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Demi @ CSPT
12-11-2000, 04:50 AM
Hello to everyone,

I will be discontinueing the old set of videos (Functionalize or Die, Hardcore Training Methods, CSPT RIOT, Tac Mid Range, Advanced Weapons Workshop) in about a month. I have formed my own production Co. and we are filming new "Instructional" video of the same quality as KILLER INSTINCT. The old videos simply can't compete with the digital quality of the new vids. Look for the first one very soon. "CRITICAL DISTANCE" will be filmed this weekend with some secondary filming the weekend after.
Check out the website for info.

I have been cleared for SIMUNITION school next week. I will be at a police training facility in So Cal training to be a SIMUNITION Instructor and I will have a SIMUNITION Certified Training Facility. What is SIMUNITION?
It is a system that uses actual firearms, Glock, Sig, H and K, S and W etc and throgh a simple conversion process allows it to fire a SIMUNITION bullet. The round is plastic in nature with ink inside but it is propelled by a powder charge just like a real bullet and the firearm functions just like a real firearm. This is the highest step in the modern tech's of tactical firearms. Human beings can actually shoot eachother with actual weapons and not kill eachother. It is great for dynamic ***ault scenarios. You use your actual duty weapons or CCW weapon and your same carry gear or use yourt home defense weapons. Yopu can train firearms angainst firearms or against knife or ???
SIMUNITION LTD is very picky about who they allow to be certified. There is a long review process and you have to be a firearms instructor. You also need LEO's from various disciplines to vouch for you if you are not an LEO yourself. You can't even buy the equipment for training without review and certification. The certification is 4 days of training with everything from Glocks to full auto MP5 .40 cal machine guns. The whole process is very expensive as well. It'll be worth it though! The local Police are already trying to get me to do Dynamics Entry SWAT Scenarios for them. The training is only available to LEO, Security, Military and Corrections personell as well as certified instructors. Civilians are not allowed to train with SIMUNITION.

We are starting to set up our seminars for 2001. We have one set now at TACFIRE for April and are setting a few more as well. If you would like to host or attend a seminar call the CSPT or check out the seminars page on the website.

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