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10-14-2003, 05:41 PM
Really nice. Seeing stuff I've done though not formally trained~ or stuff I recognize recognize in the first three demonstrations is greatly cute. Chen style now femme. T'ai Chi Ch'uan but not Chen, yet I do like Cloud hands (and Cannon sond in ehemmmm DMajor?).

Oh Wow Some Ernie Moore Jr.'s, Kung-FuSquirrel moves in Fanziquan. I turned and fell with my leg out. But not usually wear orange. Have prayer hands.

Sword had more shakes than I usually did. (Sound of stomping seems delaied (twice)) Person has wider stances.

7 *'s fist? I have redshift;blueshift of star. I still keep my hands near the ground when head flipping.

Water boxing her hands I think of Snake. She has good will. She did an Ernie Moore Jr.'s Kung-Fu, Squirrel's SleepyTime Kung-Fu move.

Wushu sword...I stick my leg back and up.

I thought that was Gene Ching with th3-section staff.

Little in common with bak mei. I played at drunken I have slide through the arms.

I am aware of someone interested in European broadsword. Informational use of the sword in the demo. Had a Chuan Fa look to it-ish.

Eric Lee has a good yelling while executing...ahhhh that marks when something happens.

Rocky music boxing act, cute.

Long sword The handling reminds me of their staff work from movies.

Blur factor with Choy Li Fut person TMW

Good spear. Ernie Moore Jr.'s Kung-Fu, Squirrel's Snowfalke seems different fron chi sao.

I think He's with the Police. O-mei I lift my arms. Centipedeleaps.

Hands alternating.

Squirrels seem to me to hold their arms down and close too. He didnt seem tired.

He's got a good face. The prospect of seeing him demonstrate was why I had this DVD ordered. Can't afford your magazine subscription now. Perhaps next year.

Nice single legged stance from the one called Monkey King GrandMaster.

U. N.? Wow. And he did a variety. I have stood from seated without using my hands.

I saw him in book's pictures. He had a flute then.

xiayao...?That what the Kung-Fu postures are...finish postures :-)

From Wu Tang first time...Good. Ooooosmoothe step. I see the fighting the other people happening. Ooooo. Cool attitude form.

Practice enough, and the stepping supposedly can crack stone underfoot(shoe)~

Big sword. Respectable Man.

The popular from the audience. (I learned to get Sifu's permission before doing one of those againg to this person. Shao-lin does not fight Shao-lin.~ Not Ever

Thank you for the Special performance. Did not realize That should give more respect to him.

Good to be reminded of Humility.

Nice to see the samples together. It was helpful to my understanding I think. I see there was a linking to the order of the performances. Like at the end cow tail whisk to cowtail whisk. And perhaps two person to applications.

Thank you Gigi Oh...and many others.

Saw Margie--statuesque; especially wonderful face with smile

10-15-2003, 10:21 AM
I wouldn't dare get on stage with the likes that were at the cover masters demo (http://store.yahoo.com/martialartsmart/dvdca108.html) except to run my mouth. Even then, it was pretty intimidating. Fortunately, they edited my portions out. Mostly I MC'ed the feature masters demo (http://store.yahoo.com/martialartsmart/dvdca107.html).