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11-10-2001, 10:39 PM
I would like to have a view of TCM on these things.

What is the influence of coffee?
IĀ“ve heard it damages your blood circulation
What is the influence of meat?
What is the influence of pushing acupuncture points (like the ones behind the ear and below the nose) on your own without any meaning?
Are the meridians same as points?
What does sauna do for your health?
Are there any points (used in martial arts) that can be used both for striking and pressing?
Do you know any simple acupuncture/pressure exercises that could be used daily to improve health?
Is the acupressure same as tuina?
Does shiatsu have itĀ“s own different points?

Repulsive Monkey
11-11-2001, 12:36 AM
I'll have a go and by no means execute a return statement of perfection.

Coffee is a stimulant and too much of it will naturally causing over excitation and dependence, this in turn will have a depleting and unharmonious effect generally on the Liver and Heart.Coffee can effect the Shen (spirit) which is controlled by the Heart and thus keep you awake too long or unaturally. The Liver can be upset by the unatural change in general syncopation of the flow of Qi in the body.

Meat is seen in the Chang Ming (Taoist) diet as necessary due to seasonal requirements and is used mainly for strengthening purposes. In TCM it nourishes the blood for people with Blood & Heart Blood deficiences. Where the blood in the body is weak or under produced, introducing meat into the diet is said to rebalance and invigorate the blood. Certain Qi Gong Masters say that meat/Vitamin B12 is imperative for spine strength and meat eating students usually hold standing opstures longer due to the added strength in a cellular and bone level.

All points on the meridians have a function or two (some single points have as many as 20 or more functions) therefore I would only apply pressure to points that I had been instructed upon how to use by an aknowledgable source, so as not to inncur any abnormal reactions. However having said that finger pressure is not as exacting as say needle stength (in some ways) and therfore maybe more forgiving in self health regulation.

I don't agree with using Sauna's regularly simply because of the damp and the heat. Thus one has a perfect opportunity to get Damp heat invasions on a superficial level. Plus when all the pores are open and one steps outside the establishment one is super prone to further Wind/Cold/Damp etc invasions on top of that. However all things in moderation, its just I wouldn't take one regularly.

When it comes to striking points for martial applications then you ought to know about Dim Mak. This ancient art purely was about attacking vital points on the body to illict hazardous effects in fighting situations ranging from maiming, paralysis, permanent damage and even death. Many people claim to be able to teach it nowadays, but I am uncovinced that as many as they think they do really do know the whole art.

Shiatsu is the Japanese art for massaing the body in allegiance with the meridians and with knowledge of the functioning points on the body. Many if not all of the points pretty much correspond with TCM understanding. Having said that point function even amongst TCM practioners is always under debate.

Tuina and Acupressure both work by influencing Qi by external manipulation. Tuina (and I know precious little about it) involves certain massage techniques which I believe are mainly from Taoist practices. Acupressure is merely directly at source stimulating points.

Maybe some of the above info. is helpfull, maybe some others will further clarify information for you, however in the mean time I hope this maybe aids you.