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02-07-2001, 09:24 AM
Howard M. Williams Jr., a black man of heavyweight, who grow up in a bad area of Oakland, San Francisco, was both a student of Bruce Lee and James Yimm Lee in Oakland. Jimmy Lee was an excellent traditional teacher, using modern tools. Howard started studying as a teenager, but being a dedicated disciple and natural talent he was forged by Bruce and Jimmy Lee into an awesome streetfighter only following the strict concepts and principles of Oakland JKD, pure and undistorted as he has never studied any other style like Kali, Muay Thai, Silat, or Wing Chun. Now the time has come that he steps a little more out of the background to set the record straight as to what was taught originally by Bruce and Jimmy Lee.

On this occasion he also releases a new instructional tape of 90 minutes (price: $ 45 Dollar), from which he gave me a short sequence.

If you want to see him move Email me: AndreasMertsch72@aol.com and I will send you the clip. You can only watch it with the new upgrade of Windows Media Player, Version 7.
If you watch it pay attention to Howard's size, which looks rather like George Foreman then like Bruce Lee, but at the same time he moves with the speed and agility of a lightweight.
Also pay attention to his initial speed as well as his hand speed and control, the economy of footwork and how each movements flows into the next. Many years of hard training in what came natural to him brought him to a stage which allows him to let the techniques 'happen by themselves', out of his subconscious. Howard Williams is one of the real deals in Bruce Lee's original Jeet Kune Do.

If you want to purchase his video feel free to contact him: HWJKD@aol.com.
Recently there were two interviews with Mr Williams published:

1.) THE WAY OF THE INTERCEPTING FIST - the most in-depth interview ever made about JKD (http://members.tripod.de/howardwilliams/interceptfist)

2.) THE JKD GOSPEL ACCORDING TO HOWARD, published in INSIDE KUNG FU, Vol. May 1998 (http://members.tripod.de/howardwilliams/interceptfist)

Enjoy it and thanks for reading!

Andreas Mertsch

02-07-2001, 09:27 AM
2.) THE JKD GOSPEL ACCORDING TO HOWARD, published in INSIDE KUNG FU, Vol. May 1998 (http://members.tripod.de/howardwilliams)

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I'm sorry, is there a discussion topic in there I missed?

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"I'm sorry, is there a discussion topic in there I missed?"

No, this is just an information. What's the big problem about it?


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I was just curious if you are Andreas Garski from Germany...the Hung Gar practicioner who is friends w/ Curtis Kautzman?

ease on bro,