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09-05-2001, 08:01 PM
i got a local TCM shop that sells all sorts of herbs and stuff, so i was wondering if their were any recommendations for joints. i do alot of training and my joints take alot of damage, some something that can help repair/reduce swelling/reduce clicking etc would be great.


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09-09-2001, 12:48 AM

if you go to a decent acupuncturist and or herbologist, they should be able to give you a joint fatigue formula.
MSM, glucosamine - chondroitin, vitamin c, plenty of water, hot water bottles for tight muscles, cold for inflamed joints, stretching and most of all....leaving the affected areas alone when you're not using them, ie stop moving that sore shoulder or popping that sore knee. popping joints and consistently messing with the affected area only serves to keep the muscle or joint inflamed and irritated.
another treatment worth looking into is using herbs the promote circulation and dialation of blood vessels and veins.

09-18-2001, 11:37 AM
I would have thought that not stressing your joints so much in the first place would be a good strategy - they've got to last a hell of a lot longer than your car suspension or fishing rod ;-)

I'm not sure I'd agree with Neptunesfall about immobilising injured joints, either. Over the last few years, orthopeadic research in western medicine has indicated that increasing joint mobility after reconstructions, replacements and the like increases the healing rate and improves outcome. One of the main reasons people are given post-operative pain-killers in such cases is not to supress pain at rest, but to allow plenty of exercise that would otherwise be limited by pain. I believe that one rationale for ths is that the fluids of inflammed joints are better recycled given some movement, and this results in turnover of the inflammatory chemicals that are causing pain, swelling, and immune-mediated tissue damage. Of course, it is important to tailor the level of actvity very carefully so that you don't do more mechanical damage by tearing ligaments or tendons, or wearing away under-lubed cartiledge.

When I first came across this therapy it struck me as pretty counter-intuitive... I mean, we must feel pain when we're injured for a reason, right? Nevertheless, the journals are generally the authorities for evidence-based medicine, and more anecdotally I've seen some pretty nasty cases of inflammatory tissue damage.

I otherwise agree with NTF's recommendations (particularly with the hot/cold packs) and would be interested to hear what others have learned from the TCM perspective.

I also wonder whether certain forms of joint damage might be prevented by better muscle tone? A lecturer in physio here in Australia once told me that many acquired musculo-skeletal problems of the lower limb have inadequate abdominal strength as their origin. Should you be doing more sit ups and diaphragm breathing??