he's down with us
Jive/RCA is down with us
Makin' funky music is a must
I'm number one.

09-14-2003, 11:46 AM
Artist: Boogie Down Productions
Album: Edutainment
Song: Blackman in Effect
Typed by: OHHLA.com

Wake up!
Take the pillow from your head and put a book in it.
It's time for the massive BDP crew at the top of the pile.

Yo. In the morning I'm yawning, at noon is when I wake up
Make up my bed break up the bread and said
Scratching my head, why am I so **** intimidating?
Is it because of laws designed to keep us waiting and waiting
Thus hating all forms of a setback
Get back, if you can't understand a rap act.
This is the language of the people ready to hear the crew
I've got no juice, 'cause I'm not getting juiced
To have juice means you kiss and lick a lot of booty
To have respect means you simply new or newly
Heard what I had to say and felt as though you'd say that too
I'm not down with a juice-crew
But anyway I say today the message I create is great
I don't preach hate, I simply get the record straight
It's not the fault of the black race that we are misplaced
We're robbin' and killin', your own medicine you taste
You built up a race on the concept of violence
Now in '90 you want silence
Well, I want science, not silence but science
Scientific fact about black
The board of education acts as if it's only reality
Is talking 'bout a Tom, **** and Harry
So now you learn your black history is questions and answers
Every question but the Black Panthers
Timbuctoo existed when the caveman existed
Why then isn't this listed
Is this because the blackman is the original man
Or does it mean humanity is African
I don't know, but these sciences are hidden
For some strange reason it's forbidden
To talk about, or converse on a political outburst
I don't believe that I'm the first
Or should I say the first one, or the first one that's done
Music like I'm still number one
Music like that or this is the incredible uplift
Those that oppose get dissed
But who will oppose the teacher when society's a wreck
So check the blackman's in effect

Near the Tigris and Euphrates Valleys in Asia
Lies the Garden of Eden
Where Adam became a father to humanity
Now don't get mad at me
But according to facts, this seems just fantasy
Because man, the most ancient man
Was found thousands of years before Adam began
And where he was found, again they can't laugh at ya
It's right, dead, smack in Africa
But due to religious and political power
We must be denied the facts every hour
We run to school, tryin' to get straight A's
Let's take a trip way back in the days
To the first civilization on Earth, the Egyptians
Giving birth to science, mathematics and music
Religion, the list goes on, you choose it
Egypt was the land of spiritual blessing
Egypt was the land of facts, not guessing
People from all over the world had come
To learn from Egypt, Egypt number one
So people that believe in Greek philosophy
Know your facts, Egypt was the monopoly
Greeks had learned from Egyptian masters
You might say "Prove it", well here's the answers
640 to 322 b.C. originates Greek philosophy
But in that era Greece was at war
With themselves and Persia, what's more
Any philosopher at that time was a criminal
He'd be killed very simple
This indicates that Greece had no respect
For science or intellect
So how the hell you created philosophy
When you kill philosophers constantly
The point is that we descend from kings
Science, art and beautiful things
African history is the worlds history
This is the missing link and mystery
Once we realise they all are African
White will sit down with black and laugh again
So judge not least ye might be judged
By the judgement ye judge, ye shall be judged
Matthew seven, first verse doesn't budge
No man should walk the Earth and sludgez
if you don't believe, you can go and check
To see how and where the blackman's in effect

09-14-2003, 11:48 AM
Artist: Boogie Down Productions
Album: Ghetto Music - The Blueprint of Hip-Hop
Song: Why is That?
Typed by: dj.flash@pobox.com

Verse One

The day begins, with a grin
And a prayer to excuse my sins
I can walk anywhere I choose
Cause everybody listens to the B.D.P. crew
We're not here for glamour or fashion
But here's the question I'm askin
Why is it young black kids taught {flashin?}
They're only taught how to read, write, and act
It's like teachin a dog to be a cat
You don't teach white kids to be black
Why is that? Is it because we're the minority?
Well black kids follow me
Genesis chapter eleven verse ten
Explains the geneology of Chem
Chem was a black man, in Africa
If you repeat this fact they can't laugh at ya
Genesis fourteen verse thirteen
Abraham steps on the scene
Being a descendent of Chem which is a fact
Means, Abraham too was black
Abraham born in the city of a black man
Called Nimrod grandson of Kam
Kam had four sons, one was named Canaan
Here, let me do some explaining
Abraham was the father of Isaac
Isaac was the father of Jacob
Jacob had twelve sons, for real
And these, were the children of Isreal
According to Genesis chapter ten
Egyptains descended from {Hahm,Kam}
Six hundred years later, my brother, read up
Moses was born in Egypt
In this era black Egyptians weren't right
They enslaved black Isrealites
Moses had to be of the black race
Because he spent fourty years in Pharoah's place
He passed as the Pharoah's grandson
So he had to look just like him
Yes my brothers and sisters take this here song
Yo, correct the wrong
The information we get today is just wack
But ask yourself, why is that?

Verse Two

The age of the ignorant rapper is done
Knowledge Reigns Supreme Over Nearly Everyone
The stereotype must be lost
That love and peace and knowledge is soft
Do away with that and understand one fact
For love, peace must attack
And attack real strong, stronger than war
To conquer it and its law
Mental pictures, stereotypes and fake history
Reinforces mystery
And when mystery is reinforced
That only means that knowledge has been lost
When you know who you really are
Peace and knowledge shines like a star
I'm only showin you a simple fact
It Takes A Nation of MILLIONS to Hold Us people Back
Which is wack, but we can correct that
Teach and learn what it is to be black
Cause they're teachin birds to be a cat
But ask yourself homeboy, why is that?

09-14-2003, 11:55 AM
Artist: Boogie Down Productions
Album: Sex and Violence
Song: The Real Holy Place
Typed by: dj.flash@pobox.com

Why are metaphysical teachings forbidden?
Why are metaphysical teachings forbidden?
Why are metaphysical teachings forbidden?
The only way to talk to God is in church?
Hah hah hah, you must be KIDDING
For years they kept God hidden
Look for God in self, not in what's written
Turn this up and listen

If your slavemaster wasn't a Christian you wouldn't be a Christian
*whip cracks*
If your slavemaster wasn't a Christian you wouldn't be a Christian
*whip cracks*
If your slavemaster wasn't a Christian YOU wouldn't be a Christian!!!
*whip cracks twice*
Your whole culture's missing
Hebrews are African, see they originated Judaism
The belief in one God is monotheism, see the truth is not hard
All you gotta know is the facts
When religion mixes with politics... it ALL GETS WACK

You gotta know your history, or they'll tell you that God is a mystery
And when you're born, you're born in sin
That's bull$***. That's BULL$**T!
They're only saying you can't win
You can't succeed, you can't acheive
Don't ask about God, just sit there and believe
Well I ain't tryin to hear that lesson
Cause one thing I know
Cause one thing I know
Cause one thing I know is that the truth can always be questioned
YEAH that's how I'm livin
Ask and ye shall be given
When you're lyin, hah hah hah, you got no answers
You got handclappers and a WHOLE lotta dancers
in the church or sanctuary

They all forgot Jesus was a revolutionary
They all forgot Jesus was a revolutionary
They all forgot Jesus was a revolutionary!!!
that hung out with criminals
I would say read the Bible but it's not the original
So it's really misleading
If you don't know the history of the author you don't know what you're reading
If you DON'T know the history of the author you don't know what you've read

You can't taste the nectar
That answers the question on why I do lectures
Cause where every MC claims to be the teacher, I be DISSIN professors
Keep that Bible on your shelf
God helps those that help themselves
Stop reading from a dead book

Stop reading from a dead book for a live God!
You know how stupid you look!
God reads the Bible with you
You both read the language of the devil that's dissing you
What can the next man do
with a Bible in his hand that you yourself can't do?
Whether Christian, Buddhist, Muslim, or Jew
Burning candles don't get you down with the universal crew

So why you dress up on Easter and worship a false Mary
that looks like Mona Lisa? Hah hah, **** you lost
On Christ-mas, what's the purpose of Santa Claus? *bells jingle*
On Christ-mas, what's the purpose of Santa Claus? *bells keep jingling*
On Christmas what's the purpose of Santa Claus!!!
Or Saint Nickalaus, I'm sick of this wickedness
All revolutionaries check this

I'm not synthetic
I'm not anti-Christian, anti-Muslim, anti-Buddhist, or anti-Semetic
But I will set it off in the temple
Cause the real holy place is mental
The real holy place is mental
The real holy place is mental *starts echoing*
The real holy place is mental *echoing a lot*
The real holy place is mental!
The real holy place is mental!!!

Mental-physical, metaphysical

chen zhen
09-14-2003, 02:15 PM
too religious.:eek:..:mad:...

09-14-2003, 02:19 PM
Cuban Link - flowers for the dead

Twin, we've been best friends
Ever since we were little kids
So I sit and remenisce
On all the things we ever did
I remember
All the stupid s--- I can't forget
Hope God forgive us for our sins
and give you the strength to live
Far from sensitive
But I'm shedding tears right now
Cause I'm watching you fight for your life
And I can't help out
Meanwhile, the doctor's shocking your chest,
Checking for breath
I was with you from the stretcher
To the hospital bed
Not believing it yet
Everybody sad and depressed
Counting your blesings, praying and praying
Hoping for the best
Waitin in pec
Your wife duke shaking from stress
Breaking in tears and fear
Cause dog, she love you till death
Next thing you know, the doctor comes out
Just shaking his head
Nothing was said
But I read it in his face full of sweat
You were dead
Just all I saw instead was blood shot red
And I felt a chill throughout my body
That I'll never forget
God Bless You
(CHORUS) x2:
Flowers for the dead
At times I hear your voice still in my head
Wishing you were here instead
These precious memories I can't forget
(Unas flores para los muertos)
In my sleep I hear you speaking to me
And feel you reaching to me
Wish I could see you
Though I know you with me spritually
Physically, right here besides me
Is where I need you to be
Keeping me company
And take over this whole industry
Memories, of when we used to be
Too deep in the streets
If there was beef
We had each others backs naturally
If there was need for me to grab the heat
You'd grab it from me
And blast off with no remorse
Just as long as its me
Young indeed
We sat and chat
On the block puffing trees
Guzzeling Hennesey
Playing knucles til one of us bleed
You used to eat Rocks
And read encyclopedias to me
You was a geneous
Even though you had no college degree
We were homies
But you will always be a brother to me
So close
We always gave each other kiss on the cheek
Big P, your legacy will always live on the street
And best believe
I'm a be there for your wife and 3 seeds
Rest In Peace.
Yeah,This is dedicated to the ones who never made it
I hated the fact you faded away
You were the greatest
So I say this prayer to pay my respects
I'll never forget you cause you special
I'll catch you in my heart
May God bless you
Rest in peace to my peoples
Who passed away (passed away)
Best believe I'ma keep you alive
Always (always)
Till the day we meet again
Face to face with a grin
In hell or heaven
You my twin to the end
And I'ma miss you
Flowers for the Dead

09-14-2003, 02:24 PM
Party For The Fight To Write
by Atmosphere

* intro: This is one of those songs you can clap along too...

