View Full Version : Just had my first Catch Wrestling lesson

07-20-2000, 11:20 AM
All I have to say is... OUCH!

Now, I've done a little bjj, muy thai drills, boxing drills, pad drills, traditional kung fu forms, and all of them made me sweat and swear like a sailor.

But nothing, not even thai round house kicks to my thing or a puch to my head made me hurt like today's catch wrestling lesson. Dang, these people just go for the must gruelling way to apply their weight on you and go for it. Personally, I like their motto, it's only pain.


07-20-2000, 10:17 PM
Catch Wrestling? I have never heard of this.What origin is this style?

07-20-2000, 10:21 PM
"not even thai round house kicks to my thing..."

Dear Lord please tell me this was a misspelling of THIGH and not what I think it is. Ouch.

07-20-2000, 10:24 PM
Hahaha...yeah I hear it is pretty brutal, it is one of those systems where your whole body is in pain for a few days and then a few more. So what were the drills they had you go through and what did they work on?-ED

"The grappling arts imply most fights end up on the ground...take them there. The striking arts imply all fights start standing up...keep them there. The mixed martial arts imply any fight can go anywhere...be ready and able to go everywhere."-a mix martial artist

07-21-2000, 04:29 AM
HAHAHAHAHA, yeah, that's a mispelling. It was late... that's my excuse and I'm sticking to it! PS: I'm not going to edit either, so you can get the credit of being the spelling king of this thread.

We worked mostly on drills where the guy on the bottom was face down. Also some half nelson chokes and a lot of rolling. A LOT of rolling. I'm realling liking this place because the instructor is very nice and a great guy over all and they have a very no nonsense approach to the arts.

One of the moves that instilled the most pain on me was misaligning my neck by putting their elbow and then weight onto the very top of my jaw. Now I'm a 140 pound weakling, imagine having a 200+ pound guy on top of you leaning on your jaw with his elbow. OUCH!

Another cool move is where instead of using their forearm bone to dig into the guy's achilles durring an achilles lock, they place their hand under the guy's leg and form a fist right under a nerve cluster. OOF. This normally wouldn't work with the way bjj'ers do achilles and other leg locks, but they way they do leg locks makes this possible.


07-21-2000, 04:31 AM
Weapons maker:

Here is the link to the school's web site.

Matt Furey also does catch wrestling, but the sport is more famous from the names of Karl Gotch and Tony Checcine.