View Full Version : 45 minute training: what should I do

Brendan Carson
10-14-2000, 05:05 AM
Okay... what should I do in a half an hour's training (maybe three quarters) every morning, starting out? I have a gym partner, so pure strength/flexibility stuff isn't necessary. I have a heavy bag and mitts, but not really a training partner yet. After the warmup, what kind of routines/techniques?

I am studying/working and and my hours are long and erratic, so I can't get to formal training. But I'm finally starting to get some time and I really want to get some kind of proficiency back. Later I will be training more, and should have a grappling/trapping partner, this is just for starters. I know 45 mins a day is crap, but it's all I've got at the moment


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