Hides the eyes beneath the bill of the cap
Walks amoungst the flies that hover over the mat
He lies, but only when there's a reason
Mentions life by the tragedy, the comedy, the season
Poor at handling and managing income
Got enough love to pass around and then some
Been done, that there a name you can trust
Read the whole match book and put a flame to the brush
Good with packs, and rips up sacks
Put the show in biz, try to give what you get
When you let him run free with the thought
Pull the line in, try to see what you caught
I ain't all that bad, but I ain't all that great
I Went back to the lab and began to mutate
Wait. I still look the same, still got the same dumb name
Ain't a **** thing changed
But if you like surprises, I know of a party
Where they all dance around to your heart beat
Bring your own agenda and embrace your flaws
Lets put a face on this common cause

And he said some got pencils and some got guns
Some know how to stand and some of them run
We don't get along, but we sing the same song
Party for the fight to write, and write on

Stay gold Pony Boy, stay true outspoken
Make a record Mr. Gangster and get 'em all open
The theories, the stories, the truths, the myths
Its all therapy, on top of turntablists
This indutry's big, so big in fact (and fat?)
We can all get some, and we can give some back
And if its done correct, we'll make more than noise
So pick it up, and pick me up when you're bored with the toys
As a child Hip Hop made me read books,
And Hip Hop made me wanna be a crook
And Hip Hop gave me the way and something to say
And all I took in return is a second look
Son, you're shook, cuz ain't no such thing as half way there
Gettin' good at actin' like you just don't care
The circle of life trying to make it square condition
And self sit still
And Still.. where have all the sheep gone
Burnt down the farm and turned the TV on
John Coltrine, Marvin Gaye and Bob Marley all get invitations to my party


And if I spent anymore time inside my head
I'd probably need some leather straps attatched to my bed
And if I go another day without eating a meal
I'm gonna show you what it means to keep it real
And if they keep shootin' guns up and down my block
I Swear to God I'll be the first one to call the cops
And if I gotta hear that song ever again
You gonna have to share some of that beer my friend
They mistake me as happy-go-lucky
Just another base-head bobbin' nobody
But from where I stand, they sould like spies
Fillin' all the children's head with lies
Well alright, get your money right
But right now tonight I want you to pick a side
So when you got your power and you got your chedder
Let's get together soldier over throw this hold and make these roads better
(Bring it on.. he said bring it on right now) (X2)
Ain't nothin' but a party y'all... lets get it on

chorus X2

09-14-2003, 02:25 PM
One Of A Kind
by Atmosphere

Paaaaain (X3)

The way she listen to what the emcee said
She might as well plug the RCA cords into her head
TakinĀEthat into consideration at the center of creation,
Cats still criticize my frustration raps.

Well off he goes, coming cop some flows
Cross your toes and hopes that I don't climb you like an obstacle
Mission impossible, fishinĀEin the kitchen sink
Ya'll fall for anything so what you think this kid will bring?

Poker face, let me hold my place.
The name is safe as Slug, but you, you can call me grace
Open invitation to catch today's ejaculation all across the front
of your pretty little apron.

This goes to those that own a mouth full of Sean's load.
Thanks for starting, now you're barking down the wrong road
Sacrifice plays a part in grabbing mics,
from now to the afterlife I'll continue passion-like.

I love this ****inĀE***** with all my heart
And ain't nobody gonna stop me from doing my part.
It gave me life, it saved me life, it raised me right
So slideshow and deciding please hand over that mic.

(Chorus) X2
Who am I? One of a kind, Send emĀEone at a time
You're all the same only separate by kick snares and names.
And some of ya'll even share the same names,
So **** you and your lies baby, show no shame.

So point a finger at the sucker that's having a good summer
Ain't got no bread, no needto know wonder
But I got the phone number to this weakness,
I know who can put me back together, make me feel whole

So take me apart, try to break me down,
Spend all you got just to hate the clown.
You can fake the frown, imitate the sound
Underworld, world-wide, wide world of underground
It goes, one little, two little, three little indie rap
Headphones, backpacks watch emĀEall piggyback
Switch up my styles, they all complain
But see which kids next year sound the same as me?

The same **** yesterday was like today
Only difference is I trust even less of what you say
But all in all I still make the noise, I still break the toys, I still hate your voice
I still say **** a major label till it limps,
Put your deal up our table and we'll show you whoís the pimp.
There is no sympathy for the careless,
**** the extra credit and **** the demerits.
Class dismissed.

Paaaaain (X3)

(You're all the same)

(Chorus) X3

09-14-2003, 02:26 PM
Nothing But Sunshine
by Atmosphere


(Mixed vocals)

Whatta you mean what was my childhood like?
What difference does that make?
Yo, my childhood was messed up, so what?
Everybody's childhood was messed up.
This is the 90's, find me one person who had it right.
What's that got to do with me rhyming?
What's left?

Now when my mother died I had to take it in stride
There ain't no room for pride in watching your father cry
And dad made it until maybe a year later
When they found his suicide inside of a grain elevator
Got over it, I had no other offers or options
Thought about whether or not mom and pop was watching
Never bothered with caution, no time for fear
Saw my folks carry fear for most my early years
And I learned from it, turned numb and ignored the storm
A burning sun waiting for the world to plummet
Finished growing up under my uncle's roof
He taught me how to count all the way up to 100 proof
From watching him I learned how to gather nourishment
Living off the different women that he had to nurture him
And on the surface I became a normal pre-teen
More afraid of nuclear war than snake bites and bee stings
My best friend was my TV
Game shows and cartoons substituted for puppies, rainbows, and balloons
Now here I am, the shy type, and I think I'm doing alright
Considering what it was like living my life

Chorus (repeated)

It's nothing but sunshine
It's all sunshine
It's nothing but sunshine

Now it's been 17 summers since I've seen my mother
But every night I see her smile inside my dreams
When I was younger I didn't actually see the accident happen
But every night I see her smile as it shatters against the screams
I can only imagine Dad's internal reaction
Strain, inferno burning, bound in his brain
What's it take to make a man who owns acres of land
Abandon the family plan and drown himself in his grains
I'm glad I left that farm in Northern Minnesota
Where the time moves slower and the winters are colder
Became a city boy, where everybody acts like they older
Where they stick to themselves and keep a chip on they shoulder
26 years of age, no longer full of rage
I think it's safe to say I've turned a page on my childhood days
"Ay yo look Ma, I'm a productive member of society
When I'm drunk I make noise, but otherwise I live quietly"
And on the weekend I go back up north to reminisce
Remember what it was like pretending to be a kid
Late at night I walked the fields and lurk in the shadows
Getting even with life by murdering cattle

Cow Skit

Chorus (repeated)

It's all sunshine
It's nothing but sunshine
It's all sunshine

(And I'm gonna be alright, and you gonna be alright,
You ain't gotta hold my hand, just walk with me tonight)

Fade out

09-14-2003, 02:28 PM
Woman With The Tattooed Hands
by Atmosphere

(verse 1)
I used to know this woman who had the most beautiful
tattoos on the top sides of both of her hands
she was forty three years old and as far as I know
had never yet been with a man
its not that she wasn't attractive she was beatiful
but its the way that she interacted
she was aggressively passive to the point where she
would of intimidated any myth that ever tried to catch her
on the right hand she had a tattoo of a nude girl
she claimed it is what God resembled
but on the left she had a mirrored image of the same female
and this one she explained looked like the devil
I remember once watching her touch her own breasts
how the tattoos smiled as they stared down her stomach
as if anticipating would they be allowed to caress
the sweet flower that they both seemed to hunger (sweet flower)
now maybe I was high but it felt so right
heaven and hell both taped to this womans womb
it didn't make sense how she could commence
touching herself with me wide awake in the same room
now if I've learned anything in my years (my years)
I learned I no longer believe in surprise (in surprise)
but what happened next **** near stole my tears
the tattoos came alive right in front of my eyes
they both slowly stood up and climbed off her hands
and showed me why she never took some time with a man
they climbed deep inside of this woman's garden
she closed her eyes and she gently bit her bottom lip
I stepped I left and I don't regret leaving
and I'll never forget all the things I saw that evening
a glimpse of religion a piece of coming closer
to understanding more about what intrigues me most
I didn't get turned on I just got turned
I wasn't as aroused as I was concerned
for each one of em I've hurt
and every time I've been burned
I've got a lot to teach but even more to learn
so now I keep my eyes open hoping to take in all I can
about Woman taking in all she can
and for as long as I breath i'll save a seat in my memory
for that woman with the tattooed hands

(chorus: repeat 5x till song fades)
There's good and evil in each individual fire
identifies needs and feeds our desires
as long as we keep our spirit inspired
she can bite her bottom lip all she wants

09-14-2003, 02:41 PM
i like this slug guy

whats he sound like?

09-14-2003, 02:49 PM
hard to describe. Good voice. You could download some, or I'll send ya some other day. He's always been one of my favorite rappers even though he's a bit unknown


09-14-2003, 02:56 PM
so thats where you got your "killing cows" from huh:)

Former castleva
09-14-2003, 02:59 PM
"so thats where you got your "killing cows" from huh"

You stole my words.
This reply is of no use.

09-14-2003, 03:00 PM
"so thats where you got your "killing cows" from huh"

fo shizzle :D

09-14-2003, 03:00 PM

09-14-2003, 03:30 PM

09-14-2003, 03:49 PM
..but it's good with variation

Life's On The Line
by 50 Cent

Nobody likes me (brand new by 50 cent)
Nobody likes me, but that's okay
Cuz I don't like y'all anyway
...And I don't like y'all anyway
**** all y'all!!
My watch talk for me, my whip talk for me
My gat talk for me
BLAT! Wutup homie
For *****es who don't know me
...They wanna blow me cuz the **** I floss wit sayin a lot for me
I came into rap humble, I don't give a **** now
I Serve anybody like niggas who hustle uptown
Coke price go up, cats is come down
The D's run in my crib, I'm nowhere to be found
The ***** who hustle for me, they dont even stash cracks
They keep it on em, right there in they ass crack
When I don't like a nigga, I don't pretend to
I'll have the paramedics wrap your ****in head like a Hindu
Look, I ain't goin nowhere, so get used to me
OG's look at me and see what they used to be
I'm that nigga that sold coke, the nigga that sold dope
The nigga that shot Dice when he broke to soap
The thug, they pop ****
The thug that pop clips
The thug that went from three and a half to whole brick
Nigga ain't in his right mind, goin against me
My picture's painted through words that make a blind man see

Scream murder! [I don't believe you!]
Murder! [**** around and leave you!]
Murder! [I don't believe you!]
Murder, murder! [Your life's on the line!]

Y'all niggas don't want no parts of me
I'm tryna figure out how y'all started me
Make me catch her on the late night
Pop shots wit the fifth and slide off wit the six

I'm not a marksmen while spark it, so I spray random
Not a pretty nigga but my moms think I'm handsome
I hate to hear "He say, She say" ****
Unless he say she say she on my ****
It's no coincidence, niggas who **** wit me get shot up
I do a Cali style drive by and tear ya block up
You soft dawg, don't be puttin up a crazy front
I stay wit the Mac, cuz niggas tried to blaze me once
In the hood they be like, "****, 50 really spitted on em"
"You heard that ****?" "Yeah, 50 really ****ted on em"
Beef, you don't want none, so don't start none
You just a small player in this game, play a part son


These cats always escape reality when they rhyme
That's why they write about bricks and only dealt wit dimes
Leave it to them, and they say they got a fast car
Nascar, truck wit a crash bar
And TV's in the dash, pa
See em in the five wit stock rims, I just laugh, pa
I catch stunts when I ain't tryin
I ain't lyin, I sit Don P til I split up
Keep my wrist lit up
Get outta line, I get you hit up [Wooo!]
Now if you say my name in your rhyme, watch what you say
You get carried away, you can get shot and carried away
Now here's a list of MC's that can kill you in eight bars:
50, umm Jay-Z and Nas
I'ma say this **** now and never again
We ain't buddies, we ain't partners and we **** sure ain't friends
The games you playin, you get killed like that
Actin like you all hard, you ain't built like that
See me when you see me nigga, (what, what)

Y'all niggas don't want no parts of me
I'm tryna figure out how y'all started me
You gon make me catch her on the late night
Pop shots wit the fifth and slide off wit the six

09-14-2003, 03:51 PM
Don't Wanna Be A Playa
by Big Punisher

whoahhaoohhH! Yeahheahhaa
Don't wanna beeeee a playahh

Intro/Chorus: Joe, Big Punisher,
I don't wanna be a playa no more
I'm not a playa I just **** a lot
But Big Punisher, still got what you're lookin for
For my thugs niggas, for my thugs nigga
Uptown baby, uptown
Don't wanna be, don't wanna be -- I don't wanna be a playa no more
I'm not a playa I just **** a lot
But you know Big Punisher still down by law
Who's down to crush a lot
{Big Punisher}:

