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Demi @ CSPT
01-26-2001, 07:48 PM
The C.S.P.T. Presents...

Advanced Tactical Application with Weapons

This will be an "advanced" training seminar that "all" skill levels will benefit from. The advanced tactical use of sticks, knives, chains, projectiles and improvised weapons will be covered.

In this one day training seminar you will learn:

* How to use training equipment to simulate real life weapons encounters.
* How "weapon characteristics" change the way a real life attack would happen.
* How to develop your weapons training to go "beyond sparring".
* How to develop your striking, slashing, footwork, evasion etc. to a higher level.
* How to deal with different types of attackers.
* Advanced training drills/applications

This will be an "intensive" training seminar. Come ready to "train" and learn. This is "not" self perfection, it is "Self Preservation"!

Please leave your ego at home...

We are here to help eachother develop and grow.

DATE: March 24, 2001
LOCATION: The C.S.P.T. - Paso Robles, Ca.
COST: $65.00 in advance - $75.00 at the door.
CONTACT: 805-239-3761
EQUIPMENT NEEDED: Weapons training gloves, goggles, groin protection (cup), mouth piece, notebook, water.

Seminar completion certificates will be issued after seminar.

Contact The C.S.P.T. for hotel and airport info.

Demi Barbito
The C.S.P.T.
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