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12-18-2000, 08:01 PM
This is along the same lines as Rolling Elbow's thread - 'common jock attacks'.

What would you do if attacked by multiple opponents?

*no 'Matrix' moves allowed* reality only. :D

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12-18-2000, 08:38 PM
Keep moving. Don't go between them. Attack the most aggressive. Decoy. Get to an exit if possible. etc.

I would fight. Multiple attackers is assumed in my art.

12-18-2000, 08:56 PM
Also try to protect your back if possible. Cut off angles of the attackers approach.

Strike fast and stay on the move.

You have The Power

Dave s

12-18-2000, 10:33 PM
Use anything around you as a weapon, ie: your belt, stone, stick, etc. Look for the nearest escape or place to recover for better positioning.


Lucky Red
12-20-2000, 05:38 PM
I was Attack some years Ago About 5 people
armed with Sticks and Metal Bars attacked me
began Beating Me i didnt Really try to Fight back I Attacked one of them
with all i got Went Ritght through the guy
And started Running as fast as i Could
i had Marks all over My body after that i had so much Adrenalin in my body i think i ran 2,5 km
before i looked Behind Me my experinece is Size
Strenght does help alot if you are Attacked
By Multiple Attackers (i am Taller And thus Heavier Than Most People And that has Helped Me Alot when i have been fought

.........,,,,,,,, Spread it Your self

12-20-2000, 06:38 PM
Generally, when there are several people trying in injure you, there are a few of the same issues.

The first is goal. Generally in a multiple attacker situation you are not trying to win, you are tring to get away. So the first thing you want to do is stay on your feet. Mobility is critical and so this is not a situation you want to be on the ground. You also need to aviod "fighting" with someone. Tieing yourself up with someone (clinching for example) immobilizes you and makes you a target.

Which leads me into position. Position is of more importance than fighting skill. If they remain on all sides of you you will get pummeled. It becomes important therefore to get to the outside of the group. If you imagine a polygon wround the outermost group of people, you want to move across the nearest line. But you don't really want to pass where your back is to someone to do it. This means often you need to draw somone in, or move directly into someone and come around them, to aviod stepping between people.

Once you are on the outside, start manuvering for an exit. Try to keep one of your opponents between you and the others (doesn't have to stay the same guy). There is the idea of using the most aggressive (since he is the closest anyway).

Of course, much of this now gets into how to move and position and that is beyond the scope of typing. At minimum, find a good video on it (I think my instructor has some) or better yet, find an instructor.

Hope these basics are useful.

MonkeySlap Too
12-26-2000, 08:30 PM
I had this problem happen to me, and I can't say I handled it like a pro, but I did 'win' the fight. I worked the situation so that I only had to really fight one person at a time. It was like being a kid playing tag - I just kept moving so that thier options were limited and mine were wide open. In fact, the worst beating I got was fighting the last guy - who I was trying to subdue without hurting him (stupid, I know, but I already hurt a bunch of guys and didn't want too much leagal trouble)- but he was the only guy who really knew how to fight. I ended up hurting him really bad because he was trying to do it to me, and I was getting really winded.

My advice with multiple opponents - don't be there. It really sucks.

I am a big beleiver in luck. The more I work, the more luck I have.

12-30-2000, 03:49 PM
If this unfortunate situation occurs, you should try to take out the leader or strongest one first. If successful, the others may be stunnned and gives you the precious seconds to escape. By all means don't show mercy. Use only the deadliest moves you know. You're not sparring! After all, its your life or theirs!

12-30-2000, 09:26 PM
That's a common misconception propigated by hollywood. I am not saying it would *never* work, but it's very flawed.

old jong
01-01-2001, 01:53 AM
Don't defend yourself. Become the agressor and use your kung fu! There is no choice anyway.

C'est la vie!

01-01-2001, 02:10 AM
Deal with the most aggressive. Go for the biggest hole. Hit the exit and run.

Grays Anatomy
01-01-2001, 04:58 PM
I've been there ONCE before and it is not fun.

Put people down hard and make sure they stay down. I don't mean to take the time to finish a guy off but make sure the shots you throw are debilitating - knees, ankles, throat, etc. Worry about the consequences later. [I dropped the first guy in my case by taking out his knee right away. The first blow thrown was this guy losing the ability to stand]

Hit hard and fast and move on. YOu won't have the time to finish anyone off with a second or third combination.