Hey yo I'm still not a playa but you still a hater
Elevator to the top hah, see you later, I'm gone
Penthouse suite, Penthouse freaks
In house beach, french countesse, ten thou piece
Rent-out lease, with a option to buy
Coppin a five-oh Benz for when I'm not, far up in the sky
Puffin the lye, from my Twinzito
Up in the Benzito with my Kiko from Queens, nicknamed perrico
We go back like PA's and wearin PJ's
Now we reach the peakage, runnin trains for three days
Who wanna ride it won't cost you a dollar
whether soft or harder of course you still gonna holla
My my, I'm big huh, I rip my ***** through your hooters
I'm sick, you couldn't measure my **** with six rulers
Hold up, chula, I'm all about gettin loot
But I knock that boot, if you out to get hoof

{Big Punisher}
I love from butter pecan to black berry molass'
I don't discriminate, I regulate every shade of that ass
Long as you show class, and pass my test
Fat ass and breasts, highly intelligent bachlorettes
That's the best, I won't settle for less
I wanna get a brunette, with unforgettable sex
I lay your head on my chest, come feel my heartbeat
We can park the Jeep, pump Mobb Deep, and just spark the leaf
It's hard to creep since I found Joe
Every pretty round brown hoe wanna go down low
But this Boogie Down pro-fessional, I'ma let you know
Once I quit the blows, get your clothes, cause you got to go
out the do' downstairs, little brown hairs everywhere
(You nasty Twin) I don't care
Round here they call me Big Pun, if you with the big guns
Take time, known to make a chick cum

{Joe and Big Punisher}
In the hot tub, poppin bubb-ly
Rubbin your spot love, got you screamin Punish me
But it don't stop, watch the Pun get wicked
When I stick even Luke be like "Don't stop, get it get it"
(repeat 2X)

Chorus: w/o Big Punisher
Boricua, morena, boricua, morena (3X)
No more rollin with an entourage
Unless it's Pun and the Terror Squad
Punisher, Punisher, Big Punisher
Punisher... Joe and Big Punisher

Boricua, morena, boricua, morena (6X)

Former castleva
09-14-2003, 04:01 PM
That national Swedish music... :)


09-14-2003, 04:04 PM
hehe :D

09-16-2003, 09:13 PM
"Memory Lane (Sittin' In Da Park)"

(Check that ****)
Aight **** that ****, word word
**** that other ****, youknowhatI'msayin?
We gon' do a little somethin like this, yaknahmsayin?
(Is they up on this?)
Keep it on and on and on and on and..
KnowhatI'msayin? Big Nas, Grand Wizard, God what it is?
(What it is like?) Hah, knowhatI'msayin?
Yo go 'head, do that **** nigga

I rap for listeners, blunt heads, fly ladies and prisoners
Henessey holders and old school niggaz, then I be dissin a
unofficial that smoke woolie thai
I dropped out of Kooley High, gassed up by a cokehead cutie pie
Jungle survivor, **** who's the liver
My man put the battery in my back, a differencem from Energizer
Sentence begins indented.. with formality
My duration's infinite, moneywise or physiology
Poetry, that's a part of me, retardedly bop
I drop the ancient manifested hip-hop, straight off the block
I reminisce on park jams, my man was shot for his sheep coat
Childhood lesson make me see him drop in my weed smoke
It's real, grew up in trife life, did times or white lines
The hype vice, murderous nighttimes, and knife fights invite crimes
Chill on the block with Cog-nac, hold strap
with my peeps that's into drug money, market into rap
No sign of the beast in the blue Chrysler, I guess that means peace
For niggaz no sheisty vice to just snipe ya
Start off the dice-rollin mats for craps to cee-lo
With sidebets, I roll a deuce, nothin below (Peace God!)
Peace God -- now the **** is explained
I'm takin niggaz on a trip straight through memory lane
It's like that y'all .. it's like that y'all .. it's like that y'all

[Chorus: repeat scratches 4X]

"Now let me take a trip down memory lane" -> [BizMarkie]
"Comin outta Queensbridge"

One for the money
Two for ***** and foreign cars
Three for Alize niggaz deceased or behind bars
I rap divine Gods check the prognosis, is it real or showbiz?
My window faces shootouts, drug overdoses
Live amongst no roses, only the drama, for real
A nickel-plate is my fate, my medicine is the ganja
Here's my basis, my razor embraces, many faces
Your telephone blowin, black stitches or fat shoelaces
Peoples are petrol, dramatic automatic fo'-fo' I let blow
and back down po-po when I'm vexed so
my pen taps the paper then my brain's blank
I see dark streets, hustlin brothers who keep the same rank
Pumpin for somethin, some uprise, plus some fail
Judges hangin niggaz, uncorrect bails, for direct sales
My intellect prevails from a hangin cross with nails
I reinforce the frail, with lyrics that's real
Word to Christ, a disciple of streets, trifle on beats
I decifer prophecies through a mic and say peace.
I hung around the older crews while they sling smack to dingbats
They spoke of Fat Cat, that nigga's name made bell rings, black
Some fiends scream, about Supreme Team, a Jamaica Queens thing
Uptown was Alpo, son, heard he was kingpin, yo
**** 'rap is real', watch the herbs stand still
Never talkin to snakes cause the words of man kill
True in the game, as long as blood is blue in my veins
I pour my Heineken brew to my deceased crew on memory lane


"Comin outta Queensbridge" -> [scratched]

The most dangerous MC is..
"Comin outta Queensbridge" -> [scratched]

The most dangerous MC is..
"Comin outta Queensbridge" -> [scratched]

The most dangerous MC is..
"Comin outta Queensbridge" -> [scratched]

The most dangerous MC is..
Me numba won, and you know where me from

09-16-2003, 09:17 PM
"Black Girl Lost"
(feat. JoJo Hailey)

[(click) (dialtone) (numbers being dialed)]
[phone rings, is picked up right away]

[G1] HELLO?!
[G2] Whassup girl..
[G1] Ain't nothin - this nigga in here stressin
talkin that old off the wall back to Africa **** again
[G2] What, that God Body ****?
[G1] Yeah, that dumb ****
I'm tryin to get up OUTTA here
[G2] I hear that.. but yo, you know the spot is pumpin tonight
[G1] Word f'real where?
[G2] You know, where the real niggaz is poppin the Cristal
[G1] Ha hah! Word where the real niggaz at?

[JoJo Hailey]
Listen.. to reason
Pretty baby baby listen..

A young wild beautiful love child
You like them thug style link rockin, then mink coppin
Hit you on the sink a hundred dollar drink poppin
The head'll make you take him shoppin, a foul doctrine
Reminiscent of my first time up in a chick
You was innocent, but now you rent-a-****, wear the tightest ****
Chanel lookin real, airbrushed nails
Hit the gym, hit the scales, heaven-sent but negligent (so fine..)
To see a prophecy, your ebony tone is lockin me
The way you moan make me daydream of you on top of me
Wishin I could be the one man; but you juggle
way too many Willies all in one hand
You wanna run up in clubs, gettin rubbed on
Niggaz pull your hair, shake your fat rear
Get your **** on - followin week, you back there
But what you stuck on, weed, clowns and cars
Puffin with some lil nigga, husband not knowin she's out
Could you believe Eve, Mother Earth of the seas
Niggaz thirst you, you just let em hurt you and leave
What up mah, frontin like you naive
Pusherman's whip, callin police when you flip
Can't understand it, yo it should be a throne for us
But for now that's a whole different zone from us, word!

[Chorus: JoJo Hailey]

Diamonds all shinin, lookin all fine
Pretty little face, get a little high
Young girl stugglin, tryin to survive
Mother of the Earth, she made you and I
Just tired of playin the same ol' games
Messin with my mind, emotional thangs
And there goes.. a black girl.. lost

Like Isis, she got you heartbroke and felt lifeless
Grow up girl instead you want revenge so now you act the nicest
to who'sever gettin down and trifless
To get his mind all you do is give him somethin priceless
Cause in time he'll realize the thighs is all he needs
More than weed, then you hit him off with lies and greed (deceit, yeah)
There you go again, startin wars, makin me more yours
Seem to get a kick out of keepin me on all fours
Face glistenin, I'm addicted to you
Original, Wisdom Body got me picturin you
Igloos of ice trickin on you, you never listen
to this nigga spendin Franklins on tennis anklets
Must've had a bad deal in the past though
Can't even keep it real with a nigga with cash flow
Say men are all the same, what we need to do is break this chain
You got a job part-time and school's your night thing
With dreams to settle down, it ain't far from now
You gettin interviewed, but your boss is into gettin screwed
Typical day that the black girl sees
Comin home wantin more from a college degree


Where are you focused, on legit niggaz and where the coke is
Nice and Thug Life niggaz, yo you seem hopeless
Your value - too much to be measured, I wonder how you
could ever be played, your ***** worth gold amountin to
more than the world, but not knowin nothin about you
You leavin the crib, takin all your kids out to
drop them off, lettin some nigga knock you off
So hot and soft, that's the same thing that got you lost (you should be ashamed)
Growin up seein it, it should remind you, you bein lied to
Everything that move be inside you
Sacred as you are, left with these wannabes to guide you
I watched you, hard to knock you, I tried not to
They spot you out dancin topless in your drawers
**** look, there goes a black girl lost

[JoJo Hailey]
You should be ashamed of yourself
The way you carry yourself
The way you hang out all night long
Doin silly things that is wrong
Black girl.. [fades out]

chen zhen
09-18-2003, 07:03 AM

chen zhen
09-19-2003, 06:01 AM

chen zhen
09-19-2003, 08:40 AM
Welcome to da chuuch Mixtape vol. 3 is out!! (http://www.westsiderap.com/audio-albums-djwhookidpresentswelcome2thechuuchmixtapevol3.htm)

09-20-2003, 06:00 AM
way cool

Former castleva
09-20-2003, 08:37 AM
Runaway by Del Shannon As I walk along I wonder a-what went wrong
With our love , a love that was so strong
And as I still walk on, I think of the things we've done
Together , a-while our hearts were young

I'm a-walkin' in the rain
Tears are fallin' and I feel the pain
Wishin' you were here by me
To end this misery
And I wonder
I wa-wa-wa-wa-wonder
Ah-why-why-why-why-why she ran away
And I wonder where she will stay
My little runaway , run-run-run-run-runaway

------ Musitron solo ------

I'm a-walkin' in the rain
Tears are fallin' and I feel the pain
Wishin' you were here by me
To end this misery
And I wonder
I wa-wa-wa-wa-wonder
Ah-why-why-why-why-why she ran away
And I wonder where she will stay
My little runaway , run-run-run-run-runaway

09-20-2003, 09:54 AM
No Alibi
by The Roots

If you seen it or heard it,maybe probably I did it
maybe or maybe not,I'll admit what I committed
exhibit the truth because I'm living proof why
I had no disguises,no verdicts,no alibis

(Malik B)
Look into my window,tell me what you see
m-ill-i-tant school of philosophy
when niggaz get dealt wit mental velocity
connect my sentences and thoughts like apostrophes
we represent hypocracy,it ain't no stopping me
until I fulfill the term of my prophecy
my attitude is scarred by this inner-city urban
iller dolo stress on my brain just like a turban
who get grazed by the bullet?
triggers,who's quick to pull it?
the anti-bull****ter,islamic extortioner
you're the forfeiter unfortunately
niggaz who wanna gyp me
I cause humidity so come and get me
I'm simply,the cat to lay back
I chill and what you
the silent ninja
intends to injure,now I got you
sanity was lost so now I'm found insane
I'm seeking streets to jeeps
hours,days,to weeks
I even speak to geeks
I hold my fortune,it's sweet
I'm discreet in the streets,but that's just the way I play though
I lay low,but over your head just like a halo
hell's angel,these thoughts you cannot untangle
when I drop jewels,niggaz they wear 'em like a bangel
check it out
one time for your mind like that


