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07-11-2000, 03:25 AM
What do you see in the challengers eyes
before they strike? Is this a legend from
gunfighter days? Tell me something observable and concrete you have noticed before an attacker has moved on you.

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07-11-2000, 03:26 PM

I dont think I can help
you any in what the eyes
will do but we are taught
to look at the chest and
to me it works better than
looking at the eyes because
you can see him tense up
right before he throws a punch
or kick. You might want to try
it out see what you think I know
everyone has there own way of
doing things..


07-11-2000, 07:40 PM
I've always been taught to look over one of the attacker's shoulder with a relax gaze that doesn't foccus on any particular point. That way you can make better use of your pariferal (sp?) vision. Staring the attacker in the eye just seems like a macho thing or an attempt at intimidation.

07-12-2000, 04:21 AM
if you are not sure if it is gonna be a situation, looking at the others eyes will be a good indicator if he/she is planning something. On the other hand many fighters have been trained to mislead with their eyes. I trained at a kickboxing school that the instructor was very into "the eyes tell all". When this guy fought he waited for you to blink, or lose concentration in someway then he'd take out the opponent. Other schools of thought are to never look in the eyes, some even fight intuitively, eyes closed, like a "jedi".

07-12-2000, 09:51 AM
you know Qiman......
I want to take this a steo ****her up.
Personally I can't look into someones eyes and tell when they are gonna hit me.....
I can look into someones eyes and tell what they are thinking. maybe I'm wierd that way but I've tried it.
So it is possible to look into someones eyes and KNOW "they're looking for a fight" or "that's a dangerous dude" I need to stay away from them.
mayb you'll be able to develop it deeper than I have.....
I dunno....
just my thoughts........

I just thought od somethign else..often times there's a slight tightening of teh eye muscles. often times it's hard to detect. but slight tweaking of facial muscles shows thinking......

"In a fight, there is no second place."

07-18-2000, 10:26 AM
Although it has never come up, and I hope it doesn't, in my lifetime, I believe Miyamoto Musashi mentioned in the Book of Wind chapter in his book that staring one one point limits one's abilities, so one's eyes should be unfocused on everything. This is at least my interpretation of it.

07-27-2000, 12:50 AM
I was told to watch the shoulder.It telegraphs whats to come . PEACE

07-27-2000, 05:52 AM
Peripheral vision, keep ya eyes moving looking over the shoulders to chest to/over shoulders.It makes it easier to spot some sliding up to 'judas' you while being verbally/physically engaged by the person in front of you.
Eye contact can initiate an attack as it may be seen as a challenge, so imho don't focus too much on the eyes (besides I've never seen anyone hit with an eye).

Take it easy.

08-07-2000, 03:29 PM
There are several things that I have seen. I have noticed some things in myself and have seen some things in others.
You know how on the news you hear about some guy who goes on a shooting spree and kills a bunch of people at work or whatever? And someone interviewed always seems to say, "he had no expression at all...just a blank stare." I have had that stare myself. That is RESOLVE. When a guy has resigned himself to the fact that he IS going to do this (kill you, punch you, whatever)..there is no more stuggling emotions...just resolve. He is resigned to the task and is not willing to and not going to back down.
I cannot tell you what to look for in someone's eyes before every time they strike, but before they attack in general, there is usually an intense, animal like (I don't like to say "wild" because people think "crazy" and not "animal like")look..that I have seen. In the fights I've been in or seen there are two things that stand out to me.
If his eyes change and he looks more animal like, very intense (you'll know when you see it), he is going to attack.
If he looks relaxed and blank (that "no expression" look), he is planning on killing you.
The blank stare is BY FAR more scary to me than the intense "animal" look...the blank stare means the guy has resigned himself to get rid of you.
The reason that I know this is that I have experienced it myself. I was prevented from killing him by other people who interviened, but I had planned on killing him. Not murder...but self-defense to the ultimate end. In other words, I was not attempting pre-meditated murder...I honestly believed that the only way I could stop this guy was to kill him so I resigned myself to that and went forward.
I thank God that other people got involved and stopped the fight. It was a very serious, real fight.
It's very scary...to me.

As far as how to detect telegraphed moves, you have plenty of opinions in here already. I just know that if someone is going to attack, you can see a certain serious, intense, almost animal look (like something you'd see in the eyes of a snarling dog).

Incidentally, not to sound brutal, but even though we train for self "defense", action is much faster than reaction. If you detect "the look", then you know he is going to attack...I would strongly recommend attacking first. Don't wait. You might not get a chance to (block, strike, move, whatever...) work your mojo.
If he gives you the look, ruin him...and do it quick! There are way too many fights that I WISH I had struck first. By not doing so, I sacrificed the element of surprise, postition, targets, etc.
I think that battle is 90% mind anyway...the look comes from his mindset. If you get the look, consider it an "act of war" and jump in first.

That's my 10 cents

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