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03-30-2001, 10:34 PM
Hey guys. I do not know much about TCM or acupuncture but it is a fascinating subject for me. What I was wondering was, how does a person go about learning TCM, are there any good websites/books? Also, is there a TCM version of the Surgeon General that verifies and certifies a person's ability to practice or am I taking my life into my hands by looking for a doctor / teacher?

03-31-2001, 06:30 AM

There are various state and national exams to liscence practitioners of TCM in the US. In California there is a state exam that requires you to have graduated from a state recognized school before you can even sit for the exam. In CA acupuncturists are required to have about 3000 hours of training in acupuncture, herbology, nutrition, Tui Na (chinese massage), western sciences, etc. This is very different than medical acupuncturists who are MD's with only a couple hundred hours of training in TCM. In San Diego there are A LOT of acupuncturists.

Pacific College of Oriental Medicine, here in San Diego, is a good source of information about training. Tell them you're interested in the school and they'll set you up with a free treatment at the school clinic.

Hope the info helps.


03-31-2001, 07:07 AM
Hey Justin,
I am interested in Chinese Medicine to enhance my knowledge of Qi Gong. Would PCOM offer any classes that would satisfy that interest? I am not interested in becoming a Doctor of TCM at this time. I want to know more about theory of how the body works in terms of TCM but more than books teach.


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03-31-2001, 07:42 PM
Thank you very much Justin. I will look into that ASAP. By the way, do you attend class there? You seem very knowledgeable.

04-01-2001, 03:42 AM

Studying medical qi gong as it applies to TCM requires a fundamental understanding of TCM theory. I know this sounds rather obvious but it's often overlooked so I figured I'd mention it. However, you don't have to graduate from an acupuncture school to learn about it. The only acupuncture school I know of that really teaches qi gong for medical purposes and gives you access to a clinic to treat is 5 Branches in Santa Cruz.

A more practical option is to pursue qi gong training through a place like the Taoist Sanctuary. I'm sure there are other places but this is one that I'm aware of and can vouch for their authenticity, sincerity, and quality. I imagine they teach at the one in LA and am certain they teach it at the one in San Diego. The number in San Diego is (619) 692-1155. Ask them to send you a flyer and to include information about the Tao Taan Pai qi gong training or ask to speak to Bill Helm about it.

That said, I would first recommend building a base knowledge of TCM - it really will make a big difference. There are several acupuncture schools in LA and Santa Monica. Emperor's College - sorry blanking on the others right now. Try contacting them as well about pursuing an introductory course about TCM theory, etc. They may allow you to audit a course.

Hope the info helps. Don't hesitate to contact me directly if you have any specific questions.


Yep. I'm a student at PCOM although I won't be for much longer (almost free!). If you have any specific questions about the school after you check it out feel free to contact me about it.