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09-19-2000, 07:20 PM
Hi All, have a request/questoin:

Do you guys have stories from/about your Sifu using their kung fu in some way? I guess the usual thing would be to use it in a fight, but doesn't have to be. It could be about how he used "kung fu philosophy" to dissolve a dispute, or some story displaying true mo duk (martial virtue), some humorous/funny event, etc, etc.

Basically, I saw a site called aikidofaq.com and there is a section of anecdotes about various masters. So I thought it would be intersting to compile something like that here. The stories could be from the teachers themselves (maybe about their own teachers...), something you witnessed, from your teachers friends or sihings/sidais, or your own training brotehrs, etc.

OK, post away

Long Live the Fighters!
-Paul Mua'Dib Atreides