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10-13-2000, 06:03 PM
Alright, here goes.
Every time when I'm about to spar, I feel stiff and .. not all there. I freeze up and wait for my opponent to attack me, and my movements are stiff and jerky. I've been doing Wing Chun for about 6 months. Is meditation my answer? And how I apply meditation to my training? I feel like when I'm sparring that I can't even feel or move my legs, sometimes. I do decent occasionally, but I know I'm not *really* fighting, I'm just doing techniques that I practiced in class. I'm sure some other beginners have had this problem (I hope.) How did you overcome? How should I?


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10-13-2000, 07:00 PM
I guess if you spar more, you will eventually be good at it.

10-14-2000, 07:08 PM
well i have been fighting for three years now. and with the same sparing buddy. I can fight anyone without any fear. probably because i don't know what to expect, and can go all out.

no the other hand training with the same fool, for a while and i know each move and how hard its going to attack.. I tend to freeze up and almost fear actual impact weather i am blocking or not.
and this hinders my ability, and i do more retreating than fighting.

just resently i went through some serious soul serching... I cannot fight in fear. I have to want it. want to win. Want to be the best. almost treat it like a game "soccer or football"
I desided not to be affraid and want to be attacked... you probably saying how is this possible. All i did was condition my arms and legs for blocking. Practicing on trees and hard surfaces. I was prepared physicly and mentally to be attacked... When you get hit-blocking or no blocking and you realize... Hey!-this dosen't really hurt. And if it dose its very brief. your confidence will seem to be limit-less. If you are prepared your awarness increases.

All i can say is want to be attacked... And anilize the fact that your conditioning is working. Nothing hurts more than slamming your forearm into a tree at full force. when pain seems to play a small factor, It can be ignored.

I can tell you right now.. if you condition your self and train for atleas 2 hours a day you might recieve the cofidence you seek within the first 2 weeks. "make sure you have some tiger balm or extra strength bengay" That stuff will help... even put it on while training and after. (small secrets to cheat pain) Go slow, at your own pace- if you break a bone you'll just slow down your training.... only you know best on what you can handle....

I am sorry i have blabbed on for so long, i can just identify whith what you r saying.

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god bless

10-14-2000, 10:33 PM
Keep training in your style. If at the end of a year you still have this problem, start looking for a new school or style. How often do you spar? If it's not at least once a week I'd say find some guys to work out with or find a school that does. Also do you really believe that what you're learning will work? I had that problem with the school that I currently go to, turned out it was me and not the style.
Also at six months you should be using the techniques that you're learning in class. It may not feel like real fighting to you right now, but it's how you become a Wing Chun fighter or a fighter in any other style for that matter.

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10-15-2000, 07:41 AM
Dont worry about what you are going throuhg it will pass..... ITs the fear of being hit or that you are figthing with the same guy and either he is a faster or stronger or both.. You have a anxiety problem.. HEy I went through afraid as hell to fight my Sifu and my senior brothers...

They were all 6 foot plus 200 pounds plus and none held back. I used to get my ass handed to me.. Soon I got tired of it and started to train harder and not worried about losing but inflicting the same frustration back to them.. ( not in a bad way) I started to work heavily on body conditioning.. ( especially the head using a sand bag)( dont try that at home children)

I started to work foot work and hand and foot speen ( a lot of foot speed for my kicks and sweeps) I also looked to see what were my best asets on my body learned to use them and make everyone play my game instead of theres.. It was funny as hell striking to or three times and moving out the way.. I made them chase me and they got winded. I was only 5 6 and 125 pounds... I also conditioned my shins to be really hard and practiced thai kicking to the point where I really cut into the muscle and made them limp around....

Well any way sorry to rambel around.. see what your best assets are and train them hard but do not forget to train your weaknesses... and use the pain of the intial strike to release the tiger in you.. I love the feeling of the first hard hit to the face just dont let it be the knock out blow lol .....

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10-17-2000, 07:45 PM
Hmm, I've never had that problem, course, I've never sparred full-contact hard against really big mean guys who were out for blood either...