(Black Thought)
Look into my window tell me what you see
lieutenant university of philosophy
while you not possibly escaping what I'm meditating
my shackle of thought tackle you while I'm educating
your dome's resonating from inhalation of darkness
while I spark the smart **** from what you waiting
since you waiting me at the top of the pile
wild delaware file,pennsylvanian,sub-terranean style
step up into my crevice and taste the medicine of the champagne
king like evelyn leaving you leveled and
sabotaged, it's all camaflouge like the devil and guns
and coke peddling,olympic medaling flashback
that of a war veteran,blast at
the programmer bringing lashes 'cross your back
on some accuracy of a brainwashed Bosnian troop
that swooped down through your roof without sound
on a lyrical Nat Turner mission,reacting off of intuition
continuously alert,no intermission
if your ears hurt,you shouldn't listen
that means you artificial and my style'll poison your brain tissue
your inanes are crippled once the gamma rays hit you
my grains habitual and I should never go against
the ritual I've been mastering ever since
I was among the flavor youth,remain sharper than a saber tooth
my deliverance is self-evidance
vi-tal,lyri-cal science


(Black Thought)
Who knows what you snorted
or who support what you recorded
but don't get it distorted,in this orbit you're aborted
????,****'s imported,exported
styles,they get sported my paragraphs aortic behold
the illest medely got you in the choke hold
illadel epilouge,top league plus plush in Vogue
slice tongues from your area code
student of life with the rugged exterior mode
blind a devil with the bold black and gold shine
I walk the thin line and hold mine,let the people respond
it's mind detect mind
swine decline let the power refine
build like it's 1999
in this day and time
the reptillion rooms,the sextillion tons
your armageddon gwan come from the sun
untouchable cuts that's unclutchable for some to understand
so y'all sit back and wonder ****
I like to take this time to show you who I am
original man,Black Thought,aka lieutenant
Malik B'll be the m-ill-i-tant
known to vanish in the atmosphere
we up there like the stratos


Former castleva
09-20-2003, 10:22 AM
Glorya Gaynor - I Will Survive

At first i was afraid
i was petrified
kept thinkin' i could never
live without u by my side
but then i spent so many nights
thinnkin' how u did me wrong
and i grew strong
and i learned how to get along

and so ur back
from outer space
i justr walked in to find u
her with that sad look upon ur face
i shouldv'e changed that stupid lock
i shouldv'e made u leave ur keys
if u knew for just one second
u'd be back to bother me

oh, now go
walk out the door
just turn around now
cuz ur not welcome anymore
Weren't u the one who tried to hurt
me with goodbye
Did i crumble?
did i lay down and die?
oh, no, no I
i will survive

oh, as long as i know how to love
i know i'll stay alive
i've got all my life to live
and i've got all my love to give
and i'll survive
i will survive, hey hey

it took all the strength i had not
to fall apart
kept tryin hard to mend the peices
of my broken heart
and i spend so many nights
just feeling sorry for myself
i used to cry, but now i hold my head up high
and u see me, somebody new
im not that chained up little person
still in love with u
and so u felt like droppin in
and just expect me to be free
now im saving all my love for someone
who's loving me

oh, no go
walk out the door
just turn around now
ur not welcome anymore
weren't u the one that tried to
hurt me with goodbye
did i crumble?
did i lay down and die?
oh, no no I,
i will survive

oh as long as i know how
to love i know i'll stay alive
i've got all my life to live
and got all my love to live
i'll survive
i will survive, hey hey

09-20-2003, 10:24 AM
oh man... that's a crappy song man :D

chen zhen
09-20-2003, 10:26 AM
Dr. Dre
Chronic 2001 (1999)

f/ Kurupt & Hittman

Chorus: Kurupt

Now this this is one of them occasions
where the homies not doin it right
I mean he found him a hoe that he like
But you can't make a hoe a housewife
And when it all boils down you gonna find in the end
a b!tch is a b!tch, but a Dogg is a man's best friend
So what you found you a hoe that you like
But you can't make a hoe a housewife (wife)

[Dr. Dre]
I mostly sold d!ck while I packed a gold clip
Worked my money-maker, she got paper, she bout to trip
(Where the f*ck is my money?) I cannot G guilty
You pimpin strong, but comin home, to sheets that be filthy
She on the dillzy, I take advantage
All up in them panties, I got this b!tch speakin Spanish
I'm mannish - get yo' nails out my back
b!tch I'm bout to nut and get up, go scrub yo' cat
Learn the player rules, this is how I play a dude
Might not be a freak, but she got on the choosin shoes
Dollar signs are folded, I can't control it
Tryin to leave her, beeper just exploded
She sweatin me, won't let me, broad turned fraud
Now she on this d!ck huh, got her turnin tricks huh
Man it's a trip I don't trip I'm in yo' Lexus flexin
I left her up in Dallas, Texas - assed-out


Naw hoe is short for honey, almost had her Wailin like Bunny
Tellin tales of bein pregnant, catchin Norstrom sales with abortion money
I spotted her, seen her with my nigga when I shot at her
Now we got beef, he caught up in the hoe's erotica
Exotic - she's psychotic, rockin his Nautica
Soon he'll need antibiotics (sucka b!tch)
Name a sexual disease, she got it like Sam Goody
You be like, 'sh!t how could she hit me off with chlamydia?'
Fool I pity ya
We live in the city off, ballers
with more bouncin than a Zapp, she will doo-wah-diddy-ya
Prettier to grittier, the wittier can get her
to the Hotel, Niko, on some Sauve sh!t like, Rico
That's when I caught a Vision like Coleco
A high-post hoe, a perfect way for me to keep dough
Huh, have her sellin ass on Bronson Ave. and Pico

At the ho-tel, mo-tel, or the Holiday Inn (say what nigga?)
I said if that b!tch keep f*ckin up (beotch) then we'll f*ck her friends
I said I dip, dive, what can I say?
Niggaz need to stop f*ckin with O.J.
Some niggaz bang blood, some niggaz bang crip
And b!tches ain't sh!t but hoes and tricks
I had to dream of hoes, I had to scream at hoes
I seen my hoes in all kinds of clothes
Lil' Almond Joy, I truly enjoy
if you blew my balls, right through my drawers
Come back to the mansion, chill at the spot
From the way she was blowin, I know she does it a lot
I have a eight-and-a-half, nine-and-three-quarters
The hoe started callin when I started boss ballin
Gimme some head, gimme some ass (uh-huh)
Gimme some cash, pass it to Daz
Pass it to Snoop, or pass it to Nate
Hoes eat d!ck like eggs and steak
That ain't sh!t new, I thought you knew (what?)
I knew you would, you wish you could
break a G down, break me down
But I'ma see you on the rebound (what what?) D.P. style


{*door slams*}

Lil' 1/2 Dead

[1/2 Dead??]
Lil' 1/2 Dead the money jumped out to say
ol' Snoop Dogg on the look out boy?


[some hoe]
He gotta be MORE than 1/2 Dead
if he don't fill my motherf*ckin drink up!

[1/2 Dead??]
Or fill your motherf*ckin mouth up


[some hoe]
I don't think so!!

Former castleva
09-20-2003, 10:33 AM
At least my lyrics can be posted on a public forum.
If Chen would not moderate,Iīm telling you. :cool:

Former castleva
09-20-2003, 10:35 AM
Joe ****er and Jennifer Warnes - Up Where We Belong
================================================== ===

Who knows what tomorrow brings in a world few hearts survive?
All I know is the way I feel; when itís real
I keep it alive.
The road is long.

There are mountains in our way

But we climb a step evíry day.
Love lift us up where we belong

Where the eagles cry on a mountain high.
Love lift us up where we belong

Far from the world we lalow;

Up where the clear winds blow.

Some hang on to ďused-to-be? live their lives looking behind.
All we have is here and now; all our life
out there to find.
The road is long.

There are mountains in our way

But we climb them a step evíry day.
Love lift us up where we belong

Time goes by
no time to cry
Lifeís you and I
Love lift us up where we belong
Love lift us up where we belong

09-20-2003, 10:36 AM
At least my lyrics can be posted on a public forum.

Joe ****er

Hmmmmm :D

Former castleva
09-20-2003, 10:39 AM
What can I do about their surnames? lol

09-20-2003, 10:43 AM

09-20-2003, 01:10 PM

"Mom Praying"
(feat. Scarface)

I just hear mom praying, I just hear gran sayin...
"Somebody oughta just, reach out and, help me..."

[Verse 1]
Eight decades and four years and gran still kickin
Look at ma, still whippin
Still keep a strap, won't hesitate to give the kids whippins
Tryin to make it to heaven, still livin
Make a visit, stop by the weed spot grab a dub
I know grams gon' have me a grub
I hit the front door, smell aroma of her food cookin
My favorite, a pot of rice and her stewed chicken
Hit the basement, holla at Uncle Doc
Nephew, wit Snu kickin
Where dudes, what's your new mission
We bust it up he cold frontin
I know this nigga wanna hold somethin
I know grams upstairs preppin for church
Matchin up her hat, shoes, pocketbooks and skirts
I break her off some dubs, so she can go see the preacher man
Even though I know he false teachin, ****

All I hear is grams prayin, I keep hearin moms sayin, ****
"Somebody oughta just, reach out and, help me..."
That's all I hear is moms prayin, I keep hearin grams sayin...
"Somebody oughta just reach out and, help me..."

Don't cry mama, your baby boy done weathered the storm
And I found peace right here in your arms
By the way, how you gettin along, huh?
I know it's been tough bearing the pain since daddy's been gone
But, all in all, you still stood tall and never shedded a tear
I'm thankin God you still here
Cause, only heaven knows all my heartaches and setbacks
Goin from a high school dropout to shovelin wet wax
I'm never gon' forget that, look in your eyes, (look in your eyes)
When you told me that my grandfather died
It was like nothing had happened, (naw) and I'm knowin that you miss him
But to accept death, is just the side of a good Christian
And I miss him, just words, and I lived it in life (lived it in life)
and I take it step by step, but I take it in Christ (take it in Christ)
Cuz I'm knowin I can't make it alone (uh, uh)
You told me not to buy you a new house because in heaven's your home
and as hurt as I was, I had to smile witcha
and thank God that we crossed paths cuz you one strong sister
and I'm never gon' forget ya
Heaven sent us an angel and the world gon' miss ya... mama


[Verse 3]
I'm in love with two women
The one that birth me
and the one that birth her
Know that you gotta hurt me
Before you hurt her or hurt her
Or hurt them or hurt we
I cursed see the worsest death
Beat you niggas to a thirsest breath
Off wit ya head niggas, **** that all purpose vest
I'm ridin all out for Umi
Christian Caffer, though I follow the path of the sumi
What can I do but bow down and give offerings
For the lady with the softest skin
Keep picturin grams tuckin me in
Breakin me out of her change purse
Slash teacher, slash preacher, slash changed nurse
One woman, ten boys, seven daughters
Three story house wit no supporter
****, you wanna get your life in order
Words from the oldest boy of your youngest daughter


[Thanks to outkastlayzie@aol.com for these lyrics]

[ www.azlyrics.com ]

09-20-2003, 01:13 PM

"Nothing Like It"

I'm just a picture in a frame
man, I paint word pictures on the canvas of life
but I don't control the colors

Yo, I'm ten steps ahead of niggas, that **** scary
sometimes I feel ahead of myself
I hear this voice in the back of my mind
like "Mac maintain, just grind, dog, better yourself"
So what I do?, I take heed and pick up the pace
can't explain it when I pick up my son & look at my face
I'm like a black rose growin' in the concrete crack in the pavement
there that voice go again "Mac practice for greatness,
get paid for them immaculate statements"
Keep thinkin of them hotlines, like a physic, I can't explain it
There's no pen when I write it, there's nothing like it..

God ****, what you want from me, what you want me to tell you huh?
Niggas thought that I would stutter huh, thought I was dumb

But I ain't used to use my mind, I used to just... use my 9
and run wild with my boys, in the streets wild with these wars
now the Qu'ran and 48 laws, they polish my floors
I'm moving niggas like puppets with no strings attached
It's nothin' for Beans, so you know it ain't a thing for Mac
to look in your eyes, see through your heart, know what you fearin'
pick you apart, like you niggas is transparent
(I see right through you niggas)
It's like Mac was born with advanced parents
I'm like the Sun shining at night,
imagine it dog, I know you wanna see me gradually fall
but I'm walkin on air, braking every gravity law
nothing like it...
I spit words that skip through air
let the words of a true thug hit your ear,
it change colors like blue blood when it hit the air
it's nothin' like it...

God ****, ****, I can't explain it
**** y'all niggas

I changed my whole life.. in about 9 months, just like sperm in a womb
these young niggas never learn 'til they doomed
try to tell them "you can burn young punk, without smelling the fuse"
make you shiver in the middle of June,
paintin' pictures so vivid, you can hang it up in your room
shine bright like a prism, displaying colors like Crayola
think of the prisons with straight soldiers
think about the niggas who ****ed us and played over us
think about the mothers who suffered and prayed over us
Just look at the the picture I've painted, it's so perfect
open your eyes mother****ers, you can't duck us
no survivors every soul shall suffer,
I'm loadin them revolvers every shell shall touch ya
I promise I'll light your ass with these mags, I'ma bust ya
God **** it's nothin' like it, I'm serious

can't explain how I write it..

[Thanks to outkastlayzie@aol.com for these lyrics]

09-20-2003, 03:39 PM
by Bubba Sparxx

Chorus (Timbaland)
I've been travelin' for some time (some time, some time)
With my fishin' pole and my bottle of shine (bottle of shine, bottle of shine)
On these long dark dusty roads (dusty roads, dusty roads)
I'm lookin, there's no where to go
I guess i gotta hide away, far away
Cuz i gotta find a way, to find my way
Cuz i gotta hide away, far away
Cuz i gotta find a way, to find my way-ay-ay-ay-ay-ay

Verse 1
I left out from mama's with my thumb in the wind
The leaves on the ground, winter's comin' again
Solid on the surfaces, I crumble within
But legends are made out of honorable men
So on the brink of death I still manage livin' life
Cuz so rarely in this world are these chances givin twice
I indeed sold my soul without glancin at the price
No instructions when i was handed this device
But with what i did give I was more than generous
Put others over self on several instances
But i'm back on my feet without a hint of bitterness
And one way or another I shall have deliverance
So I say...

Chorus x1

Verse 2
Can you recall a time people loved you unconditionally
Toast in the new south, "this one is for history"
Then i slipped fell and caused the numbers injury
Called the same people and it's, "yo you just missed em' B"
This the former look ****it Bubba you had it
Why'd you have to keep it Polo and New Balance
Then they start to question whether you are true talent
Or just a redneck substance abuse addict
So then you hide away just to try to find your way
And now they're back to callin' you 200 times a day
I want all ya'll to know, good or bad, i'll remember it
At 10 million sold in the name of my deliverance...

Chorus x1

Verse 3
Nothin coulda tolled for the pain you've endured
The blood you've shed it's still stained in your velour
You took your wealth and knowledge and gave it to the poor
Only to discover that your savior is meneur
Acceptin' me is pimp put before your younger brotha
They put a lot us hardly knowin one another
I honestly can say that over time I've come to love ya
Now we all brothers and together no one can touch us
I constantly regret I've never met your baby girl
She's an angel on your shoulder helpin us to save the world
This musical marriage is no coincidence
On my mama Timmy baby we shall have deliverance
So we say...

Chorus x1

09-20-2003, 03:40 PM
I'm Gettin' Money
by 2 Pac

Get money nigga
Yeah - aw yeah
Dedicate this one to all the hustlers
that get up every mother****in mornin and put they work in
I see you - I see you boy

I'm up before sunrise first to hit the block
Lil' bad mother****er with a pocket full of rocks
Learned to throw them thangs, get my skinny lil' ass kicked
Niggaz laughed, til the first mother****er got blas-ted
I put the nigga in his casket
and now they covering the ******* in plastic
I smoke blunts on the regular **** when it counts
Tryin to make a million dollars out a quarter ounce
Gettin ghost on the five-oh, **** them hoes
Got a forty-five screamin out surviv-al
Hey nigga can I lay low, cook some ya-yo
and holla five-oj when I say so
Don't wanna go to the pen, I'm hittin fences
NARC's on a nigga back missin me by inches
And they say how do you survive, weighin one-fifty-five
in the city where the little niggaz die
Tell mama don't cry, cause even if they kill me
They can never take the life of a real G

I'm gettin money (4x)

Still on parole and I'm the first nigga servin
Pour some liquor on the curb, for my homies that deserve it
If I wanna make a million, gotta stay dealin
Kinda boomin round the way, think today I make a killin
Dressin down like I'm dirty, but only on the block
just a clever disguise, to keep me runnin from the cops
Gettin high I think I'll die if I don't get no ends
I'm in a bucket but I'm ridin it like it's a Benz
I hit the strip I let my music buck
drinkin liquor and I'm lookin for a ***** to ****
Rather die makin money, than live poor and legal
as I slang another ounce, I wish it was a kilo
I need money in a major way
Time to **** my girl, she gettin paid today, ha hah ha
I live Thug Life and let the money come to me
Cause they can never take the game from a young G

I'm gettin money (4X)

****ed if I don't, and ****ed if a nigga do
Now watch a young mother****er pull the trigger too
RAISE UP, and don't let them see ya cry
Dry your eyes, young nigga time for do or die
I pack a pistol in my pocket, ready on my Glock
Ain't no time for a nigga to even **** ****
I done seen a mother****er peep pain
at point blank range cause he slept on the game
Ain't a **** thing changed, they shakin the dice
Now roll em if you can't stand pain better hold em
Cause ain't no tellin what ya might roll
You might fold catch AIDS from a slight cold
You better live ya life to the fullest
Be quick to kill a bull got a pistol mother****er better pull it
And even if they kill me
They can never take the life of a young G

I'm gettin money (5X)

09-20-2003, 04:46 PM
bubba sparx , cool .

09-20-2003, 05:44 PM

09-20-2003, 05:45 PM
..sure is ugly though :D

09-20-2003, 06:28 PM
yeah, sure is.

i guess thats gonna keep him from reaching eminems pop icon level. less sex appeal i suppose not much female fans.

chen zhen
09-21-2003, 02:42 AM
[Dre] Some good-ass weed!

[Snoop Dogg]
Check it out Dogg; this game is a motherf*ckin trip man
Word on the streets
Everybody always tryin to run up on me
hollerin about word on the street is dis nigga said dis..
Man I don't give a F*CK about what that nigga said man!
That's what's wrong with you niggaz, you niggaz is just like b!tches
Hoe-ass niggaz, talk too motherf*ckin much (speak)
Study your own, get your own -- yahmsayin?
Be independent nigga - BEOTCH!

[Dre] Yeah
[Snoop] B!tch niggaz (b!tch niggaz)..
B!tch niggaz (b!tch niggaz)..
B!tch-ass niggaz (beotch)..
[both] B!TCH NIGGAZ (b!tch niggaz)..
[Snoop] Yeah I'm talkin about you (beotch)..
[Dre] B!tch niggaz
[Snoop] and you too (beotch)..

[Snoop Dogg]
Hmm.. Dogg..
I meet mo' b!tch niggaz than hoes (hoes, hoes..) - look here
And I really don't know, but that's just how it go (d@mn)
Dogg - so many niggaz like to keep up sh!t
And just like a b!tch (beotch) niggaz be talkin sh!t (nigga)
Smilin in my face and then they blast me in the back (ka-ka-ka-ka-ka)
Niggaz stay strapped from way back, cause payback..'ll
make niggaz wanna pop that sh!t
If you ain't ready for the game (uh-uh) nigga stop that sh!t
We rock that sh!t, my nigga Dre, drop that sh!t (right)
No mo' talkin, I'm walkin and I'm poppin the clip
Glock on the hip, set-trippin dippin an' sh!t
If you act like a b!tch (nigga) nigga you get smacked like a b!tch

[Snoop] B!tch niggaz, b!tch niggaz (b!tch niggaz)

[Dr. Dre]
Deez niggaz don't know what the f*ck is goin on
Yo Dogg, check it kick back
Let me holla at these niggaz for a minute..

Straight off the streets of chaos and no pity
The aggravated, makin these punk muh'f*ckers hate it
COMPTON is the city I'm from
Cain't never leave the crib without a murder wea-pon
Huh, I cain't live my life on broke no mo'
And most of these fools ain't sh!t but cutthroats
They smile in a nigga face - and for what?
They got the game fu*ked up, and want my thang f*cked up
I done learned a lot, seen a whole lot
The top notch nigga, I'm fiendin for that spot
Now peep game on what Six-Deuce told me

These niggaz after yo' paper, Dr. D.R.E. (what?)
And these punk-ass hoes is lookin for dough
You gotta watch your homeboys, cause a nigga never know
Oh, they'll be around, but when yo' paper get low
Just like Master P said, "There Dey Go, There Day Go"
B!tch niggaz... uh-huh...

[Dr. Dre cuts and scratches] "attention all personnel"
"stop scheamin, and lookin hard" - [Audio Two]
"stop scheamin, and..an, and..an-an, and..and lookin hard"

[Dr. Dre]
B!tch nigga, a b!tch nigga
B!tch nigga, HELLA b!tch nigga
Youse a b!tch nigga, motherf*cker b!tch nigga
A b!tch nigga.. a b!tch nigga

I know yo' type, so much b!tch in you, if it was slightly darker
lights was little dimmer my d!ck be stuck up in yo' windpipe!
Hmm, you'd rather blow me than fight, I'm from the OLD SCHOOL
like Romey Rome homey yo, you owe me the right
to slap you, like the b!tch that you are, that wanted to cap you
every since you was mad doggin me with that b!tch in yo' car
Fool [singing] "Who do you think you are? Mr. Big Stuff"
Man, you sh!t on Hit, get yo' sh!t bust; plus
pistol-whipped, cover it up - use yo' b!tch's blush
Mr. Powder Puff yo', bark ain't loud enough, huh
I know chihuahuas that's mo' rah-rah, HA HA
I have to laugh Dre, I bet he take bubble baths
You don't want no trouble with the Aftermath staff, trust me
Doggy Dogg, Diggy Doctor plus me
No youse a busta slash hussy, soft as a Hush Puppy
Must we break you down to estrogen most hated specimen's
a b!tch nigga!

[Dr. Dre cuts and scratches] "attention all personnel"
"stop scheamin, and lookin hard" - [Audio Two]
"stop..stop..stop scheamin, and lookin hard"
"..op-stop..ah-op-op-stop-sch-sch-scheamin, and lookin hard"
"stop scheamin.. an-an.. an-an.. an-and lookin hard"
"stop scheamin, and lookin hard"
"stop skee-scheamin, and lookin hard"
"stop scheamin, and.. and.. and..
stop scheamin, and lookin hard"

chen zhen
09-21-2003, 10:17 AM
SC: PM sent! check it. and answer;)

I found this on Soundclick.com:
Flipside (instrumental) (

Someone could use it for their own use, if they have their own music program:)

09-21-2003, 10:20 AM
cool I'll check it up

Former castleva
09-21-2003, 01:11 PM
Major rap!
By turbo man;


09-21-2003, 02:22 PM

Former castleva
09-21-2003, 02:34 PM
Like it? :)

09-21-2003, 02:37 PM
Anything with robots/MegaMan is always cool

SanSoo Student
09-23-2003, 06:54 AM
RAPPERS DELIGHT Original and Remix are all good!

chen zhen
09-23-2003, 08:46 AM

(F*ck all you hoes) Get a grip motherf*cker.

Yeah this album is dedicated to all the teachers that told me
I'd never amount to nothin' to all the people that lived above the
buildings that I was hustlin' in front of that called the police on
me when I was just tryin' to make some money to feed my daughter
and all the niggaz in the struggle you know what I'm sayin'?

