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08-27-2000, 05:18 AM
I just wanted to post that Sakuraba the Gracie Slayer has beaten by submission (although some will contest that) Renzo Gracie of the Gracie clan in Pride 10. That incase some of you do not know is a total of five BJJ blackbelts, three of which were Gracies in a row, no small thing. There is a short clip of the submission at Mousel's if anyone wants to see it. By the way, the submission was a armlock. I don't know how the other fights went, my friend was suppose to tape it so I'll find out Monday if he did or not.-ED

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08-27-2000, 07:06 AM
wonder if a fight between sak and rickson would ever happen? i'd love to see that supposedly 400-0 record get smashed...


Its all fun and games til someone loses an eye. Then its just fun.

08-27-2000, 09:21 AM
Can you post the web address for Mousels please - you guys often talk about it but I've never been able to find it!

08-27-2000, 09:25 AM
www.defend.net/deluxeforums (http://www.defend.net/deluxeforums)

Kazushi is unbelievable...I stayed up till 7 am last night giving some "coverage" to the forum. The results are on a post that says "Pride results here".


Paul DiMarino
08-27-2000, 06:30 PM
In the Underground forum http://www.mixedmartialarts.com there is a Pride Q & A with play by play action provided by forum members in Japan that were able to watch the fights on TV. It'll give you a better idea of how things panned out the entire fight.

Paul DiMarino
08-27-2000, 06:34 PM
Oh yeah. Ryan Gracie had a great showing against a Japanese wrestler and challenged Sak (as well as Belfort) after he beat Renzo. It sounds like it was a great fight. I can't wait to see it. Man, it's like Sak looks like he's in trouble then WHAM! Submission. He's got skills.

BTW, Renzo said the he doesn't make any excuses. He lost because Sak was the better man that night. Finally, some Gracie class!

08-27-2000, 07:32 PM
Thanks for the PBP Ryu. Way to take one for team. I just read it this morning and got exited.

Anymore explanation on the Shamrock fight?


08-28-2000, 03:06 AM
I read that Shamrock's corner threw in the towel cuz he was exhausted. Not positive though...

Its all fun and games til someone loses an eye. Then its just fun.

Jaguar Wong
08-28-2000, 05:00 AM
I was reading on AD Combat news that Shamrock was having some trouble with his heart, so he had his corner throw in the towel. I think the exact quote they used was something like "Petey, throw in the towel. My heart, my heart." or something like that /infopop/emoticons/icon_smile.gif

I have much respect for Kaz, and now I really respect Renzo, for his attitude afterwards, and as the Mousel guys say, his "Gameness". (first time using that term /infopop/emoticons/icon_smile.gif)

Jaguar Wong
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08-28-2000, 08:02 AM
Yes...I will be the first representative to teach SAK FU!!! Any takers???

08-28-2000, 09:23 AM
sak is the man, can anyone argue this?