Put each opponent down as he becomes a target. Don't reach for a guy who is not on you at the moment - deal with the immediate threat. Most people are not used to working together (ie. they don't train to work in concert) and they will often either get in each others way or only have a smaller number on you than is possible. Deal with the immediate not the assumed.

Its nice to try and go after the "leader" or the biggest guy but if he is standing back and letting a couple of other guys get in the first blows he is simply not a threat at the moment.

Cover your back. Find a wall or alley or something to limit the number of directions from which the threat can come.

Then - look for an opening and RUN. Get the hell out. Multiple opponents are difficult at best to deal with. {Again - in my one experience - after the knee shot, a push on a second guy and I ran. THe three attackers were left in my dust.]

Another tactic is to create confusion (this is as taught to me in my old KF school). The guy on your right throws a blow, step and hit the guy on the left. Things like that. Try and keep them off balance - never knowing where the next shot will come from or who the target will be.

Easier said than don

01-01-2001, 05:46 PM
Good advice. I would add "move to stagger their attacks". It would be nice if everyone attacked one at a time. Usually they don't. By moving into the closest one you can draw an attack from him immediately (or force him to bak up) while gaining distance from other. Use the attack to change position.

MonkeySlap Too
01-02-2001, 10:54 PM
I have to agree with Jerry. When I talked about playing tag, that's exactly what I meant - I limited thier ability to monkey pile me or sack me, by moving around them, and forcing them to stumble over each other. It helped that most of them had no real skill and I could drop them where I wanted them.

I really recomend aerobic training. Lots of it. If I had had more wind, I could of resolved things quicker and taking advantage of openings I didn't have the juice to go for. It's amazing how much energy fighting takes up.

I also reccomend going right to your massage therapist. I decompressed at a students house who I'd taught Tuina to. This really helped to mitigate my pain the next day. Surprisingly, most of the pain wasn't from where I was hit or gouged - it was from the muscles I used to execute my techniques. Another thing to consider eh? Nothing glamorous about this.

I still think the best solution is quick wits and a subtle mouth. Talk your way out!!

01-11-2001, 04:11 PM
Wouldn't it be dangerous to cover the back like that, against a wall or something. I mean, then there's nowhere to run but through the attackers. In that case you can't fight while running away, but more likely have to really fight them.
Or what do you think?

01-11-2001, 04:11 PM
Wouldn't it be dangerous to cover the back like that, against a wall or something. I mean, then there's nowhere to run but through the attackers. In that case you can't fight while running away, but more likely have to really fight them.
Or what do you think?

01-20-2001, 03:09 AM
The first thing I would do is leap five feet into the air a gracefully float to my opponents and kick them in their heads... (Just Kidding) lets get back to reality now...

In a fight such as this the best thing to do is become what I call a "terrorist". If you study terrorism ,one small terrorist can defy a whole nation. If you notice a terrorists main weapon is the ability to shock people with something that they could not have imagined. Also terrorists have no remorse so they do not hesitate. Another thing a terrorist has is no fear. The point I am getting to is do what you have to do. My best strategy would be to single out the most weak opponent and use him as a distraction or as what I would call a "hostage". Use weapons that no one would think of such as CD's or even CD cases, Coke cans, a necklace etc. Everyone would expect you to use a chair and would make sure they kept you away from that chair ,but no onw would expect a coke can. Try not to block becuase with so many people around its impossible to block every attack. Once an exit is present run like hell, dont be afraid to run Jackie Chan does it all the time. I was in a situation like that and I immediatley ran one tried to follow me and I found a plastic bottle filled with gatorade so i grabbed it and flung it my attackers they were distracted and I ran clear away.

Grays Anatomy
01-21-2001, 10:49 PM
Good point there. I would say it is a toss-up between leaving the opening and letting someone get behind you.

Also, a lot would depend on the situation. Are there two guys or three or four...Are they in much better shape (ie - do you think you could outrun them - I personally don't run too well). ARe you in a public place where biding time might bring in other people and then discharge the situation (most attackers don't want to get caught)?

There are so many instances where you would want to be more mobile and others where you might want to have your back protected. Personally - and of course this will always depend on the situation and my read of it - I would prefer to have my back protected but that's just me

Martial Joe
01-28-2001, 02:57 AM
I would go after the person who was facing me right away and finish him and try to not get inbetween them again.

Joe :cool: