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Demi @ CSPT
09-01-2000, 09:22 PM
Things are going very well on our end of the spectrum. We have been very blessed...

Progressive Fighting Systems of SLO is now:

The Center For Self Preservation Training - "A Lethal Force Institute"

We have a new web address: www.DemiBarbito.com (http://www.DemiBarbito.com)
A new email address: Demi@DemiBarbito.com

We are moving to a larger facility, right next door to our current facility in Paso Robles, Ca.

We have expanded our programs over the past 6 months and are will continue to develop even more. Check the site's training page soon as we are adding another dynamic element soon.

We offer instruction in:

o Counter Assault Tactics - Empty Hands
o Stick Fighting
o Knife Fighting
o Grappling/Ground Fighting
o Firearms
o Dynamic Assault Training - This emcompasses "all" of the above together.

We also offer certification. This however is not the primary focus. "Self Preservation" is what we are all about!!!

The video we just completed for TRS should be available soon. It's tentativley called "Killer Instinct". I've seen it and it looks good. Scott, Jerry and Mike all did a geat job helping me with the video. Check www.trsdirect.com (http://www.trsdirect.com) often to see when it's avaiable.

Look for new videos produced by the C.S.P.T. coming soon. We learned a lot from our experiences with TRS. Their crew was really professional. We will be conducting an "Instructors Tactical Applications Workshop" on 9/30/2000 which will become our first new video as C.S.P.T. The production quality will be much better.

Black Belt printed a letter I wrote to them this month. It was edited, almost rewritten, of course, but it got the point accross.

I Hope this email finds you well.

God Bless

Demi Barbito
The C.S.P.T.
"A Lethal Force Institute"