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11-29-2000, 03:58 AM
What do you guys think about this?

(from Senshido website)

In this section we will be taking real life violent confrontations as they unfolded (with holding all real names for the sake of anonymity) and will break them down step by step. We will then rebuild the events the way they should have occurred making the victim a survivor. This will show everything he/she could have done both psychologically and physically to escape the situation unharmed.

The confrontations will come from any and all sources we can find including, actual accounts as told to us from the victims, books, news (TV, radio, newspapers, articles, magazines) and the Internet. The events could be something that has happened decades ago to something as recent as yesterday and can come from any city or country. Rest assured that all the events told will all be as true to their occurrences as possible depending on the accuracy of its source and that no story told (as far as we know) will ever be fictitious.

The confrontations will range from rapes, street fights, muggings, murders, gang beatings, sexual assaults, date rapes, car jackings etc. They will be random so if there are 3 consecutive rape stories then so be it, if you get 3 different scenarios in a row then so be it as well.

These mini lessons from actual events will hopefully develop a blue print for you to learn from in case, God forbid, you ever encounter something similar. Remember, pro-active is faster than reactive. It is better to prevent than to circumvent and if anything positive is ever pulled out of a tragedy, it is learning from other’s mistakes.



Okay, this one happened to me this pass year. I was waiting for a friend of mine to show up at a tavern filled with locals (I really rather not say where or when for obvious reasons). It was a weekday so the place wasn’t too packed but there were about 20 people or so.

So I’m sitting at the bar having a beer waiting for my friend (who by the way never showed up, the *******) and about 4 feet away from me are four guys being excessively loud and rowdy. Not that I really cared about them or anything but they were hanging around directly in between me and the front door of the tavern. So naturally, when I would turn to glimpse at the front door looking to see if my friend was coming or not, I would inadvertently have to look pass them. After the third or fourth glimpse, the bigger and louder of the four guys walks over to me and says "What the F!#$ you lookin’ at a$?" Typical. I respond, "I’m just waiting for a friend of mine who’s late is all, I was looking at the door to see if he was here." To which this guy responds "Why the F!#$ you addressing me?" I tell him that I am simply answering HIS question.

He then walks over to me and tells me that I now have a problem. At this point his 3 friends come around behind him and one of them turns his beer bottle over grabbing it by the nozzle. I immediately catch that and safely assume that there is no way these guys are listening to what I have to say. So, I bring my beer mug lower next to my waist (I’m sitting on an elevated bar stool) and I slowly turn to the bigger guy. As I begin to speak, I immediately stand up and uppercut him under his field of vision right in the jaw with the beer mug and swing it back down breaking it across his face catching him completely off guard. One down, three to go.

These guys were fast though, I mean, they didn’t even skip a beat or take the time to look at their friend because as I broke my mug on the guy’s face, his buddy with the beer bottle had already broken it across the bar and swung at my face. I slipped it linearly but got cut across and above my right eye. The guy did not stop swinging, he also cut me across my left biceps before I could jam him and knock him out smashing his head against the bar. I kept smashing his head as I caught his two other friends coming in on me. I figured if I keep striking this guy, the other two will pull me off of him instead of hitting me or stabbing me. Plan worked. They grabbed me off their friend (who was out cold) each had me by one side and began trying to punch the crap out of me. We were to close range for their strikes to have much effect so I began striking eyes and throat.

I stuck my thumb into one of their throats and immediately raked across his eyes. I then turned and spat in the other’s face totally catching him off guard then elbowing him across the face and jart kicking him into his knee causing it to buckle severely and head butted him knocking him down. The other guy came back at me again clinched me right away trying to take me down (no text book take down or anything just a plain ol’ sloppy tackle) which I jammed and stuck my fingers in his eyes, spun his neck around and whipped him on the floor. By then, I was ****ing blood out of the corner of my right eye and thought I was completely disfigured. Not to mention the fact that I could barely see out of my right eye because of the blood pouring into it.

This is where the F!# bouncer decides to grab ME by my pony tail (I know, I know, I should cut my hair) and pull me off my feet then attempt to grab me in a rear choke hold. I immediately palm struck him in the groin, doubled him over and struck him with a solid elbow uppercut style. I then clinched him and did a classic hip toss throwing the big SOB onto a bar table (which didn’t break, they always do in movies **** it!).

I then stood up, looked around to see if anyone else wanted to kick my ass for Christ’s sakes (like 5 F!# guys wasn’t enough). The place was as still as a framed picture and as silent as a church as I stood there, bleeding like a stuck pig from the corner of my eye. To boot, I was wearing a white T-shirt that was now drenched in blood, both the other guys and mine so I must have looked like a freak out of hell. I immediately took off grabbing the bar man’s towel which he wipes the bar with towards the back exit and ran to my car covering my face.

I got to my car and drove off and parked it in a parking lot of a closed shopping mall across the street from the tavern to see what happened next. The cops came and so did an ambulance and one by one on a stretcher went the 4 guys into the ambulance. I drove home (thank God my wife was out of town or I never would have heard the end of it) and went to wash my face expecting to see half of it ripped off judging by the amount of blood that came out of it. It turned out to be a cut half an inch in length. Nothing more serious than that.


First mistake. Being in that God forsaken tavern in the middle of no where alone. My second mistake? The assumption I made, thinking that braking my beer mug on the first guy’s face would buy me a fraction of a second or so to regroup, run or take another guy out before they can react. My assumption caused me a beat in time where I got hit by the freaking beer bottle across the corner of my eye, had I not assumed, my reaction time might have been quicker and I wouldn’t have a stupid scar above my right eye as I type this.

Third mistake. Forgot about the bouncer, and to think I worked as one for 4 years on and off… I just couldn’t believe the ***** waited till the end of the fight to jump ME instead of grabbing or stopping one of the 4 on me, how ridiculous of me to think that. (Obviously a friend of theirs) another assumption that could have cost me dearly. Fourth Mistake… going back to that town and tavern would be the fourth mistake I’m never going to make unless I’m having a bad day and want to let off some steam. Mistake number 5… still being friends with the ******* who never showed up in the first place and it was HIS idea to meet there!

Anyhow, live n’ learn folks… live n’ learn.