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09-19-2000, 07:31 PM
I found this question on another forum, and am trasnposing it here cause I think's it's a good one:
Question for those of you with fighting/sparring experience. Something I noticed about myself and womdered if it's true for others. Although we study oogles of techniques for various different applications, it seems that when push comes to shove, the body has a select few techniques it likes and uses most of the time. Of course with constant practice this repertoire increases, and depending on the situation the exact technical expression is also different, but in general there are a few types of movements that I can categorize under a few technical headings that the body uses most of the time. What do you guys think?

PS: I should clarify. By technique, I mean types of general movements that can be interpreted differently depending on the situation. For example, snaking your arm to the outside of a punching arm to then grabbing the wrist and
following up with a hit to the offending elbow. This can be interpreted in a grab as a wrist lock or in a strike as a parry, grab, and elbow break. To me, the general motion is similar so I am categorizing them as the same technique (although different application).

PPS: I also wanna say that I am not saying that studying a multitude of applications/techniques is not GOOD. It is GOOD becasue it allows us to become acclimated to different situations and also to explore the various interpretations of principles, but in a fight, there seems to be only a few that we (or our bodies) use A LOT
Wasn't Wong Fei Hung supposed to have had only 8 or 9 techniques that he used most of the time when fighting - or his favorites that he used all teh time? Anyway, I find myself using only a small amount as well. I guess you can call them my very own favroite techniques. Of course I know a heck of a lot more, but instinctively I pull out only a dozen or less. Anyone else

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