Uh ha it's all good baby bay-bee, uh

Verse One:

It was all a dream
I used to read Word Up magazine
Salt'n'Pepa and Heavy D up in the limousine
Hangin' pictures on my wall
Every Saturday Rap Attack, Mr. Magic, Marley Marl
I let my tape rock 'til my tape popped
Smokin' weed and bamboo, sippin' on private stock
Way back, when I had the red and black lumberjack
With the hat to match
Remember Rappin' Duke, duh-ha, duh-ha
You never thought that hip hop would take it this far
Now I'm in the limelight 'cause I rhyme tight
Time to get paid, blow up like the World Trade
Born filla, the opposite of a winner
Remember when I used to eat sardines for dinner
Peace to Ron G, Brucey B, Kid Capri
Funkmaster Flex, Lovebug Starsky
I'm blowin' up like you thought I would
Call the crib, same number same hood
It's all good

Uh, and if you don't know, now you know, nigga, uh


You know very well who you are
Don't let em hold you down, reach for the stars
You had a go, but not that many
'cause you're the only one I'll give you good and plenty

Verse Two:

I made the change from a common thief
To up close and personal with Robin Leach
And I'm far from cheap, I smoke skunk with my peeps all day
Spread love, it's the Brooklyn way
The Moet and Alize keep me p!ssy
Girls used to diss me
Now they write letters 'cause they miss me
I never thought it could happen, this rappin' stuff
I was too used to packin' gats and stuff
Now honies play me close like butter played toast
From the Mississippi down to the east coast
Condos in Queens, indo for weeks
Sold out seats to hear Biggie Smalls speak
Livin' life without fear
Puttin' 5 karats in my baby girl's ears
Lunches, brunches, interviews by the pool
Considered a fool 'cause I dropped out of high school
Stereotypes of a black male misunderstood
And it's still all good

Uh...and if you don't know, now you know, nigga

Verse Three:

Super Nintendo, Sega Genesis
When I was dead broke, man I couldn't picture this
50 inch screen, money green leather sofa
Got two rides, a limousine with a chauffeur
Phone bill about two G's flat
No need to worry, my accountant handles that
And my whole crew is loungin'
Celebratin' every day, no more public housin'
Thinkin' back on my one-room shack
Now my mom pimps a Ac' with minks on her back
And she loves to show me off, of course
Smiles every time my face is up in The Source
We used to fuss when the landlord dissed us
No heat, wonder why Christmas missed us
Birthdays was the worst days
Now we sip champagne when we thirst-ay
Uh, d@mn right I like the life I live
'Cause I went from negative to positive
And it's all...

(It's all good)

...and if you don't know, now you know, nigga, uh
Uh, uh...and if you don't know, now you know, nigga
Uh...and if you don't know, now you know, nigga, uh

Representin' B-Town in the house, Junior Mafia, mad flavor, uh
Uh, yeah, a-ight

chen zhen
09-23-2003, 10:17 AM
This is so cool that Im gonna post it again. No-one seems to have seen it.

Right-click and save as, on the bottom of each page.

chen zhen
09-26-2003, 06:20 AM
Cool rap-videos:

just click the link in the left page

Daz Dillinger: Just keep it

Diggety Daz & Kurupt aka Young Gotti back together in this way cool video, "Coastin"

09-26-2003, 07:31 AM
i like this.
how comes i never seen bet play these before . what the f..ks up with that!!!:mad:

chen zhen
09-26-2003, 07:55 AM
They are too gangsta for TV;)

Redman "Ride":
Kurupt "Its over now":
Wide assortment of Dubble-Gizzle:

chen zhen
09-27-2003, 02:33 AM
Eastsidaz + snoop: Beef with me
Kurupt & Daz: Rife Wit Us (tyte as f*ck!)
Bad Azz: Wrong idea
eastsidaz: I Luv It

09-27-2003, 07:10 AM

chen zhen
09-27-2003, 08:14 AM
did u even see them? theres not enough time from when u posted on one thread and then here;)

please do.

Wu-Tang Clan: Killa Beez

09-27-2003, 10:09 AM
I wrote 'nice' as I opened one of em :)

I'm mad fast on kfo dawg

chen zhen
09-27-2003, 12:37 PM
hey yo SC! now ure here, I can say WATCH THE NEW VIDEOS!:D

especially "who ride wit us", tyte as f*ckin hell

chen zhen
09-28-2003, 02:58 AM
{ Daz }
We DPG back on the mash
Daz and Kurupt
Kurupt and Daz
Dean in this
New millenium
We ridin, we slidin, we glidin
And everybody knows that we be

{ Kurupt }
Motion, coastin, postin, poppin, dippin, sippin, hoppin, droppin, foes
Motion, coastin, postin, poppin, dippin, sippin, hoppin, droppin, foes

{ Daz }
This somethin bout bein a g
Are you the pimp be dippin through the street with heat nigga
I'm just g'd to a t
Live at the club
Got a nigga dub
Bout to put it on air then ya nigga love
Rock this for some hennessey and get buzzed
Bout to hit the rave up and unplug
Hot like I'm sleep
Hot like a bomb
Hot uh just like you little momma, huh
I'm posted up at the bar bar
With big things in my pocket pocket
Pullin big things out my pocket
Yeah, I'm watchin you twerk twerk
I'm peepin' yo game yeah
I'm all into you you
What do you want to do
I'm gettin approached by these Dames
I ignore any each one
Cause I know what I want
And I'm all into you you
What do you want to do

{ Kurupt } { ( Daz ) }
Motion, coastin, postin, poppin, dippin, sippin, hoppin, droppin, foes
(Man, it feels good to be a Dogg Pound Gangsta)
Motion, coastin, postin, poppin, dippin, sippin, hoppin, droppin, foes
(Man, it feels good to be a Dogg Pound Gangsta)
Motion, coastin, postin, poppin, dippin, sippin, hoppin, droppin, foes
(Kurupt the Kingpin is a Dogg Pound Gangsta)
Motion, coastin, postin, poppin, dippin, sippin, hoppin, droppin, foes
(Dat nigga Daz is a Dogg Pound Gangsta)
Move somethin (Move somethin)
Keep it g'd (Keep it g'd)
G'd up (G'd up)
You know it (Know it)
Motion, coastin, postin, poppin, dippin, sippin, hoppin, droppin, foes

{ Kurupt }
Just post up nigga and watch this
Phenomenon when it come to game
Most of these nay be in the lanes
Im'a just keep it simple and plain

You can't ill with a g like me
See I'm worldwide when I smash ****
Got the indo cut half ****
I drink on my time (Drink on my time)
I move on my time (Move on my time)
I'm g'd to t (G'd to t)
You know about me (Know about me)
Girl I'm **** near married
Ain't talkin bout rollin with a g (Rollin with a g)
Just peepin out your game (Peepin out your game)
For the mommy of the house (Mommy of the house)
Little momma keep doin' ya thang (Keep goin)
And keep turning these suckas out, check it

{ Kurupt } { ( Daz ) }
Motion, coastin, postin, poppin, dippin, sippin, hoppin, droppin, foes
(Man, it feels good to be a Dogg Pound Gangsta)
Motion, coastin, postin, poppin, dippin, sippin, hoppin, droppin, foes
(Man, it feels good to be a Dogg Pound Gangsta)

{ Daz }
We Daz, Kurupt
Kurupt and Daz
We puff on the trees
We get the cash
We DPG back on the mash
Daz, Kurupt
Kurupt and Daz
We DPG back on the mash
Daz, Kurupt
Kurupt and Daz
We puff on the trees
And we get the cash
DPG straight on the mash (Dogg Pound!)

{ Kurupt }
Move somethin (Move somethin)
Keep it g'd (Keep it g'd)
G'd up (G'd up)
You know it (Know it)
Motion, coastin, postin, poppin, dippin, sippin, hoppin, droppin, foes

{ Daz }
Mike Dean let the bass go

Daz, Kurupt
Kurupt and Daz
We puff on the trees
We get the cash
We DPG back on the mash
Daz, Kurupt
Kurupt and Daz
We DPG back on the mash
Daz, Kurupt
Kurupt and Daz
We puff on the trees
An we get the cash
DPG straight on the mash

{ Kurupt }
Motion, coastin, postin, poppin, dippin, sippin, hoppin, droppin, foes
(Man, it feels good to be a Dogg Pound Gangsta)
Motion, coastin, postin, poppin, dippin, sippin, hoppin, droppin, foes
(Man, it feels good to be a Dogg Pound Gangsta)

chen zhen
09-28-2003, 03:04 AM
[Snoop Dogg]
Yo dogg, niggas always asking me
"Is the muthaf*ckin DPGC still together?"
Niggas gon ask me
"Dogg ya'll still together, I heard ya'll broke up like the fat boys."
Nigga what, nigga this Dogg Pound for life nigga
We ain't going nowhere nigga
In matter of fact, you actin foolish right now with all that sh!t you kick
Nigga everywhere I go niggas be actin foolish
And uh, I'm a deal with that sh!t DPG style

I'm a rider, the first local stock pilot
Now what the f*ck made you think the DP divided
Moving on up to the top of the map
Because gangsta will be here till the curl comeback
I'm moving down to block D, me and my homies
The Dogg Pound would rock overseas, immense degrees
No b!tch niggas in the circle
Beat a nigga in his face till his f*ckin eyes turn purple

[Daz Dillinger]
I told myself watch out for my family and health
I got my sh!t together, got the gauge up shelf
Knowing the rules have chose to hang out with the dummies and fools
Old school Poda Dada that I knew from way back to school
Attitude sh!tty, kept it raw and gritty
Uncut, me and my dawgs f*ckin it up
What up

[Snoop Dogg]
F*ckin it up, f*ckin it up for life nigga, Dogg Pound, ya heard
If I hear another nigga talking about what he gon do, to who
To me and my crew, nigga the grey and the blue
You through, you knew you shouldn't have done that
Now how the f*ck you figure that we wasn't gon comeback
The D, the P, the G to C
Westcoast's finest and I'm a put that on me
See niggas been rappin but they ain't sayin sh!t
Nigga shut the f*ck up, get off my d!ck

Don't be foolish [x2]

You see you don't wanna f*ck with us
Knowing how we throw it out, the sucka niggas want to imitate us
Cause all we wanna do is put the G right back in you
Yeah worry about your muthaf*ckin punk ass crew
And we keeps it gangsta fool, thats gangsta, keep it gangsta fool

[Snoop Dogg]
Trip, we got more dough than rock up, more niggas to lock up
You niggas need to strap up or pack up
See because this world we live in is crazy, and the people they so sick
See why I keeps it gangsta and I ride with the sickest clique
And when it comes to gun play, hell yeah we the quickest biach

[Daz Dillinger]
And oh my momma and my daddy, grandpapa and my granny
Homeboy you can't f*ck with this

Smooth when we come through
The DP when we come through the gangstas is in the house
And all you muthaf*ckin niggas and you muthaf*ckin b!tches
Get a muthaf*ckin d!ck in your mouth
I'm a gangsta I thought you knew, G'd up, grey and blue
Dippin through on the coop, made you blue
Kurupt and Snoop, Daz in the muthaf*ckin bomb ass clique
We gangstas nigga, laid back thinkin I tell you how it is in the hood
Where all my homies at, straps in Cadillacs
Hittin switches like e'yday, livin like the G way like e'yday, DPG-C


[Snoop Dogg]
[Chorus x4]

Just bullsh!ttin man this dude done told me the Dogg Pound broke up
Wait till I catch that nigga, I'm a beat him down
Wait till I, wait till I catch em
Dogg Pound ain't gon never break up cause that's favorite group
They gon keep on commin out with albums
Wait till I catch this nigga, he lied to me
This did done tell me some stupid bullsh!t
Wait till I catch that muthaf*cker
Man don't be foolish and believe that sh!t
Sh!t man, don't be foolish
Don't be foolish, nigga

[Snoop Dogg]
Don't be foolish nigga, don't be foolish nigga.

