View Full Version : looking for a special dit da jow, can ANYONE help me?

10-01-2001, 12:46 AM
hi, im looking for a really special dit da jow, it is a paste, not the normal liquid type, and it's bright yellow in color, mostly sold in Hong Kong, the bottle is glass with a red label and white writing, unfortunately i don't have a picture, but if anyone has any clue about what brand, i think the name is 4 characters, i just wish i had a pic or written down the name. but it's a really good jow...
and once again, it's bottled in HK. It's not for sale in any chinatown stores...i've checked them all...

so if nayone can help me, i'd be forever greatful. I think the recipe was given to someone in HK from The 7th generation eagle claw grandmaster Lau Fat Mang. so one guy in HK is still producing and selling it...maybe someone can help me...thanks byebye

10-02-2001, 04:27 AM
I'm not familiar with the preparation you describe. However, if you think that someone in the lineage of the late Grandmaster Lau Fat Mang would know, you might consider contacting his daughter, Lily Lau, who inherited her father's work. I've not met her, but she is active teaching and promoting martial arts, and I think she would be responsive to your query.