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04-20-2001, 08:05 PM
A few days ago I saw a television program that said all of our nerves(or something) end in the feet. I find that my feet are also one of the most highly sensitive parts of my body. If I am outside in the rain, for instance, my feet get cold first and then the cold/pain moves up my legs to the knees and then to the rest of the body from there. Why is this? Are there Qi meridians or nerve ending clusters there that affect the rest of the body?

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04-22-2001, 03:01 AM
There may be several reasons for your feet getting cold first - the extremities tend to get cold first because of circulation. Having a lot of nerve endings there probably contributes to this too.

Have you ever read anything on reflexology?

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Repulsive Monkey
04-22-2001, 02:57 PM
The Jing Well point of the Kidneys "Bubbling Spring" is actually on the sole of the foot just behind and central to the ball of the foot. Therefore if you go anywhere indoors or outdoors with nothing on your feet there si an excellent chance that cold will invade the feet affecting all points of the feet but especially those of the Kidneys. One word of advice: always keep your socks on.!!!