09-28-2003, 08:28 AM
Run Rabbit Run
by Eminem

Some days I just wanna up and call it quits,
I feel like i'm surrounded by a wall of bricks,
Everytime I go to get up I just fall in pits,
My life's like one great big ball of ****,
If I could just put it all in to all I spit,
Instead I always try to swallow it,
Instead of staring at this wall and ****,
While I sit writers block sick of all this ****,
Can't call it ****, all I know is I'm about to hit the wall,
If I have to see another one of mom's alcoholic fits,
This is it, last straw, thats all, thats it,
I ain't dealing with another ****ing politic,
I'm like a skillet bubbling, till it filters up,
I'm about to kill it, I can feel it building up,
Blow this building up, I've concealed enough,
My cup run'ith over I've done and filled it up,
The pen explodes and busts and ink spills my guts,
You think all I do is stand here and feel my nuts,
But I'm a show you, what, you gonna feel my rush,
You dont feel it then it must be to real to touch,
Build a dutch, I'm about to tear **** up,
Goosebumps, yeah I'm a make your hair sit up,
Yeah sit up, I'm a tell you who I be,
I'm a make you hate me cause you ain't me,
You ain't, it ain't to late to finally see,
What you close minded ****s were to blind to see,
Whoever finds me, is gonna get a finders fee,
Out this world and ain't no one out their mind as me,
You need peace of mind, here's a piece of mine,
All I need's a line but sometimes,
I dont always find the words to rhyme,
To express how i'm really feeling at that time,
Yeah sometimes, sometimes, sometimes, just sometimes,
It's always me, how dark can these hallways be,
The clock stikes midnight, 1, 2, then half past 3,
This half ass rhyme with this half ass piece of paper,
I'm desperate at my desk if I could just get the rest,
Of this **** off my chest, again, stuck in this slump,
Can't think of nothing, **** I'm stumped,
But wait here comes something,
Nope, it's not good enough, scribble it out, new pad,
Crinkle it up and throw that **** out,
I'm fizzling now thought I had figured it out,
Ball's in my court but I'm scared to dribble it out,
But I'm afraid, but why am I afaid, why am I a slave to this trade,
Sign that I'll spit to the grave, real enough to rile you up,
Want me to flip it I can rip it any style you want,
I'm a switch hitter *****, Jimmy Smith aint a quitter,
I'm a sit here till I get enough,
For me to finally hit a ****ing boiling point,
Put some oil in your joints,
Flip the coin ***** come get destroyed,
An MC's worst dream I make them tense they hate me,
See me and shake like a chain-link fence,
By the looks of them you would swear Jaws was coming,
By the scream of them you would swear i'm sawing someone,
By the way they running you would swear the law was coming,
It's now or never and tonight It's all or nothing,
Momma, Jimmy keeps leaving on us, he said he'd be back,
He pinky promised, I dont think he's honest,
I be back baby I just got to beat this clock,
**** this clock, I'm a make them eat this watch,
Don't believe me watch, I'm a win this race,
and i'm a come back and rub my **** in your face,
*****, I found my niche, you gonna hear my voice,
Till you sick of it you ain't gonna have a choice,
If I gotta scream till I have half a lung,
If I have half a chance I grab it, rabbit run.

09-28-2003, 08:31 AM
'Till I Collapse
by Eminem

Sometimes you just feel tired, feel week.
When you feel week, you feel like you wanna just give up.
But you gotta search within you.
Gotta find that inner strength
And just pull that **** outta you
And get that motivation, to not give up
And not be a quitter.
No matter how bad you wanna just fall flat on your face
And collapse.

Till I collapse Iím spilliní these raps
As long as you feelíem.
Till the day that I drop
Youíll never say that Iím not killiníem.
ĎCause when Iím not, then Iíma stop pinniníem
And I am not hip hop, and Iím just not Eminem.
Subliminal thoughts, when Iíma stop sendiníem
Women are caught in webs
Spiníem and hock venom
Adrenaline shots of peniciline could not get illiní to stop
Amoxacillineís just not real enough.
The criminal cop killiní hip hop villain a minimal swap
To cop millions of Pac listeners.
Youíre coming with me, feel it or not
Youíre gonna fear it like I showed ya
The spirit of God lives in us.
You hear it a lot, lyrics to shock
Is it a miracle or am I just a product of pop fizziní up?
Fa shizzel my whistle, this is the plot listen up.
You bizzels forgot, slizzel does not give a ****.

Till the roof comes off
Till the lights go out
Till my legs give out
Canít shut my mouth
Till the smoke clears out
And my high burns out
Iíma rip these ****
Till my bones collapse (x2)

Music is like magic.
Thereís a certain feeling you get
When youíre real, and you spit
And people are feeliní your ****.
This is your moment, and every single minute you spend
Trynna hold on to it, Ďcuz you may never get it again.
So while youíre in it, trynna get as much **** as you can.
And when your run is over, just admit when itís in itís end.
ĎCuz Iím at the end of my wits with half that gets in.
I got a list, hereís the order of my list that itís in.
It goes Reggie, Jay Z, Tupac and Biggie
Andre from Outcast, Jada, Kurupt and then me.
But in this industry Iím the cause of a lotta envy.
So when Iím not put in this list, the **** does not offend me.
Thatís why you see me walkiníround like nothingís bothering me.
Even though half you people got a ****iní problem with me.
You hate it but you know respect you gotta give me.
The pressís wet dream like Bobby and Whitney.
Nate hit meÖ

Till the roof comes off
Till the lights go out
Till my legs give out
Canít shut my mouth
Till the smoke clears out
And my high burns out
Iíma rip these ****
Till my bones collapse (x2)

Soon as a verse starts I eat at an MCís heart.
What is he thinking?
How not to go against me, smart.
And itís abserd, how people hang on every word.
Iíll probably never get the props I feel I ever deserve.
But Iíll never be served, my spot is forever reserved.
If I ever leave Earth, that would be the death of me first.
ĎCuz in my heart of hearts I know nothing could ever be worse.
Thatís why Iím clever when I put together every verse.
My thoughts are sporadic, I act like Iím an addict.
I rap like Iím addicted to smack, like Iím Kim Mathers.
But I donít wanna go forth and back in constan battles.
The fact is I woud rather sit back and bomb some rappers.
So this is like a full blown attack, Iím launchiní at them.
The track is on some battleing rap, who wants some static.
ĎCuz I donít really think that the fact that Iím Slim Mathers.
A plaque and platinum status is wack if Iím not the baddest, soÖ

Till the roof comes off
Till the lights go out
Till my legs give out
Canít shut my mouth
Till the smoke clears out
And my high burns out
Iíma rip these ****
Till my bones collapse (x2)

Until the roof, the roof comes off
Until my legs, give out from underneath me.
I, I will not fall.
I will stand tall.
Feels like no one can beat me.

09-28-2003, 08:33 AM
***** Please
by Eminem

(Dr. Dre)
(Yeah, what up Detroit?)
Nah-uh, nah-uh uh-uh oh no he didn't
They didn't do it again
Wha-what? What?
You **** on these niggas two times Dr. Dre?
(Oh fo'Sho)
Uh-uh no
You smell that?
This is special right here
Wha-what? Wha-what? What?
It's a toast to the boogie baby
To tha boogie oogie-oogie
Yeah ya know
What's cracking Dre?

[tha Dr. Dre]
Jus let me lay back and kick some mo' simplistic pimp ****
On Slim's ****, start riots like Limp Bizkit
(Limp Bizkit!)
Throw on Guilty Conscience at concerts
And watch mosh pits till mother****ers knock each other unconscious
(That's right nigga)
Some of these crowds that Slim draws
Is rowdy as Crenshaw Boulevard when it's packed and full of cars
Some of these crowds me and Snoop draw
Is niggas from Crenshaw, from Long Beach to South Central
*Girl screams
Not these niggas again, these grown ass ignorant men
With hand triggers again (****)
You and what army, could harm me
D-R-E and Shady with Doggy from Long Beach
(Snoop, Eastside)
We came a long way to making these songs play
It a be a wrong move to stare at me tha wrong way
I got a long ooz- and I carry it all day
Sometimes it's like a nightmare, just being An-dre
But I...

[Snoop Dogg]
Somehow someway
Hello nigga!
You know about Doggy, Snoop Dogg
Now let me cut these niggas up
And show 'em where tha **** I'm comin' from
I get tha party crackin' with the **** that I be spittin son
Hit and run, get it done, get the funds, split and run
Got about 50 guns, and I love all of 'em the same
Bang! Bang!
**** baby girl what's yo name?
I forgot, what'd you say it was?
**** a nigga buzzed
(****ed up)
Hangin' in tha club wit my nephew Eminem
(What's up Slim?)
What up cuz?
(What's up Snoop?)
The great white American hope
Done hooked up with the king of the mutha****in' West Coast baby

[Nate Dogg]
And you really don't wanna **** with me
Only nigga that I trust is me
**** around and make me bust this heat *gunshot
That's the devil, they always wanna dance

I'm the head nigga in charge
I'm watching you move
You're found dead in your garage
With 10 o'clock news coverage
Gotta love it cause I expose tha fasciad
Your little lungs is too small to hot box with God
All jokes aside come bounce wit us
Standing over you with a 12 gauge about to bust
It's like ashes to ashes and dust to dust
I might leave in a body bag but never in cuffs
So who do you trust, they just not rugged enough
When things get rough I'm in tha club shooting with Puff
***** please, you must have a mental disease
Assume tha position and get back down on your knees come on

[Nate Dogg]
And you really don't wanna **** with me
Only nigga that I trust is me
**** around and make me bust this heat *gunshot
That's the devil, they always wanna dance

[Nate Dogg]
And you really don't wanna **** with me
Only nigga that I trust is me
**** around and make me bust this heat *gunshot
That's the devil, they always wanna dance

Ah no, Big Slim Dogg, 80 pound balls
**** six inch long
Back up in tha heezy baby
He's Shady!
(He's so crazy!)
Give me tha mic, let me recite 'til Timothy White
Pickets outside the Interscope offices every night
What if he's right?
I'm just a criminal making a livin' off the world's misery
What in the world gives me the right?
To say what I like and walk around flippin' the bird
Livin' tha urban life like a white kid from the 'burbs
Dreamin at night and screamin' at moms schemin' to leave
Run away from home and grow to be as evil as me
I just want you all to notice me and people to see
That somewhere deep down is a decent human being in me
It just can't be found so the reason you've been seeing this me
Is cause this is me now, the recent dude is being this mean
So when you see me dressin' up like a nerd on TV
Or heard tha CD using tha *** word so freely
It's just me being me, here want me to tone it down
Suck my ****in' **** you ***got!
You happy now? Look here!
I start some trouble everywhere that I go
Ask tha bouncers in the club cause they know
I start some **** they throw me out the back do'
Come back and shoot the club up wit a fo-four

[Nate Dogg]
And you really don't wanna **** with me
Only nigga that I trust is me
**** around and make me bust this heat *gunshot
That's the devil, they always wanna dance

[Nate Dogg]
And you really don't wanna **** with me
Only nigga that I trust is me
**** around and make me bust this heat *gunshot
That's the devil, they always wanna dance

2001 and forever
Slim Shady, Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg, X to the Z, Nate Dogg, D.o.n. to tha Okse
Come on yeah.
In tha house tonight!

(Dr. Dre)
Give it up D.o.n. to tha Okse!

(D.o.n. to tha Okse)
Yo Dre my man, what i best can, for X to the Z
i want to be. So give me the mic. 3400 HillerÝd, DK!

chen zhen
09-28-2003, 08:47 AM
please spare us for some ho-ass Eminem sh!t..:rolleyes:

Whats with the hillerÝd 3400 DK?
stop messin wit da lyrics

09-28-2003, 08:56 AM
never heard of d.o.n okse or whatever b4. Is he some danish ***?

em is alot tyter than snoop BTW. if he was black he'd be announced as the greatest rapper in the world. But most don't take the time to listen to his lyrics.

chen zhen
09-28-2003, 09:01 AM
I think someone messed with the lyrics. theres no Don Okse around here. but its a real city here.

the thing with Em is up to u. I know my standpoint on that ho.

Keep it gangsta:

09-28-2003, 09:08 AM
hmmm yea guess so. don't recognise it from the track. but theres always tons of different versions so u never know.

I never understood why yu dun like em? Care to elaborate?


09-28-2003, 09:16 AM
Body Guard F/ Dr Dre & Eminem
by Obie Trice

(Dr. Dre)
Yeah, yo lets bring it

What you gonna do when **** hits the fan
Are you gonna stand and fight like a man
Will u be as hard as you say you are
Or you gonna run and go get your body guard I said

What you gonna do when **** hits the fan
Are you gonna stand and fight like a man
Show us you as hard as you say you are
Or you gonna run and go get your body guard

(Dr. Dre)
Niggas is so gangsta, niggas is thugs
niggas'll spend their whole life battlin' drugs
slangin dope and hopes of one day
bein able to own they own label
and give the game up
some niggas came up
and some just didnt
its just the way it is
if it aint minute just isn't
some niggas'll get money
and pay niggas to back em
so they can act up
feel comfortable an rap tough
and thats ass backwards
them niggas'll keep comin back
and thats when extortion happens
to the struggle to get free
I know how this **** be
you give anything that look legitimately
but you gonna find if you do get in this industry
that its best to do bussiness with me then against me
niggas get behind mics and aint even emcees
niggas get on mtv just to diss me
this **** dont even **** me off
I'm laughing all the way to the bank
watching you saddle life in my bentley
you niggas aint even got a car
you're so far under my radar
I dont even know who the **** you are
To tell you to suck my **** while im ****ing
I dont even listen to ya ****
to know who the **** im dissing
and media just feeds into these feuds
trying to add fuel to the fire
this little nigga Ja Rule
talking about hes gonna slap me
nigga please you gotta jump
and swing up to hit me in the knees
I laugh at these magazines when they interview em
all they doing is making fake threats to us through em
ya ***** ya not Pac i knew em
Pac was a real nigga, you just a ****ing insult to him
its too bad, we had a fall out before he passed
because if he could he see this **** now
he'd be whoopin your ass
you're talkin to a pioneer who engineered this ****
for nineteen years who ya got in ya ear Ssssss (Suge)
I aint even gotta say it, the fans know
quit trying to be tough nigga,
you look like an *******

What you gonna do when **** hits the fan
Are you gonna stand and fight like a man
Will u be as hard as you say you are
Or you gonna run and go get your body guard I said

What you gonna do when **** hits the fan
Are you gonna stand and fight like a man
Show us you as hard as you say you are
Or you gonna run and go get your body guard

(Obie Trice)
They say why dont we increase the peace
the only piece to crease
is that which deletes ya peeps
cuz niggas run mouths but they dont want streets
till that 4-5 decease ya speech
ya its a shame how the beef'll creep
coulda reached a peak
now ya left with a horrible leap
i'm trying to be as bleep
with my speech as possible
just incase a nigga try to throw me an obstacle
nigga im not boxing you
i'm hospitable
i put you in a hospital thats how i get at you
let the doc op on you he dont rid you
you back on them streets
i send another hit at you
this is not a hypocritical issue
i will critical condition ya tissue
give a **** if you bring all ten of them with you
i throw an extra ten of them missiles
turn gangstas into gentleman fickle
and ever since Eminem dissed you
i swear i see the woman and ***** in you
all this bickering back and forth over who signs who
curtis pull ya skirt up ya got murdered
now take it like a man and shake it off ****
and quit tellin all these magazines ya plans
how you gonna slap up my man, ya fictious
nigga we'll send stan to come murder ya *****es

What you gonna do when **** hits the fan
Are you gonna stand and fight like a man
Will u be as hard as you say you are
Or you gonna run and go get your body guard I said

What you gonna do when **** hits the fan
Are you gonna stand and fight like a man
Show us you as hard as you say you are
Or you gonna run and go get your body guard

(Obie Trice)
Hahaha..Yeah, go out and buy
all the gangstas you want nigga
matter of fact go get every
gangster from everyhood
in the United States of America
to back you nigga,
aint nobody riding with you
you cant see that
you fell off nigga
HAHAHA, **** !
Shady / Aftermath mother****a
2003 to infinite YEAH !

chen zhen
09-28-2003, 09:47 AM
At night.. (yeahhh!)
At night.. (talkin bout - all that sh!t)
At night.. (better not go to sleep nigga)
At night.. (yeah! I see you nigga)

Smokin bomb, feelin loaded, forty yappin, smoke imported
Servin (?) fat as boulders, got a (?) on my shoulders
Homies robbin homies, on point with the po'-po's
Sellin white snow pure yo, twist a little bit just to get a lil' mo'
We had the ground, we bagged a round, crack, money in stripes
I lay you down, let niggaz know that we ain't no f*ckin joke, niggahhh

The nighttime's, the right time, family and pride
Personally known for the way I, spray and ride
Silent if I, silent is the way I glide
Money'll make a nigga shift a pistol shoot to the sky

Nigga let's ride! I love it when the sun goes down
Nigga get chopped down, get gunned down

Run down, run around, and shot down
Popped down glocks in full pound surround
Get the homies together and call the shots, fallin on baller's blocks
Smaller and smaller knots, alcoholics lookin fo'

[D] my gangsta b!tches (uh-huh) and busta niggaz (uh-huh)
[K] Liquor weed, pistols pills, niggaz shot and niggaz killed

At night.. (uh-huh, uh-huh, uh-huh)
At night.. (uh-huh)
(liquor weed, pistols pills, niggaz shot and niggaz killed)
At night.. (uh-huh, uh-huh)
At night.. (what ch'all niggaz wanna do, huh?)

I put holes in the air and turn black to blue
And I don't give a f*ck about puttin holes in you
The midnight strike, the killer strikes the streets at night
Imitation Doggs on scope and it's on on sight (nigga)

Murder killin robbery, mayhem
Assault with the deadly weapons equals battery
I be down with the tragedy
Catch a nigga slippin, shoulda known
Nigga one-eighty-seven ain't sh!t but a misdemeanor
(If you ain't knowin - they ain't knowin)
Niggaz dyin unexpected, and they knowin
(They don't know) Niggaz tryin to make it echo
but it's showin (they ain't showin) little b!tches on the street
straight hoein (straight hoein) you ain't knowin (thought you knew)

Overblown, got'n'gone, the song zone, at the zone shown
Time and time again it's on, Vietnam again
Napalm set-trip, coast-trip, post and get
tripped on, blastin f*ckin chippin niggaz out the f*ckin dash
What the f*ck is this? Niggaz is the luckiest
Strike and spray, e'ryday all day around the way
I lost my homeboy last year, nigga shed his last tear
Comin through to blast sh!t, I knew I'd catch his ass crip

At night.. (uh-huh, uh-huh, uh-huh)
At night.. (uh-huh)
(liquor weed, pistols pills, niggaz shot and niggaz killed)
At night.. (uh-huh, uh-huh)
At night..
At night.. (yeahhh - that's how it go down e'ry night nigga)
At night.. (y'all niggaz better stay strapped)
(cause we on a hunt for all y'all)
At night.. (and we ain't takin no shorts)
(servin y'all niggaz on sight)
At night.. (everyday, all night, yeah)
At night.. (everyday, all day, anybody killer)
At night.. (f*ck all y'all! yeah!)
At night..

Whassup whassup? Whatchu need?
(Got a fifty sack?) Whassup? Aww the police, c'mon!

{Police! Police! Up against the wall}

At night..

09-28-2003, 09:52 AM
....guess not?

chen zhen
09-28-2003, 10:37 AM
I find his voice and attitude highly irritating. And I cant see what good there is with his lyrics.
What the hell do u think I care about his relationship to his mother? Get da fuuck..

[Method Man]
Eh, eh, eh, eh, eh
Wu-Tang, nigga, that's what's up (one)
Wu-Tang, nigga, that's what's up
(That's what's up)
Eh, eh, eh,
Wu-Tang, nigga, that's what's up
Wu-Tang, nigga, that's what's up

Wu-Tang, nigga, Crash Ya Crew , laugh at you
You b@stard, you, pass through, slap an ass or two
Hear me ROAR, Timbaland tree, weed galore
MC's with gusto y'all ain't neva seen befo'
El-Producto, pass that, ya puff too slow
That's what's up, yo, the kid with the buck-toothed flow
Oh, that's Meth Man, south paw, I throw my left hand
To that hardcore sh!t that even make the Tec jam
Oh my goodness! Trust me, ain't nuttin like some hood sh!t
Gotta love my dogs but ain't nuttin like a good b!tch
Strictly, if I'm goin down, she comin wit me
Whole time screamin, "Oh my God!", ain't no mystery

[Chorus: Method Man]

Y'all Been Warned, about them Killa Bees on the swarm
Y'all Been Warned, You either step or get stepped upon
Correct me if I'm wrong but fake thugs never last long
Can't wait until ya fake ass gone
Y'all Been Warned, about them Killa Bees on the swarm
Y'all Been Warned, You either step or get stepped upon
Nigga, uh-oh! I think they're playin our song
Lit blunts, Clan in Da Front, sayin "It's on!"

Try to Wu hate, duck, you could suck my
Watch the block get clear when I buck my
Boomerang darts, you can't duck my
No tellin which Clan man you got struck by
Chains get tucked when he walk by, hawk eye
Arrows bein fired from crossbow, I talk fly
You can't Etcha-sketch all my rhyme threat
Try to bite my flow, you catch ya throat strep
Soaked in cess, dope, you eat the cold Tec's
Bold flex, W crown, the ice O-X
Up in the oolie, yo, who you know?
John Bizzi, Ghost Deini, Rollie Finger and them toolies yo
Stainless Bobby, boy, you have an English folly
To try to detain the slang that we can to polly
Plus you didn't peep Arief, kid, you sleep
I seen this heap of sh!t, you in steep

[Chorus: Method Man]

Y'all Been Warned, about them Killa Bees on the swarm
Y'all Been Warned, You either step or get stepped upon
Correct me if I'm wrong but fake thugs never last long
Can't wait until ya fake ass gone

[Inspectah Deck]

Yo,Amist the gravel, play the words of the Big Apple
Broadcastin live from the pits of the battle
Wigs split and rattled, get shook out ya saddle
You ever hear me losin, one of y'all fix the panel
Ask who? Wu, that's true, known piranhas
Who knows drama, fathers of your whole persona
The mad doctor, stay locked in the O-R
In too deep, beyond reach of the sonar
Still a vet, say my name next to hall of fame
Hurtin third string players, first day in the game
It's on, son, the Killa Bee swarm come
Make the world shake with one continuous drum

[Chorus: Method Man]

Y'all Been Warned, about them Killa Bees on the swarm
Y'all Been Warned, You either step or get stepped upon
Correct me if I'm wrong but fake thugs never last long
Can't wait until ya fake ass gone

[Raekwon & (Masta Killa)]

Wave ya gun, Killa (I got you)
Shoot this nigga in his face fast, mumblin (I heard y'all forgot Wu)
Wear ya crown, black down (Watch the block too)
Blow at y'all niggas (Blowin at the cops too)
Eh-yo, my Wallets stay Bulletproofs racin in Coups, yea we the realest
Ultraviolet leathers on, pealin this, love lookin the illest
Gorilla things, monster background with a history
You're pumpin crack, yap clowns, we all real in here
Strap a bomb on a family member, let y'all niggas know we here
Blasted, it's like cheeba when I splashed it
Real reefer heads'll know the meanin of hittin glass
I told y'alls, against y'all, Ginsengs, avenge Gods
Picture me stabbin you in the yard for R's
Kid saw Staten, nine Bin Ladens
Valors on, colorful draws, lookin all relaxed in

[Chorus: Method Man]

Y'all Been Warned, about them Killa Bees on the swarm
Y'all Been Warned, You either step or get stepped upon
Correct me if I'm wrong but fake thugs never last long
Can't wait until ya fake ass gone
Y'all Been Warned, about them Killa Bees on the swarm
Y'all Been Warned, You either step or get stepped upon
Nigga, uh-oh! I think they're playin our song
Lit blunts, Clan in Da Front, sayin "It's on!"

chen zhen
09-29-2003, 10:00 AM
lol im reading through dpg forums, to be more specific, daz's own replies on the forums.
hes one funny muthaf*cker, heres an example:

guy makes a thread like this:

>Why the **** is DAZ up at 6:30 am??<

I just got on to check out what was new and saw "Dat Nigga Daz" on-line at 6:30 am westcoast time~

I just thought that was weird~ I mean come on why would he get his rich ass out of bed this early to talk to a bunch of dumb ****s like half this forum~LOL
reply by "Dat Nigga Daz":

same reason yo b!tch ass is up

dic mouth

good site still in development:

09-29-2003, 10:22 AM
lol.. if it's really him it's funny